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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at 6 am hateful message outside a st. pete church. y members are in fear and say they are being targeted. stolen guns on the street. the clues deputies want you to know as a search for burglars in a larger crimes read this could be tied to. major meeting between president-elect donald trump and governor. rick's the other prominent politicians that will be there and the speculation of what this meeting could reveal. the morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday. let's kick things off with a little look at the forecast. 50s as well low 60s would be the exception across ep.
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doing all that much better at 43. we will warm-up this afternoon big time. temperatures approaching 80 by the afternoon as we track and of the cold front. this oncoming and buy a tablet get into the weekend saturday night heavy into sunday. that will lower our daytime temperatures. a piece of this very chilly air. talk about that in the extended forecast in a few minutes. the only problems we had is in haines city. a portion of us 27 is closed northbound. this will be just north of dundee. we had a serious crash blocking all of the north lanes by county road. take ctr., street or 10th st. to work your way around the. we will let you know as soon as it clears. there are some areas of patchy fog looking pretty good at i-4 in memorial boulevard .
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just learn minutes ago that an off-duty dallas county deputy was involved in a fatal county -- fatal motorcycle crash around midnight. lanes are now back open. investigators had to close them for hours. we don't know yet how that deputy was involved will update you as soon as we find out. he will words written on a sidewalk in front of a church. the congregation is a little anxious. swastikas and other [ null ] system they symbols work john at the king of the st. pete. we are outside the church. the graffiti has been cleaned up but the members are still concerned.>> reporter: the words were written in chalk right here on the concrete. pretty easy to clean up but the majority of the congregation here is lgbtq so the speech that was written rightfully has them a bit nervous. here are pictures of what was drawn socks they swastikas
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the letters standing for make america great again. the pastor here says it is another sign of the divide of the election a week and a half ago. i think it has let loose a part of america that is not pretty and has been there for a long time and we act as if everything is fine and lovely in tnd but it is so easy to slip back.>> church has put this message on their sign that says loved one another please. the pastor says if anyone has any questions about this charge, joined them on sunday at 10 am. i'm clifton french abc action news. county detectives are desperately searching right now. 35 stolen guns. thieves not only still the guns they took the 300 pound safe that they
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the drywall and then broke into a closet where the safe was located. they managed to carry the roughly 300 pound safe out with $20,000 worth of goods inside . police are looking into whether this crime is tied to similar crimes were multiple suspects have been breaking into homes during the day stealing safe and jewelry.>> i think he was more in shock. because it was not just a weapon . it is because they took all of them. detectives are looking for a lincoln with the beige top. there may be a second car involved a white toyota echo or chevrolet malibu . if you know everything -- anything that could help this case called the police department. 22-month-old kaylee was play at her home in terror bernie yesterday.
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when her mother checked on her kaylee was at the bottom of the pool and was not moving she called 911 and started cpr. miraculously the girl should make a full recovery. tampa police are right now still searching for the gunman who shot a toddler. detective so it started when the man argued with the girl's father. doctors say the toddler will be fine. rick scott will meet with president-elect donald trump in new york city. the government tweeted he will congratulate trump and offered to reinvent federal government but this trip is feeling a lot of speculation that trump could be joined by the governor. scott suggested he could run for senate. stay with us we will have more on today's meeting in the future role the governor scott could play. also at that meeting today
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trump transition team says haley is being considered for secretary of state. former secretary of state henry kissinger will also be there. trump and hayley clash during the campaign. hilley said she was a child support and trump called haley's stance on immigration week. mid-rudy giuliani is also in the running. speaking of hillary clinton making her first postelection cycle speech she is reflecting on her failed campaign and is pledging to keep moving forward. >> ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on we need to. america need to. your energy enter ambition and your talent. that's how we get through this.>> these comments coming last night at the children's defense fund beat the odds kayla. that event honored clinton who started her career as an intern at the organization. dramatic video shows a gas explosion in canton illinois think you see it explode into brief eyes everywhere . sadly
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hit a utility worker is the person who was killed. 11 others were sent to the hospital. several buildings were damaged some as far as to block the way. the gas company released a statement saying a third-party contractor damaged the gas line officials are still investigating. the coast guard is searching for a missing boater on the treasure coast. stewart, bow and never returned from his fishing trip. anyone with information should contact the coast guard. still to come at six at 6 am malfunction or human error? specific things investigators are honing in on to figure out what led to this train wreck. a customer lashes out at a server in a packed diner. the reason he is given for the
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investigators trying to find out if this train derailment was caused by a system malfunction or human error. incredible video of the scene. one train hit another that was pulled off to a side real to let it pass the really at least
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these are freight trains by the way. no passengers but four crew members were on board including the two operators. miraculously no one was hurt. experts will be on scene today to see if there are any environmental impact including from a diesel spill. keep watching what happens. it shows a customer stabbing a server at a south florida restaurant customers running out of the ihop in north miami try to run for cover. he thought the server poisoned him. authorities arrested jean hicks charging him with aggravated battery the server is going to be okay but he did have to get stitches or gases to his stomach and are. textbook battle. parents moving closer to getting schools two digit contrapuntal boat. why they are fighting and the
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a judge ruled by monday on whether the charleston church shooter is competent to stand trial. the hearing is set to happen behind closed doors . media organizations are fighting right now to make it open to public.
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senate african-american church. minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black man reaching for his wallet during a traffic stop in july is charged with manslaughter. jeronimo yanez is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. deadly force was not justified. yanez killed philando castile after pulling him over for a broken tail light. the death gained national attention because live stream the shooting aftermath on facebook. always go textbook at the center controversy is rejected for now. the texas board of education took its first boat but it is still not finalize. parents have been saying this book has called mexicans lazy. a ceo for the publisher is
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company made changes by adding different viewpoints. the board is going to take its findable on friday. an off-duty new york firefighter and his wife are on the way to vacation with this crash happened right in front of them. this crash could have turned deadly had it not been for captain. ciro napolitano . you see the man highlighted their based that is captain. apollo tana working to free the driver picked the driver was pinned under the dashboard . they were able to pull him to sa this all while napolitano's wife recorded this on her cell phone.>> the mother called me the other day that she was so thankful i said to her son. i told amanda i am not an angel. i only did what my heart told me to do and what i was trained to do. you saw the families together a second ago.
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captain. apollo tana to visit them in person. the big cat rescue is right now taking part in what is being called the largest rescue of the captain. us history . five adult tigers just arrived at the facility this morning. a sanctuary in colorado turned over a total of 75 tigers and about 40 bears to about a dozen rescue organizations across the country . the cat rescue has been working since september to get ready. stay with us. we'll have a live report on these new additions and the reason the old h america's most experienced female astronaut is heading back to space take peggy whitson will lift off from pakistan this afternoon on a trip to the international space station. this is her third flight. she will become the first woman to command the iss twice and she has lots more space time that any woman in history . at 56 he is also the oldest woman ever in space. she and her crew mates will be in six months.
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people in the carolinas where wildfires are raging right now. let's check in with ivan who was showing us the problems. 50,000 acres is what we are hearing in north carolina having earned as a result of the buyers. asheville has burnt 1000 acres a day and is only 19% contain. firefighters are dealing with very rough conditions. we have had warm and dry temperatures. we have a bring drought . upwards of 1000 people have been evacuated. i don't see a huge change in the weather pattern. we have front coming up that will cause a few showers coming in likely nothing terrible -- it will likely be terrible for them. rainfall will put a dent in this. a rough go of it here take you see the problem -- a huge chunk
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drought. this california level we are talking about. across georgia. you see western north carolina also about the not. big-time rain. this is clear air. -- big-time rain needed. we are not going to get it. this is clear air. weather system up and around. that's the case around the last several weeks. the front that will ring us the coldest temperatures we have seen this season by sunday -- that is the one that will bring a up as well. the front has not moved through. imagine what it will do. low 40s right now. we are talking first 30s i think high sunday through monday with daytime highs be impacted as well . pickett tout. we're talking about very chilly readings into the 60s. dry air on top of us will guarantee that. no clouds today either. then we will check that front. it is going to be moving in across the area by saturday night . it will move through
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rainfall with it. there it is by sunday. afternoon highs in the 60s with overnight lows in the 40s. across in newport. pascoe county state 54. pretty busy intersection for this time of the morning however all the traffic indicators are in the green telling me they are t this morning looking great. sunshine skyway all clear. this is a live look at the howard highway. six minutes to get across the howard franklin. your drive on the toll road 17 minutes from 54 up to 275. looking great. still ahead of florida students team up to protest president-elect trump's immigration plan. the ones in
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. parents concern this morning after someone found the gun on the fort myers school bus. they are wondering if the student had the weapon at school all day.
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after reports of the student having a gun. the district revealed that was a pellet gun. the officers ordered the eight children to come out. the student with the gun had already gotten off at an earlier stop. the district says it will discipline the student. students from at least six high schools in two universities in miami-dade county are fighting president-elect trump's immigration plan . you see cameras caught the students leaving class yesterday jumping fences as part of a walkout all across the country . they are demanding their communities be declared sanctuary cities undocumented migrants . many are concerned the family members will be deported. there protesting president- elect donald trump pass comments about immigrants being criminals. do i look like a gang member or a rapist? no i don't. i am a student trying to have a better life in the future.
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be a sanctuary city and it will comply with federal law. presents you walk for your spouse here kids -- hiding them just got more difficult. know more sticky into the parents closets to peel back the wrapping. a new feature allows you to scan a barcode on the side of an amazon package to the camera to see all the gifts inside. amazon is having a one day sale of its prime membership tomorrow cutting the price by $20. one texas police department is using a slightly different type of virtual -- tool take it is a robot dog and it is the latest addition to the robot -- to the unit. officer shepherd is his name. shepherd is part of the dickinson police department's
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are the good guys picked the robot cost more than $12,000. private donations cover the expense.>> did say he is amazing because he can talk and drive. [ laughter ] >> speculation regarding governor. rick's scott trip to new york to meet president-elect donald trump . in the family of the man at the center of a netflix serious making a murderer speak out as he continues to push out getting out of prison. the reason they sa your weather center with temperatures in your 40s. extended forecast coming up. coming up we will check your drive from pascoe down to hillsboro.
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a lot of speculation about governor. rick scott future this morning. he is heading to a big meeting in new york city with president- elect donald trump. the hits he may be dropping on the role he could play in the federal government . morning. thanks for joining us. there is all kinds of speculation surrounding that meaning but we could break it down coming up in a moment. first let's go to traffic and weather to ring out the door. >> about 80 degrees related this afternoon but we have to get to this morning. low, mid to upper 40s. low 60s prosper now us. it will be chilly throughout the next 3 to 4 hours and it will warm up big time . as soon as we get sunshine out there temperatures in the mid-70s by mid lunch. daytime areas touching 80 degrees. big cool down.
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your drive looking great this morning. here is a live look at the i 275 bright at roosevelt up to speed from bridge to bridge. see a little bit of a slow down at a crash and pascoe county. you may want to leave yourself a few extra minutes. if you are in pascoe county heading down to hillsboro we are seeing slow down from 275 -- 48 is the average speed but looking great on i 75. 631 days 6:31. governor. york to sit down with donald trump. abc action news with a low drive days joins us now. this may not be just a meet and greet. having more details? >> we know the government will gradually trump of course on his win to the white house and he tweeted coming up with
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government. other than that pure speculation. we know they will likely discuss scott's future politics. whether it is in the senate which he said early this week that it is an option in 2018. skies being vetted for a cabinet position possibly health and human services secretary. before being elected governor he was ceo of one of the largest for-profit healthcare companies in the country . when asked about joining the trump administration scott repeatedly said he was focused on in spite of two years are waiting to hear back from the government to find out exactly when he's traveling and what time the big meeting is. something will be following for you throughout the day. count on us for updates on the air and online at meanwhile japanese prime minister is also preparing to meet with him today in new york. he will likely seek reassurances from the president- elect that he remains committed to the us/japan security
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may withdraw from japan. dramatic new recordings of 911 calls get an inside look at the hostage situation as it played out inside orlando's pulse nightclub on june 12 omar mateen shot more than 100 people killing 49 of them. in one of the audio clip someone calls 911 from inside a woman's bathroom. are you in the female bathroom or the nail bathroom? >> area. he is in their.>> the standoff lasted about three hours. in one of the least audio clips the dispatcher tells the caller to have everyone move away from the wall as please prepare to
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convicted killer brendan dassey's release continues this morning . he was featured in the netflix serious making of a murderer. that these 2005 confession was involuntary. last night a state of wisconsin filed an appeal to keep that they locked up arguing the 27-year-old will lead to be convicted in every child and he is a danger to the community. dass's half-brother disagrees. >> and is not a violen he is honestly a loving person who has a heart and soul just like anybody else. so i really want to see my brother out. my family wants to see it out . being supervised day she poses no threat to society at all. the appeals court rejects the state's argument . data could be out of prison by apm
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sentence could be headed back to prison. last year herbert smith was ordered 60 years however communities rallied around smith claiming the sentence was too harsh. the judge suspended the sentence and released smith from jail on probation . smith got a job at a landscaping company. >> i can't believe this. i am living a regular lifelike everyone out. on monday the sheriff's office arrested him for burglary. he and another with stealing $30,000 worth of jewelry.>> report by friends of florida says water demand will increase by 50% by the year 2070 . the group says irrigation is one of the biggest water wasters and it is urging florida's to use fewer automated sprinkler systems. state environmental officials say contaminants have been found in private water
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that contamination does not appear to be from the mosaic sinkhole. this comes as newly released documents raise questions about the state's response to the sinkhole. it may also show how the dep and was vacant place were talking about how to handle publicity all toxic waste water was pouring into the aquifer with the sinkhole penetrating. one geologist who spent more than 20 years working for the state question the lack of information writing i am working on that facility with epa but no o t a florida family tells us they are heartbroken. someone stole their cart with their dog inside. fort lauderdale woman left her keys in the ignition tuesday morning when she went inside a gas station. that is when a stranger hopped into her car and drove off. car's owner said a chihuahua mix named casey has been a part of their family for 15 years. >> i just want casey backpack she is my life. she is everything to me that
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car and arrested the woman picked the dog though is still nowhere to be found. the florida highway patrol is recruiting men and women who want to work with them. a career fair is being hosted for people interested . to join the fhp you must be a us citizen high school graduate and at least 19 years old have a valid drivers license. he also need to have completed a year in college or have law for more information we have it posted on updating you on a special investigation after exposing several located -- local college -- local supermarkets. distaste database documenting all the inspections has been taken off-line. every public inspection report you click that is blank save the store is inactive. press secretary for the
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inspection ratings of pastel have been eliminated and will no longer be used. ratings quote unfairly punish facilities that engage in on- site food preparation. he does not know when the inspection database will be back and running. we are taking action for a veteran fighting cancer. he says he dropped his car off to have transmission rebuilt that charlie's transmission . he says the transmission lasted for a total of 19 miles before breaking down. the owner of charlie the commission refused to refund or fix the transmission . even though the receipt clearly states a 12 month a 12,000 mile warranty. >> if they could square up and
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out to charlie's comment. no one returned our calls but we did in doubt after our calls the owner email dobson to offer a full refund. knew this morning most booster seats are apparently getting better keeping your kids safe but there are a couple you may want to pass on. the insurance institute for highway safety says 48 of the 53 new booster seats they tested received their highest ratings. when the institute starter rating booster seats only one highest rating. however there are a company may want to avoid. the cosco easy elite and the cosco high-back did not ace their test. smoking is a tough habit to kick. there is help available. as part of the annual great a man you can -- great american
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help you stop smoking all you have to do is call 877 ucannow. people in clearwater will have a new place to work out today and the best part is it's free. of fitness zone is at the right part. the grand opening is for 9 am. it is all outdoors with self powered exercise equipment. anyone is welcome to use i >> 60s and low 70s. right now very chilly in gorgeous star as far as the sky . no clouds out there. as we check in in clearwater temperatures right now 52 degrees. very chilly night. 51 almost in the 40s which is where lot of the sun this morning. low 40s across our
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cold start but by the afternoon like yesterday quick warm-up. sometime will help us out as to get back into the mid-70s by lunchtime. 80 for the afternoon high. much cooler air on the way not just morning lows which we have seen are killed -- chilly.. scoring some holiday deals after black riding. top three apps you can use to save the most money. and people it is not exactly new. a major animal rescue underway five tigers now calling tampa home. three of them in a cello right behind me as you can see. why this facility was chosen coming up. good morning everybody. it is that time of year again. no place doesn't like this. is a beautiful site this early
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starting off your morning sprint with breaking news overnight. an off-duty nellis county officer was involved in a deadly collision.
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collided with a concrete barrier. he took over the middle barrier into the opposite lanes and was hit by the off-duty deputies car. the motorcyclist was killed. police are continuing to search right now for the bad those who did this outside of st. pete church. swastikas and hate graffiti anyone who has questions about the church are encouraged to stop in. detectives are searching for a gun safe and the 35 guns that were in it that could be on the streets. the crux bit is to carry the 300 pound safe out of an or dale home with $20,000 worth of guns inside the police are looking at whether this could be tied to similar cases where multiple suspects have been breaking into homes during the day
6:46 am
in central illinois. a utility worker was killed and 11 others were injured. a third-party contractor damaged the gas line. big cat rescue here in tampa assist the in the largest rescue a big cats in us history. five tigers arrived at that facility. we are live at the cat rescue in these animals are coming from a sanctuary that was shut down? >> reporter: all colorado. big cat rescue helping out bringing in five of these tigers. they are about to start removing the animals. susan bass joined us. walking us through the process of what will be going on. connect the tigers have just made a 30 hour journey from colorado. they got here about 8 pm last night . two of the boy tigers were a little stressed out so they did go ahead and offload them last
6:47 am
at the other three will be offloaded in just a few minutes actually one by one . they will be taken out of their transport and out of their trailer cage and hooked up to a golf cart we will will than today enclosure and soon go into their permanent space. it took you guys month to put everything together as part -- as far as the equipment you needed to do this. the lead sanctuary number of sanctuaries to take be 75 tigers in. we were able to accommodate these five and even here we had to scramble to be situate some of our cat to move them around and build bigger tens . we are excited to meet our new tigers. >> thanks susan. again they are going to be doing this in the next few minutes. hopefully we can get that on my
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pretty exciting morning at the cat rescue. thanksgiving is a week from today. meaning black friday is just eight days away. if you don't feel like spending a lot days base standing in line, you can keep track with the website that alert you to sales that your favorite stores. we tell me not gives you to punch every major store. will tell you all about that in some of the deals you can score coming up at 9 am. also to see all of the hottest black friday ads check for our mobile app. people are expected to shop online. of research was putting out a prediction saying online holiday shopping will reach $81 billion.
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total holidays could sales are forecast to reach $655 billion. taking a road trip for thanksgiving you will be getting a break on gas prices . they are expected to be the second lowest for the holiday in the last decade. you can thank lower crude oil prices for that . the national average for a gallon is $2.14. $2.03 a gallon in the bay area. morning everybody. does the crash at mlk. i've seen a little bit of a slow down. we are flying over the area. are you seeing anything?>> reporter: good morning. good news is i am not seeing anything. that is mlk we are lined up eastbound. the intersection at the traffic light has already been moved
6:50 am
been watching this crash at haines city for most of the morning north on us 27 day it is still blocked off that county road 546. this is north of dundee. heading out the door you may want to use ctr., street or us 17 instead to work your way around that. elsewhere outside looking great . up to speed there. that's a lot janel. called is part of the morning. you are seeing that across the northern county at low 40s. couple of 60s across per nellis but it is going to be a chilly start. by the afternoon will get up to 78. dealing with fog early this morning. keep that in mind. it will be with us to the next couple hours. will begin the warm-up and back to average for this time of year in the 70's and then strong
6:51 am
thunderstorms -- with colder behind it that will affect our daytime highs. dry conditions right on top allowing for completely sunny day. a few cumulus clouds heading in a friday hugging the 95 corridor. for tomorrow -- for today i should say upper 70s to around well. front comes in is is with chilly temperatures and 40s and 50s with the highs. starting today satisfying your sweet tooth at 2 am perhaps get the whole lot easier. the bay area's first cupcake atf opens today. it is located outside sprinkles at hyde park
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will contain a $100 gift card. the atm will also sell special doggie cupcakes. this is the hottest toy for christmas this season and you cannot find anywhere. local cigar -- stores even online. classic addition videogame. >> i love how detailed they are. this classic walmart says it is restocking its website every afternoon this week. limited quantities will be released online at 5 pm today and tomorrow. nintendo is also promising to ship out classics to stores throughout the holidays. this means. will make come back. [ laughter ]
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a comeback. an amazing act of brotherly love caught on camera. watch leaving 11-month-old e time on the changing table. first the baby dangles his leg over the edge. then tumbles over. but the 30 pound infant is miraculously caught by his older other joseph. him. i can't even carry him so i don't know how that happened. fault is one of the leading causes of infant injury and it can happen anywhere it was something that just happened in less than a second check out this quick thinking home depot employee in this las vegas dad catching his child will have to sleep. we will have more of our interview coming up at 7 am.
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y262jy yy6y finally today and grandmother accidentally bites a stranger to dinner and he plans to show up.>> when he asked to it was she replied in his grandma. he asked for a picture in it was not his grandmother. he said this picture to her and asked if he was still invited
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that is what grandmas do. they feed everyone. keep up today with us on air with our mobile app on facebook and on twitter.
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. . good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump.s >> this isn't the easiest thing against a transition in sur mile. now henry kissinger heading to trump tower and kellyanne conway here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. >> abc news exclusive, former


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