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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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like they are using a flashlight to look further, we believe the eagle is trapped. it is still trapped but the second eagle flew away. orange county deputies releasing this body cam or video you see from the night of the pulse terror attack, see the deputies gathering near the club making their way across the street, video sh and tending to victims in the aftermath. the footage gives us a brief peek inside the nightclub. omar mateen killed 49 people injuring dozens of others in the shooting. parents learning a coach eddie hillsborough martial arts school faces sex charges with a young student. the men taught classes at undisputed fitness and martial
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sexual relationship with a 12- year-old girl last year, the relationship ended last month. we showed you this dramatic body cam or video from pasco county , erik waxler talks to the deputies who went from chasing a suspected thief to saving his life. >> reporter: investigators say the guy they were after led them on a chase that ended in this port richie neighborhood, he jumped out of his jeep as it was moving went through the streets and into the pond. from there, his escape did not last much longer. heading south on us 19 the sheriffs deputy spotted a jeep they were looking for as part of a shoplifting case. but they jeep would not stop even swerving toward the deputies. the chase went into the westport neighborhood when the driver was identified as jeral bornstein , he ditched his jeep
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a retention pond. deputies had trouble finding him in the dark water. they quickly saw he was struggling. when the deputies realized it was not a ploy they jumped in. you can see the deputies working to swim while carrying 180 pounds of deadweight. >> it is changing hats sometimes we chase after them but if it gets to a point where his life is in danger we need to try to save him. >> eventually they get into short but he did not have a pulse using cpr they worked to revive him. >> it was a good feeling, he was very grateful at the hospital. he thanked us. >> reporter: after spending
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is off to jail, the ninth time he has been arrested in pasco county, by the way residents in the area say the lake has a big alligator that lussier. thankfully no one was hurt. erik waxler abc action news. >> over my shoulder you can see what you're up against every time you step on a sidewalk in the bay area. this video shows drivers more distracted than ever. abc action news fiin walk in pinellas county than anywhere else in the state, forward pinellas presented their traffic report showing around 31 people die every year . key factors, streetlights are not bright enough and there is a problem with teenagers and distracted drivers. >> i have had people speed up as i am trying to cross the road. and i have the green guy saying
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wants to look into led light bulbs for streetlights and they have money set aside to work on other safety projects. the transition of power underway in washington. donald trump meeting with the heads of our government, first sitting down with president barack obama, the meeting followed by one on ones with paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, the president-elect taking over in january wi control on capitol hill. border security one of his first priorities. routing -- rudy giuliani says mr. trump will deliver. >> he can do it by executive order, by programming money within the immigration service. >> chris christie is now in charge of mr. trump's
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speculation the cabinet could include giuliani for attorney general and newt gingrich for secretary of state. now, abc action weather. >> good evening, what a beautiful day starting off in the 40s and 50s across the northern counties. titan doppler radar rain free temperatures in the low 80s across the area, a cool morning and warm afternoon with low hu 60s. nothing for cloud cover not much overnight, skies are mostly clear, hour by hour forecast parlay cloudy to clear through tomorrow, and then another cool wave down the road maybe in time for thanksgiving, extending the forecast in a couple of minutes. clearwater police on the hunt for a violent robber surveillance pictures show him
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cash drawer, pictures taken inside of the speedway around 5:00 this morning. the clerk suffered only minor injuries, but if you recognize the thief, call crime stoppers right away. deputies arresting and charging this man with murdering an 18-year-old girl who survived lucas. deputies capturing devon lee freeman overni in court for the first time this afternoon, deputies have three days to bring him back to the county. he shot and killed the girl sunday. she was not the intended target. a few dozen people turning out late to remember her, her family holding a celebration of life on anna maria island. she had lucas and was just 14 years old.
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her family raised $30,000 for stem cell treatment which kept her alive until this tragic shooting. a problem reaching epidemic portions in the bay area. fentanyl laced drugs killing people. ryan smith is live to show us how elusive the pills can be for law enforcement.>> reporter: pills that look just like prescription drugsit they can kill in as little as one dose. some officers tell me fentanyl is the perfect counterfeit drug , virtually at times undetectable until the drugs are dropped off to the state crime lab. street pills posing as common prescription drugs like xanax. >> the problem is it is between 50 and 100 times more powerful than morphine if it is mixed into another powder.
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showing a side-by-side comparison. the resemblance convincing sometimes law enforcement won't know until it comes to the lab tech >> a rare look inside the tampa crime lab, where a team of technicians analyze what is inside the kill pills. >> xanax laced with fentanyl maybe the person was legitimately looking for xanax. >> this analyst has seen three times the amount of fentanyl passed through since last year. pinellas and pasco county's software five fentanyl related deaths in 2015. that area could see that amount ?year. 40 deaths reported between january and june in 2016.>> fentanyl laced xanax can kill
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-- dose. >> if it comes into contact with us that could cause serious health issues. >> reporter: there are legitimate uses for fentanyl and it can be legally prescribed by a doctor typically to terminally ill cancer patients. live in tampa, ryan smith abc action news. delay maybe i would be walking.>> delays and errors when your health is on the line, the new report naming the worst hospitals in the bay area when it comes to safety. i immediately realized there was a fire. it was just white smoke.>> the new problem with a different samsung phone that nearly cost a florida woman her home.
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anna maria island, everybody has clear skies. how long will they last? we are following breaking news in orlando, crews are working to rescue an eagle trapped inside of a storm drain you see the people working on the left, you can see the eagle on the right, the second eagle on the right flew away from rescuers 15 minutes ago. it looked like it was trying to help the t our facebook page and on our free mobile app.
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despite having more hospitals than any other state florida is at the bottom when it comes to safety. >> one out of four got an a in
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lower.>> what has it been like? >> victor understands everything you say, but can't respond in complete sentences. since his stroke. >> it is tough. very tough. >> he couldn't speak and when he would start it comes out different. >> his wife noticed something was wrong one morning. >> he was pale and doctor. >> she rushed him to manatee memorial by the doctors did not give immediate treatment that could have stopped or minimized damage to his brain. he did not get examined until more than six hours after he arrived and that his wife they are suing manatee memorial. >> it was to late. >> manatee memorial received a d
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>> factoring in problems with surgery infection rates and medical errors. >> are you surprised to hear they had a poor rating? >> no. >> communication and responsiveness were among their lowest scores. >> if the hospital got a d why? how will it affect me when i go there? >> dr. jay wolfson is an associate dean at f he says safety grades are important for you to pay attention to. >> you want to have a way of measuring quality and outcome. >> the survey showed only 15 hospitals in the entire state scored either a d or in f, five or a full third were in the bay area including part of florida highlands regional medical
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14 bay area hospitals received a c including the medical senator -- center of trinity. >> i can't get out of the chair. i have to be dressed and based. >> gilbert claims a neurosurgeon was not available when she was brought to the hospital and her spinal condition remained untreated for 12 hours. >> maybe if there hadn't been a delay maybe i would be walking and able to go about a daily routine. but, no i can't. >> the hospital got low marks from leapfrog for not having an especially care doctors. the hospital won't comment about the lawsuit but said it earned five consecutive top performer recognitions from another organization. the bottom line, you have to do your own research. >> don't assume your doctor will make the best choice for you.
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take one look at me it is a prime example of people who didn't. >> i'm adam walser taking action for you. to find a list of bay area hospitals and their grades they received go to now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather.>> it is hard not to get excited about this weekend with >> folks are starting to put up their lights, thanksgiving two weeks away, the weather is cooperating, here is a look at the riverview tower camera, beautiful sunset mostly sunny skies, today clear skies this morning. showers from last night long gone by wake-up time allowing temperatures to dip to the lower 40s. right now primarily upper 60s to lower 70s. plant city aunt bartow at 72,
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brooksville you will drop to the upper 40s to the lower 50s in the northern counties, the dew points on the low to pleasant side. those are the words we like to hear. over the next few days, we look beautiful, wake-up time friday mostly low 60s near the beach. brooksville in the upper 40s to the low 50s, crystal river to 48 or 49 degrees under clear skies, with this pattern waking up in the low 50s in some areas , but you are warming up around 80 or 81 later on in the afternoon. 73 at the airport in tampa a few fairweather clouds, clearwater 67 down to 67 and 73 in saint pete. satellite picture not much to track.
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couple of showers in the mid- evening, they have pushed way to the south and dry air is coming in, futurecast shows mostly clear through tomorrow morning you can still catch the meteor shower after midnight tonight and again tomorrow night the torrid fireballs. it is literally little fireballs that can come through if you are lucky enough to see them, the weather will cooperate. throughout the day friday mostly sunny a few clouds, great weekend whatever you have morning and nice and warm in the afternoon. saturday morning mostly clear, temperatures warmer one or two back degrees warmer and the afternoon in the upper 70s, by saturday evening we have got the easterly flow returning and then we could see a couple of sprinkles may be early next week a system could give a better chance of a shower in fact look at the european model through the period we are going live
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they have done that. >> they just finally rescued the bald eagle trapped in the storm drain in orlando. they have been working to get this bald eagle out of the drain for the last hour, there was a second one and it looks like the second one was trying to help the first one. and, it looks like rescue crews finally pulled the eagle out of the storm drain it was like it is still alive they are wrapping it with blankets so it is a successful rescue. we have been streaming this live on our facebook and free mobile app we will stay with it there hopefully we get a shot of how the evil looks but it looks to be alive and hopefully not injured. it was trapped for at least one hour in orlando inside of a storm drain.>> i'm glad we got to see that.
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and the pictures on facebook. they were asking if the eagle made its. here is the seven-day forecast. 79 friday low 80s this weekend maybe a few showers monday tuesday, mornings will be cool 40s and 50s friday and saturday, back to the mid-60s by the week -- end of the week. a fort pierce woman believes her samsung charger galaxy s 6 for more than one year including the same charging cord from samsung, she plugged it in last week waking up to a fire. she contacted samsung asking for reimbursement and if this has happened to anyone else but she is waiting for a response. good news as the buccaneers get ready to take on
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double -- the lightning bolts need to get it in gear, montrial in front by eight points in the atlantic division. the islanders in town the last time these lightning hit them early blasting them 6-1. but we all know that game is not indicative of what the islanders can bring. still out with a concussion he will not play tonight, a smart move since he got the concussion against the islanders. buccaneer wide receiver mike evans has been cleared to play sunday against chicago and
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it felt good to be back practicing with the team but we are not at the point where martin is a definite go for sunday. >> adding there, getting to the point. it has been frustrating but it will take all the proper steps to get me back on the field. no limitations. we will see. i did individual drills yesterday. >> let's hope he plays. hamstring injuries are tough to overcome. we will see you right back here at 11:00.
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tonight, tonight, face to face. president-elect trump and president 0 warm ma in the oval office. they had never met. you will hear from both of them and the comments picked up on mike. melania trump meets michelle obama. preparing the next first lady. then mr. trump take on the the capitol. and hillary clinton. 24 hours after conceding, the mom who was hiking discovering clinton walking her dogs. also tonight, a divided america. the new messages of hate now emerging in schools. the chants of "build that wall" in a cafeteria. >> build that wall! >> and this message in a high school hallway. >> white power. >> and the new protests after the election.


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