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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hateful speech written outside of this church pete. the message the congregation hopes to send to the vandals. plus a violent seen inside a ihop. a customer stabbed a server and why he did it. five tigers now calling tampa home and we'll let you know why this facility was chosen and why they were
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want to know what is behind this graffiti. >> our cliff is outside the branch there and many members are still worried. >> reporter: yeah, this has been written here and washed away. it was written in chalk, butthey're still very concerned about it. >> it puts up the -- people are frightened and to some extent they have the right to be. >> reporter: the letters maga were here and that is a acronym
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the pastor also believes that the vandals were responding to the message, it says love one another please. if anyone has any questions about what they do inside of this church, just come by on sunday mornings. live in st. pete. an off-duty police officer is involved in a deadly crash. a motorcyclist lost collided with a concrete barrier, he flew over the barrier into the opposite lanes and then hit by an off-duty's car. the cyclist was killed. the phone calls playing out from the night club.
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>> the killer shot 49 of them. in one of the audio clips, one woman calls from inside the bathroom. >> are you inside the female one or the male bathroom? >> -- >> is he in there, stay on the line. >> the dispatcher told everyone to move away from the police crashed into the building to arrest the shooter. we have learned from the governor's office that he flew to new york last night and he applauded trump. scott suggested he could run for the senate and there's also
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security department. he repeatedly has said here's focused on his two years as governor. there's even more proof though, and the president-elect tweeted "my transition team is working long hours and doing agreat job, among nicky taylor. i know many of are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am too. more than i can ever express. there's been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book or dog and never leave the house again. >> she was honored last night
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d.c.. her speech was part reflection and pledge to stay strong in a trump administration. cold outside, in the 30s in the morning. most of us in the 40s and 50s and a couple of spots in the 60s. chilly morning and now we're recovering like we did yesterday. we'll be back in the 70s in the hour-by-hour and then we continue to climb into the upper 70s and some spots hitting 80 degrees. nice and mild this afternoon, but we have to look up stream and this is where the weather is coming from and that pocket of cold air comes through on saturday night. i'll have the latest in a few minutes. we have had a garbage truck that caught fire. it seems it's been moved out of
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there's a little bit of a delay. also watching this crash in eastbound tudor drive, before you get to memorial highway. we're still slow on the majors, the veteran, and the i-75 and the slowest spot at fletcher and the i-4. investigators are searchg 300-pound safe they were in. they busted through the door and cracked the dry wall and broke into a closet. they managed to carry the roughly 300-pound safe out with $20,000 worth of guns inside. police are looking at this case to so if there's a link in the
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believe are involved, in you know anything, call the police. this is a customer and he walks up to a server and he stabs him. it happened at an ihop and sent those customers in fear. the attacker thought the server poisoned him. they arrested the man and charged him with battery. the server is okay, he recovering at home. state environmental officials say that contaminants have been found in wells, but doesn't appear to be the run off from the sink hole. this comes as released documentsreleased the response from the state. it shows how the d.e.p. and employees were talking
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listty while the -- toxic water was pouring in. one geologist was questioning the lack of information and said "i'm working with them on that one, but no one told me about it, so much more communication." a major pet rescue, the big cat rescue is being called the largest rescue of large cats in history. >> helping out these animals came from colorado? >> reporter: that's right, dan. they were actually being housed at a facility there in colorado and that went out of business. when you take a 30-hour trip inside a trailer, this is what you get. these tigers relaxing this morning. we were there when they unloaded them and it was an
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unloaded by this trailer. this operation, months in the planning. >> we have been planning since it mid september. >> reporter: a number of animallantwares helped -- >> some of our cats are the last ones to leave the sanctuary and it's an effort between getting the permits and making sure that someone could transport them. >> reporr: cats from a shuttered fa sillcy in colorado is being rescued -- one of the largest facilities in the world that provides homes for abused and abandoned exotic cats. >> we had 75 already, so we had to scramble and move them around. we had to add large feeding
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biggest cats we have. >> reporter: these tigers brought in today will live out the rest of their lives here at the big cat rescue. as long as they stay in good health, they could live up to 20 or even 25 years. reporting live at the big cat rescue, action news. 9:10, coming up, with so many deals this black friday, it may be hard to figure them. we'll show you how apps can help you. plus a health alert this morning. you might have some cheese like this in the fridge, but it could make your family sick. we have the details coming up next
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now to a health alert,
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morning on some of the gated pharm shan -- and the recall is precautionary, no illnesses have been reported. a full list can be found on the website. a legal tug of war over brendan dassey's case after over turning his conviction and said that his confession was involuntary. last night the state filed an appeal and argued that the 27- year-old is a danger to the community, but his half brother disagrees and can't wait to show him how the world has changed. >> i think it's going to beexciting and scary for him, but i can picture a smile on
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i think he'll be extremely happy about it and the technology that he has not seen that yet. so it's going to be pretty cool. >> if they reject the argument, he could be out of prison by 8:00 p.m. tonight night. we are learning more about a killing of a southwest employee. it was likely a case of workplace revenge. the man killed another and then he was a former employee and reportedly quit his job in april of '15 after refusing to take a alcohol test. they suspected he was drinking on the job. they think that his likely
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shooting. an explosion rocked two buildings and 11 people were hurt because of a gas leak. a third party contractor damaged their line when the explosion happened. a utility worker died and three others hurt. this morning, people in three states are waking up to ai they have wildfires burning out- of-control. >> in fact, 9 new fires just as of yesterday. >> it's just dry, they have -- the forecast they have provided and the drought conditions are going to continue throughout the country. hopefully we'll get the snow pack that we need, but they
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wet winter. >> they say that all the active fires were started by people. relief for those in new zealand. agencies have joined together to stock towns with water and fuel and other supplies. that magnitude 7.8 killed two people and left behind billions in damage. take a look at in philadelphia here, keep watching that balloon. it lands and then it looks like it will go back up again. it touched down briefly and did not go up, the pilot was doing fuel tests when they caught high winds, nobody was hurt. several apps out there can help you with the holiday shopping, and black friday, so
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people, you don't tonight shop on thanks giving or the black friday crowds don't worry though, we have a bunch of deals that can be found by apps. so many sales, you may find a sale for 20% at the gap's website. 30% how can you keep track? the most popular, retail me not. slick deals, brad's deals and the smart phone's price grabber. you scan an item and you find out where it's cheaper now.
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you don't waste your money. 9:18, a missouri family will break out their unique tradition. >> 16 years ago, a white tablecloth has been signed for every year. one memory is the most her daughter's signature, marry who died 6 years ago. >> what a great idea. >> isn't that awesome? >> i love traditions. >> absolutely. well, almost here -- >> and milder in the next couple of days and looks good, if you shop on next friday, the outlook is good here. as we look outside the skies are clear and not a problem for us today.
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this morning's lows. all over the place as -- because of the water temperatures here. to get away from that and it gets rather cold. we warm up by the afternoon,60s out there. just a few clouds there from the atlantic and continues that way. full sunshine and look is coming from. a big storm coming from here and the first blizzard, with more than a foot of snow. that's going to be something if you travel out that way. it will bring in cold air to us and something that has not happened is our daytime highs will be held back, big time by
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great weather and mild. we'll be in great -- shape and in the low 80s and if you want outdoor activities, saturday is the day. the front is upon us on sunday, so the daytime highs in to the 60s and 70s. coming up, beenhis vacation, but that didn't stop a firefighter from spring into to save a life. our christmas tree is up, the twinkling lights are on and the paper angels are ready and waiting for you. our angel tree kicks off on monday and we're announcing something big and new on positively tampa bay this
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time now 9:24, we're learning new information about the death of leon co hen. he died after falling at home. no cause was given last week
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it was made public. he was 82 when he died. twin girls were successfully separated at a hospital this month. the family traveled from nigeria -- the surgeons had to separate their legs and skin and did it for free. the linking hands a firefighter at the right place at the right time. they ended here at this crash. >> they say that it would have turned deadly if not for the firefighter. seconds away from the explosion, he frees the driver who was pinned underneath the
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her cell phone. crews are digging through thousands of pounds andsearching for lost sacred jewish shawl. it fell in the trash at the brooklyn synagogue, after reviewing this video, they were ab t the garbage and they consider it irplacible. it had been in the ground for decades, -- prompting a major scare. plus on the scene of a
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a veteran fighting cancer claiming a local mechanic is ripping him off, we're getting answers. plus, put to the test, booster seats are getting safer and which ones you need to keep an eye out for. >> warming up quickly. 40 degree difference from this morning's low. heading into the afternoon, literally, so 40 degrees in brooksville and i think you'll get to 80. remarkably dry air. we vary about 10 degrees from the summer. a lot of sunshine on top of us and we'll continue with the
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saturday night. 9:30 in tampa today, it's the first day that families in need can pick up free holiday meals. >> thousands will line up for turkey, stuffing and everything you need for a thanksgiving dinner. we're live downtown and the need to help families this year is greater than ever. >> reporter: isn't that right? it seems after year. 18,000 people, that's how many families that they plan to feed between thanksgiving and christmas. let me show you what is going on here, these folks are already signs up and they're coming in now. the door just opened into the holiday tent. they will grab a shopping cart and they have it set up like a
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the aisles that they need for dinner. all of this free, thanks to you, everybody out there in the community. tim marks the ceo with us here. thanks for being with us, you are doing awesome work. tell me about the need here. >> well, the need is here for families on fixed income or paycheck to paycheck. there's many senior se it's a budget buster for them. if they lose their hours or if a child gets sick, they need extra help. >> reporter: what is new this year? >> well, what is really great we have great partnerships with the tampa housing and then another one with feeding america. look at this beautiful fresh
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so this is a new element here and we need more turkeys, so if your viewers can help us with that, that would be great as well. >> is it too late for people to get assistance for the holidays? >> i love that question, because no, it's never too late. they can get the website. we're serving pasco and --. >> if you need assistance or if you want to donate, they're in need of turkeys and other items and money. that's at live downtown, lindsay logue. action news. turning to an investigation
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that failed their last inspection and now has been taken off line. if you click on any reports it says that the stores ra are inactive. the ratings unfairly punished the facilities and has publix doesn't know when it will up and running again on the website. taking action for a veteran that is fighting cancer. he is spending his last days building his dream car, a 1964 furry. he dropped it off -- in st. pete's beach and the
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problem or refund the $1,500 he paid and the work says that it has a warranty on the work. >> if he would square up and make things good, i would pat him on the back. >> we reached out to the mechanic, but no one got back us to. we found out later refund him. firing through a door, a stray bullet hit a toddler in the leg. the doctors say she's going to be fine. a missing boater. he was supposed to be back by five yesterday and the coast guard started to search for that 66-year-old on tuesday
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the bahamas. investigators are trying to figure out if this train wreck was caused by a human error or system error. one train hit a second one that had pulled to a side rail, derailing at least 20 cars. these are freight trains and no passengers, but 4 others were not hurt. they're looking into every aspect from the track to the system and they will determine if it was caused by the fuel. a bomb found near a campus and was detonated last night. they called in the bomb squad.
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what was unearthed. a man given a second chance, could be heading back to prison. he was sentenced to 60 years and the community rallied around him and the judge lowered the sentence. he got a job full time and seemed to around. >> i can't believe it, i'm living a regular life like everyone else. >> they arrested him for burglary. we may experience water shortages in the future. water demand will increase by 50% by the year 2070. irrigation is one of the biggest water wasters.
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use landscaping for florida and fewer sprinklers. labor department says that consumer prices were up mostly due to energy cost. the dow is up and shed 55 points yesterday. the woman that claimed she was robbed on tuesday evening, made the whole thing up. they arrested her false report. she claimed that two men roughed her up and took her jewelry. she bonded out of jail this morning. the insurance institute for highway safety says that the booster seats that got their highest rating, only one in 4 easterned that high rating --
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recommend from costco. starting today, satisfying your cupcake craving, say at 2:00 a.m.. >> the first cupcake atm is located outside of sprinkles and you can buy a cupcake at any time of the day. they aren't leaving out your pets special doggy treats. do you dread the idea ofremodeling? one horror story and how to
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you. kitchen and bathroom remodels often return 70 to 80%, if done wrong it can be costly. we're looking at one project wrong so yours can go right. >> reporter: she dreamed of having a master bath in place
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over the summer. her dream became a nightmare. >> i didn't realize how different it was, until it started to leak and you figured out that the underneath part was not as pretty. >> reporter: the tub leaked, fixtures fell off -- not what they expected figure cost. >> people don't have the same quality to remodel. >> reporter: they then hired john -- >> one of the key issues that goes wrong is lack of communication. sometimes that is an oversight and you don't worry that you have someone that you can
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mind. because speaking your mind early will solve a lot of problems. >> reporter: they checked with a few companies, and the choice to come at the lowest bid came at a cost. >> you have to take the time to do a lot of research. >> angie says you need to get at least 3 estimates, but don't only look at the costs, and questions and find out how their work holds up by talking to past clients. hold back 10% if you're not fully satisfied with the work. i think my kids will be upset with me, i think i overdressed them today. >> i told you. >> well, from 40 to 80, a little milder in tampa.
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few shots from the last couple of days and it's been nice and low humidity. there's comfortable temperatures. if you wake up, not so comfortable. 40 there and brooksville and we get closer to the warm water. 48 in clear water. 60s for all of us afternoon, shorts weather and we're going for the upper 70s again. a big area of high pressure hereand this chunk here. we'll get that front on saturday and that will cool us off, but for now, we're looking at the fantastic weather, cool mornings and then the front itself, all that heads into saturday night. just like every front, it falls
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clouds. that's about all we'll manage by saturday night. it cools us off and this time around the afternoon highs will be impacted as well. the low 80s and then we do it again for tomorrow and even on saturday looking mild with temperatures in the morning and low 50s and 60s elsewhere and then saturday night, the bottom drops here and we're talking 40s and 50s. we have had temperatures, but in the afternoons it warms up. it won't do that on saturday and sunday. milder though, but won't last long heading into wednesday and thanksgiving. we're a proud sponsor for the angel program. >> see how a business wants to make it easy as possible for
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good morning, everyone. the angel tree here has been a tradition for almost 20 years. new this year, we will host a second angel tree in north tampa. for one day only, december first, we'll be on location at the florida pain relief. the truck will parking lot all long and they will collect new and unwrapped toys. the three of us will all be there for the morning to thank you in person and we're super excited to have with us dr. rudi gary and thank you so much for giving us this chance to go out and be out there to receive these new and unwrapped toys.
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angel tree? >> well, what i love about it and the spirit of the holidays and the kids light up. anything that we can get that emotion and happiness about it and we're happy about it and our staff is proud of it. >> and when we take to your office, you tolde little boy and first arrived from cuba. >> yes, i did. i came here when i was 9 years old and i received a little match boxcar my first year and it was so -- having the family and thoughts there and it was very special to me. i remember that day vividly and
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magic memories for them. >> your employees are also adopting a grand total of 40 from the angel tree. thank you so much for doing that. what is the mood in the office when they talk about the tree? >> well, we're very excited. we in the health care field all of and it's something so special. it provides so much magic and emotions and the mood is really, really, up beat. >> thank you for letting us become part of that tradition. here's the information. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., we'll be there on location with the salvation
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the building is at 3450s fletcher avenue just one day only. join us for hugs, kisses and
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>> i'm natalie taylor. it will be a good thursday morning if i do stop singing before the show. >> i've heard you sing, by the way. >> not that i can sing, but i'm always singing. >> we're so excited. the news broke this week that the turtle backage tour includes boys to men and miss mall la abdul. we were chatting about it this morning and you dropped the bomb, yeah, i danced with paula abdul. >> yeah.


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