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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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local parents frustrated tonight. finding out their kids' teacher under investigation with no details given. why the school is not
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. all new at 11. local parents deeply concerned tonight, police investigating a charter school teacher. good evening and thank you for joining digging for answers in what is becoming a very private investigation. what have you learned. >> there's still a lot we're still trying to dig into. this teacher works at this school and he's worked there for several years. a teacher at monday skier school is on leave as the police department investigates him. he is accused of misconduct but right now detect activities aren't releasing details about it.
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isn't commenting because it is an active investigation. care ra says she has two children at the charter school. she doesn't know what's going on but she says a friend did get an e-mail from the school telling her about the investigation. >> it was just a letter that was -- a letter that was sent out by the administration just telling everyone that he was on administrative leave. >> all day today i tried to reach out to the principal, the executive director here. i even called the teache we'll continue pushing for answers. back to you abc action news. thank you. new tonight pocket deputies searching for this man right here, a jail trustee drove off in a county truck this afternoon. back in september a judge sentenced him to 300 days in jail for petty theft. if you see him call the pocket
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he was reported missing at 4:30 tuesday afternoon and wasn't found until 7:30 that night. he fell asleep on the way home and when he woke up he walked back into the day care. a sarasota preschool under investigation for leaving a child alone in a hot van. ax action news reporter tells us parents who complained tell us their kids are being kicked out of school. >> when she picked up her 3- year old daughter on wednesday her child was carrying a message from the staff. >> a letter with all of her medical records, screen shots from facebook posts and a letter saying they could no longer care for my daughter any more. >> the school angry that baldwin complained about the day care owner and two other staff members for leaving a 4- year old in a hot van during a field trip for hours and
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>> the day care got mad at her for talking to us on tuesday and then they got mad about what her husband posted on facebook. he took it a step forward he made another comment anyone defending a day care leaving a child in a hot car should be left in a hot car themselves. >> get out of our building now. >> we tried to talk today by e-mail but they have not commented. >> what it was a longer field trip what if the chieltd was in there for more than 2 hours there could have been serious consequences pull pull abc action news. an orlando man is fighting for his life after a fight about a bar tip. tuesday night a 59-year old left a tip on the bar. moments later pay trons see a
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started fighting outside. the man punches done and he hits his head on the ground seriously injured. they tried to claim self defense in the november 2012 shooting he fired 10 shots into jordan davis's suv after arguing with the teen. during the trial a witness testified there was no gun in uv. president-elect donald a campaign owe initial he offered the post to retired lieutenant general michael flynn a campaign advisor. . good evening everybody. temperatures still cooling off in upper counties. upper 40s but skies are clear. we are rain free and i'll tell you well stay that way even though we may see two cool fronts ever the next week.
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most folks from tampa over to the coast in the mid-60s. bartow 55. here's what you will be waking up to on friday morning. primarily until lower 60s closer to the coast. temperatures steady out a little bit. upper 40s most of the region in low to mid-50s. skies will be clear and will stay that way. there is a strong cold front the coldest weather since last april will arrive sunday into monday. the details coming up in thank you. tonight a fort myers gun dealer honoring a good samaritan who rescued a lee county deputy. the sheriff thanking the good is samaritan who shot -- the gun dealer gave the man a new firearm because his weapon was taken into evidence. i christmas glifrj striking early literally
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thief taking a huge sign that said joy from a chocolate shop. the store offering a chocolate reward for any help catching the christmas crook. this holiday season walt disney world will be lighting the night sky in the a way no one has done before. it will star 300 drones. (singing). lighting up as you just heard the the light show is accompanied by original disney arrangement of classical holiday songs. disney not yet released a date for for when the star bright holiday show will start. happening tomorrow good morning america will be make waking up in the bay area. a third grade class dressed in pink serenaded their vertebrae
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cancer. they sang the fight song. well still much more all new ahead taking action for you. how yes, ma'am is making sure you have all the information you need before eating out. beat the holiday rush and get yourself something nice in the process. how doing your holiday shopping this weekend could help you earn your next vacation faster. plus two kids caught on camera fighting in their classroom. coming reason the friends were braulg on the floor. download the new abc action news app for mobile phony and tablet. search abc action news in your favorite app store. we've got i team dedicated to getting you what you deserved. >> people say there's nothing we can do for you and that's when i contacted you.
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bad people working. >> and un covering corruption that makes it harder for you to prosper. >> they think they can draw this out until we have no more funds. the abc knocks news i team
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caught on camera two students fighting at school outside of chicago. in the video you can here the classroom supervisor instead of stopping them she's telling them to do it.
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>> we was in the classroom the teacher forced us to fight. >> forced you to fight? >> yes, she said if we didn't fight we was going to get beat up. >> by who, by her? >> yes, that's not something you're teaching them at home but something at school they're condoning. one of the boys had a panic attack and had to go to the hospital. the school says they have addressed the incident and the person involved was not an employee and is no longer activities there. a maryland teacher out of a job after losing it on her students while trying to regain control of the 8th grade science class she used a racial slur toward an african american student another student recorded the tie raid on a phone. after the school district watched the video they fired the teacher saying they do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior. new tonight a georgia lawmaker backing off a controversial proposal after
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muslim women. the advocacy groups argue the propose change to the law aimed to prevent muslim women from wearing religious head gar to cover faces in public. taking action for you, yes, ma'am is making it easier for you to make an informed choice about where you want to eat out. it's now listing state inspection records forest rants with customer reviews. abc action tells us how users and businesses are reacting to this new feature. >> 1031 $nnn,nnn,nnn,nnx.0n your change. >> mel's hot dogs known for two things good food and stroll ler health inspection reports. >> a certain level of pride. >> the good grades don't come easy. >> here's our checklist. this is our monthly maintenance list. >> with a spotless reputation like his it's no surprise he supports yes, ma'am's newest features.
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see customer reviews but health inspection records. >> if you got a dirty restaurant and people are being informed about it it will effect the business. >> it is the first time yes, ma'am featured record for an entire state. >> this woman says the new feature is a perfect fit. >> i think it would be really good torture isis or lols to determine where the healthiest place to eat and most sanitary. >> if i find out the health inspection failed accident that would prevent me from going to the restaurant. people won't actually read the inspection reports assuming even small violations are major problems. driving customers away. but molly has a simple solution. >> just clean up. >> in tampa i'm cameron polom abc action news. adding sfroin your daily routine may help you ward off cardio vascular disease. new guidelines advise adults between the ages of 50 and 69
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reduces or lifk risk of stroke and heart tack. . well this holiday season toys are us is trying to help families affected by autism. offering quiet hours at some stores. right now the chain is testing the idea of spending one hour with dim lights and no in store music or announcements at several stores in both the u.s. and the united kingdom. the company has not given the list of locations. before you start your holiday shopping we have toys you may want to take off your list. a child safety group ranking them the most dangerous toys for sale this holiday season. first up this little guy a plush efl fant that can suffocate a baby. next a plastic hammer with the potential to cause head injuries and dpienlly a sling shot like device that shoots balls of slime that could cause eye injuries. taking action for you. you can earn gifts for yourself while doing holiday shopping and you don't really have to do
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many air lines offer bonus points this time of year. several air lines including southwest, united and american are offering 500 and up 3000 bonus miles. the addition yalg miles are for prchs on november 20 if you're going to be shopping online any way, you may want to take advantage this weekend. some good news for your wallet this thanksgiving according to the farm bureau federation the cost of your annual feast is down this year after adjusting for inflation. this year's meal with the ingredients listed on the screen will cost less than $50 for a family of ten. that's the lowest price in 6 years take a look at the video a polar bear and he is can i mow dog caught a camera. the bear pets the dog on the head and even nujz the dog with his notices. the man who shot the video says the bear just woke up stopped by the dog and started petting him like a human would. how sweet.
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getting into the polar bear weather at least by florida standards. >> 30s and 40s and for us that's pretty cool. that's cold. >> especially in november. it's cold. >> look outside clear night. boy we are in a stretch of just beautiful weather a little cool in the morning, very nice and warm in the afternoon but we are tracking that weekend cold front and it's going to be bringing us the coldest weather we've seen since probably last april. now granted i'm not looking for a freeze, i do think we'll see 30s monday morning. definitely colder both days. monday morning the coldest of the two, i think sunday afternoon only in the mid-to upper 60s but if you're hoping for a chilly thanksgiving, nope, if you got a fireplace you might as well crank up the ac a because it is going to be back into the mid-to upper 70s by thanksgiving. doppler rain free temperatures across the area still low 40s
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river. low to mid-60s closer to the coast. clear skies cover the entire area and that's not going anywhere even with a cool front coming in. i don't expect anything more than maybe a few clouds on saturday afternoon or saturday evening as it rolls through and no rain. you look at the satellite, (laughing) literally no clouds over the entire area and there's why, water vape your, dry air covering the region and this is not going anywhere. i think late tomorrow into saturday you will begin to at least a little bit of an easterly wind and we've been talking about this the last couple of days. if you live in pocket or high lands county you could see a few clouds in the afternoon not many and certainly no rain right on through friday night. a beautiful night for a stroll. folks putting up christmas lights and there comes the front. notice it stays totally dry and you know the radar might show a string yell as it comes through late saturday morning. at this point i don't have rain in the 7 day. -day. i will be in first thing in the morning and let you know if
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even if there is a brief spring yell it will last 3 minutes and that's it. highs back in the low 80s on friday. 80 in tampa. exact same ballpark on friday with mostly sunny skies. now, here's the pattern. cool mornings, sunny warm afternoons as the front comes through, and it brings the rain out ahead of it, showers off shore dry inland and then that strong cold front cools us off significantly by sunday morning. these are the wake up temps on sunday, 40s, low 50s i think it maybe even a little lower than that and monday morning i think citrus and hernando you will see 38 is, 39's, rest in the 40s and 50s closer to the coach on monday morning. then we start talking about thanksgiving travel weather. there will be issues starting first thing sunday into monday for the midland particular for new england, for the ohio valley, i think there might be
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browns game on sunday and you're going to say potential for delays early in the week and then i think there's the possibility you can see some more delays toward the end of the week so when folks are either heading back up north or coming back home here if going to visit family and friends and you live say from dc north could be cold and weather along with it. outside of that, we're going to be warming right back up to near 80 again by the end of next week this may cool us down again by next weekend. the following weekend. we're going about 11 days out. pretty confident in the forecast as well. now, here's the tropics. believe it or not we are still tracking the tropical waive and hurricane center says 70% this becomes a tropical depression over the next four or 5 days. regardless it's threat to the u.s. is pretty much negligentable. might drift into central america. officially the season ends in the end of november so coming
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boaters. seize 1 to 2 feet tomorrow. water temperature 71 degrees. uv index between a 7 and 96789 upcoming tied sunrise 6:54 and sunset at 5:36 hour-by-hour forecast. beautiful tomorrow. a little cool and warm right back up into the lower 80s so forecast for friday, mostly sunny, warmest winds at 5 to 10 10 miles per hour. nothing more than a few fair weather clouds especially east of i75. here's a look the florida's most accurate 7-day forecast, 80 on friday and 78 on saturday and look at what happens on sunday. front comes through and chilly air. kind of breezy on sunday as well. morning lows sunday morning 40s and 50s. morning lows monday morning 30s and 40s and 50s along the coast and extending the forecast into thanksgiving right back in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. good news sunshine right
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thank you. without steven stan coast the bolts show why they are still a stanley cup contender. the highlights next. . >> it's national un friend day what's your strategy when you carve the turkey. >> cut it down the middle and peel the skin back and vertically cut the breast fout you're donald trump you grab the breast because you can lf laugh -- (laughing). when you watch us you will be up to the minutes and the minutes
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hello folks i think buffalo found out tonight even without steven stam cozy the bolts are still a premier team in the nhl. tonight the lightning took the lead and they never gave it up. suite assists. later in the first, a scary moment when bishop took a high deflect active wrist shot that hits him under the throat. fortunately it found his padding and lodged inside the jersey. bolt scoring two more times in the second. another nice assists and they
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in net with 18 seconds left in the period made it 3-1 and the lightning go to 3 and 0 on the road trip. the final 4-1 tonight in buffalo. for the lightning captain, he will be out until sometime in late march early april. he underwent surgery in colorado to repair the minimum nis cuss tear in right knee. we are talking 3 to 4-month surgery to end you can bet the bucs nears are interested in tonight the nfc game going on right now in charlotte. panthers are leading new orleans 23-13 and that is good news for bucs nears. if they hold on that will give the bucs a chance to take soul possession of second place if they can beat the chiefs on sunday. okay he's not there yet but for a rookie he's showing
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now let's face it the bucs near defense needs to pick up the pace like they did against chicago a week ago. john sable reports there is no denying in the past four games expense raised the bar. >> he was labeled the steel of the 2016 nfl draft and fof bucs nears rookie defensive end expense is living up to the hypo. he has become a dominant force especially last two full bills on 2 sacks. >> i believe that the ceiling is a lot higher than what he is performing right now. he is performing at a very good level for a first year player. >> he only registered two tackles and one sac in the first five games. all while suffering a shoulder injury. however, in the last 4 weeks, there's been a resurgery yent for expense, he's defensive stats have more than doubled just in the last four games,
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tackles, three sanction and forced full bills. but what changed? >> just preparing better. before i go to means when i ever to go to means and practice when i have to practice. he's studying in his opponent more. >> i seen a lot of the guys watching a lot of film so i got into it and i was like wait maybe i should put that in my game and start watching film. it's helping the game slow down to be able to see things before it happens. >> when they travel to the kansas city chiefs. reporting with the bucs john sable abc action sports. >> and the bucs nears remain 7 and a half point under dogs against kc this sunday. college hoops score tonight u.s. -- we're back in a minute. closed captioning brought to you by lake land toyota.
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the -- forecast isn't changing. always sioux false this time of year they get a lot of change up there. 0 and sunny tomorrow. >> snowing in cleveland you can go there too. have a good night we'll see you back here tomorrow
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billy crystal. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from jeezy featuring now, stay right where you are. here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome.


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