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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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don't have to lose actually come new year's. 7 o'clock right now. >>if you do 15 hours straight of collapse. >>i saw this on thanksgiving day, something about 1200 pull- ups. >>yes, that thanksgiving meal would just melt away. right? [laughter]you could 12 hours of collapse, right? >>i would be writing in a cart so i won't be lots of -- burning lots of calories. >>it will be a great day if you are heading out on the links. right now temperatures are in the 60s but i this afternoon, we will warm up tweaked 790. right now into but, 66 in
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richey, and are high today will top out at 790 and, it will be more comfortable because there is drier air moving in today. you can see the satellite and radar, that's about all we can expect. we do see the possibility of some rain in the seven day forecasts. i will let forecast is in tallahassee if you are heading out to the florida-touristy game. >>former cuban president. fidel castro has died. >>he led the island nation for almost half a century, heading the only communist government -- government in the western hemisphere.
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backed bay of pigs invasion and the chief missile crisis that brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war. he survived a crippling us trade embargo as well as several assassination plots. >>he survived long enough to see his brother negotiate with present obama. the move was to restore and negotiate diplomatic ties with first time since they were severed in 19 eight with first time since they were severed in 19 891. and celebrations are happening following the death of castro. this is overnight in miami where a large group of people came out and were dancing and waving cuban flags and hugging each other. they told reporters that it's a way -- today they've been waiting for. >> it's a moment that we been waiting for. one of 65 years. we are free at last. there are so many people that
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longest dictatorship, this is freedom. this is everything from, all these countries for the relationship between us and that's always had in the country. >>we have learned the is set for december 4. we will be following much more on castro's death throughout the morning. coming up in our next half hour, an in-depth look at his life. >>black friday turning deadly, and that woman saw a man assaulting a woman in a park and try to his step in and intervene in the suspect shot and killed him.
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chattanooga mall prompted several stores close early on the biggest shopping day of the year. there was some sort of fight on black friday. police have to people in custody. no word on how people are doing this morning. >> for people including a child were found dead in a hotel in burbank. they found a man away of the hotel and he directed the officers to the bodies. a new showing of support today following the deadly schoolbus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the company that owns of us has offered to play for funeral costs, as well as travel expenses, stolen medical bills for everyone involved for the next six months. the schoolbus crash earlier this week and six children died. the driver faces criminal charges and there were new
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two in their principle raised concerns about his erratic driving just weeks before the crash. >>the charleston church shooter will face a jury. federal judge ruling that dylan roof is competent to stand trial. he killed nine people at ame church in south carolina. jury selection in the federal trial is scheduled to continue on monday. let's go to an update now, to that mystery kidnapping in california. deputies searching for two hispanic women in a dark as you can -- suv. on thursday detectives say the kidnapper dropped her on highway 150 miles from her home. her sister speaking to the media yesterday's and the family is grateful that her sister had been found. >> we are overwhelmed --
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how supportive everyone has been. and these tireless efforts have me our family whole again this thanksgiving. >> the mother of two has not been reunited with her children just yet, they are very young. and they were never told about the alleged abduction. she is in the hospital recovering pitch she is expected to be okay. >>people were hoses to protect their homes. this is the scene in a neighborhood when the recycling truck burst into flames. michael liska has more on why the driver nearly going an entire neighborhoods thanksgiving. >>they are evacuating everyone out here. >>20 foot flames, it was chaos. >>chaos, panic and disbelief.
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started inside of a waste pro recycling truck. the driver on a dead-end street had nowhere to go. >>on the submit just erupted into a big all of glory. >>this guy was not safe, standing on top of that truck, trying to put out a garbage truck. really? >> the fire was so hot, it melted this mailbox into the ground. neighbors say that with the truck on fire, the driver dumped everything out putting the neighborhood in danger. >>he put all of our houses and families, kids that we had running around out here, pet, everything in jeopardy.
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believe someone mixed chemicals or flammable materials into the recycle bin. your insurance will cover the cars. >>i'm so glad that we can have any of the vehicle sitting over there because they all would have blown up. >>action air one here with the best look at the damage caused by a destructive damage stretches from the dock to the causeway. >>the state of wisconsin announcing it will recount the nearly 3,000,000 presidential candidate ballots there. jill stein filed a position for that recount yesterday. and just last week she says that she will file she can as well. so far she's raised more
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should cover the cost of the recounts in wisconsin and pennsylvania. now let's go to the trump transition. it is a working holiday weekend for the president-elect, trumps team announcing to more names including his white house counsel. given his unprecedented business record, trump is already. basic questions about possible conflicts of interest. >> facing a brewing storm over potential conflicts of interest, donald trump tonight has been dispersible referee. as white house counsel donald mccanns job will help separate trumps duties as president his global business empire, a it seemingly monumental task in just two weeks as president- elect, trump has met politicians from india and trump tells the new york times that he could do both jobs at once. >>i can learn my business perfectly. so in theory, i don't have to do anything but i would like to
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>>and the former aide henry kissinger is the national security advisor. this comes among an unusual airing of trump team division over romney and rudy giuliani as contenders for secretary of state and for now he's cautious. >>what he selects and dozens more of thanksgiving, i probably wouldn't discuss it at all. >>while trump deliberates, he spending time with family and enjoying a pre-thanksgiving meal in florida. your holiday feast is said to be lavish. on the menu, wedge salalad name
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dessert. coming up, a sales pitch playing on your generosity. charities that have nothing to show for your kindness. >> and to questions you need to ask so you don't get for this holiday season. >>warming up to 790 today but we are seeing a cold front through the area. i will have your full forecast
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we know that you can't always be by your tv to catch up news, and that's what we
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a warning this weekend, if anyone comes to your door asking for donations. >>the ronald mcdonald house says someone is soliciting money on their behalf that's not really going to their
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can feel secure, but in the last week a stranger has been going door to door. >>how do you discern between was being honest dishonest when we were trying to do is help someone? >> jennifer krause said someone came to her door selling magazine subscriptions putting himself through trade school. >>i said, i'd like to help you but i don't have a need for any magazine. and that's when can donate to the make ronald mcdonald house. >>neighbors are sharing these reports online wraps like that story. the ronald mcdonald house charities says that will never come to your door or call you asking for donations. if anyone tries, as police to questions >> are you a paid solicitor, and we for their response.
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your dollar goes to the program. >>here 87here $.87 of every dollar raised poster families. she said she was trying to help them ronald mcdonald house and the men who approach her at the same time. >> i was just trying to help somebody so did feel awkward that all of a sudden left and i felt and. mike, i should know better than not that i didn't. >>we interrupt this news for more star discussion.[laughter]the rope one movie, i think lots of people will think this is the sequel to last year's big star wars hit, but it's not. if the prequel. >> i know nothing about star wars. >> it and the the you are talking about and where you are on the timeline because the
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backward. >>and i think they are fantastic. >>they recycled the storyline? >>yeah. all right. watching the weather, look at the speed of shot from the courtney campbell causeway looking toward tampa. we are seeing a decent amount of cloud cover around and we will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day but, things will be changing. there's a the area today which will bring us any cold air but it will bring slightly cooler air slightly drier air for sunday. sunday you will see more sunshine them what you see today. then the end of the work weekend, that's your best chance for rain 67 in tampa, 67 in take heat, and 50s and books though. your hour by hour forecast
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skies 70s. by late morning and then the afternoon hours and then ties top out right around 790. we are just seeing those clouds move through, the much the way of rain ahead of this front. but once a front moves through, things will dry out and it will actually be a very, very pleasant evening tonight. cooler than what we have been is a boneless see that is allowing our temperatures to drop tonight. then tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine and it should be a beautiful and the weekend. >>that system is located in the west and will meander toward us. most of the interstates and dates are heading northwest of the much rain. >>right now there are no travel
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neighborhood it will be cold for kickoff any p.m. tonight. temperatures will be in the 50s if you are staying home and heading to the uss-new cf game, it will be a warm one. 790 to get a mix of sun clouds. since we are talking football, let's throw in the buccaneers forecast and temperatures topping off in the upper 70s right around kickoff, 77. temperatures will drop off after sunset so it's should be a great afternoon for football today and summer. you are high today is 790,
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pleasant. and, the 70 forecast looks like this as we go into the weekend. as a had through the work week, we will start to use your rain chances of the front gets closer and closer. >>thank you. so had a, it's a possible -- popular spot to work and live but finding a place
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adam weiner shows us what's driving of demand and what is being done to the professionals. >> a major economic generator for st. peter's what's called innovation district where a bunch of big job creators >>are all packed into a neighborhood. >> hospital and healthcare. >> there are thousands of job in this neighborhood but i knew
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live is certainly the problem. >>as the markets change and cp has become a hot real estate market, it's been challenging prequel a. you look back six or seven years ago during a recession, that's what comes up. >>carpenter now works in st. pete. and, that simply that's likely to put off a lot of young professionals. >> a lot of folks, particularly be millennial's are looking for the opportunity to live close to where they work. >> the solution of course is more affordable downtown places to land. one project is being developed
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becoming something of a community concern. >> still to come, the unusual weapon or things that used as a weapon that actually scared the suspect off.
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y26jvy yy6y saturday morning, at 7:30 am. temperatures this morning out of cuba, and we start with this breaking news where we how castro -- castro has died. the 90-year-old lecture before almost half a century. we are learning this funeral is coming up to some fourth we will have more of his life coming up just a few minutes. black friday turned deadly
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chilled out a south texas pergamon. he was shot and killed after he tried to help and advice and -- i standard was also killed. president-elect donald trump has filled more to more top administration posts. kathleen keating arland service deputy police as her and deputy done again. >>big florida and for the state tonight, 8 o'clock on abc. then at noon right across the street raymond james, we have a cf. >> speaking of shopping, did my see you in line of the best buy yesterday? >>absolutely 100% did not the me in line. >>he's been there every lot every day. >>lindsay and i made some tv
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>> they really did start the deals early this year. small business saturday stay and i'm the kind of business -- person who, my parents would appreciate a gift from a small business, i will see what i can do. when i'm done standing in line at best buy. [laughter]>> let's take a live look outside from our main seal beach camera at na island. clouds through the day with a mix of sunshine it is ahead of the cold front which is moving to the area. currently right now our temperatures are in the 60s 67 until but, 67 st. peter's with partly got his guys. we will see partly cloudy skies through the day stay with a high of 79. tomorrow the high will be 79 once again but there will be more sunshine and less human so it will feel even more time comfortable. is a look at our satellite
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is far as rain that some clouds through here today. and are digital we will give you all the details or those football forecasts and the in- state rivalries coming up in just a bit and, tell you about your travel weather if you are out traveling to the holidays today. >> let's go back to breaking news we've been following all morning. people all over social media are reacting now president. fidel castro has passed away. >>fidel castro was born on august 13fidel castro was born on august 13, 1926, in cuba. he was educated at private catholic schools and went on to study law at the university of nevada havana. he promised democracy while he went on to cuba with an iron fist for more than four years.
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honored to be a communist and i hope i will be to the last breath. >> in 1960, castro joined forces with the soviet union and the us retaliated by cutting off trade with cuba. then president kennedy approved a cia invasion force of human exiles who went ashore at the bay of pigs. in 1962, american spy planes allowed the soviets to put nuclear missiles in cuba. >>i have directed the armed forces to prepare for any eventualities. >>u.s. army vessels to dan and the soviets backed down in exchange for a pledge that america would not affect you about. the soviet style economy castro promoted eventually produced dissent and thousands of cubans braved disease and dehydration to reach america.
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dollars of aid assistance and trade and left a widespread shortage and rationing >>we have suffered the equivalent to treason. we have also failed the trade. >>in 2000 there would be more with the fate of a five-year- old cuban boy named elian gonzalez. in 2002, george w. bush announced 42 boxing he would obtain the embargo unless castro sipped and power. >>to make them free and fair, and must have given oppositions of freedom to organize a stint and speak. >>castro temporarily handed matters over to his younger brother will have battled health problems. that included a meeting from his bed with venezuelan
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castro will work as hard as brother did. right now, celebrations are happening in little havana following addresses castro. you can see a group of people gathered to dan and keep flags. of course we will be following much more on castro's death your out our newscast. >>caught on camera, minnesota, this is some brutal footage here. it would be armed robber sneaks up on a popeyes employee will have the spinning kitchen floor. the employee fights back big time, testing with the government for a while. the robbery eventually pistol whips the employee and is able to escape. and from that, take a look at the surveillance video from a convenience store in australia. a masked man running towards the door with a crowbar.
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there's like a loaf of honey, some other snacks. i thought he had in front of him and he gave up in enacting his getaway car. >> ohio state trooper found more than toys and clothes looked like christmas presents. tickets were filled with marijuana and other drugs. police stopped the driver from driving to closely and that's wh something that was just a little off. >>a bay area veteran helping others to heal from ptsd. cameron poll shows what safe -- they decide how he's passing on without the community. >>army veteran to know deeper neediness is on a mission to drown out the sounds of war
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>>i started noticing kind of an nt -- empty and dead feeling inside. >> 16 years in places like bosnia and somalia has taken a toll and, like other veterans that eventually led to i took an entire bottle of pills and wash it down with a tremendous about -- amount of do beer. >>it starts off what we do is, we cut off the handle. >>do you know now builds custom steel drums out of recycled propane tanks, each handcrafted and in his backyard. it eventually lands in the hands of other others in arms through community donations. >>we set it up to where people can donate on our paypal. you can donate $100 and sponsor a whole drum.
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him far more than it a life and it will do the same for so many others. >>it is not just saved my life but give me purpose. and that was more important than me. >> the holiday season is here and it's around this time that many people start to work out. but we have three easy ways that you can make up for that. when you are shopping, workforce management. you can get some extra just as before you even begin. then make a full map around the mall before you start shopping, to burn off some extra family activities. if you are, you can see that it's beginning to look about my christmas at the white house.
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this 19 foot christmas tree at the white house. a horse-drawn carriage brought it up in style, and also if peace military band played over the christmas tree. the first daughters were not there but the pursuit dogs were. very well behaved, by the way. and there nephews were also there. the daughters slept in. >>he also missed the turkey pardoning this year. >> they did. i when you have teenagers, right? coming up, one of the hottest holiday gifts this year. >>researchers -- retailers offering the hottest deal on these items, and how to make sure you are not getting a
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and said is egg is what people are calling the hottest toy of the season. >>i don't understand it, at all. >>hatchimals hatch out of an egg that you don't know which one you would get until then. they grow and it can even learn to walk, talk and dance. it's the toy that kate romilly
7:43 am
>> she's hoping this clearwater walmart will be her final destination. >> i'm waiting -- willing to do what i can. >>for her, it's not so much about the toy itself but who it's for. >> my daughter's friend has a little girl who lost her brother last year. and she's an only child now and her only wish this year's have those. >>they are sold in the store, and while you can find them online, -- >>most of them are way overpriced. >>the probably she will take her chances at walmart where there guarantee to have some in stock. >> i just want that little girl to be happy, that's all i ask for. just one little hatchimals.
7:44 am
for. >>i will do my best to find it for her. >>most people try to get their hands on the somehow, so good luck. >>to remember when beanie babies were huge? >>the beanie babies were like collector items, i think this is more like a be. -- furby. >>i guess you have to be on the lookout for secondhand ones were just using your judgment. if the seller ask you to exchange another in the mandatory like the nintendo -- is that even comparable? >> my mind. then it's probably a fake.
7:45 am
can't get to it at christmas, there will be more available after the first of the year. there are a couple of brothers who had -- they were upset with testing and they bought a bunch of them for $5000 and now they are on ebay and they are rich right now. >> i guess you have to no one you are buying the toy with risk. how mu >> people are spending 200 spending $200-$400 online now. >> it's interesting what drives them in. >>that might be all there wanted for christmas. santa better get on it. >>my daughter does need to know what this thing is. >>it's not coming to my
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>>look at this beautiful shot of mainsail beach in. you will see a me too; cover and today a mix of sun and clouds ahead of a cold front that's moving through and high temperatures today starting out at 790. the differences you feel more sunshine in mind the humidity will be left. we are in the 60s around the bay area 66 interested in, 64 in hand that he and a cold spot up north, crystal river, at 54. the hour by hour forecasts, you 70s as we head into the warning and that are high temperature tops out at degrees. once the sunset, our temperatures will drop and the humidity levels will drop as well in will feel cooler this evening. satellite and radar shows those clouds moving to the bay area which is again ahead of a
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once he clears, dryer air filters back in behind it. tomorrow afternoon should be another beautiful day with lots of sunshine and lower humidity. so the end of the weekend looks even better than the beginning of the weekend. we do see another front come through that takes it's time to be here. it's in the west and pacific northwest bringing lots of rain into much of the western area. now thatbe us. and it will take it's time to get here. most of the energy will stay to the north. we could see some rain by mid- to late week. as far as traveling, no delays at any of the major airports. so if you are doing any of your holiday traveling home or to see friends, things are looking good you are traveling to tallahassee, definitely bring a jacket for the game because temperatures will be in the mid-
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skies. if you are staying back at home ecf will play at raymond james stadium and after the game temperatures will start to drop off but certainly it should be a very nice all day. it looks like a beautiful fall day tomorrow as the buccaneers play at 4:05 pm. temperatures will be again in the upper 70s, with lots sunshine. for a voters today, when set of these at 5 to 10 not, and your next high tide will take you at 1:05 pm. forecast today, the 90, partly cloudy skies and pleasant and then overnight tonight, we dropped cooler than what we have been the last few nights. your 70 forecast shows that we are seeing nice as we head into speaking of the week, but it
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like i said, take it's time to get through., by the end of the week and into the weekend. many of you will be out shopping this weekend and where you go could help the community. >small businesses popping up everywhere, from st. petersburg to hide harked to seminole heights for urban glow opened its doors two years ago. >>you will get more of unique items that you are looking for. >>that's only one is, shopping local. owner david hansen is right, look at the numbers. for every $100 spent 68 help her neighborhood. if you that $43 when you buy at
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infrastructure to beautify neighborhoods, and american seem to be embracing the bonuses of shopping in their neighborhood stores. local shops generate 54% in sales, and right now might be the time to buy. small business saturday is this weekend. most stores are offering huge incentives. take posh posh consignment. >> we will double >>many owners are able to offer great deals thanks to the low economy. local politicians like kathy castor say a low unemployment rate and even though gas prices could mean more cash in people's pockets, not only a great deal for you in the community but charities as well. >>
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right about now the jackpot is a at $3 million. the odds are winning, 192 million. the next drawing is tonight. >>just think of all the hatchimals they could get with that money. >> it's like everything this year is about pumpkin. >>pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie and there's even pumpkin cheerios. there were pumpkin peanut butter cups last year to. coming up, which specialty duncan items past the taste
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starbucks made pumpkin spice famous more than one decade ago and now you can find it just about anything from soup to nuts. >>i think there's even ice cream. and the o'reilly examines of those products actually tastes good. >> if you want a pumpkin fix, how do you pick?
7:55 am
tastiest. >>about pumpkin is, it's not pleasant. >>putting pumpkin on the label did make them irresistible, but there were some standouts. it's smooth and creamy with the hunt pumpkin pie spices. you can start your day with punk in space snack on the pumpkin spice crunchy granola bar will from caching with 4 g of fiber. the tasters agreed on imagine organic creamy pumpkin soup. it's thick and smooth, slightly sweet with some pumpkin spices. and finally have a glass of water ready for trader joe's fall harvest salsa.
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>>while pumpkins snacks can be tasty, they aren't always healthy. they come with some loaded added sugars. >>so starbucks, the originators of pumpkin spice have made it quietly even more expensive to get your caffeine fix. we are talking an estimate of $.10-$.30 on certain drinks and baked goods. the price hike the coffee giant raised prices in july of this year by $.30. >>here's one of the most popular gifts of the shopping, and it not a hatchimals, it's an adult gift. tvs. and there are so many to choose from, there are models and all kinds of different specs that you have to worry about. so coming up, we will let you
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a dangerous combination. you know that. 14 years ago it changed to people's lives together. here's how one man is changing his ways and helping others after driving drunk. >> and we will have more on the passing and funeral of former president. fidel castro. >>saturday morning everyone, coming up, the passing of castro. his death announced on june into the overnight by his brother, row. while there is morning in cuba, celebrations have broken out at home. we will have details about castro's state control and what this means for the human rights crisis there and how president- elect donald trump could reverse the democratic course
7:58 am
>>and it looks like a pretty nice weekend with temperatures in the upper 70s. more cloud cover today will see tomorrow. we will see a week front through the day today," less down for the early morning hours. >> and remember that florida florida state game is on abc tonight. >> we will be right back. good morning america is next.
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good morni good morning, america. breaking overnight, cuba's fidel castro who ruled the country for nearly half a century dead at age 90. his brother, the current leader, making the announcement. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> with the news spreading the reaction from cuba. now a national warning to florida's little havana overnight. the raucous scenes, celebrations in the streets.and the hopes and the hopes for friends and relatives still in the country. >> and i hope >> and i hope the cuban people have freedom tomorrow. >> his time in power. >> translator: i am not afraid to say i am a communist.


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