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tv   7 Action News at 7  ABC  November 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the explosiveness. to see players out in front and make them miss. he's a slippery runner. a guy to me who can do it all. the complete package and when you talk about next level, he fits the definition perfectly for the guy to play in the league. >> beth: syracuse is able to get it right back. another record was set today as well in the acc. james connor. coming back from his cancer at pittsburgh, has set the new acc career touchdown record with 53 of them. he added a couple today. and then of course cook, one of the nice things too when a guy breaks a record, you also pay homage to the guy who had it before him. and no better guy really ever in a florida state uniform than warrick dunn, the guy he passed today. a record that has been around for 20 years. >> anthony: and jimbo fish erp,
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about cook. he said this kid was oneceruite they brought in and he came in as if he is in a position to earn it. he kept his mouth closed. he a team guy. he has put everything in his career with the team in front of him and then everything else that he has earned and accomplished on the field. and they are embraced that. and he has been one of the best that jimbo fisher has coached in his career year v here. >> beth: very first 100 yard rushing game was here at the dome two years a i go. we revisit the career of warrick dunn at florida state. >> anthony: i me warrickdown's proud of him. that record stood for 20 years
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he would be with his head held high. he would pass it on to a guy like dalvin cook. >> beth: they have so far made it a november to remember as jimbo talked about. they pick up the win today at syracuse. cook in the record books and now, the other things that jimbo talked about. leave a legacy and the young guys set the tone for the future and w than to finish off the regular season with florida at the dome? >> anthony: it's going to be a monster game, and you know, i tell you, it's going to be a calling card move for the team moving forward. a lot of young talent that we talked about and i'm sure he wants to remember one 067 his few games and why not in state against a team that is one of your
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gators. >> beth: and syracuse, they will travel to pitt and certainly what they will be preaching around campus throughout the week, 5-7 would look a lot better than 4-8 as you're working hard throughout the off season and in spring ball next year. >> anthony: i >> anthony: it's funny. the funnest offensive play ever is the kneel down. the vic you don't see that much any more in college. they continue to hand the ball off to these guys. one guy that is enjoying the win is jimbo fisher and huge victory for them on the road. taking care of business and syracuse, dino babers, a young team, they have shown flashes today, beth, and great to see. in time, dino babers shows
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>> beth: >> beth: coaches have the headsets off and that could do it. 45-14, florida state gets the win over syracuse. and a season-high 654 yards of total offense for the seminoles. led by dalvin cook. 28 carries, 226 yards. he ties his career high with four touchdown runs. he breaks the school career he ties the school career touchdown record. cook in the books. don't forget, oklahoma/west
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to his neighbors for help. the investigation into how he died. good evening and thank you for joining us. >>. polk county deputies try to figure out what led up to a father's death. >> the 32-year-old did try to get help. >> reporter: just moments ago polk county deputies removing the crime tape that was strung a i cross the front here of gabriel's house where this all first started. we don't know a what happened just yet. what we do know there was some type of a fight around 11:00 last night. right in gabriel's front yard. punches were thrown and the suspect took off. gabriel walked across the street to a neighbors house to get help. they called deputies saying there was a stabbing in the neighborhood. before help arrived gabriel
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day investigating this crime going into the house tryings to collect evidence and piece together what happened. right now they are not saying it's a homicide. just calling it a suspicious death and trying to find that person that was fighting with gabriel just before this all unfolded. certainly if you know anything about this crime or have information that might be helpful, call the polk county sheriffs office. reportingreporting in polk we are told one person ran a red light leading to two cars colliding at state route 64. one person died. no other injuries were reported. developing story out of south tampa. bicyclist in the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car. it happened around noon. tampa police are still investigating. stay with us for further updates. it's an epidemic in some parts of the bay area.
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we are talking about heroin overdoses. the problem so severe it prompted the medical examiner to speak up. here's jake peterson with more on the pleas for help. >> right now it's as bad as it's ever been. >> reporter: that is why dr. russell vega is speaking to concerned citizens. his office is teaing with deaths from heroin and even from tenth fall. in all they had 160 deaths in the region last year an years numbers are not looking good. >> i'm here to work with them. to provide a little more awareness in the community of what is going on. i think there is a tendency in the community to try to keep it under the rug so to speak. to make sure that doesn't happen. >> reporter: and that is why jerry stan hope is here. she lost four family members including her son to drug usage. >> it has effected me four times in about a year. it's done a number on a lot of people. >> reporter: she says a big
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>> we don't have a whole lot of treatment centers. when people want help, they go if there and try to get help and turned away. >> reporter: people have either lost family members or know someone who is currently using. >> they're not going to make it if they keep using. manatee county is number one in the state of florida with overdoses. >> reporter: dr. vega hopes parents educate their teens about the dangers of drugs. because he says heroin doesn't discriminate. >> if we can do something to improve the situation now,we we would have won a little battle. we immediate to be vigilant about the whole issue of drug abuse and deaths caused by it. because it's not going to go in. >> reporter: reporting in manatee county jake peterson abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> if you have been waiting for the next cold front, the weather that will really make changes to our weather, it's moving through right now.
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another beautiful day. right up around the 80-degree mark across most of the area. sarasota hit 81. lakeland 79. by this time tomorrow we would have dropped 15-degrees if for the afternoon highs. the satellite shows it's quiet even though the front is coming through. no rain with it. maybe a few clouds. you will know it arrives by tomorrow morning. the winds will be picking up. look for temperatures in the 40s across most of the area. low 50s closer to the by monday morning i think some parts of the bay area will be down near freezing. clear over night. coolest stuff arrives tomorrow and we'll tell you about it, it will continue into thanksgiving. >> thank you. a woman is fighting an aggressive bacteria she caught while swimming. right now she is advising other swimmers to be careful. pumping antibiotic's n holly's arm is the only thing keeping
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tier from swimming in a stewart sand bar. a procedure is leaving her more at risk for infection. she needs surgery before the antibiotics stop working. if she doesn't get that surgery, doctors say she could die. there are fundraisers to help with her surgery. goes-r satellite launched. it's original launch date was delayed by hurricane matthew. still ahead on action news. taking aim. donald trump's tirade on social media besides practicing more restraint. >> and tying the knot. a twist of fate led preschool sweethearts down the aisle
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chicago police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed an illinois congressman's grandson. davey davidson's grandson got into an argument with gunmen over shoes. the gunmen house. he was shot in the head. strange case from a missing mother of five. crystal rogers went missing in july of 2015. this morning her dad was shot dead while hunting. police have little to say. >> say your prayers for this family. they have been through a lot. we're going to get out there and work as hard as we can. >> his death adds more mystery to the case of crystal rogers.
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live in boy fend. he says he knows nothing of her whereabouts. calvin cook enters the schools record books.
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believe it or not. >> and why fall is the best time to get in shape from the inside out. >> and live music. see you at 10:00 a.m.. republican president elect donald trump using twitter to take aim at broadway actors and calling on them to apologize. >> he's also working on filling those critical positions. donald trump and arriving at trump's new jersey golf club for a full day of meetings. just hours earlier the president-elect lashing out on twitter about this. video showing cheering and booing as pence arrived at friday nights performance of the hit broadway musical hamilton. at the end of the show, the cast delivered a message. >> we, sir, we are the diverse
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administration will not protect us. but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: but donald trump was not a fan of president- elect saying the cast harassed him. >> the only way that we find a common ground is if we can speak to one another. and i'm so glad he stayed and listened. >> i was >> i'm very proud of booing mike pence. >> reporter: back in new jersey a high stakes summit between the 2016 winner and the 2012 republican nominee. mitt romney reportedly in the running for secretary of state. even though he and trump have publicly attacked each other. >> appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect
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>> reporter: just the beginning of a weekend of work. abc news new york. >> meanwhile protests against the president-elect continue with several big demonstrations going on in washington, d.c. and in new york. >> here at home a very happy update. it's so great when we can follow through with stories we shared with you and that is the case right now. a year ago i told you about a local couple that found each other three decades after first meeting in preschool. a twist of justin back together. and their love story went viral. so much so producers of the view flew them to new york where they got engaged live on tv. last night not only did they tie the knot, comedian michelle collins officiated over the ceremony. i was so touched and honor to be invited to that ceremony. i did a facebook live and there were lots of tears and lots of
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over to my facebook page. happening real soon today is the annual enchanted tree lighting at hide park village. the tree lighting is officially at 8:00 p.m. but you can enjoy pictures with santa, live music. now the most accurate weather team in florida abc action weather. >> i was driving john crazy last night because i kept on telling him, texting him from the wedding saying this is so romantic. i cat getting married. >> you love, love stories. >> i do. you remember the story? >> i watch football. no, i do. i remember it very well. [ laughter ] looking outside there is clear water hyatt. the skies are clear. we at long last have some of the coolest air we have seen in a long time. i know a lot of folks are ready for it. it's thanksgiving week. you want to cool down a little bit. skies are partly cloudy.
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mid 60s. by tomorrow morning a lot of folks in our northern counties will be in the mid 40s. closer to the beach upper 60s to lower 70s right now. you'll be waking up to the lower 60s. st. pete looking good too. temperatures from the upper 60s to 70 degrees. let's talk about the next week. a lot of travel concerns. a lot of folks thinking, what are we going to do? will we need to turn on the air conditioner for thanksgiving? here front just coming through. it's not going to bring us any rain. it will bring us a little bit of cloud cover out there. that is pretty much it. back behind it, you will know it's here. by tomorrow morning the winds will have picked up. temperatures will have dropped in the 40s and 50s. on sunday afternoon we will see highs in the mid 60s. that is it. we will be sunny all day. it will be a beautiful, breezy, cool day.
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especially monday morning. you know mid 60s is still very nice. but as i said, monday is when you are really going to notice it. i think some folks in the northern counties will drop down to the 30s. maybe even near freezing. this is the national picture. there is the front coming through. you may have noticed in the michigan-indiana game there was snow toward the end of the game. it's snowing in cleveland. when the browns play the steelers tomorrow, there is a decent chance of snow there. right? so is this. 20s right now across northern minnesota. chicago at 34. boston at 47. this is all moving east. so if you are planning ongoing up anywhere between chicago and new york, monday there is a chance of some weather. we'll touch on that in a second. here's what we are looking at locally. these are the highs by the way not the lows. mid to upper 60s. st. pete 65.
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counties. it will be a breezy day but it will be a very nice day. a little warmer down south. hardy, highlands maybe manatee and sarasota up around 70 degrees. and monday morning, this will be the coldest morning. low 40s common across most of the area. upper 40s closer to the coast. and 30s. we may be mid 30s from citrus and hernando. right now you don't ha t nothing to worry about. watch us tomorrow because there is a chance brooksfield could flirt with temperatures in the low 30s. now talking about travel could be weather issues on monday in the northeast. for us we are going to warm up beautifully after the cool days for two days we will be right back in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees by thanksgiving day. here's a look at florida's most
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67 on monday. morning lows 30s and 40s. florida and lsu supposed to be playing way back on october 8th but thanks to hurricane matthew that game was postponed and rescheduled for today at lsu mainly because lsu wouldn't be flexible on rescheduling. inhe home game. tempers flairing before the game even started. check this out. tigers running back leonard pushes a gators assistant coach. that is not cool. police had to separate both teams. once the game got under way tigers jumped to 57-3 lead. bad position for florida. first down on its own two. austin down to the sideline. breaks free and is gone.
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second largest scoring play the scrimmage for the gators in history since 1977. 10-7 florida. now to the drama. 16-10 gators. three seconds left. lsu facing a fourth and goal. day jus takes the leap and is stuck. the gators defense turns into a brick wall. impressive stand. florida wins 16-10. the gators win the scc east and will be heading to atlanta for the championship game. >> they've got some pride. they were called out. and what amazes me is people call people out when there is actually tragedy happening. unbelievable to me. you know what, we came on the road and won a game. >> history in syracuse. cook needed 19 rushing yards to break the rushing record and it didn't take long for cook to break and set a new mark. a 41-yard pick up here. and here's your new florida
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seminoles rushing leader. later on the drive deandre over the middle finds murray alone in the end zone. that is good for six. seminoles up 14-0 and they went on to beat the orange 45-14 behind cooks four touchdowns tying a career high. fsu will wrap up the season next week at home against the gators. z to the ice we go. lightning riding a three-game win streak entering the game without steven stamkos. both in philly without a matinee affair. speaking of tyler johnson. he gets by the flyers defense and lights the lamp with a lightning power play goal. great pass there. 1-0 tampa bay. andre weaving, waiting, firing. and just like that 2-0 bolts. third goal of the year. did i mention jonathan drew a
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steve mason for another lightning goal. bolts win easily 3-0. 32 saves. second straight shut out win. he is now 5-1 on the season. be the lightning will attempt a five-game road win streak sweep on monday night in nashville. stay tuned. more news returns after this


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