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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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gunfire erupts at a local apartment complex for wounded veterans. >> the weapon the man was
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as he approached our deputy he stated you are going to have to kill me. >> all new a deadly threat a man charges at deputies with a thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. deputies say the man's actions forced them to shoot. let's head straight to michael paluska live at the duvall park apartments. michael. >> reporter: jamison, deputies telling us they had no other choice. they are still here on scene investigating. witnesses also told us that they did see the man lunge at deputies with that knife. we also did see a picture that we are not showing our viewers
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it did show that man holding a very large kitchen knife. the 911 call came in just before 5:30. pinellas county investigators say the man who was shot and killed by deputies had just battered his girlfriend. she ran to a anybody's home with her children and told deputies that her boyfriend was armed. >> they described the door opening quickly. he had the niefn his hand and said you are going to have to kill me. >> reporter: deputy tyler green sh >> one officer is over to the right, and the one to the left popped him. they didn't after choice. you don't do that. >> reporter: a number of children witnessed the shooting. duvall park is a community to help veterans in need get affordable housing. a board member says the man who was shot and killed is a veteran. neighbors who live above that veteran say he needed help. >> duvall park is a wonderful place.
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he had his own set of problems. he kept drinking. >> reporter: investigators are still here collecting evidence, still trying to figure out exactly what happened that led that man to approach their deputies with that knife. live in pinellas county, michael paluska, abc action news. an argument between two old friends taking a violent turn. one dead, another in jail. marisela burgos is live in st. friendship gone bad. marisela. >> reporter: behind me you can see that authorities are still out here investigating, and they also tell me that for some reason one friend turned on the other. tampa police surrounded johnny moore in the middle of mlk and 301. detectives say he tried to get away after killing his longtime friend randall wright.
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two buddies got into an argument. >> people said, didn't you hear a gunshot? i said, i never heard nothing. >> reporter: denis thompson lives across the street. he said randall's wife warned him. >> she looked at me. she said, denis, gets back in your house, he's got a gun. >> reporter: detectives say moore shot his friend once in the chest. >> i didn't know him. he came over here and add beer >> reporter: he suffered a stroke a few years ago and was partially paralyzed. apparently the two guys played music together back in the day. >> it was the holiday season and we have a family suffering and two lives ruined over an argument. senseless violence. >> reporter: detectives say they plan to update us as soon as johnny moore is backed into jail. at that point we should find out what kind of charge or charges he may face in
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investigation. a federal drug order striking pilots back to work which is good news for your package delivery. 250 pilots went on strike citing poor working conditions and no time off. the pilots fly cargo for amazon and dhl. amazon went to court. we have learned a sixth child has died from injuries received that in school bus crash in chat nothing gas. just today the just today the national transportation safety board revealing that the bus driver had taken a detour from his normal route. detroit police officers honoring a fallen hero. a procession of cars escorting the body from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. rose, a wayne state university officer, died this evening. the canine officer was shot in the head during a traffic stop
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happening tomorrow, new york police promising more security than ever at macy's thanksgiving day parade, the city using sand trucks to block the parade route. for the first time ever police will not let cars cross that route, the nypd taking steps after a message from isis encouraged followers to attack the parade with speeding cars. good evening everybody. in weather the only travel issues that we've been talking about most of the dave been in lakes, michigan, wisconsin, and all the way up through new york, although most of that is upstate new york. i actually think we mentioned the macy's parade. i think the weather will be okay, some rain arriving later on. for us, far from that, temperatures right now in the 60s. we have got a beautiful thanksgiving weather-wise in store, temperatures in the upper 50s across the metro area, low 50s up north and mid to upper 50s from polk county down south. you will see a good deal of
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and for that matter right on through black friday but we've got a cold front and it is going to have an impact on our weather. one, then another one even stronger later on. >> thanks. a family homeless tonight after a massive fire burned their home. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. the homeowner telling us he saw a small fire in the backyard that quickly spread. >> it was little and just within minutes, it completely engulfed the backyard and the side of the house. >> daniels says rescued his small son and two dogs. firefighters revived a cat that was not breathing as well. caught on camera a real- life grinch breaking into a car outside santa's enchanted forest in miami. the owner of the car installed a dash cam after someone else had broken into the car. he said the thief tokes wife's purse as the couple took their
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meanwhile manatee deputies are checking to see if a man accused of selling illegal horse meat may be connected with a local show horse's death. stevens said he's happy to know that detectives are working to protect horses from a similar fate. get out your powerball particular to see if you have 374 million thankful. that is the amount of the jackpot so the cash value more than $220 million. the pot has been rolling over for more than two months now. we do have the wing numbers on your screen. take a look. they are 7, 61, 41, 47, 32, and the powerball number is 3. good luck. jam son. still much more ahead including dramatic video of an explosion inside grand central
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plus, he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you are awake, and now a father with two toddlers has found a way to make santa claus work for parents. how you can have your children straightening up their acts. download the new abc action news app. just search abc action news in
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new tonight a college football player facing first- degree murder charges for allegedly shooting old girl. william riley gull played in tennessee. he and the girl went to the same high school. investigators saying gull fired into the girl's house killing her in her bedroom. most americans are apparently pretty happy with president obama. with less than two months left in office he is getting his highest approval ratings in seven years. the bump seems to come from republicans and republican leaning independents warming up to his job performance.
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donald trump in the popular vote eclipsing two million today as votes continue to be counted, and a new petition you see here is asking for an audit of key states. this comes as computer scientists and election lawyers claim election results in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania may have been hacked. that warning fueling democrats who are now asking the department of justice to audit the vote in those states. the group raises questions that russian hackers could have interfered with the election which was a noted concern going into meanwhile president-elect trump addressing the tensions in our country in a thanksgiving message released tonight. take a listen. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> mr. trump went on to reiterate the election campaign is over and asked americans to work together to help bring
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our inner cities as we celebrate this thanksgiving holliday. former republican presidential candidate ben carson today tweeting that he will have a part in the trump administration, saying an announcement about his role to make america great again is forthcoming. some suggest he would be a good candidate for secretary of housing and urban development. take a look at this surveillance video from inside grand central workers suffering burns after an e-cigarette inside his pocket just exploded. a co work described it by saying it looked like the victim had a pocket full of firecrackers. the man was taken to the hospital and is now in stable condition. a witness saying the e- cigarette had a high voltage battery but there was no indication why it caught on fire. there was no impact to train service. well, consumer alerts tonight. more than 17,000 pounds of chicken being recalled because
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the ready-to-eat products may be undercooked. one of the product is a hormel chicken breast strips. a u.k. dad thankful for social media after people all over the world answered his call for help. the father making a desperate plea for a particular blue cup. it's the only cup his son who suffers from autism will drink from. it has been discontinued for quite some time. the dad says his 14-year-old son is so hospitalized for dehydration twice when he did not have that blue tommee tippee cup he has used since was two years old. tommee tippee, the company that manufactured the cup, helping coordinate the social media effort and delivery of the cups to the family. a long time usher for the atlanta braves has a reason to be thankful. walt hear been working for the team since 1965, but next
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he was afraid he wasn't going to be able to continue working for the team there, the team saying he is so important, they are making an arrangement with the ride share service uber to make sure he can get there for every single game. >> what a great story. a new push tonight to disable phone apps while a person is driving. the government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps in hopes of reducing crashes by distracted drivers. the national traffic highway safety administration also wants auto makers to make infotainment systems pair with any smartphone. the new guidelines would still allow drivers to make phone calls and use navigation tools but drivers would be blocked from texting, browsing the internet, and looking at videos and photos. kids will never know a world without technology, right? but a recent study says more than half of young people are actually addicted to the. the american academy of pediatrics releasing new guidelines to help you make sure your child does not get
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only use screen time to video chat with relatives. those two to five years old should use less than an hour per day of technology, and if they're older than five, experts say that's up to the parents but they do encourage you to have a family media plan with media-free zones like the dinner table. well, a texas man putting that information to good use. he has developed an app to help you keep your kids in line this holliday season. it's called santa's the houston father created the app to help kids behave with a little help from kris kringle. you can even play a message letting them know when they have been naughty or nice. for more on this app go to our abc action news app for a link. here's one artist's impression of bethlehem in 201.
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for a selfie with baby jesus. look at that. and you may notice the solar panel on the structure. the three wise men have their amazon boxes in tow, riding in on their segues. there's also a young shepherd playing on his phone next to his 100% organic cow eating gluten free feed. >> hat to be gluten free at that point. >> unbelievable. >> what a life we live now. >> let's get to thanksgiving, then we'll worry about that one. >> exactly. thanksgiving is all about tradition. >> right. >> every single year we like to bring back this tradition. >> i told you so. >> wendy might explain what happened here. >> this is five years ago, and my kitchen caught on fire, as you see there. my sister-in-law spilled a little grease. we had that cheap pan. i've learned the hard way. thank goodness the fire was small, instant replay.
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the grease. but all was well, and the turkey actually did not burn. it was fantastic. >> and you learned to double up on the pan. >> we learned to buy a real pan instead of a tin warnings real cheap one. >> it's a tradition. >> let's take a look outside now. there is a look at -- >> nothing. >> there you go. look at our tv screen. >> that is >> warm and muggy weather continues over the next couple of days. the one thing you are going to have to remember -- >> there it is. >> we've got a cool front coming in by tomorrow. actually by saturday into the afternoon hours. the one thing about it, it is going to be giving us a little bit cooler air, a little dryer, but not a blast of cold air like we had last go around. so instead of 30s and 40s, maybe even a few 20s, we're back in the 40s and 50s come sunday and again on monday morning. rain chances, they do begin to
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week. titan doppler radar is quiet. it's been that way for days on end. middle of next week our best chance of some rain returning and temperatures right now primarily in the mid-60s and outside in tampa, 68 degrees there. 66 in clearwater, 67 in st. pete. so the satellite picture kind of goes with what we were talking about yesterday. instead of those northerly winds that brought us the cooler air, we've now gone easterly, and that brings in some more moisture. that's why we had a few clouds out there. nothing to bring us any rain, but certainly you had some cloudy periods, and the water vapor, which was very orange giving you all that drier air, that's taken a break. humidity is creeping up. rain chances not so much. but the temperatures and the humidity, you are going to need to crank the ac tomorrow if you want to have a fire. as floridians, we just kind of do that. if you look out tomorrow morning you will be mostly sunny. shouldn't have to worry about fog tomorrow morning, but by
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remain mostly clear we begin to have the possibility of fog. for the early morning shoppers east of i 75 pretty decent chance of foggy conditions. we're also looking at that time chance of sea fog friday night into saturday. for a lot of folks, it's florida, we take the boat out, but you may run into some patchy fog. that fog burns off midmorning east of i 75 leading to at nice day, and another warm one. thanksgiving, right back up around 80 degrees. we should normally 77. so that matter if you live in citrus or down to sarasota, everybody is going to be about four or five degrees above normal. nationally that snow i talked about earlier is moving to the northeast, trailing front. there it is. or what's left of it. that front won't give us any rain, probably not even any cloud cover. but back behind it a little drier air rolls in by sunday. can you believe it? hurricane season ends in about
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maybe even impacting costa rica, which has never been hit by one, although southern nicaragua looks to be more the track that they are going to be dealing with. no impact to the u.s. for the boaters, 66 your water temperature. there are your tides, your sunrises, and your sunsets. tomorrow, waking up early, watching the parade, upper 60s. we top out at 80 degrees. a look at florida's most accurate seven seven, beautiful. co sunday, and next week rain chances return, 40% by the middle of the week. the lightning got the early lead tonight, but were they able to hold in the t.k. has an update from amalie arena
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. hello folks. one thing about this lightning team they can turn it on at any time. it was a good thing they hit the pedal when they did in the third period. pick it up, bolts down, final 20. the nifty back handed rebound that slides right by steve mason and ties the game at two. and then, 13 seconds later, the
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time it's ryane callahan taking the feed from palat. three goals in the third, they beat the flyers tonight, the final 4-2. oh, we've got some good news on the buccaneers injury front. jackise rogers practicing. if grimes is a go, verner could come in as the third corner. not that he would have any inside information, buccaneers quarterback jameis winston was asked about f sue head coach jimbo fisher. the question, can you see fisher actually leaving florida state for lsu. >> i can't imagine florida
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fisher about that, you know. we really just talk about we got florida this week so that's a bigger thing than anything else. he loves florida state, so i can't -- >> you can't see it? lately this florida-florida state rivalry has been a little tilted on the tallahassee side. for both coaches one of the hardest things to try and control, player emotion, especially when it comes to >> what's different is so many more emotions in the rivalry games. that's where you have to be careful as a player and coast. emotions are important, but they don't always win games. they can help you or hurt you. i think it's very important to keep those in line with still performing in the game and doing the things you do. i think that's what happens in rivalry games, because people are going to lay it out, do everything they can do. don't forget you can see that florida-florida state game right here on abc beginning at
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michigan -- we will also carry the michigan-ohio state game at noon. willie taggart's team continues to get ready for ucf. this has been by all accounts a very good season. perhaps part of the reason why is that this team took on the character and the discipline of its coach. >> i think for me personally that's just kind of been my life, my struggle, just believing in yourself and not give up and good things will happen for when things didn't necessarily go right, you never waver, never quit. just be th one that perseveres knowing that better days are ahead as long as you keep working. . >> we're back in a minute and change. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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looking at the long weekend, mostly sunny on thanksgiving. black friday looks very nice as well. by saturday maybe a cool front cools us off a little but a beautiful weekend weather-wise. >> it does look g. continuing coverage on our website at >> have a great week and a
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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