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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 8AM  ABC  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. morning after an accident in lakeland. heartbreak for a community as we learn more about what led up to the crash. hillary clinton pointing fingers after her loss on election night. and epic super moon on the horizon, if you missed it this time you have to wait 20 years to see it again. we have some awesome gift ideas and they are all made in the bay area.
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league holiday gift market. we will be playing -- paying close attention. >> i love everything is made in the bay area so it is local gifts and you're helping out a good cause. it is 8:00 i'm lindsay logue. >> and i'm james tully. we are so glad you are with us for action news weekend edition. but let's check in on the weather. about the fog, the sun has been up for one hour and the longer it is up the better it will get as the fog burns off you can see a live look through i-4 looking better than what we have seen, but disability down below one mile in many areas around the bay area, look at the visibility map, along the i- 4 quarter less than one mile visibility same style in mind
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motion you can see all of the fog burning off in the next hour or two the good news if you're going to disney things will be improving for sure. current temperatures relatively chilly in the low 50s or upper 50s rather around 60 degrees and today we will warm up to the 80 degree mark. i will tell you more about that and what to expect for your rain in a little bit. heartbreak in polk county. murray little boy died yesterday riding and atv. >> just outside of lakeland, the father is in the hospital, karen marshak has the unusual circumstances leading up to the crash.>> josh was writing with his five-year-old son on this dirt road outside of lakeland, this road is marked with no
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neighbors tell me if the rules were broken their heart still aches for the family.>> horrible. that is the worst. i can't imagine. i have children and i could not imagine 6:charles kaiser saw the ftp -- atv flipped over. unfortunately what happened, that is why landowners property.>> joshua heard was trying to make a u-turn when he sped up over a grass mound and a tire support arm broke causing the atv to roll several times. josh and his son flew off the atv, josh has serious injuries including several broken ribs, but the little boy did not survive. >> i feel really sorry for them,
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from the bus they are always with the kids. >> this woman saw them driving before we were onto the road saturday afternoon. she thought it was strange because she has never seen that. >> if he was writing with the kid it was inside the yard. >> neighbors are praying for the family as they mourn hoping the father is able to make a full recovery, f news. eli was wearing a soft helmet not designed for atv use, joshua was not wearing a helmet. breaking news into the studio, a powerful earthquake has structure new zealand and now the entire east coast of the country is under tsunami warning. the 7.8 magnitude earthquake stroke after midnight. so far there are no reports of
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tsunami warning for the east coast of new zealand throughout the newscast. continuing coverage as protesters fill the streets across the country against president-elect donald trump. two officers were injured during this anti-trump protest in indianapolis, at least seven were arrested. some of the group began threatening officers including chanting kill the police. two officers suffered injuries after protesters threw rocks at them. this is all according to officials in indianapolis. hundreds gathered in sarasota in a protest in tampa bay. there is an online petition gaining millions of signatures asking the electoral college to change their votes when they meet next month. experts say that is highly
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the movement will continue. the idea is to keep close watch of state and no additional -- national legislation. donald trump pledges to back off twitter while in the white house. he said he will be this -- restraint if he uses the site. his campaign manager says the announcement of his chief of staff is imminent. there has been speculationha names we have been hearing are the rnc chair as well as steve in. the associated press claims they have a copy of megan kelly's book and in it the host talks about trumps pattern of trying to influence news coverage in the election including offering her a free hotel stay. the book also talks about speculation that trump got a
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that is when she confronted him on his critical comments about women. she has said most of the claims are true. hillary clinton criticizing the fbi for possibly costing for the election. she said the fbi director's renewed investigation into her use of a private email server thrust controversy into her campaign swing in momentum that on supporters to move forward. today is one year since the paris terror attacks. more than 130 people were killed across the french capital. isis claimed responsibility for the massacre. the concert hall reopened yesterday in a special performance by steamed -- steamed. five miles off the coast of
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a man signaled for a boater to come help him saying that his wife was on his boat unconscious, the other voter radioed for help. soon after arriving william lost consciousness. they believe the injuries are diving related. the man sentenced to 30 years in prison for beating up an autistic teenager is now a free man. crime according to the jury. this video was taken in 2014 showing the men beating up the teenager at a house party in florida. he has apologized for his actions. a fire ripped through a brandon home saturday, smoke and flames were so intense they damaged a fence and home next door.
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salvage a 24 foot boat and jet skis from catching fire. they put them in the street which blocked the path of the fire trucks. the fire marshal did not say how it started. we are in the middle of holiday shopping, less than two weeks from black friday. we are here to help in a big way. >> jake peterson is live at the holiday all things local and the best part it is for a good cause. >> reporter: it really is the junior league is the beneficiary, you have some holiday shopping some ornaments and christmas ornaments. there is a lot of variety. some hike park shops you can get some stuff for your dad, some ties or shirts and you can
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also, i want to bring in nicole hubbard. you are junior league president, this really helps your mission in the community. talk about that. >> this is the 13th annual holiday gift market, the largest fundraising event and 100% of the proceeds go to fund the 14 community projects around child welfare and education literacy. you truly are shopping with a cause going ba t >> tons of variety, unique items, merchants come from all over the us over 150 merchants. you can get men's items, children items, things for your dog anything you can think of, we have what you need right here. >> so 150 vendors?
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you're used to coming we have a lot of new things. >> what are the hours? >> 9:00 until 5:00 at the fairgrounds. >> of course, if you have a dog bring this back for you start your shopping early. >> do they accept credit cards or is it cash only? >> you do right? >> absolutely, you are good to go. we will take any money. >> thanks a lot, back to the studio. >> that is a smooth move i would have been the same thing.>> i bet jake is going to the princess breakfast, it is happening at the fairgrounds right now.
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still to come, when you make a big purchase the last thing you want to do is spend more money. >> sometimes getting the extended warranty can really save you in the long run. we will talk about that next, breaking down warranties you should consider and the ones to avoid. is there any rain in
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the holiday season is here, i bet you are buying things with the option of extended warranty. >> consumer reporter breaking down the warranties on the nice and naughty list so you don't waste money. old the bumper-to-bumper warranty finishes so your manufacturer will call you about continuing it. >> technical service bulletin associated with this vehicle released to registered owner. >> these urgent notice car advertisements are not from the manufacturer.
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based company that was blasting millions of car owners with robo calls and postcards. but these warranty scams are alive and well in 2016. many car owners are now being targeted by a new company. but the one instance where you may wish you would have bought drop your smartphone and break it. no warranty? doesn't that stink a $300-$500 smartphone coverage from companies like square trade may be worth considering. >> be suspicious of all notices to renew your car warranty. if you're confused call your car manufacturer. don't waste your money. abc action news. check out this super moon it will be closer to the earth
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things they are learning about the moon. >> one of the great surprises coming back from the spacecraft is that we are able to detect changes on the lunar surface. we have been mapping the moon at high resolution for seven years at that time we were able to compare images we took today to previous images. >> after tonight and monday morning the moon won't appear this big until 2034. issues, there is an option. if you go to this website, i posted the link on my facebook. >> may be don't put the telescope out tonight? >> the goodness, if you see it after sunset when the moon is rising that is a good time to watch it. later into the night we will
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time. late night and tomorrow night. look at the main seal beach camera. a little bit of fog not so much along the beach but certainly in the inland areas and along the corridor. we are seeing some fog but that will burn off within the next one hour or so, here is what is ahead for the rather headlines, the fog burns off but a lot of sun today, the next front through monday possibly with a few showers but rain chances only 20% and then clearing and cooler for tuesday. current visibility, we are finally just starting to see two miles or three miles in certain areas but along some of the areas along the corridor, still low visibility less than one mile, but again should be improving over the next one hour or so and by 10:00 the fog
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upper 50s to low 60s around the bay area and highs will be around normal for this time of year around 80 degrees into the mid-80s. satellite and radar shows things looking good. we do not expect any rain at least for the next week for hours. futurecast shows a front moving through the area tomorrow and, it is possible we could see a few showers along with this but only a 20% chance, a few clearing and cooler behind it. it looks like a great day today, 10:00 nem if you're coughing, 76 by noon and by 4:00 pm 80 degrees. we will see a good amount of sunshine so don't be unhappy if you see the fog. if you're going out tonight, super moon tonight the brightest and closest you will see them into the earth since 1948.
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the sun sets and because the -- of the optical illusion it will appear really big. tonight and tomorrow night will be a great night to see it. winds out of the east becoming southwesterly later in the day. not a bad day for the boaters. high tide at 1:35. building clouds so we will see the moon before the clouds start to building but not quite as cool with a low temperature of 64. a look at your seven-day forecast a 20% chance of showers the front moving through tomorrow then we will clear out and cool down by midweek with highs in the upper 70s and lows
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how you could make this precious dog a part of your
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i am here with kevin and seth from dalmatian rescue tampa bay, your son is the dog handler today and the dog's freckles come over here. can use it cracks can you shake? >> we are really smitten with
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dalmatian mix with australian cattle dog. >> she is a sweet sweet dog, very well behaved. great with kids. she loves her treats. >> you said there is no aggressive bone in her body.>> not at all. she has never gotten aggressive. one-year-old, 44 pounds. >> she is any home. >> pretty much, we think she would be great for a home with older or younger kids, cats or dogs. a yard would be great because she loves to run around. but, that is typical for a one- year-old. >> of course, she is pretty sweet so, if somebody is interested in freckles where do
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fill out an adoption application they can reach out to susan weber the head of the domination rescue th can talk with her and get information. still to come, your last chance to chow down on some amazing ribs coming up where you can get award-winning barbecued but it is today only. 8:26
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> welcome back i'm logue. top stories we are following for you, in lakeland, heartbreak after a tragic atv accident on saturday. a five-year-old boy is dead, his father in the hospital with broken bones. deputy say joshua heard and eli heard were riding the atv when it flipped. a tire support arm broken the vehicle. eli was wearing a soft helmet
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two police officers injured in an anti-trump protest overnight. at least seven protesters were arrested. the two officers were hurt when people threw rocks at them. hillary clinton criticizes the director of the fbi for possibly costing her the election. she said that to her top donors and a compass call. the renewed investigation into her use of a private email server thrust controversy into the campaign slowing down momentum. you can see us live on facebook check us out. seeing things outside is the big question. >> a bit foggy but it is improving, we can see from the tower cam things are looking better but visibility is below one mile in certain areas. >> things are expected to clear up and we have the super moon
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look forward to and a great day here is a look from our mainsail beach camera from anna maria island. the beach did not see too much fog today most of it is in the i-4 corridor. quite a bit through the morning hours, right now visibility below one mile and are visibility is below one mile. it is too early i guess. plant city in lakeland, to the next couple of hours the fog will be burning off and we will see a good amount of sunshine. current temperature chilly right now warming up into the low 60s about normal for this time of year we had upper 50s earlier and the high today around 80 degrees. the good news we do not expect any rain today, we will have a good amount of sunshine when the fog burns off, i will tell
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rain is in a couple of minutes. security concerns prompting a temporary closing of the us embassy in afghanistan following deadly attacks. the decision comes after four americans were killed in a suicide attack near the capital city. six other people were killed and a german consulate just a week ago. the taliban officials say the blast was planned four month ago. in north 20 wildfires are being investigated as arson. some of the fires were believed to be intentionally started. more than 5000 firefighters have been called to help. people in dozens of communities are evacuating, several state parks are closed. if you love ribs we had the perfect event for you, today's the last day to enjoy. these images have been burned into my mind.
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they have music for almost any taste, huey lewis and the news was there friday night, $35 to get in you have to pay for food and drinks. over to tarpon springs at the famous sponge docks the annual seafood festival, admission, no price, free of charge. running from 10:00 this morning until 5:00. looking for a way feeling the holiday season spirit? the one place where you can't help but get and feel some joy. we are so glad you are here with us on the sunday morning.
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, undred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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welcome first christmas music this week it got me in the spirit of the debate. if you're looking for a way to get in the holiday spirit jake peterson is somewhere where you can't help but feel joy. a lot of straight -- great stuff going on this morning. i see some children's stuff behind you. >> some baby items, there is
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and adult anything for the family. i heard christmas music today and you are kind of getting into the holiday spirit, 150 vendors are here, a lot of them are local, i want to bring in stephen and christian. why did you guys decide to take part in this local event? >> we decided to take part because it does great things for the community, they are involved in the community, there's a sense vendors, we work together and try to make it the best market we can for everyone. >> the one cool thing you guys are local to me about what you guys do. >> we are local here in tampa we go around and take wine bottles and we make candles out of them and their cocktail themed. we are very green and earth friendly. >> that is really cool how long
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>> about four years this is our second market we love doing it. >> you have got steve and christian take a look over here, you can see things for adults. this all helps the junior league mission of helping children in the community, the event run from 9:00 until 5:00 today at the fairgrounds off of i-4. >> should be a busy day today, fighting fire with plan proposed to kill off the mosquitoes with the zika virus. >> voters have approved it and now one county wants in on it. adam winer explains how it works. >> right now this is how we are fighting the mosquito problem. soon, one county will be trying an alternative to spring chemicals, genetically modified mosquitoes. >> you're getting rid of the
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>> the project is to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the florida keys, the male mosquitoes reproduce with the wild mosquitoes to create in for trial offspring. >> we have been releasing our insects for six years in three different countries over 180 million males released 60,000 to 70,000 people, we have had no reports of any adverse effects whatsoever. >> monro county approved limited tests, if successful the practice could soon come to places like key largo, miami and eventually tampa bay. >> should we have an issue in pinellas we want the ability to utilize the technology. >> this estate representative is petitioning the federal government to let pinellas county tried the altered
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>> you have an option at your disposal but not at hours. we are asking to have it. >> key west is spending over $1 million per year to kill about 50% of the mosquito population, this program might cost the same but with at least 90% effectiveness. in pinellas county, adam winer abc action news. maybe if there wasn't a delay i walking.>> delays and errors when your health is on the line, we are revealing the report naming the worst hospitals in the bay area when
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hospitals than almost any other state florida finishes near the bottom when it comes to safety. >> only one out of four hospitals in the state god and a in a recent report. >> adam walser uncovered 19 bay area hospitals earned a c or lower.>> what has it been like? >> victor understands everything you say but cannot respond in a complete since his stroke three years ago. >> it is very tough.>> he couldn't speak and when he starts to it comes out different. >> his wife noticed something was wrong one morning during breakfast. >> i called his doctor. >> she rushed him to manatee memorial hospital but doctors do not give immediate treatment that could have stopped or minimize damage to his brain.
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until after he arrived three hours later. >> it was too late. he was beyond treatment. >> manatee memorial received a d from the hospital safety great organization which rates hospitals nationwide. >> factoring in problems with surgery infection rates and medical errors.>> are you surprised to hear that had a poor rating? >> absolutely not. >> communication and responsiveness were among their lowest scores. >> if the hospital got a d, why? and how will it affect me? >> the associate dean of southern florida medical school helped write hospital safety reporting rules. he says safety great are important. >> you want to have some way of measuring quality and outcome.
8:46 am
hospitals in the entire state scored a d or f, five were here in the bay area. part of florida regional medical center, highlands regional, lake wales medical center and venice regional bayfront health. 14 bay area hospitals received a c encoding medical center of trinity. where doreen went for shoulder pain in 2014. >> i can't get out of the chair. >> surgeon was not available when she was brought to the hospital and her spinal condition remained untreated for 12 hours. resulting in paralysis. >> maybe if there hadn't been a delay i would be up and walking able to go about a daily routine of working and cooking peers but, now i can't. >> the hospital got low marks from leapfrog for not having enough specially trained
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the hospital won't comment on the lawsuit but they say they earned fifes -- five consecutive top performer awards from a different organization. >> don't assume your doctor will always make the best choice for you or that the local hospital is the best place to go.>> it is extremely important, look at me and it is a prime example of people who did not. >> i'm adam walser taking action for you. social media today. go to for a list of the hospitals and the grades they received. straka we are live on facebook come check us out ask us questions during the break. we have a great group of people right now. it is like we are talking to this giant class constantly. >> we are debating what is the best cake.
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>> you brought up a bunch. here is a live look from the main seal beach camera on anna maria island, we are waking up to some cool conditions around the bay area, but some foggy conditions along the i-4 corridor, right now in tampa it is 63 same story in saint pete. you in saint pete but some areas have a decent amount of fog, visibility still reduced along the i-4 corridor but things are shaping up a little bit better in the next hour or so we expect all of the fog to burn off. if you're driving in the inland area be aware. 63 right now in many areas, tampa, city, 64 crystal river,
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happening, we do not expect any rain for the next 24 hours or so, a few clouds rolling in but abundant sunshine today, it will be relatively dry and as far as humidity levels, the current due back -- dew points are in the low 60s. so it will feel more comfortable as the week front moving to the area monday, a few showers possible only a 20% chance on monday, and then we may have a few clouds behind that tuesday morning but then tuesday afternoon things will clear out and cool down, we should have a beautiful workweek into tuesday wednesday and thursday. also beautiful for the superman tonight, a full moon which is brightest and closest to the earth since 1948.
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until 2034. here is your day planner, 80 degrees partly sunny skies after the fog burns off, pleasant not as cool this evening some cloud cover so better to see the moon earlier this evening as the clouds will build in the evening and overnight. windsor out of the east at southwest. here are your tides at the st. petersburg pier, 80 degrees partly sunny skies and dry for your forecast, overnight tonight as this morning, 64 degrees with plenty of clouds with a northerly wind, a look at your seven-day forecast, 20% chance of showers, then after the front moves there we will clear out and cool down. good morning this is your positivity tampa bay, the tampa
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a mix of veterans and civilians, as you can see this is not for the faint of heart, we are so delighted to have three members of the tampa generals visiting with us, we have justin stark, and then we have mike, the newest addition to the team. thank you for coming in. we have been saluting veterans all month veterans day friday, the two of you are veterans. >> i was with the u.s. army. >> what about you? >> u.s. army 11 bravo.>> justin, tell us about the team. >> we have been around since 1989, it is an intense sport, we need to travel and compete. right now we are top 10 in the
8:52 am
started we are going to atlanta this weekend.>> you all have a combination of veterans and nonveterans, what are the differences you have seen how do you help each other? >> we are all in the same boat we have all had some kind of disability, veterans are coming over, they are gung [null], they are young and excited about the spor hooked. >> what has it been like for you since you started playing? how has it helped you? >> mentally, you always have some objective and something to look forward to, this has been really helpful with life after the injury. and getting involved in the impact the drive and the want that we have had experience
8:53 am
physically it has been really demanding. it helps with rehab strengthening. meeting these guys. >> mike is the newest member of the team. how are they treating you? >> very good. these guys beat up on me in practice all the time and it is awesome. i love the sport. basically it is mostly a pushing your chair workout never stop pushing, after practice but it is a great workout. i would recommend it for anyone.>> before we go, for veterans out there in a wheelchair that want to check this out or maybe someone in the community how can they connect with you? >> we practice twice a week. if they want to get in touch the easiest way on facebook, tampa generals it is open to
8:54 am
all four limps. we are always looking for new players. >> thank you for coming and thank you for your service to our country. if you would like to connect with them and see them for the tournament it is january 20 through the 22nd in tampa all of the information is on
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it is a season of outdoor festivals on the 19th and 20th go to main street downtown or central avenue in saint pete the festival at the village in baltimore, in largo the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, special towards our planned admission is $10. this community calendar is brought to you by hyundai of new port richey. a gorgeous and to the weekend a life back look at our look from anna maria island. we saw some of the fog burning off be careful if you're heading out along the i-4
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tomorrow a 20% chance of a show tomorrow then clearing out and cleaned up, a great workweek with highs in the 70s. >> a good afternoon for football. buccaneers are hosting the bears my fingers are crossed for the first home buccaneers win. >> we will see if doug martin takes the field. that is it for us, we will be back six days from now. next saturday. check us out
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