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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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their behalf. they say they would never go toe to toe or or make phone calls. >> authorities in tennesee say is school bus driver was driving over the speed limit when the bus went off the road yesterday. a child on the bus telling authorities he heard the bus driver saying ready to die before the crash. it killed five children. president obama awarding a medal of freedom a new port richey mother so someone tried to break in to the bedroom of her daughter with special needs. >> erik waxler shows us the critical clue left behind. >> we are living in fear. >> reporter: christine's mind is running wild after
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night. >> i stayed up all night long. shook of all the windows and doors, someone picked the bedroom belonging to the down syndrome daughter. >> i was very scared about that. i am worried. >> reporter: my daughter could not defend herself. can you imagine if a predator got into her home? it is the way this window was broken that is so strange. a perfectly cut circle had to be made with a professional glass cutter. whoever did it was able to reach one security latch but could not get to the window open. >> he tried to reach over here but was unsuccessful. >> reporter: investigators are trying to get fingerprints with so far no leads.
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birthday. >> reporter: she also has work to do with her christmas list. a new port richey, erik waxler, abc action news. >> hopefully they find that guy. donald trump extending his stay in florida and this visit is causing quite the stir sending out these maps today. highlighting with different rules. in zone one no boats are allowed and they must maintain a steady speed. they are not allowed to slow or stop. they are in effect until mr. trump leaves. meanwhile tonight a brand-new cnn poll finds more than half of americans think donald trump will do a good job as president
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defeat isis. as far as building the wall, 48% believe he will. the transition team has mixed reviews with 45% disapproving. after eight months and 50,000 hours of construction work, lawmakers are getting their first look at a brand-new senate chamber. it recently received an upgrade. workers replaced desks first work done to the chambers since it was opened in the late 70s. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. it started off around freezing with the suns shine warming things up this afternoon. 73 in lakeland with upper 60s
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where we should be with 77 in tampa and 80 in sarasota. even into the middle 60s. wednesday morning this is what you can expect. not nearly as called with temperatures in the 50s. but nowhere near freezing. and about the same across most of our interior counties. i will tell you when our next cold front arrives coming in a couple of minutes. a new warning out tonight from the florida forestry service issuing a fire danger warning for the entire state. everyone refrain from burning any debris. this is a brush fire from where view this morning -- river view this morning.
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pinellas county right now. panola police are trying to track down this man. he is behind a string of robberies. abc action news reporter ryan smith is outside one of the stores were a clerk told him about the terrifying moment. >> this mother tells me she feared for her life he is responsible for four robberies in including right here in clearwater. take a look. that surveillance camera inside the building may prove key to helping to catch this robber. detectives calling this man brazen and desperate accused of robbing four convenience stores
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be on high alert. >> reporter: the man is sporting a red hoodie over his head. >> he pretty much said i have a gun. give me the money. >> reporter: this clerk did not see a weapon but complied. we agreed to conceal her identity. >> it was so crazy i pretty much was so scared. >> reporter: despite the warning , he demanded everything in the cash register. >> i just froze and i wasn't really doing anything. that is one he came around and grabbed the money. >> reporter: investigators are now looking for a 2003 four-
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>> reporter: management are telling me they plan on installing more surveillance cameras on the outside of the business. we have a full description of the robber online at ryan smith, abc action news. from games to honor classes tonight at risk students are turning their lives around. success story making it happen. >> i am looking at florida state. >> reporter: this is a freshman at the high school. all ap and honors classes and a volunteer tutor in tampa. >> they look up to me as a role model because i will never give up. >> reporter: she donates her time because she used to sit
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she wanted something better. >> you feel stressful. you don't think you are meant for it, and i understand has some kids feel. >> reporter: it is students like her that they tout as successes. police officers have been here mentoring. >> everything that have to work for it. they know if they do not put out what i expect they will not get anything in return. >> reporter: she is tough as -- and has high expectations. >> if you put out goodness, goodness will come. >> reporter: which is why they've already had kids go to
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>> hopefully it will give someone else a miracle one day, just like it did for me. >> reporter: i am carson chambers, abc action news. >> the rich house received dozens of free turkeys this week. the pirates provided thanksgiving mills to families in means. the turkeys were donated by a local family. thanksgiving turkey, there is still time. >> you could actually go shopping on turkey day. many people actually plan to go to the store on thanksgiving day. 20% said they will stop at the store right around dinnertime. >> 19% will go around 6:00 and
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a mother encounters one of the world's most venomous spiders in her garage. the reason you are more likely to see black widows now. home owners dealing with overflowing sewers might actually be part of the problem
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this cold snap we have had could be brain and unwanted guest -- bringing unwanted guests to your home. >> reporter: this drop in temperatures forcing more than just humans to find stay warm. instantly recognizing the famous mark and froze. a black widow. in the same area her kids play every day. >> what if the kids had gone in and grabbed a ball? >> reporter: she took a picture and called pest-control. they get half a dozen calls every year from families just
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>> people have arachnophobia and they are scared of spiders. >> reporter: the facts back him up. even though they bite is powerful, death by a black widow is incredibly rare. >> it hurts like a wasp sting. if you see one look in your own garage for any clutter that might be touching the perfect conditions for the spiders to hide. that piece of advice is something this mom is definitely listening to. >> reporter: after actually researching black widows, she feels safer. although the spiders are well known, they are not aggressive and only bite
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on play. isabel rosales, abc action news. turning now to a developing story out of philadelphia. a man is recovering after a piece of mail exploded in his face when he opened it. they are calling it an actual device meant to cause harm. he thought the package was his medication. right now considering it terrace and. a guy trying to leave a strip club leaves a trail of destruction. he stumbles into his pickup truck and starts driving with the door open. he is only in there a few seconds before he falls out and manages to run himself over. witnesses tried to stop him,
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house. police were finally able to arrest the guy. they say it is a miracle no one else was hurt. right now st. pete police need your help tracking down a these leaves a lasting -- thief who leaves a lasting impression on her victims. this woman pickpocketed a man standing in front of her. instead of giving the money back the woman put the money in her underwear and then she lifted up her dress and showed that john goodman her behind -- that gentleman her behind before taking off on her bicycle. take a look at that person in a red jumpsuit. that is our meteorologist denis phillips who had some fun
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>> this is called i fly. people of all ages can experience this and what it is like to skydive without jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. it is powered by 4 electric motors. >> it is over on palm river road and it looks like it was a ton of fun. >> she said it was a little dizzy. you don't want to do it the other way around because how in the world -- but no matter what you do outdoors, we are good to go hitting 32 in the northern counties but now i think we will stay beautiful. obviously we had a beautiful day today and we might as well get used to that.
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rain chances are pretty slim. maybe a slight chance on saturday and maybe a better chance by next week. temperatures have cooled off into the 60s and now 67 in zephyrhills and still 75 in tampa. you compare these numbers to yesterday and we are a solid 13 degrees warmer right now then at this time yesterday. we are right direction. i know there are some folks looking for a nice cool down but we will not see it here. we are now back to florida with 75 and clear right now. the humidity is 28% with winds shifting out of the northeast. 77 it is exactly where we should be but the morning low was 10 degrees lower than
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of the northeast and the east winds usually mean moisture from the east coast. it is still mild at 77. satellite is clear this morning and still northeast winds. by tomorrow all of this the dry air down closer to where we are down where the moisture is there is a chance we could see some of the from the east coast. we have seen it almost every week with clouds and a couple sprinkles. if you look closer to the coast, you get next to nothing. we are looking at the air coming in from the east, which is noticeably warmer. that continues through thanksgiving. if you are taking a boat out there could be some issues laser thursday and again on friday.
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if you are planning on going offshore around thanksgiving. rainfall maybe a slight chance of a few showers come saturday and next week a stronger front coming by then. not necessarily rain but at least something. maybe some light rain or drizzle. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast with 78 on wednesday and 81 10% chance of showers on saturday. a little bit better chance by the time we rolled into the following week with the model 17 the best chance of showers and if they stay warm at 80 degrees. still to come tonight on abc action news recalled airbags being allowed to stay in cars. the reason the government is
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2.5 million vehicles. do need an escape plan if somebody brings up politics during turkey dinner? the hotline you can call to defuse any heated arguments.
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y24zxy y12fy thanksgiving topic number one and tonight what people are searching for. >> take a look at this map showing how people would like to prepare their bird. florida likes to fry their turkey. many others like to smoke or roast their turkey. >> when it comes to pies, is this going to work for me? there were.
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pumpkin pie, including florida. but in the south they like pecan pie. >> people in the north are looking forward to the macy's day parade. the rest of the country would like to play some football. >> if you are shopping for food or drinks, wine is what people are mostly going to be picking up. >> let's face it. politics will likely come up over thanksgiving. >> a americans are so stressed over political talk money would like to skip the festivities altogether. if it does come up, help is just one phone call away. etiquette guru created a new type of holiday helpline. all you have to do is dial 8554
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somebody tells just emerging about this train derailment in central florida in the big mistake a doctor made just moments before the crash plus these top stories. security screeners are seeing record numbers of guns coming through the checkpoint. we go behind the scenes to show you the kinds of weapons they are finding and what tsa is doing about it. >> coming up at 6:00 why might not be enough to fix the sewage system. >> we told you this intersection was an accident waiting to happen. tonight we are taking action are you. hamilton county is responding
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> confusing and dangerous. the first sign of trouble at a new hillsborough intersection. good evening, everyone. i am wendy ryan. >> and i am jamison your. we have just seen our first accident with abc action news anchor paul lagrone taking action tonight and the changes under way. >> this is the intersection with shell point road in ruskin. this is a busy intersection and
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that conclusion is leading to alex's like this which just happened three days ago. we are holding those in charge accountable and getting results for you. we are approaching the intersection right now and i can tell you the first thing i see is confusion. >> we first told you friday the intersection was an accident waiting to happen. and three days after our story aired >> a lot of damage to the cars. buckley nobody was seriously hurt. but it did happen. >> reporter: he works at the nearby campus. >> it is just not good. >> reporter: he sees a close call her every day. >> you can see some of the things going on and people not


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