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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some story stokers are offering better deals than others depending on what you want to buy. only the hottest items. thanks for waking up with abc and happy thanksgiving to you. >> a quick check on the holiday forecast. in for ivan today. no complaints. >> absolutely no complaints at all. in fact a good amount of sunshine today. looking nice. the temperatures right around 80 degrees for a high. so our forecast today is stuffed with sunshine. stuffed a little bit more humidity too. as so we head through the day. here's our hour by hour forecast. as soon as possible that sun comes up those temperatures are going to pop up very quickly into the upper 70s and then again, it will feel a little bit warmer because of that
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expect another cooldown coming up in just a little bit. thanks. some new information this morning. we now know the name of man deputies were forced to shoot and killed. detectives identified him as 43- year-old william beavers. two deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call yesterday. duvall park is a community to help veterans get affordable houses. he was intoxicated whsm they knocked came at them with a knife and wouldn't drop it. he shot beefers and he died add the scene. the sheriff's office says it was the only choice. >> split-second decision and someone is approaching with a large knife and ways like this, i don't know that the protocols decide to leave that. deputy green is on routine paid administrative leave during this investigation. neighbor says that beavers was a veteran who had
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>> afntle an argument between two long-time friends turns deadly. they filed second-degree charge. we just got the mug shot of johnny moore. investigators in tampa arrested him yesterday. moore lived in a catcher outside his friends home. his friend suffered a stroke. there was some sort of fight and then police say moore shot wright once in the chest killing him. it's the holiday season two families are suffering and basically two lives ruined over an argument. >> that argument though authorities have not said what it was about. >> an update this morning. we've learned that a sixth child sadly has died from injuries after that school bus crash in chattanooga. just had some video from a vigil that was held by community members. authorities also just released a photo of the child who passed away. just yesterday the national transportation safety board revealing the bus driver
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the narrow winding row is not a part of the normal route. 24-year-old now charged with vehicle lal homicide and also led to even more charges. investigate force now reveal they did not find any traces of alcohol or drugs in his system. this was a second time in two months that walker crashed a school bus. officials described the first time as a minor accident. police are working to keep you safe right now as you snag all those black friday deals. they sky watch tower. they'll have a surveillance vehicle on hand and extra squad of officers will also be keeping an eye on the mall. and before you head out to shop you will enjoy a big thanksgiving dinner. >> metro ministries is
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live there outside metro ministries. working hard this morning. >> reporter: they certainly are. i'll get to that in just a moment. of course, we have to talk about shopping and some of the great deals out there. wherch you think about thanksgiving two things always come to mind the food, of course. everyone loves that and the shopping and now it seems that the shopping is turned from black friday to thanks giving day. >> a number of stores opening early today. some folks have been camped out all week. some folks have been camped outside inform a best buy since monday. that's fashion. the experts have a number of stores you may want to hit. now one of those is the best buy. that's the place to go for those brand name tvs for cheap for designer clothing. macys has a ton of great deals and for some of those small kitchen electronics
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go to. you mentioned that 6,000 people will be served today. great work today. volunteers showing up this morning. we spoke with one volunteer who's tweal done this eight years in a row. this always makes his holiday about a hundred volunteers expected today. we're going inside for our next half hour and talk to some of those volunteers why doing this is so special and really making an impact for folks right here in the area. >> for now, reporting live. abc action news. thanks. over here at the digital dashboard all of the ads on our website. the thanksgiving meal and we've gone through them. we have a list of the best door buster deals that start tonight and continue tomorrow morning. you can find all of that right now on our website. abc action we've also got it posted on the mobile app. >> good news. the judge ordered the striking
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work. they will be back on schedule. 250 pilots went on strike tuesday. poor working conditions and no time off. they fly cargo. amazon went to court says it was causing them irreparable harm. right now in new york city people are lining the streets of manhattan getting ready to watch the 90th annual macys thanksgiving day they began inflating them. today's parade is the 90th. 90 years. >> here's a live look at the final preparations at that are underway as those parade floats get underway. inspired by the trolls. and diary of a whimpy kids. just like it was in 1927 for
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>> 6:06. action news this morning. an explosion. wow. video captures a man's e- cigarette sparking a fire. they were in danger too. >> getting steven aif vi out of prison. he's a convicted killer featured in a netflix documentary. the latest they're taking to prove it. y26jny yy6y hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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things looking pretty clear. so happy thanksgiving because it looks fantastic. lots of sunshine but a little bit humid with a high temperature of 80 degrees. i'm giving you a full forecast in just a guys? >> debra, thank you. i want you to look at this surveillance video. got fire at the east -- exploded. the workers hands and legs were burned. they say the sent a fiery debris. >> out of nowhere a huge explosion came from one of my coworks pockets t. just shot
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his pockets started ennufled in flames. that were sparks and i thought it was fireworks like fourth of july. >> taken to the hospital. this morning it's unclear what made the e-cigarette explode in the first place. >> new evidence will soon be tested in the murder case in making a murderer. an attorney representing steven avery the wisconsin man convicted murder says it involves set to be averys. it comes three months after turn his conviction. avery was sentenced to live in prison after being convicted in the 2005 death of photographer theresa -- >> i mean, i don't want to kill
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dozens of people turned out for a individual l. they held candles. federal authorities are now investigating his death as a possible hate crime. he was black and his accused killer with white. police say it all started after they bumped into each other at a dollar general store. they exchange words and the shooter went inside the store. the teen left and wept and sat on porch. he started arguing again. he was then accused pulling out a gun an shooting the teen twicing killing him. he showed no remorse and he felt like another piece of trash was off the street. he shot the teen because he felt threatened. >> nobody's going to treat me like that. everybody i live around here is black. my life was endangered.
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the family says it is important not to fan the flames of hatred and instead to let the legal system handle this case. glssments detroit police officers honor a fallen hero. here's the procession of calls from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. he's a wayne state officer. he died last night after being shot in the head tuesday. he's been checking on the errors of stolen gps systems. the u.s. in less than a week. >> man in a tee deputies are trying to figure out if a man is convicted to the death of a local horse. last year steven stevens the owner of the half-million dollar show horse found it dead. we spoke with stevens and told us he's not convinced that they can prove there's an connection. he's happy to know that authorities are working to protect other horses. this morning we are seeing video of a wanted
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trunk of his mother's car in idaho. look at this from the dash cam video. a police officer pulled over a woman because she had license plate. the officer talked to her and heard a noise coming from the truck. watch this as he walks around to the back of the car to open the trunk. he finds the 20-year-old fugitive who was holding a toy gun. they wrestled to the ground. officer was injured. back up officers didn't have to allow him takeen into they had outstanding warrants for failure to appear in the court. wanting more than 130,000 sailors in the social security numbers. the navy says unauthorized individuals to access the information after a breech involving a laptop. they are taking this incident extremely seriously. they call this is a matter of trust. those effected which including former and current sailors will be notified in the
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ordering 4,000 people to evacuate. you're looking at some new video of the flooding. already forcing people out of their homes. it's going to make land fall today just north of the border. heavy rains from the storm already blamed for three deaths in panama. u.s. national hurricane center estimates otto is packing winds of 85 miles an hour. she's in for ivan this morning. she's tracking the storm and just a little while ago. >> >> upgraded to a category 2 storm. they thought it would strengthen before it made land fall and it actually has. it should make land fall within the next 10 hours or. so moving to the west. will not affect the united states and will evenly move back out into the pacific. so no concerns for the u.s. but we do have to keep in mind the hurricane season goes through the end of november. what's ahead for us though? well no severe conditions at all. in fact it should be a
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muggy today for our thanksgiving. and went we'll see another front on saturday but it should be dry. no rain. no appreciable rain. a sprinkle at most. the next real chance is wednesday with the netion cold front. current temperatures are pretty pleasant. upper 50s to low 60 #-z all around the bay area. high temperature will be dropping out right around the 80-degree mark. we do see a few more showers moving in. not showers i mean, moisture. a little bit more humidity. >> thanks. 19 minutes after 6:00. less than two hours thousand of people across the bay area will start burning off those calories before you take a bite. the turkey gobble 5k begins at 7:00. the boulevard will be closed north of howard. meanwhile over in clear water
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closures there include -- >> travel for this year's thanksgiving holiday is expected to be the busiest in nearly a decade. nearly 49 million americans traveling by sunday. favorable weather conditions didn't cause any major snags yesterday. what was a busy day in major airports they were thankful they planned for the volume. fewer people fly on thanksgiving but we can expe this morning. >> still ahead this morning you anemic weapon testimony may be one of the items on your thanksgiving table but one couple used it to stop a thief. >> turning play time into a lesson for kids with special needs. the simple changes for special needs children to use some toys. new york city where people are already lining up for the parade. more than 3 and a half million
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to line that route today for the parade. it is the 90th avenue of this parade. they'll have to bundle up. it's cold there as well. you have the best seat in the
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i noticed that the light in the other car was on. >> she tbrabbed the bottle and shut the light off. they spotted samuel crofton. gerald ellis starting chasing him. stacy then saw a gun pulled out the bottle of cider and hit the suspect over the head with it. >> at what point did you feel it was necessary to clock this guy? >> as soon a on my husband. he had piffle in his face. three inches from his face. >> apparently the suspect took a shot at ellis with that gun. it was a bb gun. police told the couple that it was full of loot and thing like stolen garage door openers. most toys are not made for chirp with special needs and disabilities. they can be very expensive.
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volunteers make simple modification to electronics found in toys to make shem easier for kids to use. they use lights and sounds which is harder for kids with disabilities it lose. they were inspired by their son. he's the official toy test for the project. it's about more than just play. >> these are used as a tool it teach how if i press this same button it will activate the communication them. >> they hod film makerred and shipped 500 toys to 45 states and 8 countries. the goal is this year is a high. >> coming up at 6:30. fee feedinged masses. take you behinds the seans of a huge operation to help thousands of people in need. >> just how early can you get your shopping list checked off? we're checking on on the ening times of the most popular malls in the area.
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starting out in the low 60. the temperatures will climb to 80 degrees. a little bit of humidity. a full forecast and let you know about black friday and the weekend coming up in
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will be for holiday plans. start out it morning. and a look at the forecast. >> yeah. actually it's looking pretty nice for your thanksgiving day. this morning still starting out a little bit cooler. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s but once that sun comes up, the temperatures will pop up very, very quickly. in fact today will be stuffed with sunshine. a little bit humid though. with high temperatures right around 80 degrees. so tell you more about what to expect for black friday and yo up in just a little bit. >> thanks. we've got some breaking news right now out of albany, new york. four people were shot early this morning inside a nightclub. we're looking at video from the scene right now. here's what we know. one man is dead, three other victims a man and two women are injured but they are expected to be survive. officers had taken one person into custody. police have not released a motive for the shootings at this time.
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a random attack. we'll continue following this. meanwhile as you prepare to enjoy dinner with family and friend there are thousands who would go without a meal if not for the help of metropolitan ministries. >> preparing to serves thousands of people. abc action news reporter is live. they have been hard at work all morning long. >> reporter: well, lindsay they have. a lot of thes started at 3:00. they're going to be serving 6,000 people this this community about 100 vrpts are going to be helping out in this effort. massive effort. one ofs those volunteers kathy is a new -- tell me why did you choose to come out on this thanksgiving day to participate in something like this? >> i just always wanted to do it. it's one of my things on my bucket list. >> and for you how does it make you feel to be around this people to give of
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>> and the fact -- the folks here -- i mean, obviously they do this sort of work every day. but a day like today it must make a major impact many you are going to be helping 6,000 families in this community. >> i think that's just great. i'm happy to do it. happy to be here. >> and i know they're going to have the entire stuffings here. , you know, turkey stuffing. just kind of walk me through what you're doing here. >> just opening vegetables, putting them in the go >> i'm assuming this is a thanksgiving you're going to remember for a long time. i'm hoping to share it all with my family so they'll come next year. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. and again a lot of folks coming out here this morning. about 100 volunteers helping out and serving about 6,000 families in this community. no doubt touching for a lot of veterans as well. for now reporting live.
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and after you eat if you're plabbing to head out tonight to shop, serious about finding the best deals. when the malls will open for black friday. tampa at westfield and citrus park. toys"r"us opens at 5:00. best buy opens at 5:00. sears at citrus park opens at 6:00 along target. and jcpenney open at 3:00 this afternoon. just head to our website. you can find a complete list there showing when places will be open through sunday. >> this year the national retail federation estimates more than 130 million people plan to shop starting tonight and through sunday. that's more than last year. there's some steps to prepare
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also save the most money. this one right here. may be the hasheddest thing to do. it may be the most important. this one right here, it's an organization. have a place for your receipts. make sure you save them. also make sure you don't get duped by any phony deals. read the fine print. use apps to find the best deals. some good ones. that keeps track of door busters and shop your location to send coupon and finally here's the best one. make sure you chargedown phone before you leave the house. take advantage of everything. 6:34 right now. family will not be spend thanks giving in their home. a massive fire rips through that house. investigators are still sifting through the rubble. trying to figure out how it started. he did see a small fire in the
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>> it was little and just like within minutes it was completely ungulfed the backyard. >> daniel says he was able to rescue his son and two dogs. firefighters there revived a cat that wasn't breathing. take a look at this real life grinch caught on camera. that's a man who broke into a car. in miami. the own err of this car just dash cam. the thief this time took a -- the couple was inside with their child. the hunt for the man expected of killing a canine. the suspect is recovering in a hospital. deputies say he shot the police dog tuesday. they don't know why though. more than 300 law enforcement officers across central florida.
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helicopters, i feel like i'm in afghanistan. it's frightening. >> in my backyard doing yard work and the helicopter started. so as i was doing it i realized something was wrong. >> after searching noo her 20 hours they spotted powell. they shot him multiple times when he started reaching for his gun. blocking a proposed 14.5 premiums. violated the state's sunshine law. the increase would have taken effect december 1st. president-elect addressed the attention in a thanksgiving message that he released last night. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared
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trump asked americans to work together to help bring change and prosperity to the inner cities. . >> bragging rights online saturday night in gainsville with the 15th ranked gator host the seminole. fsu seniors are the first group in school history to go 4-0 in their career against miami and florida. espn says the seminoles have a 75% chance of beating the gators. you can watch that game right here on abc action news statio at 8:00. lightning gets to enjoy a home cooked meal. just 12 seconds a part for the lightening >> if you're looking to buy some gear
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sports store. you can expect some black friday deals as well. a consumer alert this morning. more than 17,000 pound of chicken being recalled because they're sick. they're ready to heat products but they may be undercooked. one is a hormel chicken. okay. check out this video behind us. >> video not for black friday i items though. >> exactly. this insane lane is standing in line for pies. >> they waited over an hour to snag thanksgiving buy pis from the flying saucer pie company in houston. >> wow. >> the store closed early just before 6:00 last night after running out of
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empty handed. how terrible. a reminder if you run into a thanksgiving crisis we do have a full list of numbers. there are hot onlines. they open in 20 minutes. and then everything in advice to cooking with turkey, baking instructions, even dealing with food stains. >> you can find all of them on our website. how cool is that; right if >> that's neat. >> a gravy stain or wine stain. the government wants smart phone makers to log out those apps in hopes of reducing crashes by descrassed drivers of the safety administration also wants automakers to make them easy to pair with smart phones. the new guidelines would allow them to make phone calls and use navigation. they would be banned from looking at photos and
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that. a texas dad developed the app to help keep kids in line it holiday season. it's santa's watching. the houston father of two toddlers created the app to encourage kids behavior with a little help from kris letting a child know. you can see -- through the hillsborough county fairgrounds and animated and still light displays t. opens tonight and runs through december 3 #st. tickets start at $20 per vehicle and most of the proceeds will benefit programs and services. actually it's relatively
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that unusual. a live look outside. a beautiful start to the day. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s all around the bay area. believe it or not this is an increase from what we saw yesterday. anywhere from 2 to 3 to 7 degree increase. being the only acceptance. but cool is not what i would call the forecast today. in fact thanksgiving day planner looks 68 by 8 a.m. by noon # 9 and our high temperature will top out in the low 80s and a little bit increased humidity. so we will see a few clouds. a little bit of -- let's say more moisture in the way of humidity and for your seven-day it is looks like we're still dry to wednesday. 30% chance of showers. still ahead good news this morning for parents who are worried but the kids
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junk food. there are specific things that children still aren't getting enough of. >> plus stripping down to a shorts. while it's not unusual for us here in florida to be wearing shorts in winter it is in snowy wisconsin. the reason this dedicated guy is refusing to put his
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moore got in a fight with he lived odd in a trailer. he checked on him regularly. investigators say moore tried to run from officers. >> a sixth child has died from juries from a school bus crash in chattanooga. the bus driver was not on the designated route when he crashed on monday. police say walker with was speeding when he lost control and crashed. they found no trace of alcohols at the time.
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charges. volunteers had been hard at work all morning preparing a huge feast. they'll be serving about 6,000 people today as part of the annual thanksgiving dinner. about a hundred volunteers are helping owl the efforts. 3:00 actually a some sports. take a look at this. people camping outside since monday. that locati tonight. experts say best buy is the best choice for things like name brand tvs like samsung and lg. if you're look for designer clothing the best deals at macy. goes to kohls. abc action >> you're looking live right now at new york city where in just over two hours the 90th annual macys thanksgiving -- giving parade will get
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that balloon will be on sticks just reich it was for it's first parade. manier than 3 million people are expected to line the city streets to watch the parade. many are already there. they are bundled up. a chilly 41 degrees there. well just about 15 minutes. thousands of people across the bay area will be trotting off before they take a single map. the turkey gobble 7:00. it starts at the arena. here's a live look right now. from the turkey trot. closures including keane, prui, it t and nursery roads. ing continues until 11:00. a spokesman says they will
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they were awarded $54 million with wal-mart. a federal jury found the company intention nay fail to pay hundreds for things other than driving. the facts just don't line up with the jury's decision. most kids are eating less junk foods and improving their overall for this they look at the eating patterns. kids still need to do a better job like whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. >> celebrate his 99th birthday next month. he has no plans of slowing down any too many soon. he lives in west central iowa.
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world records. he is in fact the oldest pilot in the world. it became official this fall. in his 80s. his wife convinced him but when she died he started flying again and that's when he replied for his pilot's license. >> a lot of people ask me if i knew him. no, i didn't know him. >> he flies a few times every week. he turns 99 every two years he visits his doctor to pass a medical exam to keep flying. preparing for thanksgiving today. you're not going o need your fireplace but you will need your air-conditioning. a little bit muggy day today. highs around 08 degrees and a little bit of increase in humidity. current temperatures in the
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look like this. climb to 74 by 10 a.m. and up to 80 actually by about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. in rain out there but we do see an increase in moisture. the increase in moisture is evident by a few more clouds and again that increase in humidity. we're going to widen out a little bit. and all of the activities in the upper midwest and off to the northeast. could be some delays there. so certainly call ahead. but this is stretching through and move through our area by saturday. but it will be dry. just bringing us down to normal conditions. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 60s. here's a look at delays. no delays around the u.s. that's good news currently but call ahead if you will be traveling to make sure that you won't be sitting at the airport. 80 degrees today. a warm day.
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64 degrees. pleasant. and mild. and your seven-day forecast. looks pretty niez. in fact if you like today you're going to look black friday. just about the same. relatively humid. 80 degrees and then that cold front moves through. cool down by saturday and sunday. just a bit. and the next cold front on wednesday and that's the next best chance for rain. guys in >> cold temperatures in the upper midwest is not deterring this guy. die hard green bay packer fan is showing for his team. >> they lost their last four games. he decided that he will only wear shorts until green bay wins again. >> i get a lot of comments. are you nuts? do you know how cold it is outside? they hit the brakes and slow down. i'm in shorts. sometimes they'll roll down the window. what are you doing? >> he's going to have to until monday to fee if he
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pants. at least he's not a cleveland browns fan. they haven't won a game all season. sorry. [ laughter ] >> stay with us.
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z26m3z zy6z y26m3y yy6y looks like no rain in the
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? [ music ] >> yeah. they are tackling the topic of politics at the thans giving table. their christmas video from 2013. this video is up to 9 million views and they have some tips on other conversation topic that you can bring up. they say some examples include brad j, olina and no headphone jacks. >> in case you wanted to talk about other topics right now. >> peace on earth this thanksgiving. well stay tuned. good morning america is coming up next. >> keep up to date with us on facebook and twitter. >> and we'll be back again in 25 minutes.
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good morni good morning, america. double holiday trouble. two storms sweeping across the country right now, snow and freezing rain making roads slick in the east, a winter storm warning in the west. more than a foot of sno millions of americans take to the roads and the skies on this thanksgiving. high alert. security stepped up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3 million people are expected to line the streets. sand-filled truck, thousands of officers on duty and at the ready concern that isis has called the parade a great target. you're hired. donald trump adds to his cabinet set to pick a billionaire investor as commerce secretary


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