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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it's the season for sugar. and spice. measuring. mixing. melting. stirring things up. it's a sip, a taste... a nibble. it's the perfect time to let us do the cooking
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure new at 11:00, face-off in ybor city. what set these two groups of protesters on a collision course. we'll have more on that story deadly for one good samaritan killed at a texas wal-mart. police say the man was trying to help a woman who was being pulled by her hair. that's when another man shot him in the neck. the woman did get away and the shooter sin custody. a woman who was with the good samaritan was also shot. they all are in the hospital
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on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. police say two people were shot after some sort of fight. police have two people in custody. stores were able to reopen later this evening. no word on how those people are doing tonight. shopping on chicago's magnificent mall disrupted today with protesters taking to michigan avenue to bring attention a similar protest last year resulted in sales 25 to 50% below projections. in ybor city marisela burgos has more on what has two groups against each other tonight. marisela. >> reporter: they're a block away from where i'm standing. they've had two different
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in front of the ybor city wine bar trying to share a message of acceptance saying for awhile now protesters have been spreading a different message, and they're tired of it. the owner of the ybor city wine bar says it's so bad her business is down. >> the volume and the hate speech has escalated to the point where it is intoll rabble. >> reporter: these -- intolerable. >> re entowrnlg people to turn to christ. anywhere from two to 12 people gasterred. >> we preach the gospel. we come out here every friday preaching the gospel. >> reporter: it was very peaceful out here earlier tonight. both groups say expect them to continue to share their messages. marisela burgos, abc action
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chattanooga school district. new records show a principal and students were worried about a bus driver's erratic behavior weeks before the crash. one student claiming johnthony walker would often hit the brakes so that the students would hit their heads. he is in jail tonight charged with airlines. a flight forced back to punta gorda, the pilot reporting that they actually stuck the flaps on the wings of the plane. passengers got a new flight five hours later. hope you had a fantastic day. temperatures low 80s, above average this time of year.
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we'll talk about that. but 83 just four away from the record high. much further away from where we should be, mid-70s. humid out there as well. we are going to hang on to mild readings tonight. temperatures now in the mid and upper 60s already dropping into the upper 50s with the dew points would not be surprised to get a little patchy fog in the area, eastern pasco, polk county, and up across the nature coast. keep that in mind if you are going to be sleeping very little tonight. otherwise looking good for the overnight. we'll be able to see where our weather will be coming from. it really isn't much as far as rainfall. just a few clouds. but it is a cool front and it
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saturday into sunday. i think will you like the extended forecast as well. see you in a few minutes. now an update to that mystery kidnapping in california. deputies are searching for two women in a dark suv. deputies believe they kidnapped a woman while she was out jogging. yesterday she was dropped off on the highway. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> the family is now asking for privacy to let them all heal. officers say the mother of two
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explosions, trash, and people scrambling to protect their home after a recycling truck burst into flames. michael paluska has more on why the -- >> they said evacuate everybody out of here. >> oh my god. >> that car is fixing to blow up! >> chaos, extreme chaos. it melt a guy's car right there in the driveway. >> reporter: kayo getting everyone out of the house. >> reporter: a fire started inside a recycling truck. the driver nod where to go. >> and all of a sudden it just erupted into a big black smoke. >> this guy was not safe there.
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this mailbox into the ground. neighbors we spoke to say they couldn't believe that just because the truck was on fire that the driver dumped everything out, putting this neighborhood in danger. a representative said the driver followed protocol and did everything right. >> he put all of our houses, families, kids that we even have running around out here, pets, everything in jeopardy. >> reporter: waste pro doesn't know the exact cause believes someone mixed chemicals or flammables in with trash. police in lauderdale lakes are searching for two burglars who broke into a restaurant and grabbed the cash registers.
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ru68 $2,000. we want to you take a look at the smile on this little boy's face. deputies in walton county wound up at billy's house when he called 911 on thanksgiving day. there was no problem, though. the boys just. the sheriff says he doesn't encourage this kind of 911 call but it made everyone smile. how about this one on camera? a quick thinking employee sees a would-be robber coming. what he does next that makes that man run with holiday parti shop, and more, it's hard to
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. caught on camera in minnesota a would-be armed robber sneaks up on a popeye's employee, the robber pistol whipping the worker and then escaping. take a look at this surveillance video from australia. a masked man running toward a door with a the worker scares him off by throwing snacks. the robber quickly giving up, running back to the get away car. new tonight, the state of wisconsin announcing it will recount the nearly three million ballots cast there. former green party candidate jill stein filing the petition for the recount k. on wednesday she says she will file one in michigan as well if she can raise $7 million to pay for the
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$5 million, which should cover the cost of wisconsin and pennsylvania. now to the latest on the presidential transition, president-elect donald trump working on filling out the members of his cabinet. abc's lana zach has more on the divide within the campaign. >> what have you accomplished? >> reporter: as president-elect donald trump moves forward with his cabinet picks there is an internal struggle for secretary of state advisers split over mitt romney or rudd gee giuliani. loyalists are advocating for the former new york city mayor but there are suggestions that he could face a difficult confirmation. >> donald trump is a phony. >> reporter: but he was one of trump's harshest critics. >> this is a guy that called
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and a con. >> reporter: kellyanne conway tweeted some trump loyalists warn against romney for secretary of statement other appointments include homeland security and veterans affairs. abc news, washington. divorce rates in the u.s. plunging to a 35-year about 17 women out of 1,000 filing now. while there are many contributing fact to one of those may be that fewer people are taking the plunge themselves. more americans are staying single, living alone, or just living together without tieing the knot. ohio state troopers finding more than toys and clothes inside these christmas presents. the us, police stopping the
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closely, and that's when a canine officer alerted the officers there were drugs inside. a bay area veteran is hoping to help others ike him suffering suffering from ptsd. >> reporter: this army veteran is on a mission to drown out the sounds of war sound of music. >> i started noticing an empty and dead feeling. >> reporter: 16 years in places like bosnia and somalia had taken a toll. like so many others, that toll eventually left to an attempted suicide. >> i took an entire bottle of sleeping pills and washed it down with a tremendous amount of beer. >> it starts off with this,
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the handle. >> reporter: he now builds custom steel drums, each crafted in his backyard, eventually landing in the hands of fellow. that we set up 0 to where people can donate on our paypal. you can donate $100 and sponsor a whole drum. >> given him far more than a new life and he hopes it will do the same for so many. it gave me purpose, and that was more important than anything. >> cameron polom, abc action news. the holiday season is here and it's around this time when a lot of people start missing the workouts, but we have three easy ways you can make up fort.
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from the entrance to get some extra walking before you start. and then at the mall make one full lap around before you start to burn some extra calories. when spending time with family, go caroling or just you can. remember, if you can't do your full workout every day, that's okay as long as you don't let it go for too long. the first lady today kicked off the christmas season receiving the white house christmas tree, a horse-drawn carriage bringing the tree to the drive. the first daughters were not with her this time. instead she was joined by her nephews and the first dog, beau and sonny. it's been kind of hard for me to get into the spirit because it's so warm outside. >> did you notice the obama girls don't want anything to do
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no turkeys, no christmas trees. >> oh my goodness, it does not feel like the christmas holidays. we're in the low 80s. did you enjoy today? >> we were inside. >> you were getting the black friday deals. a lot of folks were. but look spectacular sunsets. upper 50s as we head through tonight. the dew point temperatures are a little closer. a lot of us are not on the roads on saturday morning but if you are going to be one of those folks keep in mind that fog is a potential problem with the. we're going to fix this.
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that's going to drop our dew points back. not tomorrow. if you prefer the cooler air, that is going to be with us. there's the front. you can really just barely make it out. really not much moisture. no showers, just a band of clouds, then everything shifts down to the south another. front moves through quietly and leaves us mid-60s down in south florida, and there's the dry air to the north. in between will be he have. we've got a couple of sprinkles the last couple of he 0. so overnight temperatures tonight in the mid-60s. we'll have some mid-50s up to
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nice and comfortable. we'll warm things up by the end of the week. during the day a north wind will take over and become gusty at times, and then this. temperatures cooling back off. pretty cool, not just with the oil. for us tonight it will we're milder than we should be. with that 65 i think some patchy fog is across our interior counties, then we'll lift that fog and get up to 79. pep. two to three-foot sea, moderate
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craft advisory he. the cold ire a b. pelosi. the big game tomorrow, florida and fsu, doak campbell stadium. temperatures cooler back into the 50s. it will be in the low 40s in the morning by su the difference between saturday and sunday is the. so that 79. i think moisture begins to increase along with the temperatures, then by wednesday and thursday rain chances back to 20 and 30%. the bolts had to make up another deficit tonight.
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off a comeback?
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hello folks. it's probably too kind to say the lightning just had an off night. for the most part the team took the night off.
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in the third period, the tieing goal coming right here starting with hedman. from there it was a nightmare. the lightning turning the puck over here on the boards. brandon right there to bishop 57 seconds later. columbus with make it 5-3 when hedman loses his balance and the puck, cam atkinson right there scores on bishop who didn't have a good night, either, columbus earning this one tonight, the final 5-3 over the bolts. all right, the marquee match-up sunday in the buccaneers seahawks game should be mike evans versus seattle cornerback richard sherman. so much is being made of this meeting. but you could have fooled the seattle media. they hardly talked about it. one question, leaving sherman
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wide receiver mike floyd. the topic was bit more discussed around here with head coach dirk koetter. >> no, i feel going at him one on one, hopefully he'll match me. i'm a big fan of him. >> you can't after number one guy and say, okay, we're not going to him. that doesn't mean he's not going to get covered times. >> you've got to be aware of one of the best corner backs in the nfl, but i like my gin that match-up. mike is having an amazing year. >> oh, i heard this today from dick say ban and jimbo fisher. they said you don't practice until you get it right. you practice it until you can't get it wrong. then i heard dirk koetter talk about the past few weeks
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hopefully it's a similar signal. >> since the thursday night game, the last three weeks, our practices have definitely taken a step up from a telephone poo standpoint. coaching-wise, you're always trying to increase the tempo, but it's got to come from the players. what the players decide to do it you know things are looking up. moving on to usf i think we can trust the bulls tomorrow that they all they need to do is play smart football, let that offense kick into high gear against ucf. >> we've just got to do what we always talk about, take care of the football. we always felt if we don't turn the ball over, chances are we've got a high percentage of the time that when hary going to win that ball game. >> memphis beat tom herman's houston cougars today on late touchdown. riley ferguson to anthony with
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herman's cougars fall 48-44, and now we see if herman gets the lsu or texas job or stays at houston. 's no secret what florida state will try and doing a gains the gators defense. they're calling on their premier back. run delvin run. >> that's the thing you've got keep pounding until it breaks. you run your asmient, block him. sometimes they get off, sometimes they don't. you just got to keep going. >> you can see that florida- florida state game right here on abc beginning at 8:00. we'll also carry the michigan- ohio state game at noon. a great weekend of football.
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we're in the upper 70s tomorrow to near 80, then the front comes in, cools us off with highs in the 70s. >> continuing coverage on all our day's top stories on
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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