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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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c1 a deadly accident in tennessee reignites the debate over school bus safety. one local parent whose daughter's during crashed into a pond says the district is not it was a burning smell. >> the problem with galaxy phones could be bigger than first thought. pay attention even if your phone has not been recalled. >> i'm dan schaffer. >> and i'm deiah riley. authorities are on the scene of a crash at lundson, and we have a crew on the way.
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this is timothy bargeron and he wandered away from his home yesterday. if you see him, call police. a group of young people are facing the theft of 46 cars in most cases, the owners left the keys in the vehicles, and deputies arrested 14 people in all. these are pictures of some of the adults that were arrested. most of the suspects are teenagers the average age is 20 years a old. the suspects stole 46 unlocked cars, usually at night. deputies said the thefts happened mostly around the bloomingdale area. they face 50 charges including grand theft. three minors have been charged with misdemeanors, and deputies have recovered 41 of the 46 stolen cars.
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bonded out of jail on dui charges, and now he has 30 days to turn himself back in to the county. a florida deputy lost his life in the line of duty near jacksonville. the deputy was killed yesterday running across the road chasing a a man. tv stations in jacksonville reporting the man has been arrested. he was being questioned by u.s. deputy eric oliver and another deputy were on the scene, and when that man ran, they started to chase him. an suv hit him in the busy road. the driver did stop. >> very tragic and sad, but we told him he died doing what he loved to do and he was a good police officer. >> deputy oliver was a navy veteran and leaves behind a 6- year-old daughter.
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a medical officer is among the women who are suing oddesy. they have never worked there and they said they used their images without their permission and reputation. illana suvelle says her guests got too loud, and her boyfriend told her to shoot at their feet if they got too loud, and then shoot at their legs if that didn't work. she did, but she accidently hit her boyfriend in the leg.
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looking for two thieves who emptied two banks. >> the thieves start a real transaction, but as it dispenses cash, they jam the machine with a fork that causes it to short circuit and dispense all the cash. >> checking in with ivan. >> forking. i'm scared that's going to be a new trend. didn't need a jacket. you may, but we are in the 50s, widespread, and we talked about the moderating air mass, and it's a good 20 degrees, 20 degrees warmer in crystal river and in brooksville than we were this time yesterday. we were freezing literally yesterday, and upper 20s the day before. quite the reversal here. warmer with more humidity, and temperatures dropping in the
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that the hour at the airport. look at this temperature change here by the afternoon. we are going to go from a relatively mild morning to afternoon. we will talk about the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. 4:35, and abc news learned the driver tennessee was in an accident in september. no kids were hurt. investigators said he was speeding when he crashed into a tree. five children died, and several remain in intensative care. >> that is starting a conversation about school bus safety across the country once again. it's bringing back painful
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pond. >> they forgot about it. they did nothing. >> reporter: romero said he sent letters pleading his daughter's bus replaced by the bus with seat belts. >> i'm interested in justing just -- just having new laws for all of those kids. >> reporter: this shows how scary a rollover crash can be. in the odessa crash from last year, the di right before impact into the pond. >> i make sure they are clipped in all the time, and yet we send them on the bus every morning and after school with no seat belts on. >> reporter: chantelle garsey's son was thrown from his seat and ended up under water. >> i think it was better they didn't have seat belts on
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water quicker and better. >> reporter: parents are grateful the bus missed this tree by just feet and another tree closer to the water. >> however, if it had been closer to the trees, we could have been in the same situation. >> first thing i saw when i saw the bus into the tree, i immediately remember the accident we had. >> reporter: we e-mailed school officials, but they are on thanksgiving break, and we have not heard back. abc action news. reports about exploding samsung phones, but one man says the recall may not go far enough. ryan midrey has a galaxy 5s. samsung says the problems with the note 7 are limited to that model, but he was driving recently and smelled something burning. he looked down and realized it was his galaxy s6.
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>> samsung would not comment on the specific incident but he said the company does want to examine his phone and offered him a new one in exchange, but he's not sure if he wants to accept the offer. con artists are now targeting jung job hunters online. yanomi benetiz fell victim to the scam. and asked to complete her first task. >> he said since i was his personal assistant, he needed me to go to wal-mart and do the money transfer for$900. >> reporter: she thought it was covered by the money she
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of a legitimate business so they are able to be looked up online. always remember you don't usually get paid until 2 weeks on the job. these return checks of fraley versus facebook. a judge ordered a 20 million dollars settlement. laposhe salon is fitting, trimming, and braiding beautiful wigs and giving them away. michelle pruvello is going through her second bout with ovarian cancer. she said losing her hair was like losing her identity.
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100 wigs to give away for free. each is high quality and usually sells for $250. you can pick up a free turkey this morning. the carey & leisure law firm is giving them away today at their office. it's first come, first up the sky over north florida. >> coming up a major charity says people are raising money in their name but not giving the charity the money. one man said he was not trying to trick kids this halloween, but he's facing charges for what he gave them.
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tracks. we will tell you what happened coming up in sports.
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you know, some people, they shop all over town to save money. i just go to publix, find the signs with the deals and save. when you add it all up... it's a lot. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 4:44 right now, and president-elect donald trump arrived in florida for the holiday. following him are his business concerns and who he may be inviting to come into his cabinet. >> reporter: today as president- elect donald trump spends time
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ties, campaign pledges, and open cabinet positions loom. >> reporter: dr. ben carson one of many visitors spotted leaving tuesday, just last week said he had no interest in a trump cabinet position, but now he's back in the mix and up for the housing and urban secretary development job. >> reporter: rudy giuliani declining to talk about his desire to be part of the administration. >> i was here with my capacity as the vice issues he pledged to tackle when becoming president, he appears to be backing away from, now softening his stance on prosecuting hillary clinton telling the new york times. my inclination would be for whatever power i have on the matter to say let's go forward. it's been look at for so long at nauseam. >> if he can help her, perhaps that's a good thing. i think he is thinking of many different things as he prepares
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were said on the campaign are not among them. >> reporter: is there a convict? richard bloomen-- a conflict of interest? richard bloomenthal thinks so. and something else that donald trump is not saying much about is the wall that he promised to build. now he has ordered an investigation for visa abuse. back at the weather center, we are looking nice and warm out there mid- and upper 50s, and we replaced the 30s and 40s with much milder conditions, setting us up for the warmer afternoon, and this is the 24- hour temperature change from
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are running 11, 10, 9, 20 degrees warmer, and you can get the idea. it's warm and more humid out there, and this is down to 1 mile, and i think we are otherwise in good shape. high pressure in charge, and we will get a piece of the front, certainly not with the moisture we are looking at across the mid-mississippi valley and the low across the midwest. we will get slightly cooler and less humid air behind it. we will turn warmer today and 80s i think throughout the day today and into tomorrow. similar for tomorrow morning, and i think 50s once again, around 60 degrees, and then another warm afternoon with temperatures in the lower 80s, upper 70s along the coast. looking good. boatingwise, east wind, 10 knots, and that's nice. water temperatures, cool now,
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humid, warmer, and temperatures through black friday, front coming in quietly, and saturday and sunday, leaving us with a great weekend with dry conditions, low humidity and pleasant conditions in the mid- to upper 70s. 4:47 right now. a texas man is facing charges for what he handed out to kids on halloween. police say brad collins handed out six dvds of xxx rated porn. he was working out with a group giving out bibles, and he warned parents he had not watched the videos. >> i told everyone to check them before they let their kids watch them just because i was unsure what was on there.
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happy gillmor. -- gilmore. i didn't know. >> he is now facing charges. the bucs may be down several quarterbacks, and tom koran explains why. >> reporter: this is not what they need adjei-barimah has been suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. the buccaneers also put ben gotcho on injured reserve. as expected the crimson side remain number one, michigan
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high noon on saturday, right here on abc, we have got the wolverines taking on the buckeyes, the first of the triple header here on abc. it's going to feel a little empty for the u.s. bulls if they don't play in the championship game. it's hard to believe with a 9- win season so far and a chance to get the 10th win of the season. you would think at least would win the championship, but it will be a 10th win at high noon against ucf. >> it would be big for our football fans and for bull nation, but more importantly for me, it would be big for our seniors. these young men decided to come here when i first got here, and they chose usf off of faith. >> that they. did usf a 9.5 favorite over the knights.
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update. have a good day. ?[music] ? an athlete won "dancing with the stars" but which one? ahead at 5, we will hear from the winner. we are looking for a turkey. his name is thomas gobbles. you would know him. everybody knows him. >> thomas gobbles. >> everybody knows him. >> this turkey will not be on any dinner plates this thanksgiving after gaining
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good morning. milder on this wednesday before thanksgiving. it looks nice out there, and we will have mostly sunny skies for today, and temperatures are going to run 20 to 25 degrees warmer than we are right now. that will get us up to the upper more on the big travel day and what to expect through thanksgiving and into the weekend in the next hour. >> thank you. changes are coming to one of the most popular theme parks at disney world. changes are coming to epcot. exactly what they have in store is a disney secret, but there's
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at guardian of the galaxy ride. animals at the lowry park are enjoying thanksgiving. check out the boxes shaped like turkeys. i promise it's coming. it's not the two of us. >> i could demonstrate, perhaps. >> there they are! >> that's much better looking than us. >> the elephants also got a special snack of carrots and apples. >> it's almost turkey day after all, right? >> we one famous turkey. it seems like everyone knows who thomas gobble is. he has 1500 online followers after becoming famous for attacking people. >> why are you doing this? >> why? >> to those of us who have been accosted by him, it's not necessarily a friendly thing. >> everyone knows not to mess with him, or they will get
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blocking traffic, and he still has a lot of fans that call him the thunder bird of the college campus where he likes to hang out. at 5:00, we have everything you need to know about traveling this thanksgiving. >> including the best time to hit the roads and the extra reasons to buckle up. what police are searching for in detroit after an officer was shot in the head. there's already a person of interest in custody. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack,
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ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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another police officer shot point-blank, and this time in detroit. we will tell you who police are questioning this morning. following the tragic school bus crash in tennessee, parents are calling for tougher belt laws across the country. ahead, what is being done here in florida to keep kids safe. and pack some patience as you head out the door this morning, whether you're headed out the door or on the road, record numbers are expected for travel this thanksgiving. what you need to know to make getting around easier. breaking overnight a fire forces a mother and her two children out of their home in st. pete. thankfully no one was injured but there's significant danger


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