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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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will politics ruin thanksgiving? why for many families the answer is already yes. a former nba star is arrested for stealing from a car in manatee county. what local authorities did not feels sorry for steve francis. breaking news. clearwater police were looking for a man who robbed a 7- eleven. the men implied he had a weapon and demanded cash. >> he grabbed some bills from the cash register and left in a car >> this comes after hooded men robbed convenience stores yesterday in eight hours. humid because to a third
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speedway convenience store taken early yesterday morning. you can see him walking out with a handful of cash. the second robbery after 11 at the market daily on state route 590 and he left both stores and was believed to be a silver four- door nissan with a rear spoiler. if you recognize him call crimestoppers. this woman does not look like a bank robber but she is in court facing charges for allegedly robbing a passed a teala thompson she had a bomb janice allen would turned herself in yesterday. a man caught on camera punching a mercedes is facing felony charges. he did $8000 worth of damage to three vehicles at the ability loft condos. he broke into the garage this month into vehicles.
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accused of stealing from a manatee county woman and now is facing extradition to florida from texas. steve francis played for orlando magic and houston rockets. he was at the cortez clam factory in bradenton the summer and asked a bartender to help and look for his car keys. authorities say he stole items out of a bmw that did not belong to him. the owner of the car does not want to be identified says she did not see it happen. she wants her stolen jewelry back especially her father's wedding band. the vi for francis. >> they cannot someone who's been at that level and you read some of the things on the end of two men about him and it is sad. it seems like he is said and rough few years. >> authority st. francis tried to turn himself in to the bradenton police carrying a bag full of items but department did not have any reported crimes so he walked free. it was not until the star was arrested in texas on dwi it was
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burglary in manatee county. good morning. a cold tuesday morning once again with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but water temperatures to around 70. mid to upper 50s. and further east but not much and you get temperatures almost in the 30s. 43 tampa 50 at further north already in the mid-30s. that will get us to freezing with clear skies and calm wind. that's of the stage for patchy frost this morning. at the at -- this afternoon on like yesterday we will warm up and this hermas will moderate for the next few days. that will mean warmer
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we will talk about that in the extended forecast coming up. howard franklin no problems to report. i-275 looking good in downtown. the former librarian injured by an exploding toilet -- now we hear from her. , poland spoke with her about why she is suing the city of >> you cannot tell the story without smiling because everybody thinks it is so unreal. >> reporter: for anne burson the moment of the exploded at tarpon springs fundamental elementary it was real. >> i flushed the toilet and took one step and it blew out. pieces of shrapnel were flying around the first thing you do is closer eyes turn and doctor >> reporter: she thought she had avoided most of the project else but >> everyone was running toward me and said i'm okay and then i
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blood drops on the floor >> reporter: she says the city had been working on a water line outside the school. pressure built up until the toilet shattered. leaving her with a huge gash >> it was a big smiley face and then they stitched up >> reporter: apiece of the porcelain area itself in her leg setting up a series -- serious infection. doctors were concerned she might lose the like all together. strong antibiotics. >> reporter: the city is not commenting she hopes her lawsuit will keep this from happening to anyone else. >> i could visit was not a kid. he could've been worse. a south florida man accused of stabbing his father in the neck. a fight over circumcision is what sparked this. 20-year-old alex. his father wanted to circumcise
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hurt and his father refused taken to a doctor. he stabbed his father when this father was asleep on the sofa. he's in jail now being treated for mental issues and his father will recover. people grabbed a man police -- who had crashed a stolen car into a tv news fan in hollywood florida. he stole a deep from a parking lot and ran a red light crashing into the news fan. he then walked to the convenience store took off his shirt cannot with alcohol and a new shirt pump people outside kept them from leaving until police arrived. he started talking the drink while waiting for police. a man was run over by his own truck he tried to drive off he was so drunk he falls onto the ground and the truck rolled over his likes. the vehicle plows into house and he tried to run the police caught him.
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security for the macy's thanksgiving day parade after threats of terror attacks. the place more than 80 sand filled trucks along the route to prevent an attack like the one in france. in july a truck driver killed 86 people by deliberately driving into the crowd celebrating bastille day. officers along the route will also be more heavily armed and bomb sniffing dogs will walk around. a consumer alert about women -- one of the than because hundreds of cases might be mislabeled as pork gravy which means interest not accurately reflect ingredients such as milk and soy. @devin allen did one of those ingredients is could make you sick many parents are planning a nontraditional thanksgiving menu. one in 16 -- six teenagers has recently gone begin with free
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half of the parents believe the new diets have had a positive impact on the children. a disturbing thanksgiving trend people uninviting family members because of their politics >> this woman said she was uninvited by one side of the family for vaguely anti-trump facebook post and then molly writes her grandfather is demanding a thanksgiving full of trump supporters uninvited on onto but it for trump but unfortunately the trend is they are also people sending out blanket invitations to anyone who got kicked out a family thanksgiving >> of summer full of and whether and bad news did not put a damper. it's a record- setting year despite the hurricanes. zika worries and deadly alligator attack. rick scott announced the state
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that's a 5% increase from the same time last year. pinellas county tourism officials reported 37 straight months of year-to-year tourism growth clearwater beach businesses say the threat of zika did not deter the summer crowds. >> i call it the needle going up every day. many there was more foot traffic. >> the governor is hoping to attract a record 115 million visitors to the state this year. dining scene in downtown is not just for humans. check out the feeding frenzy on the water a school of young fish . donald trump laying out what he plans to do when he takes office. he's already backtracking on
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. a tragic story out of tennessee. a chattanooga school bus driver is under arrest after a crash that killed at least six children. he's charged with several counts of vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and
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when he lost control and the bus slammed into a tree and splitting apart. it was carrying 35 elementary school students. the man accused of killing a san antonio police officer did not know detective benjamin marconi. otis mccain talk to reporters. >> reporter: what real upset about? >> he said he's involved in a marconi was ambushed while sitting in his car writing a traffic ticket. he was a 20 or pattern with 2 children. at least three other officers in other cities including florida and st. louis were ambushed while on the job. 50 officers have been shot on duty this year alone. the highest number since 2011. it's been two weeks sent donald trump was named president-elect and now for the first time he's laying out his agenda for the first 100 days. >> reporter: for the first time
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talked directly to the american people. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. >> reporter: laying out plans for six key items to tackle when he takes of the white house. like withdrawing from the trans- pacific partnership. the largest trade pact in the world. >> a potential disaster for our country. >> reporter: instead trying to negotiate fair trade deals and counsel restrictions on production of american energy. >> creating many millions of high paying jobs. that is what we want. that is what we've been waiting for >> reporter: in his first address he strayed from one campaign promise that ignited a firestorm. >> we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: he backed off tough talk on his signature immigration issue to build a wall. no word of deporting millions of undocumented immigrants or restrictions on immigrants from
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promise, outsiders said he wants to impose a ban on executive officials looking to become lobbyists after leaving administration. steps he said will reform washington and help rebuild the middle class. a houston area woman confined to wheelchair is speaking out after deputies handcuffed her and used a taser on her. yesterday when she heard her daughter was being arrested at a gas station when she got with deputies on scene at one point they grabbed her phone and through her into her car minutes later a debbie used a taser on her. she was handcuffed and taste again. >> i feel like they actually abused the law and used it to abuse a disabled person. that could not even fight back. >> she was charged with
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is underway. if deputies violated policy they could be suspended or fired. we have changes on the way in the weather. not this morning. still cold and we warm-up today but then we're going to enter a different pattern for the next part of the week. temperatures now very cold mid- 40s admit 50s. otherwise generally 30s and 40s. wind out as well so take off a few degrees from the numbers is how it feels. a very dry air mass with dew points yesterday in the teens. think arizona dry. that's why the region temperature is big. we jumped 35-40 degrees from the low to the high and you can
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temperatures climb. notice the dew points as we get into this morning. into the 30s. 20s this afternoon. the kind of dry that you get sparks off the door handle. there is the east wind continuing to moderate our air mass. tomorrow dew points are now in the 50s and then mid-60s. and look at the scale. we go from extremely dry to human -- humid to downright monkey -- muggy. last of a range during the mornings and afternoons. tomorrow morning as an example. in the 50s. cannot drop below the dew point
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for the next few days we warm- up but also get more humid. thanksgiving day itself 79. higher humidity and a front comes in for the weekend. more about that coming up. i-for you to get -- i-4 near the interchange. traffic is here's the morning sports. good morning. lighting were hoping to go five for five on the road trip but nashville slammed the door on the sweep. the bolts have the chances but could not cash in.
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pk subban coming through on the power play. he was tough against the bolts when he was with montrial in the same story with national. he scored twice. tyler johnson the late goal and the predators 3-1 win over the lightning. gators played host to belmont. coach mike white does not like what he sees. -- is liking what he sees. big improvement from casey white. they are knocking on the door of the top 25 ranking. final 78-61. that is the morning sports. a bird napping caught on camera. a moment in california grabbed a 2000 african grey parrot -- a $2000 parent from the motorsport shock. the gary pinkel appears to be
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case and the thief left behind a phone. the owner of the paired as hesiod returned saying it's a family pack that needs special care. disney is offering cabanas in the magic kingdom. you can see how much they will cost. the most frequently asked question about turkey. gets answered.
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we are in the 30s and 40s. 50s and pinellas actually start once again. -- but a chilly start once again. yesterday we had 70 but today mid-70s. the full forecast coming up. a tampa bay area first smash burger opens today in clearwater. is known for its practices mashing up all of ground beef onto the grill one special item on the menu in clearwater. smile cam with swiss cheese pickles red onion and mustard. starbucks confirms it is raising prices on certain cold drinks and baked goods.
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if you have a turkey crisis this thanksgiving you can call the butterball hotline. >> you can also text as well. they will not say how long it will take to get a text back so keep that in mind. they've been taking closer more than 30 years and butterball says the most asked question is has stayed the same. it is how long does it take to follow a turkey. -- fall -- the answer is one day for every 4 pounds. 844-877-3456. still more coming up at
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this morning in connection to the tragic crash that killed six elementary school students. police -- what police believe led to the crash three robberies and 2 nice and clear water. more on possible connections. coming up. we hear firsthand from the tarpon springs librarian coming up why she says it is no laughing matter and she is now blaming the city. enqueue for waking up with us. >> we want to get your day started with a look at your forecast.-has what to expect. the forecast looks great. 's current conditions that are problem. we wake up in the 40s and 50s but 30s as well.


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