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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> with holiday parties, shopping, gatherings, you know your workout routine, keeping it any way, has
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we have simple things you can do so you won't have extra weight to lose. hopefully you won't have the join a gym come new year >> they always dissipate around february >> let's get to the weather department >> happy thanksgiving >> thank you >> we decided too >> i know, how about that. it is the start of the holiday season, i guess, right. our current temperatures right now are in the 60s around the bay area, 68 in tampa. a little cooler in the north.. our highs today will be around the 79-degree mark. actually same story today and tomorrow but there will be differences in your
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absolutely gorgeous so if you're plan handgun day you're going to do out door activities, if you can only do it one day, tomorrow looks better although today is good today. our director said he saw a sprinkle as he came in. not out of the question but most areas will remain dry. there is say cold front draped just to the north of us and that is going the move through the bay area as we head means for your forecast, when you can expect your next chance for rain and how cool it will get behind the front coming up breaking overnight, former cuban president fidel castro has died >> he led the island nation for almost half a
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castro's reign marked by the failed bay of pigs [inaudible] he survived a crippling u.s. trade embargo as well as several assassination plots >> he lived long enough to see his brother and current leader raul castro this is video from miami where a group of people there were seen dancing, waving cuban flags, hugging each other. it's a day many in the crowd say they've been waiting for >> it means a lot to us cubans. we're free at last. the man who caused so many
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country, the longest dictatorship in our continent, fidel is dead >> this is freedom. this is a huge change for our community and i think a lot of good things are coming for us. a lot of good things are coming for this country, for the relationship between us and for the peace and the love that we always had in our country reporter: we will of course be this story throughout our morning. a develop story right now out of texas, black friday turning deadly for one good samaritan killed in a san antonio walmart. police say they man saw a man assaulting a woman in a parking lot, stepped in and tried to intervene and that's when the suspect shot and killed him. a shotting outside a shoot
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mall prompted it to shut down. police say two people were shot after some fight black friday. stores were able to reopen yesterday night. no word on how those people are doing this morning. authorities in alaska say four people including a child were found dead in a hotel room in fairbanks. officers found a man crying police to a nearby room where they found bodies. as this story develop, count on us to bring you the latest details. the company that owns the bus involved in the crash in chattanooga, tennessee is offering to pay for the funeral expenses, hospital bills, and all expenses for anyone involved in the crash for the
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say the principal and students raised concerns about his driving before the crash. the suspected charleston church shooter will face a jury. dylann roof was found competent to stand trial. if convicted u he could face the death penalty. jury selection in the federal trial is scheduled to continue on monday. now an update mystery kidnapping in california. deputies are searching for two hispanic women in a dark suv. they believe they're the ones who kidnapped sherri papini. papini's sister says the family is grateful she's been found. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how
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together as a family again. everyone's tireless efforts has made our family whole again this thanksgiving. reporter: officers say the mother of two has not been reunited with her children yet. they were never told about the alleged abduction. papini is still in the hospital recovering. explosions, trash burning in the street, people scrambling to grab their hoses to protect their homes. neighborhood after a recycling truck burst into flames. >> they said evacuate, everybody out of here. >> oh my god. >> that car's fixing to blow up. >> 20-foot freaking flames. >> chaos, extreme chaos. it melted a guy's car. reporter: chaos, panic and disbelief. >> i'm grabbing what i can grab and getting everyone out of the house.
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fire started inside a waste pro recycling truck. the driver had nowhere to go. >> and all of a sudden, it just erupted into a big ball of glory. reporter: jeff shot this video of the driver trying to save the truck. >> this guy was not safe standing on top of that truck butting out a garbage truck. reporter: the this mailbox into the ground. neighbors say they couldn't believe the driver dumped everything out putting everyone in danger. >> a representative with the company says the driver did everything right. >> he put our families, houses, kids that we have running around out here, everything in jeopardy. reporter: waste pro doesn't know the exact cause of the fire but
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flammable into the recycle bin. >> i am so glad we didn't have any of the vehicles sitting over there because they all would have blown up. we're learning this morning more about a destructive boat ride and the man arrested for it. the damage was caused by a suspected drunk boater. police say robert hart was boating with no the damage stretches from don's dock to the cause can way. state of wisconsin announcing it will recount the ballots cast there. jill stein filing a petition for the recount yesterday. stein will file a similar petition in pennsylvania on monday. on wednesday, she says she will file one in michigan as well. so far, she has raised more than $5 million for this which should cover the costs.
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transition, it's a working holiday weekend. trump's team announcing two more names to his administration including his white house counsel. trump is already facing questions about possible conflicts of interest. >> facing a brewing storm over potential conflicts of interest, donald trump has donald mcgan's job will be separating trump's business as president and as businessman. >> i could run my business perfectly and i could run the country perfectly
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don't have to have do anything. reporter: today, trump also naming a fox news commentator kt mcfarland as national security advisor. this comes amid an unusual airing of disagreement over rudy giuliani and mitt romney as state. >> i would never discuss politics on thanksgiving. reporter: the controversy could open the door for an alternate. while trump deliberates, he's spending time with family, seen enjoying a prethanksgiving meal in florida.
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>> coming up, a truly selfless act. a woman known in the neighborhood as ms. claus loses everything in a fire but she's still giving back. >> today we're at 79 and tomorrow 79 but tomorrow will feel different. i'll let you know what i mean coming up. z26l7z zy6z
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. welcome back. a special update on the family making the impossible possible. >> the woman known around her everything in its in a fire. >> a day of counting your blessings. >> we have a lot to be thankful for. all to the patio. reporter: yolanda is able to look around and see each one of them. >> and the holiday ask not just about -- is not just about yourself. reporter: she lost everything a week ago just before her annual thanksgiving meal where she feeds more than a hundred
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she's taking ore her mother's kitchen and she's still finding a way to bring the magic of the holidays. >> if i'm blessed and if everybody did their part, we would have a good [inaudible] >> reporter: yolanda is better known as mrs. claus. >> santa. reporter: the fire destroyed all the presents she's been collecting. but since we first met her, she's the one now on receiving end getting all of these donations so she can still be mrs. claus. >> this is the beginning of our neighborhood give away. reporter: and on this thanksgiving. >> where's my dancers s today. reporter: she's the one finding a way to still dance to the music and praise. >> that's a heart of gold.
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pay off her home so she'll rebuild her home in the same spot. hey, it's a big day for football. >> it is a big day for football. i have some football forecasts for you. it should be a great weather day. >> the only forecast i'm worried about is how to get out of this building. >> the 12:00 game. >> yeah, i know, believe me. the usf games and the bucs games, it >> here's our clearwater tower cam. looks like a beautiful start to the morning. we are seeing a few clouds around the area. temperatures are for the most part in the 60s. a weak front is working through the area as we speak or it's working its way down here. slightly cooler and drier air for sunday and monday. our next front moves through the end of the work week and that's when we see our first
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tampa, 65 in apollo beach. we're watching titan doppler radar and we do see a few areas that could be a sprinkle, hard to say whether they're even touching the ground or not. it's going to remain pretty much dry throughout the day today. there is a front to the north of us. as we head through the day, by noon, 1:00, that will start moving through the area. as it moves through on sunday, air filter in. so sunday afternoon, lots of sunshine, lower humidity, should be a beautiful afternoon. then our next front comes through late next week and that is when we see our next best chance for rain and it's going to take its time to get here. computer models are in a little disagreement aas to when it gets here. the big
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humid and that's where we are now. over the next 24 hours, those dew points are going to drop. they're going do be in the 50s. when you see dew points in the 50s, it's very comfortable, so that's what you can expect for tomorrow. there are a few travel trouble spots in if west and 234 the -- the west and in the northeast where we see unsettled weather but it looks like no delays at any of the airports so that's good news. if you're traveling around here to go to the florida/florida state game, looks like an unbelievable forecast in tallahassee. by kickoff at 8:00 p.m., temperatures will be in the mid-50s under clear skies so it will be a chilly one. if you are staying in tampa for the usf game, it will be a warm
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partly cloudy skies. pleasant day for boaters. here's your tides at the st. petersburg pier. so 79 degrees, pleasant skies and overnight tonight it will be a little cooler in the wake of that cold front. again, a weak cold front. back to seasonal temperatures. your seven day forecast looks like this, 79 again tomorrow, it will feel comfortable day. then your next chance for rain is toward the mid to end part of the week when the next cold front moves through. >> still ahead, you may be throwing away easy money. comes in the form of class action lawsuits. >> we're going to show you how to get extra cash in your wallet by
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. welcome back. ever find a postcard in your mailbox saying that you qualify for some class action settlement? if you simply tossed it, you're not alone, i just did this last. >> john matarese shows you what you should do. reporter: how would you like free money? it's easy to get if you just sign up action lawsuits for products you bought that didn't live up to their promise. collin is a graphic artist. he always likes pay little extra cash so when he's notified about a class action settlement, he jumps. >> it was a postcard that said we could collect something. reporter: he recently
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received postcards in the mail saying you qualify for cash back on some purchase. you know what you do, you throw it away thinking it's a joke. >> probably, i toss a lot of mail. reporter: but josselyne says she's going to pay more attention because it's easy to find settlements. a class action data was was put together. >> they get a lot of bad end, you have to realize this is a mechanism that helps consumers. >> linda says many people complain about the high fees attorneys collect but she says class action suits are worth it because they hold companies feet to fire. among the cases
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unsolicited calls, mcafee software, johnson & johnson baby bath wash for saying it was clinically proven when it was not. my pillow for overstating its health effects, hyundai sonata. >> this was, you know, this was an outstanding case of fraud. reporter: unfortunate, up delayed for months. case in point, the duke energy settlement. don't give up, new settlements pop up every week. josselyne is going to check it out because nothing beats easy money. >> i hope i have some. reporter: like to know if you qualify for any, you can check out the data base. >> still to come, a quick
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a robber coming -- thinking employee, sees a robber coming. >> a big day of college football coming up. we'll preview the games coming
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welcome back to action news weekend edition. just about 6:30 am and here are this morning top stories. and castro was 90 years ol you can continue to follow the story all morning long. and that person saw a man assaulting a woman in a parking lot, try to step in and intervene and that's when the suspect shot and killed him. a bystander was also critically injured and the suspect is in custody. president-elect donald trump is still two more administration posts.
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attorney donald mcgann as white house counsel. >> it looks like a pretty nice weekend shaping up, and lots going on today here in tampa. >> absolutely. the good news is, the weather will cooperate, so that's good. more humidity today than tomorrow but for the most part o'clock a pretty decent day temperatures are right now in the 60s over most of the bay area. our weekend planner believe it or not, or temperatures today and tomorrow will be the same what it will feel different than it did today. more sunshine tomorrow and certainly less humid conditions. right now, we are in the 60s all around the bay area. 64 in bradenton and sarasota,
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and books ?55. high temperatures topping out in the upper 70s with a mix of sun and clouds so if you are heading out to the raymond james stadium, things are looking pretty good but it will be a little bit warm and partly cloudy. partly cloudy is the story right now with clouds racing across from west to east. a little bit more humidity in the atmosphere right now but we deep do see cold fronts to the northwest which will move through the area over the next few hours. that will bring us the drier air and i will tell you about that and with your forecast for sunday and into the work week coming up in just a little bit. >> let's go to caught on camera. in minnesota, a be armed robber sneaks up on a popeye employees
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what's the worker is video store story and scares him off by from snacks of him. >> i think that's a look brad. >> well whatever you got so it ended we have three
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over the holidays. when shopping, park far away from some stores. and once you are at the mall, check out this holiday like
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>> good morning everybody. the lightning took the night off. they did have one break moment coming back from eight to hold of in the third. the school started with headman who finds control of and a lot things that in. from there it was a nightmare, lightning turning the puck over on the board. later to make it 4-3. the columbus make it 5-3 when victor loses his balance and the puck. he wheels and scores on bishop who didn't have a good night either. columbus hurting this one last night, the final 5-3. i would say you could trust in the us up holes that they could get that 10 game winning season today with a victory over ucla. all the polls need to do is play smart football and let
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>>we just have to do what we always talked about, taking care of the football. we don't turn the ball over, we are going to win the ballgame. >>and it's no secret, or florida state will try to do can caters defense tonight. we will call on their premier back and see if he can do his you have to keep pounding until it breaks. you don't know what play it is, you keep giving it to him and run your assignments and do what you have to do. >>and a reminder, you can see that florida-florida state game right here, and that's a michigan and ohio state came
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>>they want app developers to come up with a way to lack the
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texting. the national highway traffic safety administration unveiled voluntary guidelines to get carmakers to install technology that would prevent us doing things like that will driving. >>they also want phone makers to come up with a driver for the funds that would automatically disable apps fall driving. car crashes where texting was a factor jumped more than 1 war encounters -- a mother of four encounters a venomous spider in her garage. >>when you are most likely to see black widow spiders and the
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now at havertys furniture, it's our after thanksgiving sale. everything is on sale, now through monday. huge savings on stylish pieces. create your perfect home. plus you'll get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. hurry, the after thanksgiving sale ends november 28th. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the after thanksgiving sale at havertys. >>the cooler weather could be
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>>this drop in temperature is forcing more than just human find a way to stay warm. >>there is a huge spider there. >>she instantly recognize the hourglass mark and froze. a lack widow in the same area her kids play every day. >>then i thought, oh and grabbed a ball. >>termite and pest control gets half a dozen calls per year from worried families like camera. >>people have this arachnophobia if you will and they are scared of spiders because they don't understand us the spiders. >>the fax back him up.
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>>it hurts like a lost steam. >>what do you do if you see one? >> vacuum them all up. >>pest-control experts a look in your own garage for clutter that might be touching the ground, or perfect condition for these spiders to hide. that something this mom is definitely listening to, she's moving all of her things to higher ground. >> tamra says after actually researching safer. >>although the spiders are indeed well known, they are not aggressive and only by one threat. this mother of four will make sure to keep herself of high, and instead of fear, focus on play. >>that is some seriously retro
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my house but i get those huge brown spiders which i think are harmless. >>they are not pretty. >>but the wizards get in my house and, they the lizards eat the roaches and all the insects. look at this gorgeous view of our rivergate tower cam overlooking davis island, just before sunrise. it's twilight right day. we have a nice day under partly cloudy skies. clearwater 66 in st. pete, 670. under the rest of the bay area, 54 in brooksville and your day planner looks like this. after a mild start, humid this morning and we will see a front through by midday.
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humidity and cooler air. partly cloudy skies with a high temperature of 790. not much happening on titan doppler radar. we are just seems have moving through the area and as we move through the next several hours, from through by noon is about normal in the upper next in fact travel trouble spot if you are traveling. but right now there are no delays at any of the major report. if you are traveling up tweaked tallahassee, some great news
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we will see temperatures in the 50s at kickoff under clear skies. so it looks like a beautiful game. make sure you bring a jacket. temperatures are in the upper 70s, and if you are still out partying temperatures will be dropping into this is an 70s. if you are out on the water, not a bad day. winds out of the here's your tied to the st. peterson.. next time tied at 10 next time tied at 1:01 pm. our forecast today, partly cloudy skies and pleasant. the front moves through so we will be most could this evening and cooler with temperatures in the 50s, 40s and some of our northern counties. here's the seven day forecast. it looks nice for the next
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mid-late week, and computer models are not really in agreement on this right now but it does look like we will get some clearing here when it weekend. >> all right, thank you. a texas man has developed synaptic help you keep your kids in line. a houston toddler father created this encouraging to get help from the big guy. you push a button and the santas watching to let him know that the child is watching. for more on this app, go to our abc action news website, for our app. .com, if you are done shopping but ready to get out of the house house, -- there's a new thrill in the bay area.
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it will show you this new skydiving adventure. but here's what you need to
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if you have family in town this weekend, and you need to get out of the house, why not send them to go skydiving?
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out. >>i love hanging out with family over the holidays but, even if the best relationships can get strained after a few days house. imagine if paul and laura and i were able to spend the weekend together? yes, the chopped marathon. >>chopped marathon, i want to again. >> if you need a break from the war of the remote, you can check this out. >>you don't need any special 3 to 103 years old. we can do any ability. we flown quadriplegic, cerebral palsy, autism, anyone can fly. this is how to do it, because it brings me back to how we are doing that. so it's lots of fun for me to
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>>with this gorgeous all we can long, you may want to get outside. because here in tampa bay, you want to go to the beach, play some golf. >>i fly is in the branded area and you can make those online and secure a spot. >>disney's latest adventure will finish the holiday weekend number one in the box office. the world war ii drama alive with brad pitt it theaters this weekend. it's been 13 years since bad santa made off, and he's also
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also. and they've announced that, it's not -- they will have another one looks how walker. this is just a spinoff of the star wars in a prequel that involves a group of rebels to steal plans from the star. we have another jampacked hour of abc action news weekend edition coming. >>it's small business saturday. see how far your dollar can go in one community compared to shopping at those big-box stores. >> i love star wars, i don't want to upset the star wars fan. there are a few of them out there. plus, affordable housing.
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the perfect place to live, what you need to make sure that you are doing to make sure you are not getting priced out. and the celebrations happening here in florida since the
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now at seven, breaking news that shocked the world. longtime revolutionary leader fidel castro now at seven, we will have a look back at his life and take you to celebrations happening right now in the us since the announcements of his death. >>plus, the discussion of the top aides that donald trump is adding. >> and with holiday parties, shopping, and family gatherings we know that keep your workout routine commute. so here are three simple things
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don't have to lose actually come new year's. 7 o'clock right now. >>if you do 15 hours straight of collapse. >>i saw this on thanksgiving day, something about 1200 pull- ups. >>yes, that thanksgiving meal would just melt away. right? [laughter]you could 12 hours of collapse, right? >>i would be writing in a cart so i won't be lots of -- burning lots of calories. >>it will be a great day if you are heading out on the links. right now temperatures are in the 60s but i this afternoon, we will warm up tweaked 790. right now into but, 66 in


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