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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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on this busy travel time, if you are driving, pay attention to the license plates and we will tell you the reason it could help you avoid crashes. >> today notar shouldn't be doing. >> what you need to ask for when seeking legal help. we reached out to the owner of a beloved show horse in our area and the hope it is bringing to protect other horses. the three mistakes you do not want to make in her kitchen because they could cost you hundreds of dollars. and 80 reasons you just
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thanksgiving. it is time for the now tampa bay. sadly we already have our first deadly crash on i-75 northbound near 301 in the brandon area. >> this is traffic already building up because people are moving around getting ready to get out of town. >> the reality is today 43.5 million people are doing some type of traveling starting partly because of the cheap gas prices. >> i want you to check out this map. the green places are cheaper and the red more expensive. for more than two dollars a gallon just keep driving because the average is $1.99. some of the lowest prices we have seen in eight years. the now's ryan smith is on our
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was doesn't look like? took a lot of people hitting the roads as we speak. the most drivers traveling this holiday weekend so far since 2007. more than 40 million drivers. let's give you a look at our window and what we are seeing inching closer and closer toward the downtown tampa area. we got here about eight minutes ago and we just passed the dell it is stop and go in some places, but we are seeing a lot of red right now. today is considered the worst day to leave for your thanksgiving destination. one gps mobile app tracking a 33% increase in accident alerts and 20% increase in traffic jam alerts. the now's nicole grigg tracked down the numbers to show us how
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>> reporter: most people are busy repairing thanksgiving -- preparing thanksgiving. this body shop is fixing much bigger projects. if anyone knows what a car crash looks like, it is his collision repair shop. we went through florida highway patrol numbers looking at the wednesday before thanksgiving for the past three years. the troopers responded to 2014 the numbers were higher with 350. in 2013 the lowest with 313 crashes on thanksgiving you picks -- eu -- eve. he sees what is left of the crashes rolling in right after the long holiday weekend. >> but a trickle send probably
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actual holiday because a lot of cars and up in the junkyard. >> reporter: a reminder some people will get behind the wheel after going on this long holiday weekend and the drinking . >> keep in mind there are people that a start partying early. >> reporter: for the now i am nicole grigg . >> we are giving you a live look at i75 couple miles west from downtown tampa. it is touch and go here. i looked at a drive time app and a trouble spot is 75 north. if you're heading out use waze that allows drivers to use real- time traffic updates and of course turn by turn navigation.
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be sure to hit the road early. that is the latest and for the now tampa bay i am ryan smith reporting. a proven statement here that flying is safer than driving is not always a guaranteed arrival wait. it is green everywhere in the country with just a couple places might be seen some sleet and snow. >> you have got to love the map of misery. not sure anyone would want to leave miami for thanksgiving but there it is at the airport. things are starting to get busy with the first flight south. take it from someone who used to live that way. that is nothing. there are delays actually right now.
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milwaukee. be sure to call ahead and denis is here with have a weather is looking for the travel day. >> we also have data coming in. minneapolis is on the other side of the map with a 23 minute delay and in between chicago is 22. the weather has been an issue for the northern plains but anywhere on the east coast it has just been rain. from the major travel hubs in many sees no return. so no delays expected from tampa but the temperatures topping near 80 degrees. the same thing from orlando with fort myers sunny and 84 degrees. taking a look at where we go from here across the country tomorrow, maybe some issues late tomorrow in new york city, but it should not be an issue
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rain comes on friday. if you have friends and family going back there may be some delays as they get some rain just across those major hubs. i think we will stay good right through the overnight with partly cloudy and clear. we are tracking another cool front and we will talk about how it will impact your weekend michigan is fighting for his life after he was shot last night. common roads works for wayne state university in detroit -- colin rhodes works for wayne state university in detroit and was shot. the same men actually assaulted a police officer five years ago. officer rhodes is in critical condition and he is engaged to be married.
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florida today. this is a picture of the volusia county sheriff's office. his name was forest. this is him right here. he was tracking a fugitive when the suspect got into a fight with deputies. authorities are still searching for the suspect. another care at a school and shopping center -- they say actually it started at a private high school. a man walks in demanding a safe but they did not have one. a s.w.a.t. team was brought in and they gave the all clear a few hours ago. they still have not found that subject. a bomb scare in new port richey.
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now setting the record straight about an arrest that just happened in miami. we will tell you about the hope it is bringing to help protect
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right now we are cleaning up information. >> we first told you about this attack in october. someone broke into the stables of steve stephens and killed his horse. we are learning tonight may not be the case. law enforcement in south florida says they can't a man buying horsemeat -- caught a man buying horsemeat but they do not know if it is related to the case of stephens . it is continuing to beef up security on property and warning other
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thanksgiving holiday for donald trump. today he picked betsy devos as his education secretary. >> she tweeted today i am honored to work with president- elect to make education great again. devos is an advocate for school choice. letting kids go to the school that best fits them. right federation for children, a group that promotes school choice. his plan includes providing $20 billion in federal money. also breaking right now the wall street journal reporting ben carson has accepted the department of housing and urban development secretary nomination. early today he tweeted an announcement was forthcoming. carson changing his tune from last week after he said he had
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doctor carson also set on facebook today he would make a contribution to the country. meanwhile nikki haley also joining the cabinet of trump despite a rocky relationship she has had with the president elect. >> the now's todd walker with what governor haley would bring to the equation as the next he was ambassador to the united nations. >> reporter: ricky haley has been a rising star in the republican party. thrown into the national spotlight following the church shooting austere in charleston and again during a controversy to remove the confederate flag. now she hopes to add u.s. ambassador to resume saying she has agreed to serve if she is confirmed. >> the human is a -- u.n. is a challenging place. >> reporter: he calls the
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important. >> reporter: she has experiences but governor haley has little foreign-policy experience. >> she will learn quickly. she will have to engage with people with a lot of experience in foreign-policy. >> reporter: haley endorsed marco rubio for president and clashed with trump. >> it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: trump has been critical of her as well tweeting the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. >> the election is over now.
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when she speaks at the human -- u.n. to speak authoritatively. >> for the now i am todd walker . >> haley is in her second term as the governor of south carolina. the dow closing just a short time ago with 19,083 and it is a record again. a far cry from where it was when it tanked some investors call the rise eight trump balance -- the rise a trump balance. as for mortgage rates, not with potential hires would like to see with rates still on the rise and the average rate for a fixed loan is now at 4.03. while fewer americans bought new homes in october, sales are
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in 2015. a positive sign for the housing market. i hereby party knew from the thanksgiving table. congratulations. [ applause ] >> his final pardon as president. this turkey will not be on any table this thanksgiving. today he pardoned his last pair of turkeys and it looks like freedom already. >> are the names really tater and tot ? >> i like that. this is a bunch of stingrays. what is it called when you have a group of stingrays?
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34 degrees in here we are bundled up because it was 52 days ago. >> the difference is they have snow. that is pretty much across minnesota and wisconsin. if you look outside right now from rivergate this is what we are dealing with. there are some clouds coming in today. we have had some clouds mixed in and it will warm the 70s and about 80 degrees. even with the cloud cover at this point we are not looking at a drop of rain across the area. upper 70s with the exception of northern citrus county. crystal river is 72 degrees and sydney morning a lot of folks get up early to watch the parades and you can make at the temperatures in the lower 60s
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the 20s we had this week earlier on and then 27 in brecksville. now we are talking about 65 and that will stick around for at least two or three days. for the time being we talked about this yesterday with the easterly wind bringing in moisture from the east side of the state. that is why we had a mix of clouds and sunshine today. as far of clouds and coloring with any showers will to the east so while i guess it is possible for a sports on the east coast, our area stays sunny. you will notice how warm and even humid it will be later on in the day. by the way, we have a tropical storm and we will talk about what was hurricane otto but it is partly cloudy overnight with
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. the mistakes you do not want to make between now and tomorrow in your kitchen that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. i will explain when the now
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welcome back to the now tampa bay. in the kitchen your home will be working overtime. today we put together to some things that you should pay attention to to avoid a plumbing nightmare. >> before we begin, synthesis and bethany's 80th christmas, i think she should lead us in grace. >> reporter: wait. before she says grace, you need
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thanksgiving. >> you can put some detergent down your drain before you even use it. greece -- grease is the number one cause of backups. >> put a bunch of food down the disposal and turned it on and turn on the water. it creates a situation where it shoots a whole bunch of food through the unit. the proper way is to turn the water on and let seconds and then turn the disposal on and start to feed the unit bits at a time until it is all gone and let the water run for another 30 seconds to clear it all out. >> reporter: the plumbers at roto-rooter tell us they see lots of things. we are talking turkey bones, pasta, whole potatoes.
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could mean you are about to get a clog. a couple other cheap ways are adding baking soda. follow that up with hot water. and nobody wants to admit it, but someone is going to clog your toilet. they say often times it is people throwing things in the toilet that shouldn't be there or locates that think that more is less when it paper. >> i think we are all in for a very big treat. >> reporter: no one said we were going to give you cooking tips. new overtime rules were set to go into effect december 1 but not anymore. i am kumasi aaron.
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we have breaking news with action air one over the head-on crash. this is alternate 19 in palm harbor. shut down in both directions near cheater street. the driver of the suv in middle crossed the center line and hit the truck to the left head-on. three men were in the truck, and they are in the hospital right now. the 26-year-old man who was driving has died. troopers expect alternate 19 to be closed. >> right now a that would have given overtime to some 40 million people is now on hold. >> the now's kumasi aaron is
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next. >> reporter: the that would require employees to pay overtime to workers who make around $47,000 a year or less was supposed to go into effect next thursday the 21 states challenge the expansion in texas and granted a preliminary injunction same the department of labor role exceeds an authority. businesses have been making changes anticipating the new role. we asked unemployment attorney what this means. >> some businesses have already bound people up to the new salary levels. they may be considering bring those people back down and they would not advise that. some of our businesses are going to want to review the documentation generated and the communications they sent about any possible change whether or not they may be obligated to
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from the moment this businesses are in the clear and they can wait out the litigation and see exactly how it goes from here. >> reporter: many believe the judge is likely to strike down the legislation. for the now i am kumasi aaron . in 30 minutes we expect another briefing from the ntsb on the tennessee. >> five of them were killed in the accident. the condition of the bus and whether seatbelts would have made a difference. to the governor visited the elementary school where the kids went to class. >> i think it is time for us to step back -- all of us. look at the whole school bus
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drivers to how we ensure safety of equipment to whether there are seatbelts on the buses. >> we are now learning the bus driver johnthony walker within another crash two months before this. he hit an suv when they crashed into incoming traffic. none of the children were hurt. the district is not saying whether it had received any complaints if you are driving tonight, keep a close eye on license plates. >> there is new research revealing which states have the worst drivers and it is not florida. >> the study finds drivers from texas and louisiana are the worst followed by south carolina , north dakota, and delaware. the study looked at traffic deaths and how well people
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with drunk drivers, speeding, and distracted driving. >> the number of traffic deaths increase last year after decades of going down. more than 35,000 people died in 2015 according to the government numbers. that is up more than 7% from 2014 but a record number of us are now using seatbelts reaching 90%. here in florida the biggest problem is careless driving. we ranked entire country and the overall rate is pretty good considering how many people there are in the area. be glad he did not live in california. take a look at that. that is the alley interstate early this morning. it looks like christmas lights with thousands of white headlights at a dead stop in one direction and the other side complete brake lights. >> it looks like they need another 10 lanes of highway.
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baby have a lot to be thankful for after they were rescued from this suv. the woman and the infant were clipped by another car earlier today. that crash sending them into the ditch. they are both expected to survive. >> remember all of the riots last year around baltimore? it is after freddie gray diet. now they are inspiring a different kind of this time it is art. 15 baltimore artists coming together to highlight the issues in the city. the art show is called baltimore rising. right now there are 50 pieces on display with paintings, pictures, sculptures, and even videos showing scenes from the streets during those riots. >> i feel like these are issues that need to continue to come up again and again so people
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away and we have to work to move forward. >> the artists are hoping the display tells the display from both points of view of officers and people living in the city. we will tell you about the new that would make you want to put down that cell phone while driving. >> tonight's powerball jackpot is $359 million. you take the lump sum with $219 million and it is the 19th largest history. >> could you buy your ticket yet? >> the now tampa bay is back in
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welcome back. here is an idea to make
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>> the government would like smartphone makers to lock out most apps if the phone is being used by someone driving a car. it looks like a huge challenge but no facebook, snapchat, texting. the national highway traffic safety administration just unveiled voluntary guidelines to get carmakers to install technology that prevents us from doing those things. you cannot internet and access the video and photos. they also want filmmakers to come up with a driver mode which would automatically disable apps while we are driving. the depths jumped -- deaths jumped 10% just this year. >> just give me a driverless car. treatment for alzheimer's has failed. eli lilly thought they had
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for the drug but now they say it did not work better than a placebo. these alzheimer's associations say they are saddened by the news. a woman in new york in what she was stumbling upon when she found this jacket at an estate sale. it was worn by a prisoner at a [ null ] concentration camp during world war ii donated it to a holocaust museum in new york. and actually belonged to a teenager whose life was spared when the nazis invaded his homeland. notaries meddling in legal matters without authority and the reason we are seeing more in florida and what you need to be on the lookout for. when it comes to getting
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with the major retailers told
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we have breaking news right here on the now tampa bay with action air 1 over a house fire. this is in hillsborough county and you can see firefighters working to get this fire under control. you can see the smoke coming in the firefighters are the top of your screen working. it is not clear yet if anyone has been hurt, but this house is close to other home. hopefully that fire will not spread. a warning for people in florida today about people giving advice they have no right to give.
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people taking advantage of being a notary and what they are using it for. >> reporter: election day results have undocumented people flooding the florida bar with calls and the subject's deportation. >> they have every reason to be more nervous. >> reporter: tamper attorney says where there is fear there is opportunity. >> it is extremely sad. i know that they are living some undocumented are going to notaries and some country notaries give legal advice but here that could be harmful. >> whenever you receive miss advice, there is always repercussions. >> reporter: they see this bad advice could mean an accelerated deportation. >> this isn't just a concern for the undocumented. the scam presents a threat to legitimate businesses.
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>> reporter: sharon has been a notary for a decade. she says undocumented people have asked her for legal advice before. >> i let them know what i can do and the limitations of what i cannot do as a notary. >> reporter: she believes people taking money for legal advice are giving other notaries a bad name. >> so that is the real difficult situation. individuals. >> reporter: he would like undocumented family snow there are other options and at times churches will bring in attorneys to offer free advice. he says check in with bay legal services. in tampa, isabel rosales, abc action news . present obama has already commuted the sentences of more prisoners than other presidents combined. >> nine of them are from right here in florida.
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reviewing 6000 more petitions from drug offenders. president obama just gave 70 more people an early release. the total people he is commuted sentences for goes up to 1000. most of them were this year. 2 million americans are in jail. half of all federal prisoners are serving time for drug crimes. most of the people given clemency search years in prison for drug crimes. more than 340 were serving life sentences. president obama is getting remarks from most americans better high but the boast do to boost -- boost is not coming from his own ratings.
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interestingly enough his bump of support actually comes from republicans with 22% now approving of the job he is doing. as for the democratic party, that is another story with 54% people have an unfavorable opinion right now. that is the worst since 1992. many people are headed out to fly or drive to someplace for thanksgiving. what is it looking like ri there is just volume in newark as it is a big travel day. across most of the country the worst spot is minneapolis with snow and ice. so obviously there are a few spots but most of the region is looking pretty good with the sky mostly clear right now and a little cloud cover rolling in this afternoon. it looks a lot nicer than a few
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looking like a great spot to go starting tomorrow through the weekend. although i think it's a little bit warmer tomorrow and friday as opposed to saturday and sunday. titan doppler radar no worries with temperatures around 80 degrees and we only started up this morning the lower 60s warming up about 20 degrees in some cases 30 degrees warmer than just three days ago across the area. here is a look at the satellite picture wi this is the pesky easterly wind bringing moisture from the atlantic but the air is too good dry so what you will see tonight and tomorrow is different amounts of clouds and sunshine. at times it will be beautiful and other times more clouds than sun. we stay dry even though the front is rolling in on saturday.
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storm ready to move into central america possibly as a minimal hurricane over the next 24 hours. closer to home the forecast is partly cloudy skies up bright and early tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies and temperatures warm. you will not be the jacket early on as we are already in the low to mid 60s. the time to get out is thanksgiving day with noon 78 and 80 degrees for th afternoon high. 74 degrees and folks headed out to be shopping tomorrow night and into friday. 77 on friday at the beach with partly sunny skies both days in the water temperature now back up to 66. here is a look at your forecast with a beautiful thanksgiving weather and just beautiful weather in general.
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have a cold front that could bring much-needed rain. brand-new video out today on the bombing in eastern aleppo as both sides in the civil war claimed that chemical weapons are being used. russia says rebels used chlorine and white phosphorus to attack the syrian army. this video released by the aleppo media cente containing chlorine gas. another video is what is left after the attack with city streets fills with talk sick gas -- filled with toxic gas. the dakota access pipeline is being opposed with people around the country planning to serve thanksgiving dinner to the protesters as president
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from both sides of the issue. right now the project is stalled as the army corps of engineers consults with groups. many fear that the pipeline meant to carry oil to illinois could contaminate drinking water. it all may be about black friday but why wait? the deals are out there right now. the now's kumasi aaron is asking if it matters if you shop online or in person. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping, santiago clear preference. >> i prefer the store rather than online. >> reporter: it comes to black friday, that changes. >> i don't like black friday. i am sorry. i try to buy whatever i need before that. >> reporter: he is avoiding the crowds by shopping now and stores are now catering to exactly match. >> there is a lot that goes into
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starts before black friday with deals all week and when it comes to black friday itself, there will not be many differences between shopping online or in the story. >> it is the experience of interacting with somebody but with price and availability, there is no difference between a store and online. >> reporter: target set all of its deals will be available online with free shipping on thanksgiving day and kohl's doorbusters are avai and in the store. they say it is about making sure customers can shop however they choose pick >> i think there is excitement about coming into the store and getting it that day but at best buy you can have it either way. >> reporter: getting the deals you want from wherever you want. for the now i am kumasi aaron. >> estimates 20%
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>> this guy right here is going to do it. discount stores are already offering the biggest reason. >> if i am really great, i will bring the 2-year-old along with me. apple just announced a one day shopping event this friday that they are not really telling us exactly how much money we will save or on what. one gadget you cannot get is a foldable iphone. the company has been granted a patent for a phone that can fold in half what your old flip phone. >> i love the flip phone. >> it features a touchscreen smartphone with the design similar to a clamshell that opens and closes like a notebook. president-elect donald trump and his family are in florida for thanksgiving. >> this time mr. trump is going
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there since the election. tony worked at mar-a-lago for years and he says he first met mr. trump in the 80s when he renovated the palm beach property. he expects when the trump family sits down for dinner it will be mostly family. he believes donald trump will have a low-key holiday in what many are now calling the winter of the white house. >> i don't think disrupt anything more than he has to. i think he will go back and forth to the golf course and that will be it. >> he retired in 2009 but stuck around as a historian until last year. some people traveling through new york are seeing a different reminder of the present elect. >> a wall is covered with post- it notes and messages of frustration and some of hope.
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>> reporter: the union square subway station in new york is covered with sticky notes. >> what did you write on the wall? >> i wrote this into each other. >> reporter: subway therapy was started by an artist. >> i feel sad. i feel sad and scared. >> i felt like i did after 9/11 . >> reporter: thousands of sticky not commute today specifically to come see this. >> we really value life and diversity and i think that is what actually makes america great. >> reporter: the messages are of hope, defiance, support for immigrants, and the bowls to make a better future. >> i think it reinforces the
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>> we talk about this as an art project and how we get to make art with other people who are talking about love. >> reporter: even the governor of new york went to the wall quoting from the statue of liberty give me your tired in your poor pick >> they took time to put something on the wall because it means something to them. >> reporter: a lit >> something that i hope in a dark moment will speak to somebody the way some of these have spoken to me. >> reporter: the city transit administration is okay with sticky notes for now. what will happen to them in the future is uncertain. rachel crane, cnn, new york. >> abc action news news at 5:00 such right now.
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tracking the traffic on the roads as thousands set off on thanksgiving travels. the best time to leave. >> but first we are still following this breaking news. this massive fire tearing through a home in the corner of west hanna avenue. crews are telling dispatchers a shed and a house are bo o anyone was inside and what exactly >> this fire. we do have a crew on the way to the scene and we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. a man accused of holding a texas woman on his property against her will. >> thanks for joining us. abc action news reporter carson chambers shows us this is not
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>> reporter: rodney davis lives at the end of this road. who wanted to speak with folks who know him but we were warned to leave. this guy in the green number identifies himself, but the signs do not mince words. no warrant, no entry. 48-year- old davis ishe proclaimed sovereign citizen and a group the fbi this as extremist in terrorist. they believe local state and federal laws are illegal. >> i see the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: davis is facing charges of kidnapping and a woman contacted him through the internet asking about legal


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