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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> it was anything but a peaceful protest in portland. anti-trump protestors smashed windows and set fires and innocent bystanders are caught in the middle. good morning, and thank you for starting your friday with us, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. we start this veterans day with a check on the forecast. shay ryan is in for ivan this morning. >> yeah, good morning to you, and what a gorgeous start to the day. cooler in some spots this morning, especially to the north around citrus county. we have some upper 40s, and you can see that there in beverly hills. inverness at 54, floral city and homoeosis is a. brooksville has been in the mid-40s for a lot of the morning already, now up to 51. spring lake at 53. ridge manner at 56. so we certainly have some cooler temperatures than what we started off with yesterday
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61 in tampa right now. through the afternoon we're going to warm up quickly. we'll make it up to 80 as a high. again, it's going to be dry with lots of sunshine, so gorgeous weather as you're hitting the roads, but that doesn't mean we're problem-free unless janelle says so because she's the expert. >> what's going on out there? >> i do say so. we are looking great out there, maybe because it's veterans day, a lot of people taking the day of heart is offering free bus rides for veterans. we're checking our cameras all across the bay area. i-75 right at the leroy summit expressway. a lot of you will be hopping on here to get into downtown. that drive is going to take you 7 minutes. your drive on 275 heading south looking great. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. you're looking at just 13 minutes to get from the apex to i-4. back to you.
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>> for the second night, thousands take to the streets in dozens of cities to protest president-elect donald trump. >> in portland police declare the protest a riot. we want to get right to abc action news anchor lindsay logue. >> reporter: i'll tell you this, all of the protests last night started out as peaceful. as you said in portland things got out of control and we've been watching the video come in what we have from oregon as people out there smashed car windows and storefront windows. police say protestors threw things at them. we've seen vandalism along city streets. people there lighting things on fire. there have been arrests as police try to get things under control. listen to what one man says happened to him as he was driving to dinner. >> we were just in there walking by beating on my
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break the window. >> as these riots continue in portland, in oakland police had to use tear gas and flash bang grenades on protestors who threw rocks and bottles. in new york things remained peaceful. it was mostly young frustrated people taking out their anger at the base of trump tower. donald trump did respond to the protestors. take a look right here, i've pulled up his recent tweet from about late last night. he said that the professional protestors have been incited by the media an saying very unfair. we will continue to watch these developing story as they unfold out of the nation's west coast. any new information we'll bring it to you. for now back to you. thank you lindsey, the new balance shoe company is on damage control right now after a comment a company executive made about the election. some customers posted videos of themselves burning new balance
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president saying in an interview with president-elect trump things are moving in the right direction. new balance says the statement was referring to the transpacific partnership, a trade deal that some say hurts american jobs. the company released a statement saying new balance believes in community and humanity. macy's announced it will not bring back the trump brand. macy's dropped the donald trump line last year after he called mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. accessories. tampa police are searching for a suspected killer. officers responded to the scene. the call of a man down at the corner of nebraska avenue and columbus drive. first responders rushed a man with upper body trauma to the hospital where he died. so far no word on a suspect or a motive but police say they are investigating. the owner of a tampa martial arts gym is accused of having a sexual relationship
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two counts of lewd and lascivious battery. the coach admitted to it in a conversation. nazario had some sort of sexual contact with a girl who was 12 at the time and then turned 13. temperatures believe it happened between march of last year and september of this year. nazario works at the un undies -- >> questionable. he actually makes it a special point to make sure everybody feels safe and comfortable. >> she adds the victim's family has never even trained at undies putted finance and martial arts gym the crime happened at work and at his home. the crooks behind a massive electronics heist in brandon are on the run. it happened early yesterday morning at a t-mobile store on east brandon boulevard. hillsborough county deputies
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then they used a cutting wheel to get into the safe and stole cash. deputies believe they took off in this car. it looks like a cadillac cts with $150,000 worth of electronics. police are on the hunt right now for the man who stole a dumb ball machine by pretending he was there to fix it. that machine is valued at more than $800. it happened last week in winter haven. police say that man told employees he was there to fix the machine and he had to take it off property. he took it off never came back. if you recognize him or know anything about what happened call crime stoppers. 5:36. this morning we're getting a glimpse of how officers and deputies responded to the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando back in june. newly released body camera video shows one officer pulling a long gun out of his squad car's trunk. now, at times this video goes to black, so images of the victim's bodies in the club are
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blood covers the floor, the most haunting though, the noises recorded. >> those are the ringing phones that can be heard, calls that would never be answered. the city of orlando buying pulse to turn it into a memorial. a fort myers area school is planning to discipline a group of girls caught on camera fighting on campus. the dunbar high school students started one point one girl grabs another one by the hair and flings her on the ground. toward the end of the video you eventually see a school staff member try to break up the fight. some say they're disappointed that no other students intervened to try and stop the violence and in fact egged it on and recorded it. 5:37. the world is paying tribute to singer song writer leonard cohen this morning.
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] ? ? with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah ? ? >> other hits include suzanne and bird on a wire. a memorial service is being planned in los angeles. coe wrote novels and poetry. a possible lifeline for nearly 2,000gm workers facing layoffs in january. the head of the united auto workers union said they could be placed at other factories. on wednesday gm announced layoffs are going to happen at facilities in ohio and michigan due to a drop in demand. today is november 11th, veteran, about half of bay area schools are closed for the holiday. if you need someplace to go with the kids, try the florida
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dependents received one free ticket to the florida aquarium with a valid id today. up to four additional gusts can get discounted $15 tickets. ? [ music ] ? >> the red hot chili peppers are coming back to tampa. ticketsfor their show go on sale at 10 this morning. they it is 5:39 right now. one of tarpon springs most popular annual events kicks off today. the sponge dock seafood festival. >> this year it will be easier to get to the festival. you'll be able to park for free and take a complementary shuttle. the festival features live music and arts and crafts
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good restaurant to me down there one time. i'm blanking on the name, but boy they have good food. >> mekinos. take a look at the temperatures across the area. we're starting off in the 50s to about 60 degrees. we'll be in the mid-70s by noon, and then topping out at 80 degrees. again, lots of sunshine, nice and dry, really a beautiful start to our weekend and i'll show you just what's in store as the next cool front rolls through on forecast. dan. >> i love these. >> that girl, overcome with emotion after her father comes home safe from afghanistan. ahead, we'll show you how he
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5:44. happening now in manatee county, we're just minutes away from a clinic opening offering free medical treatment. >> hundreds of volunteer doctors and dentists will be at the manatee technical college throughout the weekend, and as abc action news yore tells us right now, she's live. patientsfrom as far away as texas come for this free help. >> reporter: that's right. i want to show you right now, folks are standing around waiting, and some have been here all night long waiting for that free medical treatment, and you know, they're saying here that this is not just something where you go and get your blood pressure taken. i mean they're doing a lot of
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they're even seeing your pets today giving them microchips and giving full checkups. i am here with delores and her mom. what time did you get here? >> we've been here 3:00 yesterday afternoon and we spent the night. >> waited all night. >> what are you here for? >> i'm here for dental work today. >> why is this worth it? why did you get here at 3 p.m., spent the whole night in the car with your mom? >> because this thing that they're doing, and i don't have dental insurance, so and, you know, being on disability i really can't afford it, so i read about this in the paper a couple of weeks ago, and i says, that's a great idea, and we came down. >> what does it mean to you ask your mom to be able to have something like this? >> wonderful. >> it's wonderful. >> wonderful. >> it really is, wonderful. otherwise we wouldn't be able to do it, you know. i have some fillings and. >> all right.
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talking with us. number one and number two in line, those doors are about to open at 6 a.m., so we're just about 15 minutes away from that, and guess what, if you can't make it out today, if you need medical care this weekend, they are going to be here through sunday. dan and deiah. all right, ashley, i'm going to take it from here, what a gorgeous start to our morning, it is cool out there. you can see here as we look at the satellite and radar composite that there's no rain, very few entire state of florida. our next front that rolls through on saturday morning is a really weak front. you can see not a lot of rainfall associated with it. so as it comes through, all it's going to do is help to reinforce what we're already seeing today, which is a cool start to the day. we're going to have warm afternoons ahead, and no rain in sight until early next week, if we see much at all. now, as we look at our forecast
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winds primarily out of the north at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. they may shift some through the afternoon, but temperatures will be in the low 60s by 8:00 this morning. by noon up to 75, topping out at 80, and over the next couple of days our temperatures are going to be pretty close to average starting off near 60 degrees ending the day near 80, and right now if you look across the area, 61 in tampa, 46, though in brooksville and in crystal we have the 50s, upper 50s in lake wheels and sebring. 60 in bradenton. we're off to a gorgeous start to the day with lots of sunshine on our veterans day, we'll make it up to 80. saturday and sunday looking gorgeous. early next week with another front approaching it will slowly work its way through the state and give us slight chances for rain ahead of it. that chance for rain on wednesday is really just for
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after that. what's going on out there on the roads. you're right, the roads are dry and looking great. if you're heading out the door right now, no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. we're watching cameras all along the interstates in the bay area. this is what it looks like. i-275 in fowler. the average speeds on the interstates. we are still in the green, on the veterans 275 and 75. all of these heading south towards the tampa area. you're still in good shape in than 10 minutes to get across all three this morning. thanks janelle. it is 5:48 right now. after her concession speech, hillary clinton has been out of the public eye, and apparently enjoying the great outdoors. a woman who was upset about clinton's loss took a walk with her daughters to clear her head. that's when she ran right into hillary and bill clinton walking their dog. the woman says she was so happy to be able to hug and talk to the former secretary of state and says president clinton even
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clinton that she was proud to take her daughter with her to vote for her. someone just paid $30,000 for president george h. w. bush's old golf gear. the former president had given a golf bag, shoes and putter to someone who worked at a golf course in maine. they were auctioned off yesterday. president bush was known for playing at breakneck speed. he once finished 18 holes in under two hours. we're now hearing from bucs defensive tackle gerald mccoy about the teenager accused breaking into his house. the 17-year-old broke into mccoy's home hours before the buckets bucs lost. mccoy wasn't there but the teen did fight with his father. the bucs defensive tackle taking a forgiving tone while talking about that teen suspect. >> i would just and that people pray for the kid who tried to break into my house, you know, just a lost kid. >> mccoy says his family is fine. police did eventually catch
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assault. the lightning did something unusual last night. they scored first. it's only the fifth time in 14 games this has happened. the goal by steven stamkos was his 111th career power play goal. stamkos also had two assists in the game as the lightning beat the islanders 4-1. the bolts host the sharks tomorrow night. shay's forecasting some great football this weekend. tonight florida state hosts boston college. that game starts at 7:30 p.m. you florida will host south carolina tomorrow. that game is at noon at the swamp, and usf is at memphis tomorrow night. that game starts at 7 p.m. this morning an air force master sergeant is home for good after seven long months away from his family. >> this is so sweet. for his final home coming, the airman wanted to surprise his
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>> jeremy freeman's two daughters found out they were attending a school assembly. and then you see what happened, they saw their father walk in in his military uniform. >> our oldest, she had surgery amont after he left. >> that really makes it tough and stressful knowing how much it's stressing mom out. >> i was just so happy he's finally back home. >> he looks as young as his kids doesn't he? >> he does. the military dad says his children don't have to worry about him leaving again. he is planning to retire from the air force >> those never get old. >> i cry every time too. >> as we honor our veterans today, many local businesses are paying tribute in a really sweet way. >> yeah, we have rounded up all the best freebies and discounts right after the break. >> ribs and music part of your weekend perhaps, we'll have a look at the surprising variety of musical acts coming t to the rib fest this weekend and how much it will cost you to get in.
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all right. it's 5:54. if you're hitting the roads anytime soon this morning, they're all dry, and guess what they're going to be dry on the way home too. 80 degrees is the high today after a nice cool start. some temperatures to the north even in the mid to upper 40s right around tampa, though, we are closer to 60 degrees. got a gorgeous weekend ahead. i'll show you more on the forecast and when our next chance for rain will be coming up. thank you shay.
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is on the its maiden voyage and on board a very special guest. royal caribbeans harmony of the seas left port ever glade last night on its introductory cruise. the ship is longer than the eiffel tower is tall. nearly 6800 passengers will be able to dine. the royal caribbean shows a miami teacher to serve as the ship's god mother. >> i get to bless the wish it luck and i get to be on and represent not only myself but also represent education and the work that's being done in miami-dade for education. >> none of the ship's waste by the way will go to landfills. everything is either reused, recycled or will be incinerated. veterans and active duty members of the military can take their pick of a lot of free stuff. >> dozens of local organizations have plenty of special deals. hart is offering free rides for
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all of florida state parks are free to veterans and their families. pinellas county parks are also offering free parking to vettings. all county boat ramps are free to vets today and the american victory ship is offering free tours to veterans. and publix is offering a 10% discount. love these bone fish grills offering bang freeh bang bang ship. ihop is serving free pancakes, with a red white and blue theme. red robin is offering a free tavern double is giving vets a free entree from a special menu. you will need an id proving your service to take advantage of these offers. we have more of these veterans day deals on our website rib fest starts today in st. petersburg. >> it's a festival that's going to tempt all of your senses with great food and music. the event runs from sunday, the gates open every day at 11. huey louis and the news will perform tonight and chris young
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$30 for friday's admission and $35 for saturday and sunday's admission. a high speed pursuit through two counties ends right here in this parking lot in st. pete when the suspects crashed their vehicle into two trees and flipped it several times. ahead in a live report, i'll let you know about their condition this morning as well as possible charges. >> also coming up, round two of protests against donald trump, the way time and mr. trump's new
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6, breaking news, a high speed pursuit ends in a
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counties now lingering questions on who that car belongs to. >> night 2 of anti-trump protests. the anger intensifying leaving smashed windshields, slashed tires, damaged businesses. police in one place calling it a riot. thanks for waking up with abc action news on this veterans day friday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. first, we don't want to have to get out the door with a traffic and weather together. shay's in for ivan again. >> you know, it is really nice outside this morning. temperatures are anywhere from even the upper 40s in spots in citrus and hernando county, but most of our temperatures are in the mid-50s to about 60 degrees. as we move through the day, all that sunshine we're going to see is going to bring us up to 75 by noon and 80 as a high again looking gorgeous to


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