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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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effect for the coast. the synonymy warning was issued after a 6.9 earthquake. a larger wave is still expected. fukushima is home to the nuclear power plant damaged back in 2011. our top story tonight police across the country on high alert right now after four police officers were shot in four separate cities. in texas right now a manhunt underway for the suspect and two more officers shot missouri. in florida and of officer taking to the hospital after a shooting at a traffic stop in sanibel island. a teenage suspect shot and killed. tonight carson chambers looks at my local police officers are doing to protect themselves. >> reporter: i think we're up to 56 officers this year. >> ore police officers shot on
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they have a target on their backs. >> usually when there is occurrences like this, they have them in some kind of discussion. and just let people know that there are people out there trying to hurt you. >> reporter: officer corey crawford is a community police officer with st. pete police. >> are you guys said school isn't around right now? >> reporter: spending most of his time making a positive impact and making re >> if you are not assigned to a call, people start traveling in that direction just make sure everything is okay. >> reporter: the shootings on sunday left a veteran dead and a man pulled up behind him writing a ticket and shot him according to investigators. >> you through the term routine traffic stops. there is nothing routine about it. you have no idea who you are
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memorial website which tracks officers killed shows a 10% increase in the number of officer deaths is 71% increased by firearm. statistics officer crawford is aware of but will not dwell on. >> you have to keep safety in your mind at all times, but you cannot let it paralyze you. >> reporter: abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> temperatures right now in the low to mid 60s. is started out in the 20s this morning with citrus, hernando low to mid 30s. most of us still warm top into the 60s and now the sun is going down but it will not be as cold as a freeze. although i would not be surprised with 36 or 37 in brooksville with afternoon highs 27 this morning warming up to 69
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63 in clearwater and well below normal. temperatures, wake up time with polk county area primarily in the low to mid 40s or 30s across the northern counties. i do not expect a freeze this go around and then big changes for thanksgiving coming up in a few minutes. an update tonight about the search for a bank robber in st. petersburg. janice elmwood turned himself into police. she was caught on camera passing a note to a teller at a bank of america and it said she had a bomb. also at 5:30 high-paying manufacturing jobs coming to manatee county. tonight isabel rosales with by the industry is booming. >> reporter: they are going through a review with the board of county commissioners both
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right now the companies that will offer jobs kept confidential. >> it is great for this region. >> reporter: they say opportunity is already here. >> right now we have over 160 openings as well and manufacturing is in high demand. >> reporter: she says continued to expect even more openings because the field is booming. for randall his job changed his life. >> i am trying to take care of my family the right way. >> reporter: for months he struggled to have a job. >> they want you to have a degree or they are not hiring or the space has been fills. it is really hard. >> reporter: now he can't support his family and learn a look at the same time. >> and it is not just manufacturing jobs. construction gained 500 new jobs compared to last year. education health services
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in those 60 jobs we mentioned, the paycheck will be around 150% of the 2014 average annual wage. in manatee county, isabel rosales, abc action news. >> thank you. tonight we know where president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence will be spending thanksgiving. donald trump will spend thanksgiving in his more local resort pence is traveling to mississippi where his son is stationed. a spokesperson for mr. trump says he will get together with family and his palm beach home and take a break from the transition plan. despite two hurricanes and a zika scare tourists continue to visit the sunshine state in record numbers. 85 million visitors for the first nine months of this year and said officials say that is the highest nine-month total
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this time last year. we told you about the threat of wildfires in florida last week. this morning four different fires popped up on state road 417 near the turnpike in orange county. this is a picture from the traffic camera. thick smoke bellowed near the homes and the wind >> reporter: it away from the roadway. vibrators are now working to figure out what caused it. we have several traffic alerts tonight while the roads might be less pke no shortage of construction projects. janelle martinez joins us with areas you will want to avoid. >> reporter: we have some construction happening over the next few days. we have northbound macdill avenue closed just north of candy through wednesday. you will want to take candy to heinz and a similar closure on
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during the day through tuesday. we do have some repaving happening tomorrow so just a heads up there might be some extra congestion around henderson and also florida avenue right at fly. we also have some good work in pinellas during the day tomorrow. we also some road work at wilcox and us 19. the good news is we have a holiday coming up so no construction scheduled for wednesday through the weekend. still, tonight storing the best deals on black friday. the stars offering the cheapest discounts plus i will tell you the three things you will want to avoid buying altogether this holiday season. and forget elf on the shelf. the new secret weapon parents are using to keep kids on their best behavior. i'm a one-way street so if they block of my street, it is
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downtown st. pete. the big project coming next and the reason some business owners
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caught on camera a south florida gas station fought back against an army. you can see him with a metal pipe in his hand. he goes off to the clerk here striking his back with the pipe. managers took the pipe away and actually scares the suspect off. the clerk was hospitalized with injuries suffered in this attack. >> reporter: pasco county fire of you can see the smoke coming from the home. the fire started earlier today at a home on flint would drive. thankfully no one was hurt. into a story out of indiana where officials are working to determine what caused a house fire that killed four children. it happened in carroll county
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indianapolis. when they arrived on scene they knew the kids were trapped but there was nothing they could do. once crews reached the children , it was just to go late. -- too late. the mother is in the hospital. firefighters found her any downstairs bedroom. an officer and deputy who tried to rescue the children armor covering tonight. it was all fun and games for a martin county woman until she learned how much you can see her mood takes a turn when she learns that her bond was set at $265,000. this woman was wanted on warrants for selling dangerous drugs near a school zone. she was finally tracked down in boynton beach. and what you take a look at this. a bright house cable >> reporter: finding itself with a serious problem when the
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sinkhole. you can see it completely submerged into the whole. the water was gushing as crews worked to get the truck out of a hole. oklea the driver was not hurt. lots of floridians plan to burn author thanksgiving meal by shopping. a new survey by aaa suggesting that most of us will start our holiday shopping before december. the busiest shopping day wi plan to spend it hundred $70 this year on gifts. that is up from last year and reports of shoppers look at half of shopping online. how good of a deal are you really getting on black friday? tonight eye-opening numbers reveal which products it pays to buy on the biggest shopping day and gifts you want to avoid. >> reporter: the biggest
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dryer before black friday jc penney said it is $1034. it lacks -- it drops to $495 when you save $539 if you wait to buy it on black friday. look at the sony smart to be before black friday it is $2,998 an on black friday, 50 saving of $498. this is the year of the $4000 discount. >> several stores have 50 inch tvs for around $299 four even less. >> reporter: when does it pay to go to the actual store? ace is the place with the hardware store beating amazon
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they blocks -- big lots also. target misses the mark only beating amazon 59% of the time when they are selling the same stuff. best by has a good deal rating. but wait. there is more. here are some of the worst things you can buy on black friday. anything media -- books, don't buy that. also a peril. you don't really get the discount and truly is not fully discounted on black friday. it is actually the worst time to buy it. >> maybe it isn't about the gift, paul. elf on the shelf used to keep kids on best behavior but now parents and teachers are
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there are hundreds of tweets showing different santa cams being used to keep those kids in line. some you can buy from online retailers and others are just homemade that'll have the same concept. parents are hanging them on christmas trees and one teacher were hers as a necklace in the classroom. there all are to make sure kids are doing well so that santa gets a good report. >> i need one of these. >> there you go. >> for my abilities -- boys at home. >> i love it. elf on the shelf was a thing and now you have the santa cam. >> why not? >> when i was growing up my mom just said either you are good or and not getting you anything. >> whatever leverage you need you have got to use it. looking outside it feels like the north pole -- does not
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skies are clear with the sunset looking picture-perfect as it usually is. the temperature is still topping in the low to mid 60s with downtown tampa right now 62 degrees and sarasota topping the charts at 68. this morning the 20s with 27 in brooksville and 39 in lakeland. so we could have easily had a fr northern counties. it is pretty cold from crystal river down to brooksville. closer to the coast there is usually a couple of spots in hernando and citrus county that are colder than ever else. so temperatures primarily in the 50s and cool enough tomorrow morning into the 40s. there will be a few 30s but nothing nearly as cold as it
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dew points at 31. the winds are coming from the north and that is why those temperatures have dropped so quickly. we only hit 70 today and that is 7 degrees below normal. it has been a long time since they have seen that. development tampa was 15 degrees below the normal of 59. the dew points is 37 and in sarasota right now skies are clear across the entire viewing it will begin to change late tomorrow into wednesday. when the winds come out of the east you know as well as i do that means we start to see some clouds coming in. we are surrounded by water, and it makes a lot of sense. it can rebound so quickly that there is enough on wednesday for maybe even a shower.
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maybe not perfectly blue skies. we will watch this, and it is worth checking us out tomorrow because of the models continue to hit there may be a few showers we may have to change things around but i think even if this does develop bse in the snuffling the tunnel were talking about one of those two minutes sprinkles and that is worst-case scenario. tuesday morning is not nearly as chilly. we will not be worrying about freezing temperatures i think there will still be a few spots in central hernando that will be in the mid to upper 30s by tuesday morning. everybody else is in the low 40s and it is definitely sweater weather but then temperatures warm up in the upper 70s in fact mid to upper 70s across the entire viewing area. here is a look at thanksgiving day. maybe some rain across the mid atlantic.
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temperatures well into the 40s but some snow across the northern plains and also some weather and rain in the pacific northwest. hurricane season ends in a handful of days with a new tropical storm otto what they becoming a hurricane over the next several days. look for northeast winds and a light chop out of the bay. here sunrise and sunset. tuesday is mostly sunny and finish with 75 degrees and sunny skies. looking at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast 78 on wednesday and thanksgiving up near 80 degrees. you will want to get the fireplace going because it will definitely be chilly and then we stay in the mid to upper 70s through the rest of the week. still to come tonight responded to backlash for posting this picture of what is being called a sad criminal on
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did nothing wrong next at 6:00. first, a school nurse shortage across the country. the reason many districts are you limiting the position and what you can do to keep your
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some breaking news out of tennessee. at least one person is dead after this school bus crash in chattanooga. you can see from the pictures the bus somehow ended up between two large trees and then on its site. no word now on how this crash happened. a sobering number for parents tonight. >> only have a public schools have registered nurses on south
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be present full-time at every school. but faced with budget cuts many are opting to have one on site only part-time. this means relying on teachers and staff to dispense medication and handle emergencies. >> at the same time, children are going to school with food allergies and asthma. experts say make sure you give explicit instructions to the person in charge. >> former stars conditions like asthma or epilepsy, pediatrician to submit an action plan to the school. >> you should know your rights. federal law requires schools to accommodate the specific needs of your child and allow them to participate alongside their peers. here is wendy ryan with a look of what is coming next at 6:00. >> the unexpected visitor in a sleeping couple's bed that'll
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>> a 12-year-old run down in the selfless act that put him in danger any type of car police want you to look out for. holiday shopping in full swing. how a deal for you could mean not only beautifying the community but helping strangers. >> if people ask about them if we have any other gifts i hav of children's hope went to dozens of parties each year but did not get to always keep the presence they got. how the organization responds
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> he is a hero. >> run over and left in the road. the devastating injuries to a 12-yr- that ended with him in the hospital. we are just getting our first look at conditions on the ground in japan as a tsunami makes its way toward the fukushima nuclear power plant. and earthquake striking off of the island. it melted after a tsunami five years ago and we are just learning the cooling system in reactor three at the fukushima
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and they are still trying to determine why the system went off-line. in texas police say they have just made an arrest in a murder. the gunman targeted and killed detective benjamin marconi outside headquarters. he was sitting in his patrol car yesterday writing a traffic ticket when someone shot him twice. officers say they just arrested the suspect. bus crash in tennessee that killed at least one child. 35 elementary students were on the bus when it crashed. you can see it landed between two large trees. witnesses said students were escaping out of the roof hatch. right now we do not know what caused that bus to crash. good evening everyone. i am jamison uhler.


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