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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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early part of the day. the winds are backwards here, that's because they're diminishing. that will drop seas to 2 feet later on today. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 4:30, donald trump claims that millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election but offers no proof. this clinton. >> misfortune hitting a bay area family twice in a matter of months. their desperate efforts to find a new home once again. >> and today is cyber monday, why it could lose its title as the biggest online shopping day of the year. we're breaking down the numbers from this past thanksgiving weekend shopping. good morning, hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend.
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deiah riley. elections will talk about timing for recounting votes in the presidential election. green party candidate wants a recount. >> hillary clinton's campaign says they'll participate in that recount effort. clinton is leading by about 2 million. donald trump claims millions of people voted illegally. >> like many of donald trump's on twitter. the president-elect tweeted sunday, quote, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. trump is the president-elect despite losing the popular vote by almost 2 million. there has been no evidence of any kind of massive voter fraud. over the weekend in a move unprecedented, trump released a series of angry tweets about a
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by jill stein. the clinton campaign announces they would participate. trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway slammed the efforts. >> the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons and obamas is pretty incredible. >> stein has raised more than $5 million for fees and court costs associated with a recount in wisconsin, the move coming after data security experts electronic. it's an effort incoming chief of staff reince priebus called a total waste of time during an interview on fox news. >> this is ridiculous, this is a fund-raising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won
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today's castros remains will be brought to revolution plaza in havana. as cubans celebrate castro's life, two human rights groups are highlighting the dark side of his leg is i. amnesty international and human rights watch say it was common for cubans to be beaten or locked up just for speaking up about the government. castro dried friday. he was 90. nfl quarterback colin kaepernick was game in miami yesterday. the city home to a large cuban population. kaepernick praised castro during an interview. he said castro invested in education while the u.s. invests in prison. the 49ers took on the dolphins yesterday but lost when kaepernick failed to score on the final play of the game. >> travel agents now expect cuba to become a more popular
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country undergoing change. four u.s. airlines are already flying to cuba with five more joining them in coming weeks. right now a tampa family's home is in ruins after being hit by a suspected drunk driver for the second time this year. on friday night, police say 52- year-old danica zargara crashed into the house. luckily the family wasn't in the home but they just moved back into this house a few weeks ago after being forced out for seven months. last march a different drunk driver crashed into their house injuring one family member. >> got to think of the positives other than the negatives. thank god no one was hurt. i'm not looking forward being homeless for another six or seven months. >> she and her kids are scared to death to return to the house. they're hoping the city will
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another accident. a tow truck driver killed on the job. it's now the second time this has happened in the bay area in the last two months. in both cases the people responsible are suspected drunk drivers. the latest accident happened early sunday morning in tampa. danny hand was helping a driver on i-275 near fowler avenue. that's when troopers say perez crashed into him. now he's facing dui charges. other drivers how dare you people do this when you drink and you drive. how dare you. >> last month a suspected drunk driver killed tow truck driver tobey maguire. he was loading vehicles: other tow truck drivers are refinding people about the move over law. you need to move over one lane or drop your speed to 20 miles an hour below the posted speed limit. we have another deadly
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car believed to be involved in the crash, but they're not revealing anymore. officers shut down the intersection of himes and hillsborough avenue early sunday morning. a driver killed that bicyclist in the crosswalk there and took off. a store owner at a south florida mall is accused of shooting and wound an employee before turning the gun on himself. coral springs police responded to a jewelry store at the coral springs mall. officers found the 59-year-old dead from gunshot wound and a 52-year-old man in critical condition. the store employee is expected to survive, and so far we don't know why the owner started shooting. new this morning, a man is now facing charges for stealing from a target store. while trying to get away cameron conka knocked over an 82-year-old woman who broke her hip. it happened saturday. police have arrested cory watkins in connection to a body
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connected to the murder of will hodges. police found hodges body over a week ago in a dumpster at the shops at park place on u.s. 19. investigators say they found watkins fingerprints at the crime scene. he's now facing second degree murder charges. 4:37. and we're now getting a look at some totals from thanksgiving weekend shopping. the national retail federation says more than 99 million people went to stores. the software company adobe says 108 million online transactions from the top 100 u.s. retailers. so many people shopped online for black friday it could dethrone cyber monday as the biggest online shopping day of the year. online retailers broke a record by earning more than $5 billion during black friday and thanksgiving day combined. shoppers spent more than $3 billion on black friday. thanksgiving day shoppers spent nearly 2 billion. and this black friday is
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history to make over $1 billion from purchases on mobile devices. the majority of online shoppers still used computers but mobile devices made up 36% of online sales. 25% on smart phones, 11% on tablets. >> don't need the weather to be nice to shop on your phone any day of the year here. temperatures right now in the mid and upper 50s, in fact we're warmer than this time yesterday, and we'll be warmer tomorrow and the day after that, and we have a trend that is going to set up here, and i think if you like the warm and humid conditions of late summer, you're going to enjoy the extended forecast. for now still doing okay, but 81 is still above average, and we'll do that with a 10% chance of a sprinkle or a light shower moving through on a southeast wind. that is the pattern that's going to warm us up. we'll talk more about that and the extended forecast. first a look at the roads. 4:38, a live look at i-75 near fowler avenue. no issues to report there. things are looking good.
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a woman in arizona is facing charges following this car crash that left seven people injured including five children. saturday night amber sloan's pickup truck ran into this minivan carrying those five children and two adults. two ended up trapped in the minivan. four children now fighting for their lives. the u.s. army corps of engineers says it doesn't plan to forcibly remove demonstrators in north dakota who are protesting the dakota the corp.s said they're looking for a peaceful and orderly way to get protestors to a safer location. if officials are warning the land they're protesting on is going to be closed for safety reasons. those who choose to do so could face charges. we're learning even more about the tennessee school bus driver behind a deadly crash. the second job he had and why school officials call it dangerous. that's coming up at 5.
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signature victories for the tampa bay buccaneers you look no further than yesterday in their win against the seattle seahawks. i'll show you how they did it,
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4:43. new developments on a party in new orleans that was broken up by deadly gunfire. police are still searching for
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we now know he was not the intended target. police say two men not believed to be from new orleans shot ten people in the busy french quarter. police say two men started fighting and it escalated into that shootout on bourbon street. once police got there, the men took off. so far no arrests in this case. flag outrage as hundreds of people protested in western massachusetts after harp shire college removed the american flag after the election. the decision by the school came after burning an american flag in protest of donald trump's presidential election win. yesterday veterans joined a group waving american flags and protesting peacefully. many veterans are disappointed and saddened by the school's decision. >> they took down my flag. they have the right to do that, i'm here to defend their right to do that. however, i want them to understand how seriously that
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i spent time in walter reed, i came home and there's no way i'll let anybody take down the flag. >> the college's president did not attend the demonstrations. parents and students at ridgewood high school in new new port richey plan on protesting over the new student dress code. students are getting referrals, being threatened with bad grades because of the way they dress. ridgewood high's dress code took effect october 18th. school officials say a dress code leads to fewer classroom disruptions. today governor rick scott will be in the bay area to talk about job growth. scott will be at blue grace logistics. that's just west of i-75 in river view. scott is scheduled to speak there at 3 this afternoon. and a reminder again, it is cyber monday. today may be a good time to
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slow summer travel could result in big fares. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to have big discounts. >> you know who can do that, one luck lucky person in tennessee. someone there matched all six power ball numbers in saturday night's drawing, a little bit jealous this morning. the ticket is worth nearly $421 million. it was sold in lafayette. now you want to make sure you check your tickets, though, because the numbers there on your screen, but there are still a lot of smaller prizes to be won. ivan, what are you thinking? >> smaller? >> do you have one of those smaller prizes. >> pays to be from tennessee. >> no, i gave up on the power ball after my last heartbreak of that 6 or 8 billion, whatever it was. we are going to turn warm and humid heading into the middle part of the week. an isolated shower today at best. it's an indication of a pattern
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will love and some of us will be longing for with cooler and drier air. it will get here by friday. it is really going to turn the corner the next few days with more humid conditions. down right muggy through the afternoon, and high temperatures 10 degrees aboveaverage. it this is what we can do in central florida before these fronts become more significant. 24 hours ago we were 4 degrees cooler to 9 degrees cooler in brooksville, so we are warming up, and the reason for that, we're ahead of this big front, big low up to the north in minneapolis. in fact, tail end of the front causing all sorts of problems this morning, severe thunderstorm watch through northern texas impacting, that is to move off to the east. before it gets here and cools us off behind it, we're going to tap into this southeast wind, warmer more humid. you see the showers down towards miami.
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through today. not those particular showers, just this pattern we're in will allow for showers to develop. not going to be a huge deal. the front itself going to lose some steam. by tuesday, wednesday still hanging out north and west. until this gets here, we're not going to be able to get into the drier times. our best bet for wet weather, not so much today. it's just a few sprinkles. it will be thursday when the front itself moves through. it is going to be a long way. look at these numbers. this is the dew point, how comfortable conditions, not oppressive right. upper 60s is going to be noticeably more humid. it's just combined with the mid- 80s i'm forecasting for tomorrow and wednesday that will make it feel very tropical out there. low 80s in tampa for today. we'll be generally in the mid- 60s tonight, so everyone warmer than we're waking up to this morning. this will be the coolest morning for a while here with temperatures then by the
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right? 86, 85, 83 in tampa. very warm for this time of the year. we'll continue that right through thursday. the front comes in thursday with some showers. not a huge deal, behind it we'll cool off, dry out. into the weekend, looks good, mid-70s. 11 until 5. tonight philadelphia hosts green bay on monday night football and the bucs now look to keep a three- game winning stream alive after beating the seahawks yesterday. tom korun has more in morning sports. and good morning everybody, for those of you looking for a sign of where the buccaneer team is headed, why don't you check out yesterday's game at ray jay. the bucs defense put a beatdown on one of the top teams in the league in seattle and more on the d here in just a second. first, it was the jameis winston mike evans connection that gave the bucs the nice 14- 0 cushion. the first td toss from 3 yards out, the second from 23, and evans beat sherman one on one
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14-06789 thanks to the seattle offense led by quarterback russell wilson never scored a touchdown. he was sacked six times yesterday, picked off twice. this one here by alta ron veteranner whose dad died this week. as for the clincher, lavon tampa bay david will recover this fumble here by jimmy graham and return it 54 yards to turn seattle away for the final time. this was the kind of defensive performance we saw buccaneers in 02. the win only keeps the bucs back a game in atlanta and a game ahead in new orleans. they both won as well yesterday. the final over seattle 14-5. >> yeah, our guys, man. we have got some great guys in that locker room. it was emotional before the game, and it was emotional at the coin flip, and then backed it up, and it's one thing to be
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thing to back it up. we're all on a high right now, obviously a huge win and we beat two good teams back to back. we'll go into panic mode tomorrow. >> more good news, willy tag art's u.s. bowls now among the nation's elite in the top 25 on ap, if he has the boys ranked 24th. this is the first time the team has been ranked since 2007. now the bulls wait to see where they're headed in season. just another brutal day for the bolts, lost in scoring a hat trick in the second period from the lightning 4, dominick moore just takes a swipe at the puck and it sails right by ben bishop for a 1-0 lead. boston scored again, this one bishop had no chance on. he screened out on david back us as he president-elects the
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puck. the final 4-1 boston. and that's your morning sports update. holiday shopping at a california mall turns violent, six men all caught on camera brawling in the mall, but why no one was arrested. that's coming up next. >> and today the cross bay ferry kicks off weekday service for recreational trips. we're taking a look at how customers can take advantage of the ferry's
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4:55. take a look at this, an avid cubs fan and chef hits it out of the park with this gingerbread house. it is a replica of wrigley field. it weighs more than 400 pounds, and it's all edible except for the little players who are out of legos. it took more than 70 hours to create. >> i love that. >> pretty cool. >> pretty cool. >> it's cyber monday and americans have already spent a record amount during thanksgiving weekend. >> the rush is on to get holiday gifts delivered on time. this morning we'll get an inside look at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin. >> and a tampa family now needs a new home. this is after a suspected drunk driver plowed into their house. get this, it's the second time
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the charges the driver is now facing. and for the second time in just a couple of months, a bay area tow truck driver is killed on the job. where this latest accident happened and how other tow truck drivers are calling for
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taking action for you, this is abc action news. two tow truck drivers hit and killed in two months, what we know about the driver responsible in the latest accident and the message other tow truck drivers want us all to keep in mind. >> reporter: last year on cyber monday, amazon customers bought 33 electronic devices per second, so what happens this year. we're here at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin. >> and accusations of illegal voting from president-elect donald trump, a series of tweets he launched as one state meets to discuss a recount this morning. >> good monday morning, and thanks for waking up with abc. i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm ashley yore in for deiah riley. i'm excited to be here on this cyber monday. first lets get over to ivan. hey, ivan are you buying anything specific?


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