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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he claimed she was aggressive to him first. the sheriff says he falsified a police report to back up his story and even took other deputies back to the scene to walk them through the vague version -- fake version of the story. wagner has worked for the sheriff's office for just over two years. a couple now fighting to save their home. their insurance company finally agree to repair the hole after waiting two years. all new is six refusing to allow them to do a back>>reporter: from the front of the home you can't even tell this home is in danger of caving in. it is when you head to the back of the home that you notice the problem. fixing it all depends on how you interpret one simple rule. there is something very
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purchased it. >> you should be standing in a swimming pool now. >>reporter: instead we are standing on grass and dirt. this picture shows their old pool before a sink hole swallow most of it. >> it has just been a battle. >>reporter: even though the hole has been covered, nearly 5 years later the problem has not been fixed. >> you can actually see under the house, i am going to guess will be 2 feet under. >>reporter: engineersa and sometimes you laid out and all of a sudden it comes on you that okay, we have a single. >>reporter: when they finally got the insurance company to pay for some of the damages they hit another roadblock, the neighborhood is now considered a flood zone and the county says their home now falls under new guidelines and regulations. under the new rules the
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repair. is that the humphries will have to tear down the home and rebuilds. -- and rebuild. >> they are not doing anything to the structure itself. >>reporter: the county so far is not budging. >> we intended for this to be the rest of our lives house. >>reporter: the humphries cannot afford to reveal. >> some of it i can do on my n, the can't. format for now they are sticking it out. the attorney for the couple says even if he went by this rule that the county is going by there is still an exception that even an engineer for the couple's insurance company told the county that this home should fall under. the county in a statement to myself said they gave the same rule and just reiterated the same thing they have been giving her so long and not
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a second law enforcement agency now trying to find a wanted hillsboro county firefighter. saint pete police releasing new videos showing the firefighter with a man who police say severely injured a college student. you see the two of them here, whopper -- walk right beside him. minutes later the suspect punches that can retailer twice fracturing his skull. the suspect then leave and moments later cameras capture a man seeming to point walker in the suspect's direction. he has the night knowing the man but police do not think he is telling the truth. >> we are still trying to find a suspect and we are hoping that we can show that he was associated at that time with walker. maybe he was in key west as
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>> walker currently has a warrant out for his arrest. new policy changes in hillsboro county are cracking down on criminal gang members working in government positions. the policy changes stem from several investigations by our team. >>reporter: the new policy directive applies to all existing and future hillsboro employees under the county administrators watch. he tells us with recent events that we uncovered he could not wait any longer. here is the official memo, effective today all employees under hillsboro's county administrator are prohibited from being members of criminal gangs identified by me -- state
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need to know that i am not going to tolerate that kind of thing.>>reporter: the county administrators as the directive comes after what the i-team exposed back in may. hillsboro firefighters and paramedics belonging to motor cycle clubs that law enforcement defined as criminal gangs and criminal enterprises. >> based on that i am going to take as much action as i can as quickly as i can. or m county's policies. >> certainly the work that you have done has been helpful. >>reporter: he says the state firefighter's office is making efforts to create new anti-gain policies, and after recent developments he could not wait for the next legislation session. a firefighter is on paid leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. he is wanted on a battery charge after police say he was caught on video in the middle
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witnesses and police say he was wearing gang colors and was one of several flooring punches. merrill says existing employees need to make a choice, either the gang or the county, but you cannot have both. the policy also -- good evening. we made it to another weekend. four and a lot of the kids, made it to -- for alot up the kids, made it to thanksgiving break. if you're going out clear skies covering the entire area.
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temperatures will again be kind of chilly. low 50s across our northern counties, middle to upper 50s elsewhere, low 50s along the beach. looking at these numbers, they will be close to the high temperatures on sunday. big changes in the forecast, and we will talk about that coming up. two brothers are now heading to prison for the murder of a st. petersburg veteran. the investigator say someone stole his home in 2014. thinking they will come back, the man slept in his car so it wouldn't get stolen. investigator say green and two others showed up to steal the car and killed a man when he tried to fight them off. police charging this restaurant owner with inappropriately touching a 16- year-old female employee. police believe he has done this before.
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on yelp, one person giving it five stars, but this business hasn't been open as much since the owner recently was arrested. >> when i first heard about it, i thought that can't be. >>reporter: scott nixon says the owner was always a friendly guy.>> you walk inside the door and he was waiting. friendliness was a front. he is accused of coming onto and sexually abusing a 16-year- old. police say he told the girl "this is how you are going to forget about your ex-boyfriend." >> that is when i was caught out to investigate.
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missed to inappropriately touching the teenager. and now detectives are wondering if any others where abuse. >> we believe it is important for us to release this information to guarantee if there are other victims out there. >>reporter: he says the alleged crimes hit too close to home even telling his wife to protect herself. >> when we first heard of it we had a gun conversation. >>reporter: call the police department if you have any other breaking developments, the president-elect just agreeing to pay $25 million to settle three cases. the deal does not require him to acknowledge wrongdoing. the lawsuits claim trump university failed to deliver the quality real estate investment education and promise. the agreement includes restitution and $1 million in penalty. new unemployment numbers showing the job market in
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the unemployment rate staying flat across the area last month. polk county was the only county to see a change with their unemployment rate going down a 10th of a point, that sounds even better when you consider the overall state employment rate went up to 5%. i am approaching one of the most dangerous intersections in tampa bay. tonight, we will tell you why waiting to happen. plus dangerous actions. a teenager firing guns on facebook live. the random target caught in the crossfire.
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investigators are still piecing together a possible motive. surveillance cameras capturing a bizarre crime in detroit. a man breaking into a car dealership, he didn't take anything, but he did leave a ton of damage behind. he got his hands on keys and started ramming cars in the parking lot. he did not succeed, the cost $30,000 in damage in the process. game of russian roulette at a hillsboro county intersection. we sent paul grown to expose the truth and he is getting results for you. >>reporter: here is the problem, you see that, there used to be a three-way stop, but now look at this as we show you the drone video of the view from above. here is the thing, the cars going this way do not have to
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to happen. the intersection of shell point and 24th is at the crossroads of chaos. >> it is a really hazardous situation. >> have you seen close calls? >> pliny. >>reporter: this man drives his daughter to school every morning and every morning he braces for the danger zone.>> it is just a matter of the wrong person at the wrong time, there is the skies to prove it shooting this drone video. watch this, a close call. a few minutes later, another. we are approaching the intersection right now and i can tell you immediately the first thing i see is total confusion. i am actually not required to stop, that i am slowing down because i do not trust what the other drivers are going to do and they don't really trust what i'm going to do.
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the intersection. i am just california cruising through this things -- thing. and that is the problem, this busy intersection is just a two- way stop, when the new extension open for the eight hours ago more traffic, more confusion. >> the traffic does not realize that it is not supposed to stop. >>reporter: tonight the county is responding telling us th brought -- we brought today and in the meantime they plan to add additional fines warning drivers this is a two-way stop here mac tonight drivers tell me that is not good enough and that this intersection really needs for stop signs. the state of florida reportedly selling your personal information to private companies. senator bill nelson wants to know why it is happening.
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the personal information of more than 15 million drivers to at least 75 companies within the last two years. nelson calling the move "simply unconscionable." we know you want answers like who is getting your personal information so here is a way for you to let us know what conference you the most, click on the good question logo on you. if you like the chilly weather if sounds like this will be the weekend for you. i think it is a great weekend to put up christmas lights, but i am in the minority.>> i say do it, it is going to feel like christmas. >> both you and i have already put most of ours up. >> why not? it is going to feel like christmas.
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sarah from the bay area visiting littleton colorado and those are heard to euro kids who have never seen snow before. they had several inches of snow today, and that cold front is what is going to bring us our colder weather by sunday morning. monday morning, i still think northern counties drop down into the 30s. doppler radar quiet with temperatures under clear skies. 66 in clearwater. been a good five or 10 degrees cooler over the last week or so. skies are clear to partly cloudy across the entire area and it has been that way for a long time. we are in for a beautiful stretch of weather, the only thing that is a little troublesome is we are getting pretty dry. we could use some rain, but it is one of those things if we are not going to get rain at least this air is giving us abundant sunshine.
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evening maybe to do a little ice-skating or whatever going on the skies will be clear and temperatures will be kind of mild and the very comfortable. tomorrow morning we're still going to wake up to temperatures mostly in the 50s, skies will be clear. another warm day, here comes the front by 8:00. before he gets here we will be back around 82 degrees. tomorrow a great beach day, another very change. it is going to be sunny and dropping about 10-15 degrees for afternoon highs on sunday and monday compared to what we are going to see tomorrow. and for that matter what we have seen over the past couple of weeks. tampa still going 79-80, so even our northern counties in the middle to upper 70s. going east of interstate 75 and you will be back in the lower
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then the front races through bringing in the coldest weather we have seen since last april. big changes that will stick around for two days. on sunday morning, these are the latest numbers for just came out a couple minutes ago, still middle to upper 40s come wake- up time. low 40s in our northern counties, on monday morning you could probably shave three or four numbers -- degrees off of these numbers. develops, although at this point poses no threat to us. what are temperature 71 for the voters, your sunrise and sunset right there. hour by hour, we are in for a beautiful stretch of weather and something for everyone. on saturday florida's most accurate forecast goes down to 67. we are right back up to near 80 by things giving.
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out of a window. the 15-year-old firing the weapon on facebook live. he laughs and appears to not care where they are going. the multiple shots in that up hitting a neighbor's home, thankfully no one was hurt. police are now trying to figure out where he got the guns. still ahead, if you are looking for one player on offense he needs to be a star on sunday and
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we have already identified the buccaneers defense as a number one key sunday. keep that train going. the buccaneers running game,
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that means the big boys up front have to poke some holes in the line so that martin can get going. i am not expecting a monster day, keep the clock going and whatever else you can get out of the running game. but having martin back makes this doable. >> just his presence, seeing him in the huddle means a lot. you can just tell by the way the guys carry themselves. him carrying the ball in the back coming back together. we have our running back. >> the chiefs were made 7 1/2 point favorites. i will have my pic tonight at 11:00. with just over three minutes in the second period bishop makes that diving save and i do mean diving, bishop trying to make a pass up the middle.
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the 1-0 lead and shifted the momentum. >> you are never going to turn your back on winning three in a row, but it was the been bishop -- ben bishop show. i looked up at the shot clock and they have 14 shots in the first 10 minutes of the game. you have to thank him for anybody will be great. we have continuing coverage on our website at
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y26ezy y18py tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshellse $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. more than 300 crashes already. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb.


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