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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday at Noon  ABC  January 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. next on "eyewitness news" at noon an orlando police officer opened fire during a traffic stop. what he says this 17-year-old driver did that forced him to fire his gun. and why this shuttle was on the move today in brevard county. >> and i am timing out another sunday morning.
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this is channel 9 "eyewitness news" at noon. coverage you can count on. >> we know more this afternoon about an officer-involved shooting in orlando. investigators say that the orlando officer was forced to open fire during an early morning traffic stop. 17-year-old driver was injured last night on north lane nearby pine hills road after midnight. police say an officer shot 17- year-old tre von lamons because he nearly hit the overs and it ended when the vehicle crashed into a nearby house. we are live and neighbors say they woke up to police knock on the door. >> reporter: that's right neighbors told me they got a knock around one this morning. the police -- knock around one this morning. police officers wanted to check
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other two suspects and this is where it ended. the car crashed right here. you can see the tire marks and where they hit the shutters over there. orlando police said 17-year-old trevon lamons was driving a stolen dodge challenger when he attempted to hit an office wear car. officer mills and another officer tried to pull them over in a shopping plaza on north lane after midnight. the officers noticed the driver was not wearing a seat belt and according to a police report, the driver accelerated towards the officer and that's when the officer fired his gun. the car took off and crashed into a home on stoneybrook lane. no one was inside the house. he is facing several charges including aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and grand theft of a motor vice. >> they -- vehicle. >> they thought someone was in the backyard because we have two closed backyards and they he went back out and came back and said no one was there. >> reporter: and again police
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other two suspects. earlier today. that is protocol any time an officer is involved in a shooting. reporting live in or lano julie salomone channel 9 "eyewitness news." meteorologist marina jurica is in the weather center and we saw rain and more storms for >> that's right. we are going to see more storms moving in for tomorrow. so this is the calm before the storm. we are going to be looking at a very nice day today. but this is our future track 9. at 6 a.m., and you can see those showers and thunderstorms that are starting to move in. progressing it forward to 7 it's continuing to move off the atlantic seaboard and doesn't clear until 9. so starting from about 3 a.m. this morning to 9 a.m. tomorrow, we will be looking at friday. so we will be looking at gusty
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largest threat at 55 miles per hour or more. a slight chance for isolatedtoday naysos and -- tornadoes and lightning and a inch or more of rainfall embedded into that storm. now i am going continue to track the timing of this. how much rain we can anticipate and who will see the bulk of the rainfall as we head into the overnight tonight. and, of course, george waldenberger will be back at 6 p.m. this evening and we will have team coverage overnight tonight into tomorrow of the storms. darlene. >> we are twork find out whether a man accused in three shootings will bond out of jail. this man 22 year old jai brown opened fire on a delivery driver at rio grand and americaana on thursday. they say he has been at the scene of two other shootings in the the last two weeks. a judge called him a threat to the community but he he is only facing charges related to possession of a firearm. the state has until tomorrow to convince the judge to keep him in jail. volusia county investigators a are working to
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dead in the st. john's river. we told you about this story as was breaking yesterday on "eyewitness news" at 4. 42-year- old walker mckenan was found in debary area. his family reported him missing on monday. the cause of his death has not been released. developing this afternoon, officials now say at least 22 people are dead and more than 30 others are hurt. al-qaeda linked extremist stormed a luxury hoedet -- hotel in burkinna. the attacks started last night and this morning they rescued more than 100 hostages. four attackers have been killed. survivors described the horror as the gunmen paced around the the hotel. >> it's horrible. because everyone was panicked. and was laying down on the floor. there was blood everywhere and shooting at people at point blank. >> security officials say they have not found any other
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new at noon, iran says it will soon release an american journalist held captive since 2014. iranian tv reports the washington post journalist jason rezaian will be released as part after the prisoner spot he spent 18 months in prison in iran on charges of espionage. so fars officials say they have no way -- so far u.s. owes physicians sea -- official say they have no way to confirm the release. the space shuttle tomorrow will be part of an educational mission for lbx systems. the show people how a model spacecraft can work in the midwest it started 7 this morning and the crane lifted the shuttle on a barge that crossed the indian river to a refurbishment facility on merritt island. >> people who never seen a space shuttle and were honored to do it. it's a beautiful moment to do something like that. >> officials say in a few years this space shuttle will be
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decided where. today residents in orlando are celebrating the life and king junior. celebrations kicked off this morning with a 32nd annual martin luther king junior parade from down-- in downtown entering on north rosalind. and floor at that second biggest -- florida's second biggest snake hunt started. the new place they will search for the snakes and new unemployment insurance the
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open hunt on python it is now underway. state second python challenge started at 12. more than 500 people have registered to look for pight ox across a swath of state land in south florida. wildlife experts say burmese pythons are a threat to nativewildlife in the everglades and they want to study the snakes. 68 snakes why killed this year's challenge ends on february 14th. this afternoon kissimmee police are searching for two men who attacked an 85-year-old woman during a home invasion thursday. take a look at this sketch of one of two suspects police are searching for. one neighbor richard sill vest here helped chase the sus -- sylvester who helped chase the suspect off and noticed a
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behind by the suspects. he called police and they came over to take it in as evidence. >> i wish we were a little earlier and you know in the situation so we could have maybe possibly done something a little earlier than for her to have to deal with it all that time. >> police say that the suspects locked a woman in the bathroom neighbors noticed the pair in the garage and confronted them. anyone with information is asked to call crime line. in anest to help unemployed americans feel more secure president obama is proposing unemployment insurance for every state. president obama wants all states to provide wage insurance to workers who lose their jobs and find new jobs at a lower pay. the insurance would be available to part-time and low income workers for at least 26 weeks. purchases. what these power ball winners america's newest millionaires. considered a big weekend in the
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we are two weeks afry way from the first -- away from the viers votes this iowa donald trump and ted cruz are at odds over the new york york values comments by cruz. mary bruce is on the trail with >> i apologize. >> reporter: ted cruz is saying sorry not sorry. >> you are right donald trump hillary clinton, and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio have demanded an apology. and i am happy to apologize. i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. >> reporter: new yorkers are outraged after the republican values. >> i am disgusted at the insult that ted cruz threw at this
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>> reporter: even leady liberty is giving him the finger. the feud escalated after cruz lashed out at new york while taking a shot at donald trump. >> but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal pro abortion and pro gay marriage and focused around money and the media. >> reporter: but trump got the last word. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully and more humanely than new york. >> reporter: hillary clinton did the impossible agreed with trump treating just this once trum sp right new yorkers value hard work diversity and tolerance and resilience and building better lives for our families and another first. trump at the a pizza rapch? the -- ranch the must stop rite iowa. iowa. >> pis i like pizza. >> reporter: no more hits
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>> that's mary bruce reporting. the u.s. central command is leading a coalition to fight back against isis destroying financial resource. in the newly released video you can see money flying after a u.s. aircraft bombed an isis cash depot in iraq. this is not the first attack on a cash storage site. in the past few months the sites. the money is used to fund fighters recruiters and amissions. -- emissions. military officials say the marines were participating in a nighttime training mission whenhelicopters crashed. crews found debris and two and a half miles off the shore of the crash site hours later. they are now searching for more debris in hopes of finding the missing crew members. the surviving boston marathon bomber must now pay victims more than $101 million. that ruling came yesterday from a federal judge overseeing the
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restitution payments to the 49 victims and their families mustbegin immediately. he he was sentenced to death for the april 2013 attack that killed three people and wound more than 40 others. the judge also denied his defense teams motion for a new trial. a couple from tennessee won part of the 1.5 billion dollar power ball jackpot but don't wild purchases. john and lisa robinson claimed million. they say they plan to pick a off their mortgage and daughter's student loans -- pay off their mortgage and daughter student loans. two others ticket were sold in chino hill and mel bourn beach. we still don't note identity ofthose winners. more than pay off their mortgage. >> i think they will be happy -- am guessing they can do more than pay off their mortgage.
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there. it's a beautiful saturday afternoon and a live look at daytona beach showing a lot of people enjoying here the lunch midday at the beach. and it's a gorgeous day to head to the coastline. but it's not going to stay that way. we are starting to see showersdevelop in northern marion county as well as northern volusia heading into just the pierson route 17 area and flagler county just light showers and that's the only chance we have today for precipitation is a sprinkle or two in the northern counties only. and as we head into our overnight tonight, boy this up. so the early warning doppler 9 is quiet but over the next 12 hours we will see some very big changes. looking at ourel -- satellite ray -- our satellite radar we are in between two systems. the one that passed through and the next cold front making its way heading into overnight tonight and early sunday morning. temperatures are warming up rapidly right now. we are in the 70s area wide. and we are going to see the mid to upper 70s as we head into
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of course with the south southwesterly wind at about 15 to 15 miles per hour it's driving all that warm air right into our neck of the woods and that will continue to drive temperatures up into the upper 70s inland and mid to upper 70s along the coastline. so here's the time frame. tonight, from midnight to 3 we will watch the showers forming in the gulf and pushing into our neck of the woods. from 3 a.m. until about 8 a.m. that's going to be the bull's eye for winds in excess of 50 miles per hour and potential for an isolated tornado so we have team coverage overnight into early tomorrow morning to occur. also, as we head into the midday we are going to see a change early showers will end and we will get a northwesterly wind up to 25 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon and that's going to drive in much colder temperatures for the workweek. timing about 3 a.m. to 10 a.m. and we are looking at a slight risk for severe weather and a good portion of our viewing area you can see that includes polk osceola and pourings of
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you had you head toward the north and it's a low risk. so we will be keeping you tomorrow morning. hour by hour showing a couple showers as we head into the afternoon. for our northern counties but the main event. this is 2 in the morning we are seeing the storms move into the southern counties becoming widespread by 4 in the morning. and intensifying by 6 in the morning and as ate continues to answer towards the at lant he can seaboard at 7 completely clear by 8 with a few showers morningthroughout the mid-day. good time to get the weather radios activated and down load the wftv weather app to stay ahead of the storm in the mide of the night when -- mid heel of the night when most -- people are sleeping. up to an additional half of an inch of rainfall and behind it cooling back down to below normal for this time year. our average high is 71. and we are going to be looking at the 50s and 60s as we head into the stretch. 78 degrees clouds increase and
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we move into the afternoon. tonight, 59, and rain and storms developing after midnight. so we are going to be looking at about a 2 a.m. to # a.m. time frame -- 8 a.m. time frame for the potential of the severe storms once it clears likeyesterday quick movers and a great sunday afternoon and it's going to be windy and much colder and the rest of the week we are talking upper 50s and low 60s for highs and even upper 30s for overnight lows. so it will be the coolest temperatures of the season with this strong front. darlene. >> bad weather is to blame for
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passengers an flight from new york to miami had a scare when a extrees teem weather system rocked their plane.
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caught up in the storm and the turbulence was so bad a attendeddant's nose was brokee and five people -- attendant's no was browning and five people were -- broken and five people were taken out on stretchers they are work on radar happening. >> when we have flown through the areas it's smooth and glass and not even a ripple. >> wow. that is a mess when pilots see grain on the radar that means there's path through the storm to go through. american airlines officials say that they are working to install the new technology on their jets. a video camera caught a picture perfect moment in tampa bay. take a look at this. close khloe renee love wasposing for a picture when dolphins jumped over two paddle borders in the water. you can see the paddle borders one a cheerleader for the buck knees have not been identified. that's pretty cool. marina jurica is in severe weather center 9.
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whatever you are doing enjoy afternoon. it's so beautiful it's the calm before the storm we have a 10% shot of northern counties seeing a sprinkle heading into the day today. but after midnight tonight, the storms will start to brew and the worst possible time frame 3:00 to 8 in the morning is our best shot at that severe weather. so make sure to have the weather radios ready to go and down load the wftv weather app and turn it on so you are alerted to any warnings that do get issued for our area. we are going to see a rapid decrease in temperatures tomorrow afternoon behind that front. afternoon will be in the clear and then temperatures will take a nose dive for the rest of the week. daralen glee thanks for watching for more local news and latest forecast tune into "eyewitness news" at 6. until then make it a great day. >> he see breaking news happening "eyewitness news" team wants to know tweet us at wftv.
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