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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and nba star arrested. >> why he was like you pick up >> and why they want him back. coming up next on action news at 11:00. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three:
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ep three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. right now at 11:00 a former nba star in police custody for a burglary in manatee county. i'm >> police in texas holding former houston rocket superstar steve francis for stealing from me manatee county woman. >> we spoke with that woman tonight and here is the story from manatee county. >> reporter: the only thing that she cares about right now is getting some sentimental jewelry back and she wants that back desperately.
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positions. >> reporter: this woman who does not want to be identified as describing the moment she realized that somebody stole everything from her car. she went to the cortez clam factory for the first time to hang out with friends. >> the bartender runs out and says hey get out of that car. i said what guy. i said this is my bmw. >> reporter: that guy is former orlando magic and houston rockets player francis asks the bartender to help and look for his car keys using a flashlight. >> you got everything. he got a diamond ring and my father's wedding band. irreplaceable sentimental value. >> reporter: two days later he walked into the bradington police department with a plastic bag full of stuff and said i just robbed somebody take me to jail i am turning myself and. police had no report of any
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everybody knows about it because detectives arrested the former nba star in texas on a dwi charge and saw there is an active warrant for his arrest in manatee county for that burglary. >> when you think of somebody that has been at that level and you read some of the things on the internet about him and it is sad. it seems like he has had a rough few years. >> reporter: i spoke to the management at the cortez clam factory and they to comment publicly about this incident. >> thank you. right now police in tennessee say speed might be a reason behind the deadly school bus crash this afternoon. they're calling it every safety professionals worst nightmare. six students were killed and 23 were sent to the hospital. the bus was the only vehicle involved in the crash. the bus was carrying students
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the identities of the children killed until their families have been identified. this is the man san antonio police say shot and killed a detective to police say the fallen officer was ambushed while writing a traffic ticket in his car. in the last 24 hours at least three other officers in other cities including sanford florida in st. louis missouri have been ambushed while on the job. 58 officers have been shot in the line of duty just this year's of -- the highest number since 2011. a man was accused of supporting isis and trying to carry out attack in time square. the man wanted to carry out an attack similar to the one in nice france last year when a man drove a truck into a crowd of people. as the macy's thanksgiving day parade turns 90 they are increasing security admit threats of a terrorist attack. they will be facing more than 80 sand filled trucks along the parade route to prevent an attack like the one in france. officers will also be more
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route along with bomb sniffing dogs who will also be walking the root. bizarre video from south florida. people grabbing this man who had crashed a stolen car into a tv news van. bystander say the man was trying to get away so they held onto them and actually watched him chug a beer until officers arrived. it is a feeding frenzy on the water near downtown saint pete. workers homogenate are watching a school of pin fish. the valley jackson going up and down the line eating them. it started off in the 20s this morning and only hit the mid-sixties this afternoon and we are right back in the upper 30s across the northern counties. that is mostly around brooksville into everybody else in the upper 40s and mid-50s to
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a big spread in temperature is what you would expect because the water temperature is still pretty warm and it will keep things warmer along the coast overnight. you will wake up to temperatures in the low to mid 50s around coastal pinal us. northern hillsboro in the lower 40s. upper 30s to low 40s along the coast and then maybe some low to mid 30s and the coldest spots around brooksville otherwise would begin to see a pretty dramatic warming trend not so much in the warming -- morning but in i will have a look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. a bizarre stabbing. police say alex stabbed his father in the neck. they believe his dad wanted to circumcise him. the father is expected to recover and the sun is being treated for mental issues in jail. former school -- school librarian is speaking out of
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tarpon springs. she told our action news reporter how this exploding toilet has injured her and changed her life. >> you cannot tell the story without smiling because everybody thinks it is so unreal. >> reporter: for and the moment a toilet exploded at tarpon springs elementary school was very real. >> i flush the toilet and took one step and it blew out and pieces of shrapnel were flying around the room and the first thing you do is close your eyes and turn your head and ducked. >> reporter: she thought she had porcelain projectiles. >> everybody was running towards me and i said okay and then i turned around and there were these big blood drops. >> in her lawsuit she said the city had been working on a water line outside the school and pressure built up into the toilet and made it shatter leaving her with a huge gash. >> it looks like a huge smiley face and then they stitched it all up. >> reporter: a piece of the
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leg setting up a serious infection. doctors were concerned that she may lose the leg altogether. >> for six months i had to take three antibiotics. >> reporter: the city is not commenting but she hopes her lawsuit will keep this from happening to anyone else. >> thank goodness it was not a child. that could have been hurt much worse. a central florida man got run over by his own truck. cameras outside a strict -- strip club shows william edwards trto he is so drunk you falls to the ground and the truck hits his back legs. a second later the vehicle plows into a house. he tried to run but police caught him. it is pricey protecting president-elect donald trump. it is costing new york city $1 million a day. the president-elect plans to visit new york often since his wife and son will be there until the end of the school year. all presidents require local law enforcement escorts when they return home meeting a lot
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happening tomorrow several restrictions going to place as donald trump heads to florida. he spending thanksgiving in palm beach county at his home. starting tomorrow there is aerospace and water restrictions while he is in town. only certain planes will be allowed to fly in this area. voters will need special permission to enter cost stop, or anchor in three zones during his visit. family struggling to make ends meet will have turkey for thanksgiving thanks to a ca law firm. people waited in long lines outside the law firm in tampa's today. they handed out 1000 turkeys to 1000 families. the giveaway started eight years ago when a client could not afford it thanksgiving day meal. >> i am here by the grace of god. we have been blessed beyond our wildest imagination. this is a small effort to give to the community and pass it
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more than 75,000 people in florida over the last eight years through this giveaway. all new i had an important recall that you need to know before preparing your thanksgiving feast. the fixing that could make you sick. it has been a rough year for the tourism industry but the site -- despite hurricanes and zika there has been some good news. the outrageous reason a high school coach who admits to
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new tonight georgia high school coach cleared of sex charges with a student. he was convicted under a statute that bans sex between teachers and students but the high court ruled he was a paraprofessional not a teacher.
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old at the time the age of consent in georgia, the justices throughout the case. a woman shot in the head outside a gun show will make a full recovery. a woman's husband had just bought her and matching pistol like his, he handed them both to a friend and one of them fired. the bullet grazed her head. investigators are looking for the cause of an la autoshow accident. unmanned test driving a car may have been dr license when he crashed. he ran into a crime -- concrete flowerpot sending debris flying into a crowd. eight people were injured and six were sent to the hospital including the driver. everyone is expected to survive. heart stopping moments near pittsburgh. and out-of-control police car narrowly missed a group of children. the cruiser was sent out of control by a person fleeing
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van. after nearly hitting the kids it goes careening into a parked minivan. nobody was hurt and the officer had only minor injuries. a consumer alert about a thanksgiving day stables. hines is recalling homestyle bistro eyes you grave -- our shoes gravy because it may but -- and maybe pork gravy. if you have an allergy to an ingredient in could make you sick. florida weathered a storm of uncertainty despite two hurricanes emma zika virus rick scott said we are headed for a record year. ryan smith joins us for a breakdown of the local impact. >> reporter: i'm at pier 60 in clearwater beach. it's a tourist hotspot all year long. area businesses tell me they saw a record said he's -- setting summer system -- season despite a few challenges.
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here bracing chilly temperatures capturing a scenic sunset. state officials busting florida now on pace for a record- setting year into her some. nearly 27 million visitors this year a 5% jump from 2015. >> the business was excellent. >> reporter: that translated into dollars for raymond rodriguez who manages two hotels and sharkey's beach bar. >> i saw the numbers going up every there was a lot more foot traffic out there. >> reporter: locally clearwater reports 37 straight months of year-to-year tourism tax growth. >> this is economic development it's car. >> reporter: growth to but -- growth despite summer travel concerns sparked by the zika virus. the epa issued a travel warning in the summer warning citizens to stay out of florida.
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down at the beach. >> reporter: newly released numbers show that florida still shines. >> we were concerned but had they posed a direct and huge economic threat to pennell's county the answer is no. >> reporter: tourism officials in pinellas county say they are predicting a better season compared to last year. governor rick scott helping -- hoping that they will reach their visi of the year. >> thank you. if you have an iphone six that shuts down unexpectedly you may be able to get a free battery replacement. apple reporting a problem with a small number of phones made between september and october of last year. go to an apple store if you think yours may be one of them. samsung is doing everything they can to lower customers
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galaxy problems. they are reassuring customers there is no threat of fire for the more than 10 million devices currently being used in the us. there have also been reports of other products such as galaxy note to catching fire. you may have noticed that starbucks has confirmed they are raising prices on cold drinks and baked goods. the price hike is going into effect last -- this month. they raise their prices of coffee drinks -- hot coffee drinks in the summer by the same margin. patagonia will be closed on thanksgiving and is donating 100% of sales on black friday. the retailer came up with the idea after the election to donate money to environmental groups. the country saying the country is divided but the environment is something everybody can come together on. this donation could be worth more than $2 million for
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very untraditional thanksgiving menu. researchers at one children's hospital say one in six teens have recently gotten begin desk on vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian. instead of feuding parents are making many adjustments. about half of the parents believe the new diets have had a positive impact on their children's health. astronauts can enjoy thanksgiving dinner in state -- in space. texas a&m has created these holiday food turkey. i am sure it is really good as well. in the past thanksgiving meal and -- in space was taking and peanut butter and jelly on tortilla. >> at least they have upgraded. >> that took me way back. tomorrow morning to start your day will need a jacket or
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clearwater beach looking out toward the west. bobby came through with the beauty. mother nature certainly helped out a bit. it started off unseasonably cold this morning. we have one more chilly morning and store and then the warm-up begins just in time for the long holiday weekend. we will be warming up by wednesday even more so on thanksgiving. our dry weather stretches not going anywhere. forecast at least the next 7 to 10 days which is great news for the folks who are off this week or vacationing in our area visiting us. for a lot of locals we could use some rain. there is nothing out there and i don't expect anything. temperatures are already in the upper 30s in brooksville but they are always the outlier. must everybody else is in the 40s to low 50s. it is close to 60 degrees in largo. and the water temperature is in the mid-60s just to the west.
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st. petersburg to clearwater and skies are clear over the entire area. tomorrow morning when you start your day will see clear skies there is no doubt about that. the dry air that is right on top of this is not going anywhere either. by tomorrow afternoon what has been more of a northerly went ring and in cooler air shift to market an easterly wind. when we get an east wind here it does a couple of things. it brings in more moisture and some clouds and also allows temperatures to warm up quite bit. whiles the morning will be chilly the afternoon will be very nice. if you say what is this green on the radar. that looks like rain. it looks like it to me to but the models are off. with the easterly wind it will take at least 24 hours for the atmosphere to juice up enough so there may be will be a couple of sprinkles later on wednesday but not many if at all. we will warm up quite a bit and see a few more clouds on
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had may be a two-minute spritz or a passing shower. the forecast ties begin to climb again tomorrow. mid to upper 70s so even though you start in the 30s across citrus county you will still warm right back up into the upper 70s with about a 40 degree rise later on in the day. for thanksgiving there will be some rain maybe even some rain for the macy's day parade. don't think it will be snow because temperatures will be to northern plains and rain out west. there's a better chance of rain toward next weekend for folks who are going up north coming back down there may be some other issues there. by the way we have a new storm, otto, he could be a hurricane in the next 24 hours. the season ends at the end of november it is no threat to us and is moving west to central america. for the boaters closer to home northeast winds at 5 to 10 knots. the water temperature has
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about a 10 degrees drop in the last 10 days. here is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. sunshine each and every day with maybe a few clouds on wednesday into thanksgiving with the easterly winds. look at the highs near 80 degrees in the afternoon the morning those are starting off cool. we will be near 80 in the afternoon. after four solid road starts the bolts were off the mark tonight. we have the highlights
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hello the lightning were helping to go five this were to nashville slammed the door on a sweep. they just could not cash in with their sixth straight over the lightning. they scored twice in the second. the closest game out. it was 1-0 after one they came through on a power-play and it was tough against the bolts on -- when he was on montrial same story with nashville. he scored twice tyler johnson
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there are certain things one does as a leader to motivate. it turns out this last weekend buccaneer quarterback jay ms. winston went old school to get his message to his teammates. we have more. >> reporter: sundays stunning when in kansas city had a different when -- had a different feel compared to the four other buccaneer wins this season. this victory was up -- extra special because of what jay ms. winston difference teammates just days before every player in the locker room. >> i told him how grateful i was to be there quarterback. that was the main thing. >> for him to be a leader and stand up like that he is a born leader. >> reporter: he wrote the letter before the barracks game but told the coach he wanted -- the bears game that said he wanted to wait to give it to his teammates before the cheese
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their. >> i told you i was grateful for every one of you. you see how we play as a family. you see what we can do as a family. it is all about us. >> he is a special guy. we have never questioned his leadership. >> it's important to me to let them know the season is not over. they got the same thing in their mind by after we won in chicago you just see the mentality >> like his leadership skills they appear to be growing into a winner and now they sit just one game back of first-place. john sable abc action sports. >> we will see how healthy the buccaneers will be later but we could see the return of running back jockeys rogers that would be a big plus going into the seattle game. the folks in tallahassee had more than the game against the gators on their mind.
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after the game to be their new head coach. will that be a distraction? we will see. jimbo is cutting his answers quite short on the subject. the gators were at the arena tonight playing host to belmont. coach mike white has seen a big improvement from casey hill from a year ago. he cannot hit a three and he has popping them in this year. the gators are knocking on the door of the top 25 they b 78-61.
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clear overnight, very chilly to start the day. not as cool as it was this
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around freezing. looking ahead to the thanksgiving holiday for thanksgiving day 78 degrees is the afternoon high. black friday 78 to 80, same thing on saturday looking very very nice right on through the weekend. >> that is why we live here. continuing coverage of our top stories at have a good night we will see you back here in the
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from holly from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, tonight, shia la buff. anna camp. music from green day. and now, h here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? la one of labeouf. >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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