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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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make your holidays more delicious. a mysterious tip. >> what deputies say is hidden under a beach. >> what they are doing to keep people away from the disturbing crime scene
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live from the station taking action from you. this is abc action news. deputies seal off a park and a teen was sifting through the sand for clue close watch on robert reese mem park. forensics teams will resume digging at the landmark. what a tipster claims is hidden under that sand. >> the search has suspended for the night and a deputy is posted at the entrance to make sure that no one can come in overnight and disturb potential
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the san where one of the cadavers dogs hit on a possible decomposing body. no evidence of a body has been found but a tip led investigators to the park. deputies have not commented on a cold case or missing person's report. the process to find a potential body and collect evidence is meticulous and time consuming. they anthropologist dr. kim. >> she helps us to locate the scene and work through the dig and determine if there is in fact the decomposition and bones. >> kimberly was the lead anthropologist for the
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bodies disappeared and her work has identified 7 children and with a high degree of certainty 14 others. >> investigators say they will be back out here searching tomorrow morning. we are in newport richie. michael paluska. >> a deputy had to use force to subdue a woman and the story said his story fell apart when crews checked the surveillance truck behind me at this mobile gas station. a surveillance camera caught the entire incident and the sheriff says it is obvious that the deputy crossed the line and lied about it. >> get on the ground. get on the ground. >> there is no question in sheriff bob's mind his deputy made up what happened on this night, march 25th during a traffic stop. >> you don't tell the truth.
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shoved him. the sheriff showed the moment showing the moment he grabbed her license back. >> he claims he was shopped by her. >> and that never happened. >> and then a fight. >> the sheriff says his deputy lied on the report and even charging the woman with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. >> it was clear that there is no contact. that there was no push or shove or anything. >> investigating the sheriff says the truth was clear and the charges against taylor were dropped. during wagner's two years with the office he was praised for his work on the unit and disciplined and suspended for violating the department's pursuit policy and today fired for unnecessary use of force. >> in any career feel and
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will cover up and lie. >> i spoke with taylor's attorney on the phone and he says the surveillance video saved them and he says that taylor hopes that this does not happen again. reporting live, marisela burgos. ab c action news. good evening everybody. made it to another weekend and we got big changes to talk about in the weather. temperatures right now still low 50s. northern counties and we hit the upper cool start. it will be a clear start to your saturday morning. so even though we have a front coming in and it arrives late tomorrow it won't have an impact on rain chances. waking up to temperatures where they are in the low to mid-50s across the areas. a few upper 40s. your forecast partly to cloudy and clear up to wakeup time and the front arrives tomorrow evening and a huge impact on
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couple of minutes. we will check back you. senator nelson wants the u.s. department to investigate. nelson says the department of highway safety and motor vehicles has earned 150 million- dollars in two years selling your personal information. the senator believes the agency is breaking federal law and opening the door for identity theft. >> all new tonight. a polk county h oa asking parents to keep kids quiet while they play outside. parents' feathers. cameron polen explains more. >> we had everything that we wanted. >> jamie and her family left chicago in march for the sunshine state settling in this polk county subdivision. >> when we visit, i did see families outside and they marketed right towards us. >> this is a why she was so blown away to receive this note on her door earlier this week.
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homeowner's association went only to homes with children. it says there have been complaints of kids playing outside in the streets and being extremely noisy and asked parents to keep the noise to a minimum. >> as neighbors we chose the community because it is a bedroom community. it is not a 55 plus community. >> jamie feels attacked and the request to keep children quiet during the daytime is going too far. >> i will not tell my ki quiet. >> but some neighbors agree with the letter. they say kids are running unsupervised and getting in the way of passing cards. they only want them to play safely and jamie wants an apology. >> i feel target. turning to the zika virus. good news for the health and tourism here in florida.
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international public health emergency. it doesn't mean that zika is gone but on a global level the spread of zika is under control. >> space x just unveiling a plan to do much more than resupply the international space station. the company now pushing for permission to launch 4000 satellites to provide high speed internet service around the globe. google has contributed one billion dollars to the project. >> ab c action news. 71-year-old dodson had a transmission rebuild by charlie's transmission in st. pete but after 19 miles the new transmission broke down. the owner originally refused to fix the problem or refund the thousand dollars. but tonight we are happy to report after our story aired the owner of charlie's transmissions changed his tune and gave dodson a full refund.
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we will tell you which ones coming up and when. plus many of us take vitamins to improve our health? now makers recalling it because it could make you sick. >> and an officer on patrol going above and beyond the call of duty. what he did for a teen he felt was exceeding expectations that has the internet buzzing. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone. search abc action news in favorite app store.
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caught on camera. take a look. a women in argentina driving away from a traffic stop with a officer on her hood. the officer tried to detain her. he jump off of the moving car and fracturing his knee in the process. two men in ohio involved in a truly unusual incident of road rage. one of the men calling 911
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happened. take a listen. >> 911. >> yeah, i just got in an altercation with a guy with road rage and he tazed me and as he tazed me, i pulled my knife out and stabbed him a bunch of times. >> it all started when one man tried to pass another only to be blocked. one driver followed closer behind and one driver got in a fight. the man stabbed is in critical but stable condition. no one has been charge >> a california officer goes above and beyond the call of duty after hearing about one teen's determination. the officer saw the teenager walking and offered him a ride. he learned how far he had traveled. since the teen's car broke down he had been walking 7 miles to work six days a week. the police department pulled together and got him a bike. >> he was speechless.
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like it is so much more than that. putting obstacles in front of you. >> words couldn't explain how flabbergasted i was. it has never been dirty before. >> the police department set up an online fundraiser to help the teen earn money for college and to help repairs for his car. >> soon veterans may have a whole new way of dealing with ptsd. researchers are and alert them if an attack is coming on. it would connect them to a help line. right now the app is in the testing phase. >> kids say the darnest things but one 4 year-old in atlanta going viral. >> taking it all the way back.
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grocerying shopping. he asked her what kind of doctor she wants to be and told her how many he loved the immune system. after ten minutes of listening to him she started to record it and she posted this video to share it with the world and now the little boy's parents have posted videos of his reading in english and spanish at 18 months old. students in houston are rallying behind guard has an infectious smile. holding a bake sale to raise money to get a new leg. the kids setting up a no go fund me page. they have raised 9 thousand dollars. more than the original goal. >> americans are getting physical and while that is a good thing, it could be contributing to an increase in sports related injuries. the cdc reporting more than 8- and-a-half million people went to the doctor for those kinds
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running, and weightlifting. but don't worry. most people that exercise don't end up in the doctor's office. >> and now to a consumer alert. a warning before you take your vitamins. gnc recalling the women's ultramega vitamins because the supplements may contain milk. if you have the product check the product on your screen. mcdonald's going upscale from a kiosk. testing out table service at locations in california, and new york. >> a man suing krispy kreme for not using real fruit in its donuts. saying no raspberries or blueberries were in the donuts
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thanksgiving bird for six bucks. that's right. you heard me right. winn dixie offering the special to make your feast more affordable. you have to spend 30 bucks to get the deal and you can get any size frozen honeysuckle for that low price. that means you will be able to get your meal for under $40. the deal is available tomorrow and sunday. >> many parent can with children with teacher reprimanded after what she did at the school's thanksgiving play. >> thank you for coming. a teacher swiping the microphone before caleb, the boy dressed as a turkey could speak. upsetting him so much he started to cry while parent
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page. the superintendent saying it was the end of the play and caleb did not have anymore lines scripted. the little boy wanted to end it by saying the line he was practicing was gobble gobble. the sensory friendly santa is available for two hours in the morning at desoto mall and at the mall in st. pete. the santa including west shore in tampa. we have the complete list of the malls on our abc action news app. at the north poll it is the weather that people are talking about. scientists say it is 36 degrees warmer than normal. that means the snowcaps are not thickening at the pace they normally do during this time of year. >> winter is coming for people up north. that means snow. some parts of minnesota getting two feet of snow for the first time.
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dealing with blizzard warnings today. >> and any time you think it is cold. you look at pictures like that and you go it is not so cold. >> that's the same front that is coming this way and by late tomorrow it will bring us the coolest weather in six months. >> but not snow. >> not snow but chilly. 30s and 40s monday morning. looking outside from river gate. things are quiet. another beautiful day in the record book. and if you check it out. there is tighten doppler radar and the snow we were talking about and it cold front and so let's track it to the southeast. right now we are quiet and it arrives tomorrow night and when it arrives it will bring the coolest weather we have seen in quite a while. that cool front rolls in on saturday evening. behind it much colder air. sunday and monday highs in the 60s. and while morning lows are chilly on sunday, monday morning will be colder and then warming back up by thanksgiving, of course it
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by the middle of the week right back in the middle 70s. crystal rivers and zephyrhills at 63 and behinds city and at the airport 67 and st. pete 67 degrees. we hit the low to mid-80s. 81 in tampa and chris in brooksville hit the low 80s and started in the low 40s. they bumped up a good 35 to 40 degrees in the afternoon. outside right now. skies are clear across the viewing area and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and the clear weather not going anywhere. very often when you hit january and february, we get the cold fronts and they blast through and bring us strong thunderstorms. nothing with this, maybe a few clouds and with the time being, got to look reminiscent to what we have seen. saturday a warm day. don't expect the cooler weather tomorrow. you can do whatever you want including the beach.
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chilly for us floridians. we will see tourists and snowbirds but for us 60s and a breezy day. no matter what you got planned chilly and some folks will start to put out their decorations. i start seeing it on facebook. 8:00 we look at the clouds. outside chance of a sprinkle. gone by 10:00 and you will notice it. not so much with the clouds but the and by sunday morning in the afternoon, we are not going to see 70s. we will stay in the 60s for highs and it won't feel that warm when we factor in the cooler weather. saturday cooler, right back in the 70s near 80s across the entire area and lots of sunshine. beautiful day to spend outdoors. down the road. this is where we are talking about. sunny and mild that we had.
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rolls through. it brings in the coldest weather we have seen since probable last april. last about two-and-a-half days. and this is what you are going to wake up to. this is the model date, it is trending colder and it is trending colder still on monday morning. so what you see here, i think you can probably shave a of degrees off of it. part of citrus and orlando temperatures warming up down the road once we hit tuesday, wednesday and into thanksgiving. for the boaters. a little bit breezy on sunday. northeast winds five to ten knots and water temperature 71 degrees. you got to figure that will go down once the front goes through and the tides and the sun rise and sunset. hour by hour. mostly clear through tomorrow with the front coming through, nothing more than a few clouds
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florida's most accurate seven- day forecast. 80 on saturday. 67 on sunday and 69 on monday and monday morning, one of the coolest mornings we have seen. thanksgiving, mostly sunny and the cold is gone and the temperatures in the upper 70s. can the bucks overcome the noise and the chiefs this sunday at arrowhead. t j has
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hello folks. imagine how loud it will be standing 50 feet behind a military aircraft carrier. would you believe the chief fans in arrowhead have been louder and that's the atmosphere the buccaneers are going in on sunday. here is john sabol. >> no secret arrowhead stadium is one of the toughest stadiums to play in the nfl and the loudest stadium in the nfl or country but in the buyer world.
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recorded a guinness world record for the loudest crowd roar in a sports stadium at 142. 142-point-decibel record shattering a record set in 2013. >> we cranked out that crowd noise and maybe you can hear it. we have had it cranking. arrowhead is one of the coolest venues to play. >> how if a decibel reaches 150 your eardrums would rupture. the chiefs win ten straight dating back last year at home. >> i haven't played a regular season game in kansas city. we played a preseason in 2011 and it was still alive then. >> the bucks game sunday could be one of the biggest games in the last few years for the pewter and red. after all, the bucks are two
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the stadium. john sable ab c action news. the chiefs are four and three at home at six points or less and 21 blog against the jets. the spread is 7-and-a-half. kc is making a living coming from behind late in the games and if that's the case this week 7-and-a-half good enough. i will go out on a limb and i will walk on the wild side and i will take the boys in the 7- and-a-half at arrowhead. >> the buccaneers are not the only team. florida will be at lsu tomorrow afternoon. and i'll tell you what, the line on this game has moved four points already. gators now 14-and-a-half underdogs. this baby for the sec title and at least right now the betting public is not giving the gators a chance. they were dubbed a team that should be playing in the playoffs and rightfully so when you look at the roster and look at the players and they have
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and it is a really good football team. and we'll take our guys in there and the ones that are able to get on the bus, we will load up and go play. >> meanwhile usf host a date with fsu. flowers and the bulls offense should have a field day. fsu is headed to syracuse and if this was basketball game it would be close. their favored by three. we're back in a minute and change. closed-captioning is
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abc action news is brought
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dealers. 5:42 tomorrow afternoon if you look to the east, there is a scheduled rocket launch at the cape. cool at sunset and skies clear and you will be able to see it, if it goes up it will be cool. and continuing coverage on have a great night and a
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it.


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