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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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inmates currently on death row, second only to california. supreme court ruling has major locations. >> a team of reporters covering every angle, these are the faces of the 95 death row inmates, sentenced to death, will be working with our legal team to break down how the ruling will impact them. we asked how local prosecutors are handling the decision. we begin our coverage with steve, you spoke with the father alex elephantbar who saw his son's killer sentenced to death less than two months ago. >> that is a recent case, okafor is the most recent person be put on the death row.
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expects every single person on death row be affected by this, meanwhile attorneys are trying to figure what it means, they are the only one to families of victims are trying to figure out what it means also. >> will they retry the whole case? >> cells are is excused fuses anyone, he just got done with trauma of josh with the trial for his son, supreme court ruling could change that, the try the right the coattails of the first versus florida case. >> they will do it. they don't want their guys to be put to death. >> more power and specifics need to come from juries in
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it could be that all current tougher sentences have violated the sixth amendment by not having jurors make a checklist of aggravating factors and crying. >> the sixth amendment says the jury must make the findings and not the judge. >> right now florida must be changed. cells are says he will help anyway he can. >> i want to get -- get together with some legislature guys that want to hear my opinion. >> one other thing to point out, if all the death sentences in florida get commuted and become life sentences some of those men have been on death row so
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with the possibility of parole. is it happens they could find themselves immediately eligible to go before a parole board. reporting live in orange county state. eyewitness news. >> our analyst and former chief think it will affect the case against lewis toledo which is scheduled to go to trial next week. prosecutors were seeking the death penalty, if he was convicted in 2013 murder of his wife, sores and her two children in daytona. perry says the death penalty is off the table, so far toledo's attorneys haven't filed motions for hearings on the issue. >> we want to show how this ruling will affect prosecutors
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barrett, continues or covers, and he says they are still reviewing the decision. >> no one really knows what this means. everyone including the state attorney wants time to figure it out. >> these are the faces of the floridians on death row. chances are they could outlaw -- outlived the summer but title. supreme court decided florida's unconstitutional because it gives too much power to the judge and not enough to jury. >> wftv legal analyst says some scholars think it will affect mainly new cases. >> they may argue that unless raised this constitutional
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>> and osceola county in orange, they are reviewing the decision but say they will handle it in a manner consistent with the supreme court's ruling in law. and seminole county they say clarification will be needed for the court. there would be working with the atty. gen.'s office to seek greater understanding. schafer believes the statute is clear that if it is declared unconstitutional the sentence will be reduced. the inmates of florida's death row will be getting life without parole.>> the us supreme court is clear, it was unconstitutional just unconstitutional today, 25 years ago. >> state attorney jeff ashton says he will give us an
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>> reporting live in the newsroom tim barber eyewitness news. >> you can follow our coverage of the ruling on-air and online , we also posted raw video of our legal analyst interpretation of the rule in the follow on >> after a chilly day across central florida we are in for another cool nights. >> there's a frost advisory in effect from marion county and certified chief meteorologist tom terry tracking temperatures in severe weather center nine. how cold will get tonight? >> mid-40s for them to, -- orlando, is called his last night because the clouds, the clouds making a difference.
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50 40 kela, 54 into land, clouds starting to increase from the gulf, blanket effect will mean, chance for frost in her northwestern zones instead of a freeze were marion county hit freezing today. mid-upper 30s but warmer for most of us. looking into severe weather threat later this week, on friday. >> also new at six, nine investigates and covers major inconsistencies in an orlando police officers report involving a stolen car in a mysterious chase. >> we broke the news got to orlando police officers under investigation. orange county deputies spotted
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lights and sirens but the officers did not inform anyone channel 9 kathy belich spent the day comparing records from the agency, he found the orlando officers story doesn't seem to add up? >> officer fred roles report says when they ran the tag of the jeep involved sometime before midnight, he came back a stolen. but the owner of the jeep told us he didn't know it was stolen and to at least six hours after. when he saw it wasn't in his driveway. >> we compared reports was opg, the orange county sheriff
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officers mike favorite and fred role in their mystery chased through the county december 28, just after midnight deputy saw in opg car without emergency lights chasing this cheap on silverstar road. >> no lights on. >> they ran the tag earlier without saying wind, and found the jeep minutes after midnight in this dirt field in the county. officer roles said they found a gun and it and because of that can't possibly multiple armed assailants in the immediate area we relocated the vehicle two 4780 two 4780 west colonial dr. in the city. to call for backup, no coordinating crime scene. moving the jeep could've destroyed evidence like fingerprints on the steering wheel.
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but found none. the report says a favorite called the jeep owner to come get it but he couldn't so it was told. told us he got no call from opg your print. >> i was dead asleep, didn't know it of being gone. puck in the morning. >> roles report later says the gun he found was a toy. >> the jeep owner says towing cost him an extra $60.50 in the sheriff's department to have show jurisdiction issues. to the incident, was report. reporting live, eyewitness news. the man accused of hitting a three-year-old in which regarding office in jail after turning himself in.
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driving a ganim, the toddler and his older brother had walked into the street to visit an ice cream himself in after learning there were getting award for their arrest. >> he left the scene but he turned himself in. to me, it makes it different third-degree felony charge of living that an accident with injury that he had been prison for five years got the little boy with just a few month. >> with $80 billion and 59 more
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new at texas state transfer shouldn't leaders say it is time for oviedo firefighters to pack their bags. >> they want them out to make room for the expansion of state route 434. in six weeks the state will take over the city's downtown fire station, we told you about the project back in 2013. with the deadline approaching channel 9 kimberly even found out there is no plan for where those firefighters will work when the building is gone. >> the engine is still parked in the pay of oviedo fire station 2 but under state orders is about to change to make way for road construction.
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>> the chief says the fire department has a tight timetable also. back in 2013 state paid $2 million for its downtown station in cities community center. it set a deadline for firefighters to vacate by the end of 2015. two weeks into the new year they have nowhere to go. >> eventually the firefighters from station 2 will move to their new building down the road into the new superstation but you can see, still under construction in the chief says behind schedule. >> he says a rainy summer delayed builders. they gave oviedo firefighters a two-month extension to stay put until then that -- in the next month and then they will start the multimillion dollar renovation of state road 434. >> will take the building down.
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double up in one of the city's other two stations. one, not determined yet. >> we're strategizing response times square >> chief white says it will be temporary and won't affect how fast crews get to an emergency. >> we should not have judgment response. >> in oviedo kimberly even channel 9 eyewitness news. other businesses between franklin have given up buildings, that stretch of road alone will cost $5 million to rent. >> police say reports about bicyclists punch by an officer or false. in personam man on the road groening for help, the man told investigators three men wearing
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asked for id and let them go but as he is writing away on his bike someone punched him. police told us there is no evidence that indicates the incident occurred, and his injuries are consistent with falling off a bike. >> of our county commissioners passed something to allow them to review steelers for manatees. a study needs to be done to see if manatees owns work. u.s. fish and wildlife officials proposed reclassifying the manistee from endangered and threatened. fdl the officials arrested for more people tonight in a scheme to steal thousands of dollars in unemployment
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to the people arrested here in orlando. two others were got in connecticut. we told you last week a former deo worker and her husband were arrested for the same scheme, investigators say they would reactivate old accounts and change the information to receive the funds. covering volusia county a 17-year-old accused of shooting a man of road rage incident hasn't been formally charged. kody pokes faces two counts of aggravated battery with for shooting kevin robinson three times and michele smith once added daytona beach gas station. he shot robinson in self-defense, police say no gun was recovered in the case, the state attorney's office has 90 days
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lake county day care suddenly closed after losing state funding, we told you in the appleseed learning academy in clermont closed without warning and today we confirmed the early morning coalition terminated funding that day. dcf records show the daycare was cited six times last year for nutritional and safety violations, teachers told us they haven't been paid in some parents were told they could pick up their children's belongings thursday between four and six. in brevard county cape canaveral national cemetery held its first burial ceremony. 12 veterans honored from each of the five armed service
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to names and december will serve 163,000 veterans, spouses and minor children. one day away from the drive for the largest powerball jackpot in history. world history. >> one half billion dollars. the possibility of a lump sum payout of $930 million before taxes has people lining up to buy tickets again. dozens people were buying anywhere from one to your ticket to hundreds of tickets to increase their odds. >> irobot a few extra. >> tomorrow night trying is at 10:59 pm, one of the storm as we spoke with things the jackpot will hit $2 billion by the. no idea where to start with that. >> jackpot with the beautiful
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>> friday and. strong to be active, watch it closely, quite tonight. 59 degrees in orlando, 3 to 4 degrees warmer than last night at this time, club that continues to be the difference. we will see the contact overhead, rather thin, thick
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mobile device. five day forecast, the weekend in view, warm things up friday and severe weather friday morning afternoon. update the timing or. >> national championship in seven years of the game was interesting -- entertaining few people bother to watch. cup first it -- producing a
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reels for generations. with a 25,000 watch the game on espn but that is down 15% compared to last year. back in orlando, nine international soccer clubs competing in the floor covered disney, one of the teams using the tournament to prepare for their upcoming season, the clouds vice president stop by channel 9 and said this is a valuable opportunity to expose fans to the club and said they are looking into other ways to reach out to the market including a potential friendly was orlando city. >> it would be very nice to play against them. >> elsewhere local sports, jon
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federal sports commission. use with the organization for three years and brought several hope -- high profile events to central florida including the
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