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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a little boy loses his life at the hands of someone he trusted. >> the possible warning signs of abuse from this police report. h h >> they could have taken everything in my apartment and left him in the middle. time is running out to find little ace, the one unique marking that could help identify him. >> a lot of people talking about moving to canada, but the reality there is a unique reason canadians are moving here to tampa. >> i am willing to do what it takes.
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be rescued and brought to tampa, it's 4:00 time for "the now tampa bay" we start with breaking news. we just got surveillance video the moment a car goes through and ybor city bar you see this fight happening tuesday morning, five guys and then a black car going straight through there, crashing into the bad monkey bar in ybor city. eventually get out of the car, completely bailing. apparently he went to the hospital the person hit by the car but he refused treatment. we are assuming he is okay, tampa police are looking for the driver. >> good afternoon everyone i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, the death of a 22 month old boy allegedly at the hands of his mother's husband.
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where the 911 call came from. >> ethan thompson almost made it to his second birthday but he was suffering for some time, this is the home deputies rushed to monday night to save ethan rushing into the hospital. this man abused ethan, he is married to the mother and is a father of some other children in their home. the probable cause details injuries, seven broken ribs, some fresh and some healing, bruises, a ruptured kidney and a fresh skull fracture. in the report's mother said the night he died she put him in the bathtub while she ran to the store. when she got back ethan was getting cpr. she tried to get a firefighter who lives nearby to help. there were five other kids living in the home they are now in protective custody, the
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ashley yore, "the now tampa bay". encouraging video of this toddler, you can see she is moving around she was hit in the leg by a stray bullet yesterday in her home. this is video of her in the hospital. she is standing in good spirits. the 21 month old was caught in crossfire as a group of men were shooting at her father. this is at the it is dangerous and so far police have not arrested anyone. major political moves in florida, this man, john morgan the lawyer you see on tv bankrolling the medical marijuana amendment, he may run for governor. if he does he will push to legalize recreational marijuana. he released a seven part
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rick scott traveling to new york to meet with donald trump, face-to-face at trump tower, he tweeted out a selfie with trump, he says he is not taking a job in the administration but he said he would serve as an advisor. trump is having his first meeting today with a foreign leader in 45 minutes. the prime minister of japan looking for reassurance about the alliance with the united states, like japan pay more for help for us forces, word from the tram transition team not taking the comments literally. breaking news about the cincinnati zoo. you see some of the video, a federal investigation determined the barrier between people and the guerrillas did not meet standards.
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tall with two cables running below, the zoo has changed the barrier since 242 inches tall with a mesh covering. the report says the way the response you handled the situation by killing the guerrilla was correct. the zoo released a statement saying their barrier had always been in compliance. they will work with the usda to make sure visitors and animals are safe. a federal appeals court not releasing the wisconsin inmate featured in the netflix series making a murderer. convicted in 2007 of raping and killing a woman but in august his conviction was overturned on the basis he was coerced into confessing. state attorneys are appealing the notion he will see in jail until it is dealt with. >> time to check outside. it is beautiful, i-to a 75
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it is one of our favorite days of the week, friday eve tell us if the weather will be just as beautiful as we haven't seen? >> possibly more beautiful. the mainsail beach inn looking gorgeous, anna maria island no clouds inside, of course without clouds no rain. the radar nice entry top to bottom east to west looking great, as we continue through have to worry about a thing, mild and dry around 5:00, 75 degrees and the temperatures fall into the upper 60s by 8:00 tonight. still on the dry side and it's going to be cooling down overnight tonight, but not quite as cool, if you have been wondering with the cool temperatures what is the beach looking like? that forecast coming up next. it has been two weeks since
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in south carolina. details continue to come out including how the men met one of his victims at a brothel house, the scariest part this guy was a real estate agent where your job is to meet people all the time. jason larson joining us lilive, what did you find out? >> reporter: what a case this is turning out to be, we have been digging and found arizona court records explaining how became a sex offender, how he became a felon, those are not the same records he gave to south carolina, when he tried to become a real estate agent, he told them a very different story, we will talk about that coming up and we will also tell you what the rules are in florida, can someone who is a convicted felon also be a real estate agent?
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that a little bit. the lifesaving measures offered here in tampa bay, that may have people coming in from all over the world. for these people it is a matter of life and death. we will tell you all about it. you're watching "the now tampa
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take one look behind us, people from all over the world come here for the sunshine and beaches. >> as ryan smith explains area is attracting hundreds of out-of-towners looking for lifesaving healthcare. >> marvin is on a mission. >> i am willing to do whatever it takes. >> crossing borders seeking help for his daughter who suffers from lyme disease, they have traveled more than 1200 miles from canada and spent $150,000 out-of-pocket for help they can't find in their home country. >> we will stay until we have
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considered illegal aliens. >> this family is one of dozens being treated at this wellness institute in oldsmar. dr. rick says 90% of the patients are from out of state, 25% from canada and western europe providing a unique financial kick for the local economy. >> roughly 150 people on any given day are eating in restaurants staying in hotels. >> area counties recently pitched how tampa bay can become a destination for medical tourist. >> i was shocked at how the healthcare system fails lyme patient in particular. >> this patient spends five days per week hooked to this customize antibiotic iv, the nurse encouraging others to fly south for this healthcare. >> i came here walking with keynes, now i don't need them
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a game changer. >> in oldsmar, ryan smith abc action news. >> according to tampa bay's regional planning council the medical tourism association is considering hosting the conference for 2017 in tampa. >> one in seven americans that is how many will face a substance addiction, the first- ever report on the issue was put out today, nearly 21,000,000 americans struggling with substance addiction and we are talking drug and alcohol. similar to the number of people who have diabetes. more than the number of people who have all kinds of cancers combined. the surgeon general worries we are not really getting the treatment we need he says only 10% of people with substance addiction problems are getting the help they need. we know that addiction affects families but there is more to it. >> it parts a hurt on the economy, more than 400 more
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lost productivity, healthcare cost and the cost of the criminal justice system, compare the two diabetes costing the economy less, but a good chunk. $245 billion per year. video posted to facebook of an arizona police officer punching a woman. was trying to arrest her, we don't know why. oddly enough neither does she. the officer says she was not cooperating at the time, the officer was put on administrative leave saying they are very concerned and are now looking into what did happen. now that he has been elected president, 42% of americans view donald trump favorably. >> the highest rating in more
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8% improvement in the days leading to the election. the poll also shows 55% of folks don't think highly of him. >> the favorability is 60% below the last three presidents when they were elected, barack obama, george w. bush and bill clinton. >> one way or the other the world is changing in what direction are we heading? as president obama tries to reassure world leaders, our political correspondent reports any uncertainty here unique to the us. >> while donald trump spends his week meeting with potential cabinet picks president obama has been in europe meeting with the german chancellor. >> if i were here and german, i would vote and support him. but, i don't know whether that hurts or helps.
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tide taking the united kingdom out of the european union electing chum president and may give the french presidency to the far right party in the spring. >> time will tell if the prescriptions being offered, brexit or respect to the us election ends up satisfying those people who have been fearful or angry or concern. >> that was from greece tuesday where voters turned to the populist left nationalist right in response to their economic crisis, last night in athens, obama said no matter which way europeans go, the american alliances with them are sacred. >> i am confident just as the transatlantic alliances have endured whether under democratic or republican that commitment will continue including our pledge and a treaty obligation to defend every ally.
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and he may have meddled in elections on trump's behalf but america has got your back. for the now i mike sacks. >> prison obama and the german chancellor putting out an editorial today defending globalism saying that their cooperation is critical for stable and prosperous world's. donald trump winning the white house does decision to raise interest rates next month, they plan to do it. they also said a big government spending plan could lead to inflation and more national debt, the fed will revisit things based on new policies that the new president may implement, the fed will meet december 13 and 14th about the interest rates. here is meteorologist shay ryan, definitely cooler this morning and cooler this afternoon. >> all of that sunshine has
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the upper 70s which is on target with average for this time of year but we have an above average for so many weeks. it feels cool out there, looking at the hyatt water beach camera you can see how beautiful it is. if you have been hoping for some better beach weather, i think we have got it ahead take a look at the futurecast, you can see as the clock runs nothing is happening because nothing kind of is happening. we don't have any big systems coming by, flow picking up a little moisture off the atlantic bringing the east coast a few extra clouds but no rain inside over the next 24 hours, temperatures are ranging from 84 in lakeland that might be off. most of our temperatures are in the upper 70s, 79 in tampa, 75 new port richey, sarasota 81.
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we should be starting the day around 60 degrees, we actually started in the upper 50s and we should be ending the day around 78. we have been on target with the afternoon highs, tomorrow if you want to go to clearwater beach with the high of 80 degrees it will be a cool breeze but not gusty, still looking comfortable, the water temperature 70, this may be one of the warmest temperatures we see at clearwater beach over the next week, this would be one of the best days to get in to head to the area beaches, inland temperatures will be near 80 degrees, it looks like one of the warmest days over the next seven, as we look at what is happening over the next couple of days, you guessed it, start the shivering, cold temperatures on the way, i will show you what we are headed for when the big chill arrives coming up. the oldest known complete stone inscription of
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at auction for $850,000. it was part of a synagogue destroyed between 400 and 600 a.d. or possibly in the 11th century. the buyer is remaining anonymous, but we can tell you part of the deal was whoever bought it has to put it on display in a museum so everyone can see it. why you should start treating your cell phone number almost like you do bank account number. we will explain that one next. a quick shout out from the kids in mcfarland park. we were there for the great american teach in today. take it away kids. >> you are watching tried to.
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welcome back, we know not to hand out our social security number, you might need to do the same thing with your cell phone number. >> whether it is in person, on the web or facebook, those digits can give companies all kind of information about you. >> you have developed a footprint that only a footprint but a foot trail, i can take a phone number and put it in a search engine tab and find somebody's facebook account. they can see what tv shows you like, what political candidates you may like. >> everything. who your friends are, who you
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the information? it could be anyone people in marketing or political campaigns even the potential of identity theft. unlike your social security number, companies are not required to keep your cell phone number private. so they can turn around and sell it, the question is how can you protect your phone number? >> it is unfortunate, now i'm thinking what do i need to do? a couple of these, out your number to anyone and i know a lot of people don't use them anymore but landmines that is the best thing to do. or internet number create a second fake number and as always , always watch your accounts pay attention to anything suspicious. >> improving news when it comes to the safety of kids and cars, the insurance institute for highway safety released results from its latest round of
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53 new models receiving the top rating, that is a huge improvement since they first started safely testing eight years ago. that means booster seats are providing a good seat belt fit for children ages 4 to 8 in almost any car. kids in booster seats are 45% less likely to be hurt in a crash. this is what it looks like when you repair a 100 foot sinkhole in water main causing the strain sinkhole to open up in japan last week, causing power outages evacuations of buildings and disrupting traffic in the city which is home to 1.5 million people. this is in southwestern japan. come, be on the lookout, ace the york he -- is missing. why time is now running out to
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breaking news right now, the boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown was ordered to pay the family $30 million, she was found in january facedown unresponsive in a bathtub, she died six months later in hospice, in september a judge ruled gordon was for her death. this little guy, ace the yorkie poo is missing possibly dog napped. >> stolen from a usf student's apartment, he has a unique light marking on his stomach. you can see it right there. >> nicole grigg explaining why this dog may have been the
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someone else had already been there. >> i did what i normally do. >> no answer and then she saw the broken backdoor. >> i'm looking around looking for ace it is not registering. >> ace, the one-year-old yorkie poo and two gold watches were gone. >> they could have taken everything and just left him and i would have been fine. >> dominique is one month away from graduating, she sold her valuables like tvs and furniture getting ready to move to dallas. the burglar passed up the computer sitting on the table and took ace. >> they didn't take his food or his bad or his bowl so they just want to sell him. >> yorkie poo puppies go for hundreds even more than $1000,
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puppy. >> when i told my parents how much it was they said are you serious? i got him when he was this big. >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office now investigating and dominique says the security cameras at the complex were not working so she is hoping someone recognizes this unique white mark on his belly. for the now i'm nicole grigg. >> a problem we see all homeless people but the number is going down across the country. especially improvements for veterans and families. the new numbers out today from the department of housing showing nearly 550,000 people were homeless in january of this year which is actually down 3% from last year. 14% down since 2010. over the past six years there has been a 47% drop in homeless
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more than 39,000 and we have seen a 23% drop in homeless families since 2010 as well, there are around 194,000 right now. it is estimated half of the homeless people in the us are living in five particular stage. >> california, new york, florida , texas and washington. we have an estimated 33,000 homeless people in our state alone, of that tony 700 are in the tampa bay every >> you know the expression you can't believe everything you read. sadly people have been sharing and reading fake news on my. todd walker digging into the damage this stuff has done. >> journalists have been howling about fake news on facebook for years. a buzz feed analysis shows in the last three months the top viral fake stories got more engagement than the top
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will show you the timeline. it took off in august from may to august leading up to election day coinciding with when facebook got rid of the trending team which would filter the top trending stories, some of the biggest offenders like this one a story claiming wikileaks confirmed hillary clinton sold weapons to isis and big clues that the story is a reliable it uses capital letters promising a bombshell. then there responsible for a bunch of top trending fake stories, they came online a few months ago, how much reach do they have? sometimes supporters are boycotting pepsi because of a fake story alleging the ceo told trump supporters to take their business elsewhere. the ceo never said that. she congratulated trump on the win.
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growing showing the flat out fake but often misleading satirical or click bait sites. facebook and google say they will work to combat fake content. for the now i'm todd walker.>> fake news on facebook was shared liked or commented on more than 8.7 million times in the three months before the presidential election. that is more than real news. all but three of the top 20 fake news stories were anti- clinton or pro-child -- trump. >> the cross bay ferry has two weeks under its belt it is starting to take more trips between tampa and st. petersburg. even better they are now serving cocktails, you can get adult beverages onboard starting this weekend and starting monday the ferry will start to sale on weekdays and
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the first three days it is free. tickets are first come first served for that one. starting november 28 commuter value passes star on the 28th, tickets are half off, for a pack of 20 tickets you only pay $100. and then if you have the value pass and end up with an emergency they will give you a free taxi ride home start posting this someone did not come get him he could be put down everything he will be just
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great news to pass along about little sammy the tiny horse that has gone viral on the internet after the sheriff's office posted on facebook calling for his family to come forward or he may have
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south of orlando, little sammy escaped a few days ago the post said if no one claimed the horse by friday then it would be , disposed of humanely. we took that as being euthanized, thankfully the family has come forward the sheriff's office tells us the horse is doing just fine. let this serve as a warning when you go to the dentist, if you feel like they are overcharging you you can get a second opinion. mother did when her son's dentist claimed he needed more than a dozen caps on baby teeth he said it would cost over $5000 but her son did not have pain.>> 13 teeth on a three- year-old they said the front teeth the porcelain cover and the back is silver. even though he was going to
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her son's teeth every day takes him to the dentist every six months so she went to a new dentist who claims the first estimate was excessive and unnecessary. we reached out to the original dentist and he said they cannot discuss patients. >> the american academy of pediatric dentistry says it is important to treat baby teeth rather than pull them because they serve as play an important role in speech development and nutrition. >> from a celebrated real estate agent to a serial killer, i'm jace larson, this crime in south carolina raises many
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it is not every day a shipping of wild animals, five tigers to be exact. >> this is right in tampa bay, rodney dunigan joins us from big cat rescue, the largest rescue of big cats in us histor from a facility from colorado that was shut down, they will be holding five tigers calling this place home, we were here when they unloaded the animals and it was amazing. one by one slowly and carefully each tiger unloaded from this trailer. this operation months in the making. >> a lot of planning since the middle of september. >> susan bass telling us a
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>> are cats coming are some of the last ones to leave the sanctuary. it is a coordination effort between getting the permits making sure we have the space making sure there's someone to transport them. >> a total of 110 big cats and bears from a colorado facility being rescued. one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to rescuing and providing a permanent home for abused and abanne cats. >> here at the sanctuary we have 75 cats already so we had to scramble and move a lot around we had to add new large feeding areas and dense for the congress -- tigers. >> the tigers will call this place home, if all goes well they could live until the age of 20 or 25 years old. reporting from the big cat rescue rodney dunigan for "the
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piece of evidence in the deadly train crash from new jersey. >> the ntsb and the lawyer for the train engineer says he was diagnosed with sleep apnea after the accident. still not clear if he might have been overly tired or fallen asleep, he says he does not remember what happened but he did have a physical last july and was found fit for duty. one pers w train crashed in september. here is meteorologist shay ryan and it is november 17, we are still talking about the tropics>> we have until the end of the month, believe it or not this is not that unusual to see the storm this late in november. what we are looking at is a batch of disorganized storms over the next couple of days it
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system and once again as we watch these computer models they are spinning in the same area staying in the warmer waters and then possibly moving back west across central america headed into the pacific. will continue watching this, but it poses no threat to our weather at the present time, certainly an interesting late- season storm, tampa at 79 degrees plenty of sunshine across tampa bay, look outside in south tampa clear blue skies looking gorgeous. now, as we look at what we will see on the satellite and radar composite, not a lot of anything going on, high- pressure doing a great job keeping us nice and clear, overnight we won't be quite as cool as we were this morning, we are starting to feel the
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the afternoon topping out near 80 degrees, again we are not looking at dramatic changes but definitely a warm-up and then saturday as the front approaches we will see slightly lower temperatures with extra cloud cover sunday the temperatures really plummet and take a look at monday morning, 49 degrees the low in tampa, we could see upper 30s up to 40 degrees in and then we will top out at 69. denis will show you what happens as we move toward thanksgiving we will have another front coming up on action news at 5:00. back to the real estate agent accused of chaining up a woman like a dog. >> how could a sex offender get a license to sell a house in south carolina and could it
4:50 pm
found some surprising answers. >> we all have to find a place to live whether it is buying a new house or perhaps a place to rent, we might find ourselves in a vacant place like this perhaps it is just us and the agent, what is florida doing to make sure we are safe in this situation? >> the 45-year- discussed it so many. bodies dug up on his ranch after police found a kidnapped woman held in a shipping container. the life of todd kohlhepp seemed to be one we could all be a successful real estate broker who flew airplanes in his spare time but his success mast a troubled life. a sex offender and former prison inmate. the case surprised this
4:51 pm
nicely. oftentimes you find yourself in the same car with them it might be dark after work. that is not uncommon. >> how did this former prisoner get a real estate license? court records show when he was 15 he was convicted of kidnapping a 14-year-old by holding a gun to her head, at his home he duct tape her mouth and raped her. in this letter to the real es fight with his girlfriend and he never showed her the gun. >> south carolina believed him, one of several states were a criminal conviction does not stop you from getting a real estate license, we checked a handful of other states and found similar policies. >> is it something you consider ? >> it is. >> it is about giving people a
4:52 pm
is truthful honest and of good moral character.>> can the public be assured someone who gets a real estate license is safe? >> if it does not look like they have been rehabilitated they will not get a license. >> in arizona they will not issue a license to a sex offender for those convicted of other crimes. missouri disallows sex abusers kohlhepp got 15 years after being out of prison, but this case is isolated. >> it is tragic. tragic things happen in any industry. >> reporter: it is perfect you okay to ask for written references before you sign with a real estate agent, google is a wonderful thing. put their name into google so you can see what other people who you don't know are saying about the agent before you sign
4:53 pm
>> if background checks are done when someone gets a license in florida, what happens if they get arrested years after that? >> that person has 30 days to report to the real estate commission, they have to report it themselves, if they don't another investigation could be launched and it is possible they could lose their license for not reporting the conviction. >> between now and saturday grab some powerball tickets. look at this number. that slow steady climb. >> this is when i get interested. >> $320 million. >> i will split it with you.>> nobody won last night so the
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through tons of garbage trying to find a lost religious artifact, they think it is at this landfill in new york. the artifact fell into the trash by accident at a synagogue. the group figured out what happened after they watched this surveillance video. you see the box fall off the shelf into the trashcan. the men in the video have their backs turned so apparently no one saw this happen. breaking news out of st. louis county, police tweeting out a security officer being taken to the hospital after being shot in the shoulder, the suspect is getting treated after being shot in the rear end. here is what we were seeing on twitter one hour ago, one reporter on the scene says it seems to be some sort of fight about the train fare. the suspect tried to get on the
4:55 pm
shooting happened. we are try to get more details about what surrounded the argument. meanwhile, another big bank in trouble.>> not the best idea to hire friends who aren't qualified to try to get business. j.p. morgan chase has agreed to pay more than $264 million in fines to settle charges. ranking chinese leaders so it could win banking deals in the country. the assistant attorney general calls what happened corruption and bribery. >> the bank is going to avoid criminal bribery charges as part of the deal announced today. if you're not already and amazon prime member now is your chance to save a few dollars when you sign-up. >> tomorrow the member price on sale for $79, $99 is regular.
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on shipping presents for the holidays it comes with other perks, free music special deals. a little something maybe you could help get that christmas gift for me. 37 days left. >> amazon just started delivering food for restaurants around tampa as well.>> or you can give me a gift card to this place. sprinkles bakery in tampa opening their cupcake atm j each one $4.25 from the machine which holds 400 cupcakes at a time, they even have dog friendly varieties, when the stores closed you can get a fresh cupcake 24/7 365. someone's diet is going to take a massive hit.>> they need that if you have ever been there,
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hard to believe thanksgiving is one week away. >> all of the negativity we have exposed to it might be good to reach out and see how some people you haven't talked to are doing. make sure they are not alone. >> we have the perfect story to inspire you to do just that. >> i was sitting in class and i got this random text and it was somebody's grandma inviting me class monday when his phone started blowing up the tax coming in reading dinner is at my house thanksgiving 3:00 pm. >> i texted back i said who is this and she said your grandma i was thinking my grandmother got a new number.>> the picture came in not his grandma. firing back a selfie to confirm
4:58 pm
ask for a plate? >> the offer just as sweet as ever. of course you can, that is what grandmas do, feed everyone. >> that is crazy people can actually connect and be so nice to each other with people they don't know. >> the chance encounter was posted online it has gone viral shared hundreds of thousands of times, people proclaiming her the lady known as grandma is the example we should all set this thanksgiving. by the way he will be taking her up on the offer. >> that is good. you have got to check in with folks. >> how cool is that she said you can still come over. no worries. that's it for "the now tampa bay", abc action news at
4:59 pm
the station taking action for you this is abc action news. >> they are tearing apart the community. finally getting answers about their children's futures not all of them are happy with the outcome. the people that could feel the impact the most from a rezoning plan in pasco county. a toddler killed and the men who cared for him in jail. the reason this man has tormented the family before. first, hands on amazing video of a man crushing a car into an ybor city bar. that evening i'm jamison uhler. >> and i'm wendy ryan. you can see this man go through the window of the bar as the car slams into the building. >> adam winer is live in ybor city. >> reporter: they are releasing the surveillance video, they are looking for the driver who somehow went between this tree and this poll and went into the
5:00 pm
this taking place early tuesday night, the crash happening really during what appears to be a fight that was happening on the sidewalk caught on camera , police said they are not sure if the driver was turned to escape the fight, or if he was intentionally driving into this young man who was involved in the brawl. either way the driver causing a lot of damage. you can see the driver even runs away right we talked to the bar owner, he says the crash caused about $15,000 worth of damage. he also tells us he is glad no one was inside and therefore, no one injured. meanwhile the young man who was hit apparently injured in his head and the legs, he is said to be doing okay. temple police asking for the public's help identifying the


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