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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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there is a large possibility there are many timebombs run orlando waiting to explode at any moment. >> we've asked the city how many of those oak trees in the city limits are on the removal list, they are working to get the number for us. they would not comment on the pending litigation. live in orlando jenny murray as channel 9. orange county server accused of exposing himself in a popular pizza place struck a plea deal, and eight-year-old an 11-year-old told her mom, christopher performed a sex act on himself while they were in
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pizzeria, the 29-year-old the 40 months in prison, or cado is a sex offender who is been accused of exposing himself twice before. >> pres. obama preparing to deliver his final state of the union address tonight to joint session of congress, the white house tells us to expect and optimistic message about the future. justin gray live in washington dc, you heard from both florida senators today. r sen. marco rubio running for president himself, he sounded today like a candidate message, calling pres. obama's candidacy a disastrous presidency. >> the white house told us to expect something different from pres. obama's address tonight. expect them to focus on bigger themes, not just challenges for the coming year before the next generation. >> there is a degree of
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think the president has to address it. >> my hope is the next year passes quickly without him doing more damage. >> white house officials say president. obama hope to convey that he is more optimistic than he is ever been. republicans don't port -- republicans don't share that. >> the next president will have a lot of work to do to undo the damage is done the country. >> democrats hope he will point to progress from where the country was seven years ago. in the middle of a deep recession, banks on wall street near collapse. >> i think the president will talk about some of his accomplishments, there been many. he will address the uncertainty of our national security and what we're doing. >> senator.
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prepping for presidential debate thursday, a lot of what tonight is about. president. obama trying to prove he is not a lame duck with the 2016 election coming up but he can still move his agenda forward. reporting live, justin gray eyewitnesses. i from central florida who made national news will be a special guest at tonight's state of the union address because of his brave act last year. november we told you 25-year- old peter gold tried to break up and armed robbery, surveillance camera showed him getting shot in the stomach. recovering student attends tulane university in new orleans, the suspect is later got for manhunt. jon mica tonight. during tonight's speech you can live tweet with greg moore method in a clock. after the speech take -- state turn for eyewitness news at 11. tonight getting our first look at el chapo's mugshot. >> in hearing how after sean penn's played a key role helping investigators catch the
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taken in the same mexican prison el chapo's case from six months ago, sean penn was followed by investigators when he visited the drug later for an interview, a move criticized by presidential candidate rubio. >> if one of these actors want to go fun over a criminal in drug trafficker in interviews they have a constitutional right to do it but i find it grotesque. >> prosecutors are fighting to get el chapo in courtrooms a mess can officials say his extradition has been suspended. >> orlando police need your help locating a vehicle that could belong to a suspect in the fatal shooting, new year's eve 36-year-old lawrence pipkin junior was found dead in rosemont, the silver suv was seen leaving the complex after the shooting, they say it has a dent in the tour and dark
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recognize it contact police. to orange county teachers have been disciplined for their alleged treatment of students with autism, reader walters and emily upper ghana have received fines and recommends from the state, walters accused of pulling a seven-year-old off a tabletop golfing and hit the ground, the other was accused of spring water on a boy that was afraid water. neither teachers admit or deny the accusations. >> some residents fear building 2000 new homes want just double the city but destroyed a lot of the reason folks visit. numerous hills and flat florida attract foreign visitors and developers want to put homes there. like today, planning to fight. >> city leaders and members of
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in a while, to have the community meetings talk about it, it could be huge for the city but some worry it could mean the end of cycling which the area is known for. >> we love the hills and we want them to stay. where it is safe to ride. >> cycling enthusiasts tracy is nervous about a development that could spring up here in mineola, the development was improved -- approved the 90s and homes were built for the rest the project fell on hard times. >> new owners want to bring it back to life and add more than 2500 homes. the problem is the area sugarloaf mountain is known worldwide as a place where cyclists come to ride. >> several cycling events are held here including a triathlon, but many come out to challenge themselves on the hills.
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>> there are hundreds if not 1000 or more in the hills of the weekend. >> reporter: draper and others feels more cars on the road it would be safer cyclists so she and others are planning to take their concerns to the mineola city meeting tonight. they propose development to be huge for the city and could double its population. city leaders say additional staff will have to be hired in schools with already full, moral have to be added as well. city officials say they're working with developers in the cycling community in hopes of putting together a plan that works for both what -- both sides. >> the two propose communities as well as the mineola interchange on the turnpike, a few miles behind me will bring a lot of development the city. city officials say it is a good
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smart and not just fast. live in mineola mark price eyewitness news nine. central florida gearing to host another major sporting event, this one has world ties. >> leaders of the indexes games committee in orlando preparing for the month of may event. the paralympic sporting event was created by prince harry and held at the espn wide world of sports complex at disney world. the games are the only international adaptive sporting events for injured active duty and veteran service members.>> we want this to become a celebration of what they achieved and what better place family which is disney. >> more than 400 participants to compete.
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a man who they say attacked a 70-year-old woman who is walking her dog. this afternoon along atlantic avenue just after 12:30 pm. the attacker came up behind her and hitter on the head with something and ran away. whoever was didn't say a word and in and try to rub her. something as forcing oviedo
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and unusual dispute over sidewalks is dividing to make the neighborhood. >> parents fighting for the sidewalk along tesco garrette trail to make it safer for schoolchildren. some neighbors are fighting the
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about how the city plans to pay for it. >> will start on the side of the road. >> karen walks the trail with her four children to school each day. >> too many people coming too fast or no room. >> it is a major residential fairway, and often she used -- use between counties. parent -- parents use it to get it to the elementary schools. watches cars dodge the children walking home. >> someone will be injured. someone will be killed. >> clutching hundreds of citizens for the petition in the city of mainland is poised to add a sidewalk. their mark. we saw firsthand how the project is dividing neighbors,
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anxious to explain why it is a bad idea. >> this is the most dangerous road there is, no one should allow the kid on the street. >> his biggest objection is how the city plans to pay for, initial estimates show it could cost $560,000. city leaders plan to request grant money, intended for rural areas to increase the number of children who walk or bike to school. >> i'm against the city using funds that are supposed to be used for dangerous areas where the children have no other choice. >> if the city would add a sidewalk here they would have to deal with septic tank issues underground but also figure out what to do with the trees and power pulls up and down the road. >> i don't know if they can fix the problem. >> the city hasn't done a survey to determine how many students use the word -- the
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find a lot of foot traffic because some parents are willing to risk it. >> she said one time she almost got hit, the mayor of mainland declined our request for an interview because the project is in the preliminary phases. the department of transportation tells us the city would have to go through an extensive application process to demonstrate a need. so far it hasn't happened. you can always see what nine investigates has been looking into, log onto investigates. the number of children who die in their sleep in florida is roughly the same as those who drowned or died traumatic injuries like gunshots. dcf is looking at two 114 sleeping deaths of babies for 2015, safety officials in orange and osceola counties have been targeting zip codes where dcf has a high call volume.
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goes into homes of new parents and can visit with them once a week for your to make sure parents are putting babies to sleep correctly. often it remains a simple mistake that turns tragic.>> they can go into the gaps of the couch if they are laid on the bed, if you're the headboard they could go into the gaps. >> cosleeping with the baby remains the biggest risk factor. >> people living in the great lakes are dealing with white out conditions. >> 3 feet of snow has already fallen, more on the way. wind chills in parts of the midwest nearly 30 degrees below zero. the snowy conditions causing havoc on the roads from ohio to new york in the freezing temperatures turning everything into ice. >> everything is covered in ice and water. >> if the snow and ice continue
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potential of seeing a total snowfall of 4 feet and three days. >> at least he had a smile on his face. >> yes and no years car is being covered in ice. >> we have a storm system will watch on friday, weather system in melbourne beefing up its wording friday, storm potential and we've been doing it here as well. beautiful shot of our sunset, high clouds, reason for the beautiful colors. also for the fact we will not get quite as cold. 62, northwest breeze 7 miles per hour. 50s to the north, freezing in ocala, frost on the rooftops, everything on target. not quite as cold, only advisories are frost advisors to the north but we also see it did as far south as lake county depending on if you get an area
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clouds are already moving in, it will safely keep us out of the freeze box tonight. showers to the south but upper level storm system moving closer, and that we will watch by friday morning and afternoon. for tonight quite weatherwise, temperatures, high clouds cooling back to the middle 40s, 44 to 45 in that area for downtown orlando for tonight. if you get in an area that the splitter and cloud cover, little colder, 37, 42 claremont, 45 titusville and st. john. orlando tomorrow more clouds, that will also bring us a nice day and bring temperatures cooler on par with what we saw today. 67 in downtown orlando. coogler tomorrow. was a cloudy in sanford, a dry day for tomorrow.
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storm system, klentak muzzin tonight, blanket keeping this work. a mix of clouds and cloudy skies by tomorrow night. continues keep us warm and night and showers are moving in as early as late thursday. late thursday into friday watch the moisture left. what we watches a storm system in the gulf of mexico, moving north to the panhandle but a big slug right here will approach us after the lunch hour throughout the afternoon. as early as friday morning, sometimes these pick up the pace . once we get into friday from day break through the drivetime in the evening, watch out for threat of severe weather. experience are one of those things we will watch out for friday morning and afternoon. take some time, download our severe weather apps, we have and alerts tab, tornadoes are
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select other advisories you may want to get directly to your phone, but always have two ways
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florida lawmakers moving forward with plans to legalize fantasy sports. online leagues have become popular but there also at the center of the national debate. channel 9 michael lopardi has been following the discussion in tallahassee, and some states have tried to stop people from using the sites. >> reporter: the debate is whether fantasy sports concerts -- constitutes gambling which
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except for exceptions. but lawmakers want to ask him. >> the bill would make daily -- daily fantasy sports legal for the floridian sets play. >> there are 3 million people that are doing something that isn't hurting the one it should be legal. >> fantasy sports has exploded in recent years, creating a team that competes baysox the performance of the individual players. state law doesn't address the game, 1991 general opinion says they are legal. >> the state of florida should address it. >> the hospital provides rules for operators and restricts employees from certain games but some lawmakers want tougher regulations.
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>> treat them like you treat us. they are engaged in internet gaming, interstate gaming >> that is why we of transparency requirements, appropriate oversight. >> the subcommittee approved the bill while far from a done deal it is a victory for the fantasy sports world as some states try to limit or stop the lead. >> the bill needs to clear several committees before making it to the house, things could get concreted of the federal government steps in and tries to regulate industry. reporting live channel 9 eyewitness news. a terminally ill man who channel 9 help get us in the
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nation's highest court struck down florida's death penalty system is unconstitutional. supreme court says juries not judges should as -- should decide if criminals are sentenced to death. >> either you will retry the whole case? >> new at six working out with the ruling means for hundreds of cases.
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