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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is abc action news. now, i'm afraid one of us might get killed. >> misfortune striking a family twice, and they're desperate to find a new home again. and another tow truck driver killed on the job. the tragedy raising awareness on a current law. thank you so much for joining us, everyone. we begin with that crazy coincidence. a family's house in ruins for the second time in just as many
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a drunk driver crashed into their house. they talked exclusively with that family. despite all of this, they're still thankful. >> reporter: that's certainly something to be grateful for tonight. you look at this home. there's a lot of crime tape. it's been marked unsafe to live in. this family is scratching it happened not once but twice. they're grateful to be alive. these pictures are like deja vu. unbelievable because this is the aftermath of a crash on friday night after a drunk driver came plowing through her son's bedroom. seven months ago, a different drunk driver crashed into their living room. >> it was horrible.
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>> the father is still recovering from a shoulder injury he got in the march crash. they just moved back in a few weeks ago. >> we weren't even finished unpacking. >> now, after this second d.u.i. crash, they're back at square one. >> friday night, we actually slept in our truck. we try to think rather than the negative. thank god nobody was hurt. i'm not looking forward to being homeless for six or seven months or however long it takes to find housing. >> reporter: they're hoping the city will consider speed bumps or railings to prevent another unspeakable accident. the suspect and driver in this
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she's been arrested for d.u.i. three times before. she has already bonded out of jail. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> we now join deborah for the weekend forecast. wa a gorgeous day today turning into a cool evening. >> it really was a beautiful day. great day for the bucs. >> current temperatures right now, relatively cool. 67 degrees checking in at tampa. clear water and st. peat. they'll be warmer than what we saw last night. five degrees warmer for most areas. your planner looks like this tomorrow. by 10:00 a.m., 74 degrees.
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we'll see an increase in humidity and a chance for rain coming up. in our seven-day forecast, i'll give you all the details coming up in just a bit. twice in two months, a tow truck driver is killed. in both cases, the people who hit them accused of driving drunk. danny hand had come to help a motorist on i-275 when perez crashed right into him. d.u.i. other drivers also angry, and they're not holding back. >> what is this coming to? is why is this happening? how dare you? >> keep in mind the move over law. if you see flashing lights, move over one lane, or drop your speed to 20 miles an hour
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another deadly crash happening today involving a bicyclist. they tracked down the driver who is believed to be involved in that crash but aren't saying anymore. a car hit and killed a bicyclist and then took off. police just arrested a 27- year-old man connected to a body in a dumpster. this man, cory dean palmer watkins is connected to the murder of hodges at the shops on park place. they found watkins fingerprints at the crime scene. he is charged with second- degree murder. a party scene in new orleans broken up. we now know the man shot was
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fighting, and it escalated into a shootout on bourbon street. they took off when police got there. they have not made any arrests but say they have very strong leads. a car crash left seven people injured. including five kids in that crash. look at that. one child was ejected impact while two others ended up trapped. one of them in extremely critical condition. someone slammed into them. a coral springs police responded yesterday to a jewelry store at the square mall. they found a 59-year-old man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and another in critical condition.
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just today, they are looking for a peaceful and orderly way to get protestors to a safer location. the land they're protesting on will be closed to the public this upcoming weekend for safety reasons. those who stay will do so at th on day two of nine days of official mourning, fidel castro died on friday. marci with the passionate response and what the trump administration plans to do going forward. >> reporter: a sea of flags celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> it's like a new beginning. >> reporter: they pray the
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door for a free cuba. the first wave of immigrants to touchdown on u.s. soil. >> i never grew up with my grandmother and grandfather. it was my parents and my brothers. that was it. >> reporter: she became a symbol of troubled relations after he was rescued off the the coast of florida. he mourned castro's loss saying in an interview, fidel was that friend who was with my family, with my father at the most difficult moment, and he made it possible that i came back to my father. ted cruz doesn't share the same
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while president elect trump is saying he might undo american ties with cuba. he said our administration will do all it can to make sure cubans can begin their journey to prosperity. still unclear what if any change will come from castro's death. thousands of people will line up to pay tribute. just the start of memorial plans a week from today. colin capper nick ka per nick was booed before his game
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the 49ers took on the miami dolphins today lost after colin botched his final play. sparking even more interest among americans. the travel is still complicated. if you want to go to cuba, you need to fall into one of 12 categories approved by the u.s. government. it includes seeing relatives, educational research, or traveling to compe at least four u.s. airlines already fly to cuba with five more joining them in the coming weeks. still ahead at 11:00, backing out of a deal. the accusations on donald trump's team. and outrage. hundreds protest after the decision to remove an american flag on a college campus.
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new development. wisconsin election officials are meeting to discuss a possible recount. it will be tough to finish it by the federally-required deadline in december. they will push for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton just joined the support to do a recount. clinton's team made a deal with the trump's team saying they would call the other candidate to concede 15 minutes after the associated press called the race. that's exactly what happened on election night. donald trump also has some issues with the election today. he claims millions of people
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he said that he won the popular vote. trump also tweeted it would have been even easier for him to win the popular vote than the electoral college. trump won the electoral college vote, and as of right now, hillary clinton won the popular vote. mr. trump leaves the empire state. he spent thanksgiving with his family in south florida. he is now back at trump tower. this is video of his motorcade in new york city. he's gearing up for meetings tomorrow. a flag outrage. hundreds of people protesting in massachusetts today after a college removed the flag after the election. the decision came after students allegedly burned the flag in protest of donald
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earlier today, veterans waved the american flags in peaceful protest. many saddened by the school's decision. >> they took down my flag. they have a right to do that. i'm here to defend their right to do that. i want them to understand how seriously that hurts me. >> i spent 18 months in iraq. i came home, and there's no way i would let anyone take down the flag. >> the college's president did not attend the demonstrations. what a change in weather today. it starts out pretty cool. i talked earlier about wearing boots and switching to flip flops. and your boot slippers. >> i did wear those today, but it warmed up nicely. it's going to warm up nicely
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here's our river gate tower cam. it's a nice evening. partly cloudy skies. our current temperatures are in the 60s. we do expect a quick warmup for the work week. we do also expect an increase in humidity as we head through the work week. we'll see our dew points rise every single day. by thursday, ou upper 60s. definitely some big changes. not a great rain chance, but a 30% chance, which is probably the best chance we've had in quite a while. we topped out at 80 degrees. normal for this time of year, 76 for the low of 58. the record is 86 and 35. current conditions right now, 67 in tampa, clear water, and
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tomorrow, we expect those temperatures to dip in the upper 50s. this is about five degrees warmer than what we saw this morning. it will be cool, but not as cool as we've been. high temperatures will be nice and relatively warm with upper 70s to low 80s all around the bay area. 81 expected in tampa. here's what's happening. satellite and radar, not really any moisture. a few low level clouds moving in. we're going to put our computer models into motion. the computer models are really bringing those east winds and a lot of moisture into the bay area. we see a lot of rain here. it's possible we could see a sprinkle, but i think that's probably about it. i'm keeping the rain chances out of the forecast for tomorrow, but it's possible, again, that you could see a sprinkle. the next chance of rain is
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is scheduled to move through the bay area by thursday and friday. that dry air that moved through is moving away again and the moisture replacing behind it. winds out of the east and southeast with a moderate chop. st. petersburg coming up at 120 12:02. 62, partly cloudy skies. relatively chilly. and clouds mixed. increased humidity. you're really going to notice that in the seven-day forecast when you look at those late- night lows because temperatures are rising into thursday. all that humidity will not allow temperatures too low. then we cool down behind it
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more than 154 million people shop in stores and online friday. 3 million more shoppers than last year. each consumer spent $10 less than 2015. more discounts are likely the reason for that. if you didn't get all the gifts on your list, no problem. some of the deals are already up for cyber monday. everything. amazon is offering deep discounts on electronics. wal-mart already sold out of one of its deals, and it's not even cyber monday yet. it sold for $125. the bucs that beat seattle looked a lot like that 2002 team that won the superbowl.
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sign where the buccaneers are headed, look at ray j. more on the d here in just a second. the second coming up here from 23. evans beat sherman one-on-one for that six. 14-nothing. to think they never scored a touchdown. he was sacked six times today. david recovering this fumble by jimmy graham. 15 yards to turn seattle away for the final time. this is the same behavior we
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it keeps them in atlanta and a game ahead of new orleans. they both won as well today. the final over seattle, 14-5. >> our guys, man. it was emotional before the game, and it was emotional with the coin flip. then backed it up. it's one thing to be emotional, but it's another thing to back it up. obviously, a huge win, two good teams back to back. >> all right. willy, now among the nation's lead. it's the first time the team has been ranked since 2007. now, the bulls wait to see where they're headed. back into the top 25.
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there. meanwhile, jimbo fisher won't be playing for the national title this year. i might add, for the fourth year in a row. last night's whipping of florida. cook's 155 yards and good defense was awesome. >> tell you what, you're blessed to coach certain guys in your career, and he's one of them. we see the player and the toughness and all that, but the selflessness, the way he was at half time with our guys. what a football player.
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they're hurting after that loss to fsu. he was worried about his team rebounding to alabama. >> yeah, i'm concerned. these guys have been through a ton. they played their tails off today, and it hurts. but you know, as a competitor, you tear off the mirror, and you go forward. our team will be ready. i have no idea what kind of question that was, but to question that locker room right there and those players. >> relax, jimmy. relax, man. just another brutal day for the bolts.
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swipe to the puck to ben bishop. later in the period, scoring again. this one, bishop had no chance on. he was screened out. deflecting the puck. 2-nothing, and then for the trifecta, jimmy hayes ends up with a deflection that bishop should have seen. by the way, both were in bad form. 4-1,
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take a look at this, an avid cubs fan made a replica of wrigley field. it took more than 70 hours to create.
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for our forecast. still cool, and then we warm up really nicely. 81 by tomorrow. we head into the week with a rain chance on thursday. >> look at those 80s. gorgeous. >> nice to play golf. >> thank you so much for
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hello, my darlings! how is everyone today? hi. in good voice, i trust. thank you. bella, darling, you know what i think we should do? i think we should simplify it. let the hosts come in, introduce me, we'll pitch the charity a little bit, broadway hearts for hearts, and, um... remember -- when she gets to the first "the things we do for love," stand by for snow drop. shall we? [ "the things we do for love" plays ] this number has always been one of my favorites -- a classic love song from back in the day. stand by for cue. communication is the problem to the answer. you've got his number, and your hand is on the phone.


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