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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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on wednesday, 30% on thursday. abc news starts right now. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. breaking overnight, saying good-bye to a favorite tv mom. florence henderson, the woman who played mrs. brady on the brady bunch has died. >> and as many people get their holiday shopping started, there's a deadly shooting search for the gunman. good morning, i'm janelle martinez in for deiah riley. >> good morning, everyone. i'm dan shaffer. breaking overnight, america mourning the loss of florence henderson. she played the cheerful, understanding carol brady in the show the brady bunch. that show is about a blended family. it first aired in 1969 and then seen of course in endless reruns. she died while surrounded by family and friends on thanksgiving day.
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she was, in fact, just in the audience a few days ago for this season's finale. florence henderson was 82. a suspected drunk boater is now facing charges for taking out several docks near madeira beach and causing damage that stretches for several miles. a commercial fishing boat with two men on board caused the damage. the pinellas county sheriff's office and fwc are both a witness says the boater nearly hit kids fishing on one of the docks. >> they were on the dock fishing, good thing because one of the parents saw them coming and started yelling at them, and they just veered off quick enough to not hit the dock and those kids all over the dock. that would have been an ugly sight. >> luckily no one was injured. authorities are still investigating exactly why that
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lee county deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call early yesterday. they found an 8-month-old baby not breathing. doctors say that little boy suffered a violent beating and died at the hospital. 27-year-old rafael carions who was baby-sitting is facing murder charges. two people were killed on thanksgiving day in kentucky during a shooting at a youth football flag game. some was caught on camera on a man's facebook . >> as you just heard there, there was a lot of gunshots and confusion with people hitting the ground. two people died at the scene. four others were hit and taken to the hospital. louisville police are investigating the shooting. so far there's no word about any arrests, but police believe the shooting started after an argument when a man bunched into the motorcycle -- bumped into the motorcycle of another man. breaking overnight, an argument over a parking spot
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a wal-mart in reno. there are no reports of other injuries. police are still looking for that gunman. the holiday shopping season is underway. abc action news reporter marisela burgos shows us many people at local malls and other stores got a jump start on black friday deals. >> black friday shoppers started early, way early. >> i'm going to be in the store for less than 10 minutes, i guarantee it. >> missing out on some of the thanksgiving traditions. >> this down here. >> how do you like it? >> it's all right. there's a lot more people out here than i expected. >> making it more about getting the right deals. >> that was worth us getting up, you know, stop eating, come out here for a few hours. >> alicia riley and her family split up in teams hitting up stores. >> , you know, just dive in -- don't just dive in there willy nilly, you're got to have a plan. >> none of these guys wanted to
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shopping day. some bargain hunters wanted to save at electronic stores, toy stores or walk around places like west shore plaza for options. >> she wanted to go to papaya, i think it's a good diversity in the stores. >> why do it? >> well, maybe this is the new tradition. >> this will stop eventually and we're going to start seeing more online purchases rather than this, but for now this is just what the millennials want to do. >> that was marisela the national retail federation says up to 137 million people could be shopping during this post-thanksgiving weekend. that includes online and shopping at stores. a lot of parents are looking for one of the hottest toys of the season, a hatchimal. one dad we spoke to who waited in line to get one, first thought he would miss out. >> supposedly the last one to be in line. >> i didn't get one. that's all right. maybe next time. >> maybe next time.
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>> getting the last one. thank you very much. >> to give you some idea of the demand, that wal-mart only had 16 of the toys. they went on sale at 6 and were all gone in just a few minutes. two brothers in arizona are cashing in on this craze. a month ago they bought all the hatchimals they could find, 100 of them in all. they spent $5000 on those toys hoping it would be the holiday gift. they posted them on ebay list price of $60. their gamble is paying off. people are already bidding as much as $200 each. today a new store for tampa bay sports fans is opening at international plaza. thunder bug and the lightning girls will be out there at 9 a.m. for the ribbon conduct. the new mall location will feature all the latest licensed merchandise from the lightning, the bucs, the rays, the usf bulls, florida gators and
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friday shopping planning we've got all the ads on our website make sure you store your turkey leftovers correctly. the cdc says november and december are the peak months for illnesses from a certain bacteria that grows in improperly stored leftovers. your turkey should already be in the refrigerator, if you don't eat it in four days freeze it in airtight bags or throw it out. the power ball jackpot no winning numbers were picked in wednesday night's drawing. the jackpot is an estimated $403 million. that total could grow. the next drawing is saturday night. the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. now here's debra shoals with florida's first forecast. >> no weather issues today as we head through the next several hours. in fact, the next several days
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your black friday forecast looks like this. by noon we'll be up to 77. high temperature tops out at 81 degrees. we will see a decent amount of sunshine. current temperatures right now are in the mid to upper 60s all around the bay area. 68 in tampa, 66 in zephyrhills, 64 in bartow, our cool spot up north. crystal river at 54. nothing to look at on satellite and radar. we do have a possibility of some rain in the forecast. i'll let you know when that is coming up in just guys. a california mother of two who disappeared jogging near her home three weeks ago was found alive on thanksgiving day. but as lauren lister explains, the captors are still out there. >> . >> after missing for 22 days this california mother of two sherry papini turning up alive about 100 miles away from where she was disappeared. >> she was released by her
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she was bound by restrainted but was able to summon help from a passing motorist. >> she was taken to the hospital to be treated and reunited with her husband keith. >> you would never think you would be in a position like this. >> this was 32-year-old keith papa knee a week knee a week after she went missing. when children up from day care, keith reported her missing and used the find my phone app to locate her cell phone found on the side of the street, her headphones still attached. it kicked off a search, an investigation to find sherri. >> the investigation is far from over. in fact, it is only begun a new chapter. we're confident with the
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arrest. >> police are looking for a dark suv with two hispanic females with a handgun. lauren lister abc news los angeles. a house fire in california kills four people including two children, what neighbors say happened right before they saw those flames. >> the tampa bay buccaneers got some playoff help yesterday. we'll show you what happened and how it all went down coming
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welcome back, police in wichita kansas are hunts for three men who killed a teenage boy early thanksgiving morning. that gunman opened fire outside a laundromat. the victim ran across the street to a burger king and collapsed was he was with a friend who told police what happened. detectives are reviewing surveillance video for any leads about the shooter. police in volusia county are charging a 34-year-old man with attempted murder for stabbing his parents with a steak knife while guests sat at the thanksgiving table. edwin dougherty put his mom in a head lock and then put his dad in a headlock when he tried to intervene. he grabbed a knife and stabbed his mom and dad. the parents are recovering at the hospital. an investigation is underway at a deadly house fire in modesto california. it killed four people including two children. neighbors heard a loud explosion and went outside to
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inside the burned out mobile home. a couple was raising their grandchildren there. on monday extra counselors will be at the school where the kids attend. the cause of that fire is now under investigation. former green party presidential nominee jill stein is pushing for a recount. stein has raised nearly $4 million in her push for a vote recount in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. this comes after security experts told the clinton campaign they believe results in those states could have been hacked. more than two weeks after election, the vote tally in michigan remains too close to call. staffers say president- elect donald trump is busy trying to fill his cabinet. trump even tweeted he was working on thanksgiving to do just that. abc's lana zak has more on the presidential transition and the latest cabinet appointments. >> abc news has learned president-elect donald trump is expected to name 78-year-old investor wilbur ross to head
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ross was the owner of west virginia's sago coal mine in2006 when a dozen miners were killed. yesterday mr. trump named two women to his cabinet, nikki haley, a former marco rubio supporter named ambassador to the u. n. >> i think it's very interesting that he is able to go beyond his loyalists because that seemed to be the thing that mattered moats to him during the campaign was that somebody was she certainly wasn't. >> and for the education department school choice advocate and kasich delegate betsy devos. yesterday she issued a strong statement on common core tweeting i am not a supporter period, following mr. trump's lead from the campaign. and now the president-elect is spending the thanksgiving holiday at his resort in mar-a- lago. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward
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shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> and even though it's thanksgiving, the president- elect is tweeting and working on trying to keep the carrier air-conditioning company located here in the united states. carrier responded they are looking forward to working with the administration. lana zak, abc news washington. 4:46 now, a little girl learning a lesson about calling 9-1-1 after calling police to come to her emergency. listen. >> hello this is the 9-1-1 center. >> um, you can come to my birthday party. >> a nebraska girl called the cops to invite them to her birthday party. mom says she was outside when her daughter made the call. two deputies did respond to the home. that's sop. they say the girl's birthday, though, is still three months away in february. no word on whether they're going to show up then.
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chrisman will turn on the christmas tree lights in downtown st. petersburg. he will flip the switch at 7:30 tonight it kicks off the snow fest and waterfront holiday festivities. st. petersburg's 90th annual santa parade will be held next weekend. first a check on the weather. a beautiful day yesterday, wasn't it? >> yeah, it was a great thanksgiving day. doesn't really feel a whole lot like christmas around here quite yet. our temperatures are definitely above normal. current temperatures right now are around the bay area. cool spot up north. we're at 54, but everyone else enjoying temperatures about 7 to 8 degrees above norm. same story for our highs today. we're going to be in the low to mid-80s. 81 in crystal river, 82 in arcadia. our hour-by-hour forecast looks like this, if you're heading out to the malls today, 70s this morning, and then as we head into the afternoon hours into the low 80s and then back
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evening. our weather pattern looks like this, not a whole lot happening. there's a cold front up to our north, and that front will sink through the bay area tomorrow. as it moves through tomorrow, though, we don't expect to see any rain. i mean, maybe, maybe a sprinkle, but i think it's pretty unlikely, and then on sunday drier air filters in, so it's going to be cooler. lower humidity for sunday and feel a little more pleasant. the weekend looks pretty great. not much happening around the bay area as you can see now on satellite and radar. not much happening around the rest of the nation, which is good news if you're out traveling, pretty decent as far as no travel trouble spots. that's great news. we do expect lightning to strike. that's tonight inside amalie arena as the lightning take on the columbus blue jackets. pucks drop tonight at 7:30. it looks pretty nice out on the esplanade. nice out on the water too. winds out of the east, 5 to 10 knots with a light chop on bay
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and your next tide at the st. petersburg pier. so this afternoon we expect a high temperature of 81 degrees, warm, a little bit humid, then overnight tonight 64 degrees, pleasant and mild. and your seven days looks like this. there's that cold front that moves through on saturday that just cooled us down a few degrees on sunday back to seasonal weather. and then we move through the workweek and our first best chance for rain will be wednesday into guys. thanks debra. tonight the lightning host the columbus blue jackets as debra mentioned, and the buccaneers will host the seattle seahawks sunday afternoon. tom korun has your sports update. >> good morning everybody. just in case the buccaneers make a serious run at the playoffs, the cowboys did them a nice favor by beating the washington redskins. the redskins did make a game of it. 4th quarter down 24-12.
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desean jackson. dallas had the answers. on 3rd and 9 right here, dak prescott completes the pass to dez bryant and from there ezekiel elliott brings it home and washington goes to 9 and 1, 31-26 the final over washington. how about the detroit lions, they are now the central division leaders at another thanksgiving win for the boys from mo town and this one over the vikings, matt prater's 40-yard field goal, 16- 13 detroit. vikings falling to 6 and 5. now speaking of the buccaneers, a couple of injury updates. kevin panfield still under concussion protocol and cornerback brett grimes did go
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grimes suffered a quad injury very early in the chiefs game last sunday. as for the lightning, they are certainly winning their share of games, 5 in the last 6. columbus coming to town tonight. i like to see the bolts bring wednesday night's first and third periods. that was a very strong 40 minutes of hockey. >> we're playing a team that's been very good at the start of the year, so we expect a very tough game, so we want to make sure that we come out flying and, you know, keep playing like we finish the game. >> and that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. people protesting the oil pipeline in north dakota didn't take thanksgiving day off. how one law enforcement officer addressed those protestors. >> so he was saying to me that listen, the baby's going to be slippery. you've got to catch it. don't let it fall. you've got to catch the baby.
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thanksgiving day surprise. mom gives birth along the side of the highway. the newborn's condition coming up at 5.
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show, caroling and plenty of holiday treats. and the wonderland of lights drive through is open at the hillsborough county fairgrounds. you can drive through and see a holiday lights show for the next 30 days. there's also a christmas village with horse-drawn wagon rides, amusement rides and a north pole train ride for the kids. >> today is black friday, and it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> this morning we're looking into mall security things are shaping up at malls around the bay area. we're live at the tampa premium outlets and at the tyrone
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live from the station taking action for abc action news. get ready, set, shop. folks throughout the bay area already packing local malls this morning trying to get in on those great black friday deals. i'll let you know where you can save the most dough. >> a boat takes out docks and hit assail boat leaving miles of damage. who's facing charges this morning. >> and breaking overnight, florence henderson has passed away.
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tv star. >> thanks for waking up with abc action news. i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm janelle martinez in for deiah riley. i hope everybody had a good thanksgiving. >> very nice,. >> what's it like outside for all those shoppers on black friday? >> it actually is pretty nice out there for those black friday shoppers. warm and a little bit increased humidity. current temperatures in the mid to upper 60s over most of the bay area. 69 in everyone else remains in the 60s. as we head into the afternoon, well, temperatures will warm up nicely. in fact, in the low to mid-80s. it's about 7 degrees above normal for this time of year, and we're going to see increased humidity as well. so your digital day planner looks like this. by 10 a.m., 77 degrees. by 2 p.m., 80 and we expect our highs to top out right around 81. there are some changes in the forecast, though. i'll let you know all about


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