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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a local police force says it is the first to respond to emergencies and the last to be paid. they are taking the fight to the public in a very big way. >> this is hopefully the way to get the attention of the city council who is not paying employees with their worth. >> they said they are at an impasse and the officers decided to go big. blaine spoke with both sides today. and the city did officers files offers some money but many say it is not enough. >> officers say they need a 3% raid - - raise right now.
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keep the best and the brightest here. and they say they have to get the attention of leaders and residents. they say they are among the lowest paid and they are not backing down from a fight for more races. they are putting up this sign near nova road. >> it is - - not a good idea to make - - play games with civil employees that you rely on for the safety of the public. >> the city is offering a 3.5% increase for starting officers and a 3% increase for those who have been here for years. this is all part of a statement that they will be open to resolving the wage issue. that they would not talk on camera. >> this city has had explosive growth and yet it has not kept up.
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offer may help the starting employees but it is not good enough to retain current officers which he believes will affect public safety. >> if you do not pay officers enough guy they look for other jobs in other cities. >> reporter: for this to resolve, both have to agree with what a judge recommends in a judge recommends in the next few months and if not, representatives say the battle could get even uglier. >> they threatened to put up a billboard to blast the city for not paying officers enough and we also showed you plans to post billboards on the roads. and commissioners improved a tax increase including a 1% it - - wage increase for police and a 2% bonus. we are following breaking news in baldwin park where a
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a grassy area. there has been a heavy police presence as investigators combed the area for clues and witnesses. and our reporter told us he has seen police taking down some of the crime scene tape and will continue to monitor the investigation and update you as soon as we get new information. orlando told us it has taken care of dangerous trees. yesterday we told you this man is suing the city after a three truck - - 3-ton tree fell on his car as he was driving down robinson street. his attorney showed us in order to remove the tree five years before it fell. now the city said all priority one and two trees have been removed and they gave us a dozen pages of documents. a judge had some harsh words for a suspected hit and run driver accused of hitting a 3-year-old boy.
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man to bond out of jail. daniel did not even get to enjoy the treat was buying from an ice cream truck when he was hit. we've been following the suspect and the judge told him worse period >> the judge made it clear that denny could have easily been killed in this case and tonight as we wait for billy to come out of the doors, we know that he is going to be facing some major restrictions. >> mr. gibson, you are charged with leaving the scene of an accident with death or injury. >> reporter: billy gibson spent the night in jail after his arrest for adding a 3-year-old boy with his car as the boy was trying to get ice cream on tuesday. >> fortunately that 3-year-old is okay. he was riding his bicycle last night. >> reporter: the judge reminded him that his charges would have been much worse if the boy was still in the
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he said he was not comfortable granting pretrial release. out. >> you were ordered not to operate if you'll - - vehicle without a valid license. - - minions. >> reporter: bill delivered the ice cream that billy never degree felony charge. if convicted, that could mean five years in prison. >> it looks like he was enjoying that. and our fans have been following the story. stay up-to-date today by going to our websites. 10 american sailors are
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some worry it happened - - within days before the iran nuclear deal is set to take effect. some question the timing of the incident. in days, economic sanctions will be lifted in exchange for that country meeting that deal. if is - - the sailors were well taken care of. details are still unclear >> there are 20 days left before the presidential candidates face-off and ted cruz continues to surge in the polls. he also made an unexpected strategy shift. >> reporter: he did, he is going on the attack against donald trump and it seems to be working. and among likely voters, he has
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against donald trump. things are also no and neck on the democratic side. hillary clinton has a razor thin lead against bernie sanders. she is no longer holding back, there is less than three weeks before the votes are cast and she said it was time to go harder after bernie sanders. >> we have spent the beginning of this campaign and i have been laying out my policies and meeting with people and listening to them about what they want from the next president and now we are in the sprint and it is time to draw contrasts. >> he has enlisted his daughter in the fight. >> he wants to dismantle obama care and medicare and the chip program. >> sanders has a stuttering - -
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lead. >> reporter: shifting numbers are also putting pressure on donald trump with ted cruz taking the lead. he continues asking if he can legally serve as president and trump tweeted there is no way he could continue running unless he can erase doubts on eligibility. >> it seems the hillary folks are eager to support donald trump and the attacks being tossed my direction. >> reporter: as they prepare, donald trump is warning opponents that if he is attacked, he will hit back even harder. >> jeb bush has lost 12 points since november with a new low at 41%.
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a viable candidate but he misjudged the intensity of anger among republicans. he has not budged in the polls remaining with 50%. we will have more from the trail tonight, world news starts after i - - eyewitness news. president on - - president obama is on the road is sitting states that he has helped since arriving in office. this is from omaha and it comes after his final state of the union address from last night. both states have seen big drops in unemployment rates and more than 2.5 million residents have gained coverage under the affordable healthcare law. the mayor of daytona beach is giving us a message, making his rounds where he spoke to members of a local hotel and lodging association and he
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admits there are major challenges ahead including producing the shoreside and property leases. he also wants to make the works - - city workforce more diverse and encourage more employees to live in this city. a wrongful death suit has been filed against it either where curtis reeves is accused of cheating and killing a man in a movie theater north of tampa. and the shooting was a result of an argument over texting and the wife asserts that they failed to assert their own prohibition over weapons. a mother says daycare
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in a van over four hours. and we are investigating what steps the workers are taking to make sure it does not happen again. we have heard the warnings and now a family says they are hover board just burst into flames. and a residence quick thinking kept it from spending - - spreading. this woman's is a popular fertilizer ruined her lawn. >> it was killing the grass, not the weeds. >> will they cover the homeowner losses? >> live reports are coming in
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a company is restocking with its original products period >> this is all there fertilizer. >> reporter: judy noticed problems after fertilizing her lawn last spring and in october, she again used the turf builder bonus southern weed and feed. >> it was turning yellow and killing the grass and not the weeds. >> reporter: she discovered they voluntarily pulled it from from - - from some stores because the formulation damaged and even killed some lawns. it contained - - and they admitted hundreds of complaints but said the problem was amended to south carolina and eventually they removed the
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not in florida. and yet i found local customers on their website claiming it harmed their dress. >> i went according to the label with their spreader and their product. >> reporter: the product was recently removed from local stores but it was still for sale at this ace hardware. and they told me all 2015 products are being replaced with the original formula. and it could discolor lines temporarily. but they blamed judy's damage on her neglect and offered $500 as a goodwill gesture only. when it found actual damage at other homes, it had repaired or replaced lawns at no cost. they said the timing of the claim proved their audits could not be blamed and the original formula is back in
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cause product - - problems. >> if you have a story for him to check out, fill it out online or send todd a message. in orlando, a crash has part of john young parkway closed. you can see emergency vehicles ball pit - - blocking elaine. the federal government ebola outbreak response found gaps in a screening process. and the united states department of homeland security required anyone coming in from affected areas to go through mandatory health screenings. but border patrol officers did
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this screening. chipotle is hoping federal officials will claim the e. coli outbreak at their restaurants over. the outbreak began in october and infected dozens in nine states. they are taking additional messieurs to make sure their food is safe including having more ingredients going through centralized kitchens. a new school could provide lead to fight relief for orlando entry school. the new school will relieve millennia elementary on cyprus creek boulevard. now to look at the forecast, prescribed burns that were set on purpose.
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the smoke toward the south. cooler air is keeping a lot of the smoke near the surface. you can see it traveling south. and let's show you what is going on close to home. 58 degrees continuing through tonight. for the next few hours, you will be smelling that smoke for a while tonight. 50s across the board, not dropping a lot tonight, you will also be right in the line of fire, that smoky smell around 10:00 tonight with temperatures in the mid- 40s and areas near the fire will temperatures rebound near the 60s and that quiet ends on
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heavy rain, gusty storms, moving through quickly until 3: 00. friday morning at 3:00 in the morning, shower activity is d eveloping, moderate rainfall is coming up, and we will be watching this storm system from the gulf of mexico. our forecast model did a really good job with the placement of storms this last saturday and it is also showing stormy weather in two different groups coming on shore along the coast around 6:00 in the morning and we will all be here to watch this storm and we will also see with a slight risk of tornadoes. if we get enough dynamic energy, we could spin up a tornado. after that, the energy quickly moves offshore. this will probably have the
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sunday could also be a wet day as the jet stream and only now keep on plugging. the weekend in view, smoky tonight, warmer tomorrow, locally heavy rain through early in the afternoon. the rain moves back in rapidfire on sunday. disney is now hiring and training its own security to keep park guests safe. times this week. >> we are asking visitors how the security has impacted them. and the changes a daycare is making now that a child with autism was left alone in a van for hours. and a new plan to use your
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pr covering brevard county wherever board is being blamed for starting a fire at a home last afternoon. here is what is left of the report. melanie spoke with the family and the neighbors who rushed to help. it is there quick thinking that saved the day. >> the neighbors managed to keep the flames confined to the bedroom where the hover board was charging. >> it was on fire and it was
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well. >> if nobody was there, it would have gone up in flames. >> reporter: and they worked quickly to get it under control . the report was a christmas gift got one that they debated returning before the fire. >> there was a phone call and we heard a big explosion and smoke filled the house. >> they are not aware of other area hover board fires but i found out they are investigating a 37 reports a 37 reports of hover board fires in 19 states. until now, only one was in florida. >> they are grateful no one was
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board was charging. >> starting today, her reports are not allowed at the dorms. they banned the popular tway from on-campus housing. and there is an on book - - ongoing investigation. that students can use them still to zip around on campus. the cape canaveral national service - - cemetery is a vote - - is now open to all veterans. the new cemetery is expected to serve burial needs for more than 1,623,000 veterans, spouses, or dependents. it is located near interstate 95. developing at 6:00, first it was metal detectors and now disney is rolling out security. we are asking how safety upgrades will impact guests.
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upgrading security at parks, disney is hiring its own security force period >> they pull random people aside all the time. >> we are asking what it means for park visitors. and today there was a noticeable security presence at disney parks. it is the latest in major
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