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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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here, but you can see well below average. abc action news starts now. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> president-elect donald trump breaks protocol. this as his team apierce to be straining you should the pressure during this presidential transition. >> that makes me really angry because it could have been logan that they had left in the car for two hours. it could be any child >> parents outraged after workers at a bay area daycare leave a child in a hot van. and pickpockets at publix. the smooth way thieves are operating as a team that's taking shoppers by prize. >> don't let your guard down. that's the word from plant city police. more on that in a second. thanks for waking up with abc action news. we begin with the latest on
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appears to be straining under the enormous challenge. >> two more people eliminated as potential candidates for the team. trump broke with protocol tuesday night by leaving trump tower without his press contingent. >> donald trump, out of the public eye but back on twitter, writing the process for picking cabinet members is very organized, though it appears to be anything but. cracks beginning to show as key members of the transition team purged. former con one of trump's top national security advisors, abruptly resieng, reportedly pushed out. this as governor chris christie was ousted. ben carson distanced himself from the transition, and a low-level staffer gone for making an inquiry into security clearances for trump's children. senior advisor kelly forced to respond chl . >> i just know that was never a formal request.
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chief strategist, steve bannon, former chair of breitbart news. >> people didn't vote for donald trump so he could bring a white supremist into the white house. >> heading out to dinner for his family after telling the press he was in for the night, the move breaking tradition of always having journalests on hand to report the president's whereabouts, and the protests haven't let up. in the nation's capitol, hundreds of pennsylvania avenue, shutting down the lincoln memorial, too young to vote but making sure their voices are heard. >> we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism, all that bigotry. >> the president-elect tweeth, "if the election were based on total popular vote, he would have campaigned more in new york, california, and florida saying he would have been bigger and more easily chl as of now,
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popular vote. a u.s. senator from california now says she'll introduce a constitutional amendment to eliminate the electoral college. last week's election is the second time in her lifetime that the winner did not win the popular vote. yesterday, donald trump praised the electoral college after krit seizing it back in 2012. a lame duck session and a republican control congress will make it difficult to pass. the s investigating a sarasota day care for leaving a child inside a hot van for two hours. a report pi the florida department of health says two staff members including director of kinder house preschool left a four-year-old inside a van during a field trip. the temperature that day climbed into the upper 80s. parents we spoke with say no one at the school told him about what happened during that field trip last month. >> i'm aggravated that i'm just finding out on facebook, of all things, you know, that there was this incident that happened.
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and all of the staff now are required to go through two hours of additional training. dcf is investigating the day care for potential abuse or neglect. the day care's director is not commenting. the company building the dakota access oil pipeline is now asking a federal judge to move ahead with the project, this as protests against the pipeline were held around the country yesterday chl as reed binion reports, authorities arrested more than two dozen protesters in north dakota. >> demonstrators gathering in cities from coast to coast and throughout the heartland tuesday, protesting in support of the standing rock sioux tribe. >> i do this because i want clean drinking water for my future generations. >> plans for finishing the pipeline include tunnelling under a lake and river that the standing rock tribe relies on for drinking water. the concern is that digging
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contaminations. berni sanders adding his voice to thousands across the country opposing the project. >> we are not going to allow a pipeline to endanger the clean water that millions of people depend upon. >> the companies behind the dakota access pipeline insist that the risks are low. >> i think the chances of this pipeline leaking is extremely remote. >> those same companies slamming the army corps of engineer's monday decision to halt further construction on lake and taking their case to court, the corps saying it needs to discuss the issue further with the standing rock tribe and hasn't yet decided to grant an easement for continued construction. reed binion, abc action news. authorities in oklahoma city are trying to figure out why a man fatality shot an employee. the ambush prompted employees to shut down that airport for hours. then investigators found the suspect's body in a pickup truck
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this morning, crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 award for information about the thieves you see over my shoulder there. they are accused of pickpocketing three people. investigators say a team of thieves is targeting shoppers with a simple strategy. they distract the shopper by talking to hem while another moves in and steals the wallet. pamela bell is one of the victims. >> behind me, but when i, you know, went to turn, he would ask me another question. basically, you know, ask me a question or make a comment where i would turn back around to him. >> investigators are looking for one man and also two women. they were seen drooefg away in a full size blue ford van like the one you see right here. frms 4:36. breaking overnight, usf campus police are looking for two men behind a strong arm robbery.
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two men robbed her of her jewelry near the interdisciplinary science building. that student was not hurt. campus police are now investigating. well, feels fantastic out there if you like the cool air and roll down the windows certainly. some of us will be turning on the seat warmers in the car, certainly in brooksville, look at that, 43 degrees. already drop down to 42 this morning. 45 at crystal river. of course, the colder spot there, but the rest of us still pretty cool, right. milder right along the coast as you would expect. lower 60s. generally a chilly start. then we've had pockets of patchy fog. not thinking that's going to be a huge deal for today. our day planner goes this way with the sunrise coming up at 6:53. we'll have temperatures still at 7:58, then we'll -- look at that. it's mid to upper 70s. that'll be nice between noon and 4:00, and another cool night setting up tonight. want to get a look at 4:37
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pretty quiet right now. we'll have a full look coming up in about 25 minutes or so. a burglar stealing things from unlocked cars. there are several cases in the trinity area. thieves also broke into 15 cars in the subdivision of land o lakes earlier this month. >> most of the victims are leaving t we do have certain neighborhoods that people come in and prey upon good people. >> i think they were looking for money, and when they didn't find it then, you know, that was it. >> sergeant chris thomas with the pasco county sheriff's office says they identified some suspects, and they are looking at charges right now, but says tlr several other suspects they are still searching for. chls police in south florida are looking for the person who shot
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felt sering pain, looked down and saw that arrow sticking out of her leg. she's home from the hospital but now feels unsafe in her own yard. police say this could be just a freak accident, but they are still investigating. at&t is rewarding a broward county man with a new iphone 7. that's henry tate. his phone was destroyed saturday when he jumped into a lake to rescue a two-year-old boy who had fallen into the water. tate revived the child with cpr. he moved two weeks ago and just got cpr certified last week. at&t also offered him a job. the city is also expected to honor tate. 4:39. >> i've just never seen one firsthand like in front of my face just happen. >> south florida boy catches his infant brother after falling off the changing table. what distracted the mom that kept her from noticing what
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expected to set during thanksgiving and christmas. that's coming up at 5:00. the tampa bay lightning might have won the battle, but i think they lost the war in detroit. steven injured. we'll show you how it happened
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a south nancy alvarez fla woman is calling her nine yoerld son a he roshgso.
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it's all caught on camera. take a look at this. had her 11-month-old son on the table at her home last month chl did you see that? she turned her back for a second to talk to some other kids, and the baby rolls right off that table. that's when nine-year-old joseph ran over and caught his brother before hitting the hard floor. now, wants to use this incident to urge other parents to be vigilant with your children. >> mbe know whose life you are going to change and who you can help. >> miracles can happen always, but since this time it was me, i'm really thankful. >> a family friend usualed them to make the surveillance shid owe -- video available to the public. today, out of a job for commenting on a controversial post on social media. beverly has apologized and resigned for chiming in on a racist post over the weekend.
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obama as, quote, an 8 in heels, by writing it made her day. she said her comment was taken out of context, but she still quit. publix advertising where shopping is a mriz. so you expect the popular grocery stores to be clean. seven in the bay area that failed their last inspection, putting your health at risk chl abc action news anchor wendy ryan has this special investigation. >> so what did you get today? >> i opened it for one of my coworkers. >> cedric yus bought lunch at publix deli inside britton plaza. >> how's the food? >> i like it. i mean, it's affordable. >> but cedric knew nothing about this south tampa publix failing its last inspection due to rodents in the store, finding numerous row don't droppings
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>> i don't want to see rats roaming around. >> the state also demanding 20 pounds of sandwich meats thrown out after discovering they were stored under a leaking drain line and contaminated. >> how to you feel about that? >> i'm going to check my food, make sure it's okay. >> he's not the only customer shocked. >> but you like publix? >> i prefer publix if i had a choice, yes. >> over 20 years ago, jackie martin moved to nancy alvarez fla from new york, shopping at publix ever since. sh about publix latest report card. >> they failed their inspections with the state. >> that's terrible. >> our i team finding food safety inspectors not passing another south tampa publix. the store at 1313 south mabry highway failing its last inspection. issued a stop sell and
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dangerous temperatures that could make you sick. other publix not make tg grade in tampa? this store at 8975 racetrack road after the state saw fly glu sdrips hanging over exposed bread and other food in the bakery. >> publix has responded to the failed inspections. its media and community relations manager bryan west sent us an e-mail, which reads in part, quote, food safety is a agriculture and con sierm services enacted changes to the inspection rating process impolicemened without industry or public feedback. we have requested updated information on the state's food safety standards and expectations. to see the full statement, go to our web site this sounds like the start of a joke. a koala walks into an accounting office, but it's real and caught
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koala taking a stroll so she started recording it. employees there called a vet to have that koala checked out. cold morning out there. we have 40s. 44 in brooksfield. that is up a little bit from the 42 this morning. 40s up to the north. 50s elsewhere, unless you're right along the coast there. a little milder certainly with temperatures in the lower 60s. it is wi cool air, everyone miami at 67. that's chilly for them. as we widen out the shot, we're in the 40s heefr. look at the rest of the temperatures, milder across the northeast and parts of the midwest, as well, with the jet stream dipping down on the eastern side of it here. we have cooled down nicely. the front well down to our south at this point. the one that brought us the cloud cover monday. yesterday, the cloud cover early. but as we had talked about, nice
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that's basically what we have on tap for today as the dry air has now won out right on top of us here. that will set the stage for sunday conditions. it will preclude clouds certainly. we are not going to be seeing much in the way of rain fall for extended period so that is nice for some of us. if you want rain, going to have to wait a while. mid and upper 70s right now later this afternoon. that's a good jump from where we are with the dry air mass. you can do that. summer that range between 7 and 10 degrees, between the morning low and the daytime high. well, completely different story now as we have changed seasons here across central florida. 40s and 50s tomorrow again in the morning and again in the afternoon. warming up. up every 70s to around 80s in areas with a northeast wind. 7-day forecast will be dry. pay attention closely to what happens. through the end of the week, we're fine, but saturday looks
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is your day. sunday, it is not because by saturday night, we have a quiet front that'll be moving through, but it'll make itself known more with temperatures here. upper 70s to near 80. i think some spots will be around 80 on saturday. probably not going to touch 70 on sunday afternoon. so a huge change, and even in town, i think we'll be dropping into the 40s by monday morning. 10 till 5:00. we want to get a look right now at part of your morning cmu okay. traffic looks to be moving pretty smoothly. not a whole lot of traffic, but it's still early. we'll ve a full week look coming up momentarily. new college football rankings are out. tom has your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. you got to wonder when this run of bad luck for steven is going to end. first, broken leg three years ago, and then the blood clot
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stampcos going down after engaging on the side boards in the first period in detroit last night. spun around and went down in the ice. you saw it there. stampcos skating off, but he had a hard time making his way down the walkway to the dressing room. the team would only say he suffered a lower body injury, but i'm holding my breath this injury is not serious. the bolts go onto win 4 frms well, congratulations going out to fill lis. john grudey. jermy f oley from the university of florida. all five last night inducted spoo the florida sports hall of fame, and the new college football rankings are out. alabama remaining no. 1, ohio state second, michigan 3rd with
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morning sports update. bystanders watched two cars go up in flames. who first responders rescued and what started the fire. >> before you buy those christmas gifts, there is now a list of unsafe toys. the three toys that topped the
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a new york woman is sug clothing maker. she claims she foubd a rat zone into a dress she bought from the store. the woman wore the dress to work. she noesed a bad smile then says something started irritating her leg. that's when she noticed it was a rat's leg sticking out of the hem. a rash she developed was virus. she's now suing for negligence. uth's investigating to see how this could have happened. ffrz frz fooef minutes until 5:00 t is the official kickoff ffr the holiday system. tonight, the tree lighting ceremony is set. visitors can get free pictures with santa. this morning, the search is on for the pickpockets targeting
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by surprise. two men robbed jewelry from a student at usf. an update on her condition, a life report from campus on who police are looking for. parents are outraged after workers in a bay area day care leave a child in a hot van. the agency investigating the fine that day care now has to pay. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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live, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> there is a head could want. those are little children. these are babies, and now even elementary school age. >> a day care accused of leaving a four -year-old inside a hot van. parents forced to find out on social media. got details on a new state investigation. >> students at the university of south fa fla on high alert this morning after a young student coming up in a live life-support, the stern warning going out to students this morning. more harm than good. some hillsboro county teachers worry a new suspension program is doing just that. i'll explain why it's causing the controversy. good wednesday morning. thanks fr waking up with abc. >> want to get a look at your forecast on this wednesday. ivan telling us now what to expect. >> it is cold out there. low 40s up into brooksville, that is chilly stuff.


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