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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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them. little did they know, he was a convicted sexual offender. >> he told us we were going him. >> reporter: we are protecting the identity of this 18-year- old girl who says she and her friend were attacked by 52-year- old theodore coleman. the relationship with this convicted sex offender started one month ago at a gas station in her home for coleman approached her and another friend. >> he said nightclub or something downtown and that we could work for him and his nightclub. >> reporter: later he called a taxi to pick them up. incident dropping them off at the club, and brought them here to his home. he hired them to clean, cook, and go to the store with him. >> he said he doesn't like to go to the store alone so he wanted us to keep him company.
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woman and her friend out of his car. he grabbed her friend pulling her back into his vehicle. >> he told us he was going to hurt us. >> reporter: also much of the case he was convicted of in north miami. police say he coaxed a 13-year- old girl into his car operate her money and she refused he took her to his house and raped her multiple times., took a plea deal in the case and spent no time probation. >> the victim is concerned coleman could come after her or her friend. he is currently being held on a $260,000 bond. in st. petersburg, clifton french, abc action news. lakeland police are hunting
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cleveland heights boulevard around 11:00 this morning. they stole cash, electronics, and the car. officers eventually arrested three suspects after the crash a different stolen car. >> there will be a lot of potential evidence without vehicle. we are assuming there had to be a fourth person because the vehicle is still missing. >> police did recover the stolen electronics out of the encounter unharmed. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. clear skies across the area with some high clouds blowing on through this afternoon. otherwise there is a milky look to the sky with temperatures in the low to mid 80s right now. we are under partly cloudy skies and here is a look at
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maybe a couple sprinkles but not many and i think that trend continues right on through election day. the weather will not be an issue and more than likely through the entire state as well. partly cloudy skies this evening waking up to temperatures in the low to mid 70s. some of the models bring a big cool down by the weekend and others not so much. we will check back with you. the race is a close one. a new abc poll shows hillary clinton with a four point lead nationally over donald trump. jill stein is at 2% and in florida the race is closer. a university poll has clinton leading in florida by just one point. >> play clock continuing to
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trump would raise taxes on single parents. >> he would hit especially hard 51% of single parents would see their taxes go up. >> let's break that one down. politifact checked his proposal calling for the seven federal income tax brackets to be reduced while raising the standard deduction and doing away with others. they say his plan would in theory cut taxes across all incomes is more complicated. this proposal would eliminate child tax credits meaning single parents could end up with a higher tax burden. a left-leaning tax policy group said they plan could affect 51% of single-parent households and a separate group found no faults so perfect raise the statement is true.
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tell you i think i have tremendous support from women. tremendous. i think i have tremendous support. >> trump said in jacksonville women are overwhelmingly supporting him. politifact took a look at the most recent polls find women tend to favor hillary clinton over donald trump by double digits. polls show him karen a small percent -- carrying percent. blank check said it is hard to say trump is doing tremendous with female voters meeting for effective rate the claim as follows. voters in florida casting ballots early in record numbers but 800,000 vote by mail ballots have still not been turned in. that could be good news because half of those belong to democrats. just drop off your ballot at
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valid before 7:00 tomorrow night, and you can still vote in person. tonight the fight over solar power has firefighters saying leave us out of it. we have paul lagrone here. >> that is right. it features an orlando firefighter claiming solar panels on rooftops pose a risk to firefighters. after massive backlash from its own members, union withdrew its endorsement and tonight they are not demanding this ad be pulled. >> consumers for smart solar produce this pro-amendment one ad which says they could be a fire hazard. >> it protects consumers from scans. >> big utility companies have
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trying to convince florida voters to vote yes on amendment one. but on friday the union representing florida firefighters which originally endorsed is demanding the super pac poultice television ads -- poll it's television ads. >> reporter: the professional firefighters said both our membership would prefer to pursue any future typewriter safety regulations through legislative lawmaking to a constitutional amendment bank. >> they have run a deceptive campaign trying to pass amendment one. >> susan is with southern alliance for clean energy, a group pushing for a no vote on amendment one. >> there is a backroom deal with the association of professional firefighters. when it became public and there
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contacted the association and voiced concerns. >> reporter: critics say it is a power grab by power companies who want to control the solar market. utility company say it will protect non-solar customers from price increases if demand for electric goes down. >> and there are late breaking developments on this tonight. the group behind this commercial has now dropped the firefighters. they pass. we have everything you need to know for tomorrow right now on a website at it is also an error-free mobile app. stick with abc action news tomorrow for up to the minute updates on air, online, and social media. there are four rezoning options on the table for pasco county schools. they will present the choices to parents next week. parents have been rallying
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but the district said overcrowding is a major problem. mitchell high school is extremely overcrowded all other schools nearby are under capacity. one father said he moves to his community because he is zoned for those two schools. >> consider what they are doing to the children. it is more than just numbers and percentages of the capacity of the school. it is about the kids and the families and why people live in the particular neighborhoods. >> i think there are a lot of assumptions being made at this point of time. but think we need to keep an open mind at this point in the process. >> the district hopes to have the rezoning figured out soon. it will be a meeting specifically for parents to speak next week. cameras catching someone in the bay area shooting at protected birds.
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the reason the person has more targets than usual right now. it could be the difference between going to college and staying home and the reasons hundreds of students are missing out on a crucial scholarship and the steps you can take to give your child a better future. that is a beautiful sunset with a lot of sunshine in store for the next few days. by the weekend we could be looking at some pretty interesting changes. i will have that
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hunters of students are missing out on thousands of dollars to further their education through the parade teacher scholarship. this graphic shows the percentage of students in pinellas county he received the scholarship in 2011. that is compared to the number from 2014. abc action news reporter ryan raise taking action so you and your child can make better decisions.
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school seniors it could be the difference between going to college or not. it is the motivation they need. the realization their goals are in breach. >> i'm grateful i am here. >> it is handed out to florida students who excel in the classroom. it pays half of college tuition . recipients can thank all of those people but the entire funded -- entire fronted by lottery sales. >> i spend two months studying to get my a.c.t. scores up just so i would have this. >> reporter: she is one of the lucky ones. she barely got her a.c.t. scores up high enough. >> i would've had to attend the university closer to my home. >> reporter: after the new standards the number of scholarships handed out plunged
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bay area. five years ago 30% of high school seniors got the scholarship. today you can see it is less than 10%. polk county went down to 6%. minority students are impacted the most. >> i am worried about limiting the number of students that are eligible. >> reporter: he has seen firsthand what this means and how it can determine a student's career. freshman amber pearson who plans to attend medical school. >> it would make me reconsider. >> reporter: she retook the s.a.t.s multiple times. she got the scholarship but if not she was repaired to take a more affordable route. >> my parents were really happy. >> reporter: others will not be as lucky.
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from scholarships shutting the door to college altogether. ryan raiche, abc action news . >> we are taking action for you. we want to show you up there options if the scholarship is out of reach for your child. has a list of all scholarships available to students. most colleges also have a pretty good list on their website. we know you want answers the issues facing all of us. we have to wait for you to let us know when you are wondering about. click on the good questions local on and talisman pitching at the bottom of for you. a new video sparking an fwc investigation shows a man shooting protected birds in fishhawk ranch. someone posting the video on snapchat. it shows a man shooting at a pair of sandhill cranes with a
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officers confirmed upon investigating this video. they were not say if they had any leads. we spoke with a man. >> this is horrible stuff right here. if he can't do that to innocent birds, what is he going to do to a person? >> it is believed to be one of the parts was hit. you can expect more to see more of these birds as they migrate south and the doubles. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> we're definitely in november now. where is the cold weather? >> it is cool with upper 70s and low 80s. one of our models hence it will arrive this weekend. at least it is a beautiful sunset. today we hit the low 80s with a
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it will be just as nice for election day with no worries across the state. we will give you an update on the country in just a minute with a few showers possible on wednesday. a lot of folks have not seen rain in weeks, and i don't see much of a change in the next seven to tie 10 days, either. the european model is all over a cold snap this weekend. most of us think it overboard and it may start to trend back toward the masses by later on tomorrow. there could be some very pleasant weather either way, even if the cold stuff comes in. here is a look at titan doppler radar. temperatures are mostly in the low to mid 70s with a few upper 60s. the dew points are very comfortable with the mid-50s
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bit. it was a very nice day with comfortable temperatures and clear skies. remember those clouds i talked about. some folks reported what they saw looked like a rainbow and it was actually the son coming through the -- the sun coming through the cloud cover. the easterly wind is very steady. tomorrow morning sprinkles on the east coast with a chance one or two could move through our neck of the woods. if you see a sprinkle, it will last three are four minutes, and that is about it. a system will pass to the north that could touch maybe an isolated shower. maybe up to the north down south. usc mostly sunny skies on
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mostly sunny skies on wednesday with the forecasted high on tuesday right back in the lower 80s for election day. here is a look at the picture with the highlighted swing states. it does not appear to be much of a weather situation except a little light rain across the mississippi valley. the temperatures are seasonal for this time of the. closer to home tomorrow continuing to the east at 5 to 10 knots. the sunrise and the sunset is here with clear to partly cloudy overnight. we are waking up to temperatures in the 60s and the seven-day forecast looks good. upper 70s the rest of the week and then we will see how the weekend plays out. right now i am going for highs in the upper 70s and lows in
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still ahead the bucs continue to fill the injury holes. we have that next in sports.
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hello, folks. we pay six point lead in the atlantic go around with these guys and up for-3 -- 4-3 in the arena. rumor that seemingly impossible? break-even point score the winning goal in the shootout. tonight they come in hot. the nhl's first start this week with three goals in seven games.
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practice. the same goals for the effects of a concussion. wide receiver mike evans did practice today. hopefully that gives him a green light sunday against chicago. louis murphy is and for the year. the bucs side josh huff to the practice squad today. the eagles dumped him last week after he was charged with pot possession and carrying an unli move. >> he was doing well as a return man. he is a guy that like all of these guys he had a strong college career. and he was a guy that was available, and we will take a look at him on the practice squad. we have got 10 guys on our practice squad and we are trying to develop them in guys that could help us down the road. >> in montrial french speaking
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owner has financed the stadium study in montrial and guess what? they did not get hired. >> we have top stories on a website.
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to tonight, breaking developments from abc news election headquarters here in times square. we are outside at the electoral map, of course, the key, 270 electoral votes. and the brand new polls are just in. tonight, where this race stands, who is leading before the first polls open? trump, clinton, neck and neck in the battlegrounds. hillary clinton set to take the stage with the president, the first lady and bruce springsteen just moments from now. we're live. and donald trump tonight, barnstorming the battlegrounds, lashing out at the fbi after clearing clinton again. and tonight, why trump is confident he will win. our powerhouse political team is all here. also tonight, the case of the alleged serial killer breaks wide open.


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