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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the busiest shopping day of the year. how a federal judge's decision is getting pack badge deliveries back on track today. >> for some it's turkey day. for others it's a time to shop. i'll let you know exactly what you need to know to save you money before you head out the doors. good morning. >> for daniel shave schaffer this morning. the gorgeous thanksgiving holiday for us; right? >> yes, it is. it should be a beautiful day today. locks of sut shien. more humidity than what we've seen in the last few days with our temperatures topping out right around 80 degrees. current temperatures right now are in the upper 50 toss low 60s.
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26 in tampa. cool spot though up north. continue with crystal river. 52 in brooksville am few clouds around but no rain expected to today. we do see a little bit of rain in the seven-day forecast. i'll let you know all about that in just a few minutes. all right. thank you. new information this morning. we know now the name of the man deputies say they were forced to shoot and kill after they charged at them with a knife. detectives identif they responded to a disturbance call yesterday. duvall park is a community to help veterans. he was intox indicated and violent. deputies knocked on his door. he attacked them with a knife. he died at the scene. >> split-second decisions and when someone is approaching with a large knife
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deputy green is on paid administrative leave. the neighbor says he was a veteran who had mental health issues. two long-time friends turns deadly. the man who fired those deadly shots faces second-degree murder charges. investigators arrested johnmy moore after he took off from st. pete in his camper. he temporarily lived outside of his home. the suspect re he suffered a stroke several years ago. yesterday they fought. he shot him once in the chest and died. >> it's the holiday season and two families are suffering and two lives are ruined. >> authorities though haven't said what that argument was about. >> manatee county deputies are trying to figure out in a man selling horse meat is
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death. found it dead and it had been cut up. we spoke to stevens. he's not convinced detectives can prove there's a connection but he's happy to know they are working to protect other horses. >> we've learned that a sixth child now has died from injuries after that school bus crash in chattanooga. that was a vigil that family and friends held yesterday as part of a an took a detour before the crash. the crash was not part of the normal route. he's charged with vehicle lal homicide and involved in another crash while driving the school bus back in september. a detroit police officer's escorted the body from the hospital to a medical examiner's office.
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>> good news if you're shopping online. a judge ordered striking . in times back to work. pilots for abx air went on strike. they cited working condition and no time off. they work for amazon and dhl. the strike was causing the company a irreparable harm. >> there's no doubt they're getting ready to hit the stores. there are plenty available. >> live this morning outside tampa. a busy morning there. well certainly is. i'll get to that in a moment but first let's talk about those shopping deals. of course, everybody excited about this. there are two things you think about on thanksgiving
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to be had. a lot of folks camping out in front of stores. believe it or not a number of stores are opening early today. that's right. thanksgiving day and experts do have some advice if you're looking for a great deal. best buy is the best place to go for those brand named tvs for cheap. then you want to talk about designer clothing. macys has a lot of great deals. for those small kitchen electronics jcpenney and sears. great work they're doing. they're inside right now in the kitchen getting ready to serve about 6,000 people in need today. this was great work they do every year. we just spoke with one volunteer who's been doing this eight years in a row. this really makes his thanksgiving day. coming up we'll go inside and talk to some of those volunteers and also let you see the sites and we can
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smells as well. >> okay. thank you. we'll check up later. working to keep you safe this holiday as you snag all those black friday deals. officers set this up. it's the new sky watch tower. they also have armored surveillance vehicles in the parking lots and other areas. an exaccurate squad of officer will be keeping an eye on the mall. >> the digital dash ads. you can check them out while your meal is being cook order prepared. you don't have to look through them all. we compiled a list of all the best door buster deals that start tonight. you can find all of this right now on our website. just go to we posted everything on the mobile app. >> president-elect donald trump address the thengses in the country in a
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begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. also that message to work together to help bring prosperity as we celebrate thanksgiving holiday. today many of us will enjoy the macys thanksgiving day pa ray bud new york city police are promising more security million people. they are using sand trucks to block the parade route and for the first time ever they will not let cars cross the route. nypd says a message from isis that enkujing them to attack the parade with speeding cars. hundreds of families watched as they began
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used. today's parade will be the 90th day thanksgiving day parade. one balloon is felix. it will be carried on sticks. 1927. less than two hours thousands of people will begin burning off all of those thanksgiving dinner calories before they take a bi they will be closed north of howard. over in cheerwater heads up for the turkey trot races there. huge crowds out there 6789 thousands of people. they race at 7:00. expect closures. expwhrrchlt an update on hurricane otto. now ordering 4,000 people to evacuate because of the storm.
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rica border. u.s. national hurricane center estimated otto was packing winds of 85 miles an hour. it's actually gone back and forth between a hurricane and tropical storm. for a look at our conditions and more on otto. >> absolutely. it's hard to believe especially after seeing these cold f hurricane otto is moving to central america. expected to move across nicaragua and into costa rica in the next 11 to 12 hours. some strengthening is expected. no threat to us or to the u.s. back at home, we have a lot to be thankful for. our thanksgiving forecast looks nice. lots of sun. a little humid though. the high temperature around 80
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last couple of days. 63 at the beach. 52 in crystal river. our highs top out in the low 80s. i'll have more on that coming up in a little bit. still ahead a major security breech for u.s. navy say horse. what sensitive information was exposed and how they believe it happened. out of nowhere a huge explosion from one of at us. >> a huge explosion and then this. still ahead the incredible video the moment an e-cigarette exploded sending him to the hospital.
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y26jvy yy6y a coworker saw it all happen. >> my colleague, his pocket starting engulfed in flames that were, you know, sparks and thought it was fireworks like forth of july. >> he was taken to the hospital but the e cigarette had a high voltage battery but no indication on why
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is coming together to remember a 15-year-old. dozens of people there at a vigil last night. they're holding candles. a federal authorities are now investigating the death as a possible hate. he was blacked. his accused shooter is white. it all started after they bumped into each other. they exchanged words. he went into the friend's porch. when the shooter left it pass bitd the victim and starting arguing again. he's accusing of pulling out a gun and shooting him. he showed no remorse saying it was trash off the street. he shot the teen because he felt threatened. >> i've got nothing against black. everyone around here is black.
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i'm sorry. >> the teen's family says it's not to thing hatred but instead bring support. in the making a murderer case. according to the lawyer of the wisconsin man profiled in that netflix series usa today wisconsin says the treatment was filed yesterday to oversee the guilty. tested wi flejed she had a plan to overturn the conviction. avery was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted in the death of a photographer. >> more than 10,000 say say lores. they accessed the information. a top navy officials says
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they will will be notified. there's no evidence to suggest that information has used travel is expect toed be the busiest in decade. 49 million americans traveling 50 miles or more by sunday. weather conditions didn't cause any major snags yesterday for anyone flying but it was a busy day in surprising easy. just there was no traffic or anything. no lines. i just went through security in like 2 minutes. >> not worst than i expected.
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now if you're up early you're in luck because thicks are looking nice. probably open the windows this morning but close the windows and turn on the ac by this afternoon because sunny and a bit muggy by this afternoon with a high temperature of 80 degrees. your day planner looks like this. as soon as the sun comes up the temperatures are going to warm up really, really quickly. 79 by noon. 80 again is your forecast high. same story going to like black friday as well. temperatures right now in the bay area in the 50s. in the northern counties but everywhere else in the 60s. 63 in the beach. 63 in bradenton. this is a few degrees warmer than we saw yesterday. right around the 80 degree mark. even the low 80s as we head into the inland areas. 83 expected today. satellite and radar though nothing to see other than
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becoming more easterly. that's pulling some of that moisture out of the atlantic am few more clouds and a little bit more humidity around. as we talked about no real trouble spots. a wipt tri mix in the upper midwest into the northeast. but for the most part things looking pretty good. 80 degrees. a warm turkey day. a little bit muggy though. overnight looks like this. a cold front comes through over the weekend. a dry front though. just drop our temperatures a little bit close to normal and then the next cold front is on wednesday and that is your next chance for rain. about a 30% chance on wednesday. guys? >> still ahead all about the turkey. just in case you're not having turkey or chicken a major recall you need to know about first.
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rescues. wait until you hear how they stopped that thief. >> but first some of the best deals on black friday involve this year's must-had products. >> all the detail on the deals that you won't want to miss. some of the black friday tech deals. best buy will have a great price only $200. >> but it's a door buster which means limited beats ep. the $30 off original price. a 32 inch tv for just 125 dollars with instore pickup. more than 100 dollars off the regular price. >> with more drones in the air some drone wars are heating up. catching drone. it's made by air space systems and it uses a net to
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marketing to facilities seeking to extend their security foot print into the sky. >> predator drone.
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may be undercook and it's hr ormel chicken breast strips. he was trying to raid their car. and they took him down with a bottle of cider. stacy ellis says they noticed that the light was on in their other car. she took out a bottle of this and turned the light off and then they saw somebody taking off down the street. that's when gerald chasing him and tackling had toiment ground. stacy ended up hitting the suspect over the head with a bottle of cider. >> at what point did you feel it was necessary to hit this guy? >> as soon as he pulled a gun. >> oh, wow. he shot ellis with a bb gun. they told the couple that his backpack was full of loot. the backpack was full of loot
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popular moving company caught stealing thousands of dollars from of jewelry. we found out why this isn't the first time this has happened. >> we're showing you where we get the betion deals. now it's time to plan your shopping route. when the most popular malls and
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the search for a man that killed a canine this morning. where they found him hiding after 20 hours. to folks in mote reministries doing great work getting ready to serve more than 6,000 on this turkey day. coming up in a live report take you inside to a live interview on all the preparations. >> good morning. and thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to you. >> we want to get things stared with a check of forecast. make sure you get out the door. everything looking great so far. >> things looking great if you're up early to get out the door or put the turkey in the oven.


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