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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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terrifying moments in time this orange county home in the middle of the night criminals barged in and held the family at gunpoint demanding money pit the problem is police say the crooks got the wrong address. >> police say they meant to target different house. innocent victims of the mistaken home invasion. kimberly, they are shaken and frustrated. >> reporter: the men who held them up on harwood street in their home on the run. police have been able to get a vague destruction of the men have. >> most likely i'm a mother, please don't kill me. >> that was a mother's plea
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in their living room. she asked us not to show her on camera but says she opened the door of her harwood street house to the men just after midnight monday. they forced their way pastor with a demand she could not meet ask where is the money, i you. i don't know you. >> reporter: the would-be robbers had the wrong house. holding up a mother, her teenage son and her 11-year-old daughter. they threatened to shoot the girl if they did not get cash. >> i hovered over my babies and said please, no, no, please, no. >> reporter: the men left with no money and no one hurt. >> they are shaken up. but i do is tell them about god. because it will take god to straighten this mess out. >> reporter: the grandmother says this is not the first time her family has been terrorized back in july she says her
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trying to stop a home invasion when he was shot and killed. >> he told his sister do not they shot him. >> reporter: police have not found his killer and have not said if they have any leads on last night's case. in the family tells us the men drove away in a brown chevrolet malibu. i as police if there was a chance for them to come back to find the intended target and officers have not responded to the question. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking news out of lake county, a live look from skywitness 9 were deputy say they are investigating possible human remains found in a home in lake katherine. this was a well-being check on pennsylvania street in paisley which then turned into a missing person report that we will stay on top of the
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information when it's available. >> reporter: -- >> the coldest night of the season tonight so far and orlando metro area expect temperatures to dip into the 30s. certified meteorologist rusty from severe weather center 9. >> i have the hot cocoa and a beautiful afternoon. sunshine on this mlk junior jacket weather. this morning we had 30s including titusville, down to 39, 43 orlando. 6 degrees cooler than average but with dry dry conditions out now and dry air, it will be a struggle to go above 64 the daytime high. 56, with the northerly breeze it puts a chill in the air. even in the afternoon hours. big temperature dropped from 24 hours ago it was a cool yesterday but we dropped by 3 to 6. the north when will stay with us and will be breezy along the coast wiped winds could be 15-25. overnight, 39 in orlando in near present and portions of marian and sumter counties.
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frost and freeze will not be a morning. and tracking the nest el nio system, the timing of that in a few minutes. >> all right rested. cold shelters opening -- opening doors for anyone who needs a lease to stay saviors catholic church in cocoa beach and his place ministries and melbourne will be open tonight for anyone trying to get out of the cold. track cultivators for yourself at /weather. roche we know more about why the noaa weather radio yesterday. >> we reached out to the national weather service today. roy ramos live in orlando what did officials from the weather service tell you about what happened? >> reporter: they say it started when the phone lines leading to this transmitter that you are looking at here off of john young parkway near the road went out. those lines provide audio to the transmitter so without the audio the residents are unable
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from the national weather service. that radio service is back up and running but down during a crucial time for central florida. over the weekend sarasota, manatee county's felt the brunt of the storms that swept through the state overnight with tornado touchdowns proving to be deadly pit in central florida we felt thunderstorms, lightning strikes in more than 1 inch of rain. it was around 3 am yesterday when the national weather service issued a statement that read orlando noaa radio was off the air. for the majority of the day the service was out and restored after 10:00 last night. we reached out to the national weather service who told us phone lines went out which is what led to the transmitter to go off the air and ultimately the radio outage. rated -- residents from pollution lake orange poke osceola county without radio alerts and warnings i can tell you now we are waiting to hear from the national weather service as to what they are doing to prevent this from
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have also reached out to at&t to find out what made those lines go out. we will have the answers for you on eyewitness news at 4 and what our weather department can provide in a situation like this. roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. hospital officials have identified a crash patient who has been unconscious at orlando regional medical center the the man was injured in a crash along colonial drive after christmas. since the story aired, someone has come forward to identify him. because the present the -- privacy laws the hospital cannot release information. officials are working to locate the victim's family. may the police are trying to find a missing an endangered man this afternoon. jon doss, 20, last seen saturday morning libya's home near the tuscarora and ponce trails. his family says he has as burgers syndrome which is on the autism spectrum. -- aspergers syndrome which is on the off season -- autism spectrum. what caused a fruit packing plan to take fire. firefighters say when they got to this citrus packing house on center st., leesburg saturday
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they were able to stop the fire from reaching fuel tanks. it took almost 2 hours to put this out no one was hurt. ocoee wrapping up its 10th annual unity parade to honor doctor martin luther king jr. picked it started at 10:00 this morning as citrus elementary school ann clark wrote and ended at the west oaks mall. orlando civil rights leader tender spoke during the celebration. traffic on silverstar road to colonial drive should be reopening now. it was shut down at 9:30 for the parade. here's a look at columbia south carolina, this is one of many rallies and events planned throughout the day and across the country to honor the life and legacy of doctor king. some of the presidential candidates are speaking at the event including hillary clinton. will happen in washington dc. today marks the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader. volunteers a hitting the
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leaving money on the table this tax season. a little-known credit people do not know about. steve barrett is live in an apartment complex off cimmaron boulevard people do not know about. steve barrett is live in an apartment complex off cimmaron blvd., orlando. united way volunteers are doing more this year to educate people about the earned income tax credit. >> reporter: this is one of the apartment complexes, one of many that they are targeting this year with these door hangers they are putting out the 90 minutes ago, we will walking along with the volunteers as they went door to door to make sure residents know about something called the earned income tax credit. on channel 9 we tell you about this every year this door hangar effort is part of the puzzle the united way will also offer free advice on their phone bank. reach them by dulling 211 at any time. not only can you get free advice, some people may actually be eligible for free tax preparation services which can amount to thousands of dollars back in your pocket at tax time. >> $6000 and can get for the earned income tax credit.
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the people in your household. and getting the free tax hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: and they on the 211 line will tell you how to do all of this and possibly well. another thing they are warning about is people do not get caught up in those loans that you can take out to get an advance basically on your tax return if you -- lose money doing that and they say it is never a good idea pit live in orange county, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. it was a final showdown for the democrats before the first votes are cast in iowa. things got testy between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. what he accused her of and what he refused to say about her husband, bill. breezy conditions in daytona today. folks are wearing jackets. the chill will be sticking
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his behavior was deplorable. the issue? know. i will debate sec. clinton and governor mali on the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. last night in the credit debate with a final showdown before the first votes in iowa 2 weeks from today clinton and before. more.
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they went head to head. >> the comments that senator sanders has made that do not just affect me i can take that. >> you have received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking their campaign debate stage. clinton accusing sanders of flip-flopping on gun control. >> he voted to get goes into national parks and voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> i think sec. clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d- voting record from the nra percent is accusing clinton of lying about his health care plan. >> that is nonsense. we are not going to tear up the portable care act. i hope to write it was the
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raising taxes on the middle class, unveiled 2 hours before the start of the debate. >> i have to say i am not sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or talking about the plan you introduced 9 times in the congress. >> reporter: the one thing they did not fight about, the very topic, hillary clinton was hoping to avoid her husband. >> his behavior was deplorable pick a -- have i ever said anything about that? know. i'm going to debate clinton and o'malley on the issues facing the american people not the big -- bill clinton's personal behavior. >> on the republican side, trump and ted cruz are at it again and the latest war of words between the 2 candidates did crews -- cruz brought up an interview where trump claim to be pro-choice and trump fired
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for not reporting bank loans. >> he explained his views were that he was very poor choice and supported partial-birth abortion and was open to gay marriage is and his explanation is i'm a new yorker. i'm from manhattan. those of the views of new york, those are what new york values are taxis got an edge that is not good and you cannot make deals with a man like that it's not a good thing for the country. >> in the most recent nbc wall street journal -- journal poll trump ahead of cruz by 13 points to marco rubio of florida and presidential hopeful got an obvious start on his campaign trail in iowa this morning. senator rubio holding a town hall in state today with i will caucus 2 weeks from today the extended its -- candida setting their sights and when he big an hour. rubio has plans for today pit get the latest news on last elections. developing this afternoon the american embassy is working to find 3 american contractors who were kidnapped in iraq the companies found the missing
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yesterday seeing -- american officials say they have not found any leads pointing to where they can be. >> a suspect is behind bars this afternoon in connection with the shooting death of an ohio police officer. found shot outside of the danville municipal building last night . servicewomen and cruiser are missing. herschel jones the 3rd early this morning after a foot chase with police. he was spotted running from home and investigators a jones has a lengthy criminal history. this afternoon space x officials say they are -- many lessons to be learned after an attempt to land on a floating large ended in failure. >> the company says the falcon 9 raqqa tipped over exploding. lot. the rocket was the cut -- did successfully deliver and ocean monitoring satellite into orbit after launching from an air force base in california yesterday. spacex wants to the use rockets to cut costs. >> quite a site. what they are doing is amazing. >> they are so close.
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>> we been trying to get colder and colder. >> we are there. >> i know we said this a lot but we are getting deeper into winter, coldest night of the season and we may be able to say that a couple more times as breezy afternoon and very cool afternoon along the coastline you see the flags and daytona surf and seas up choppy conditions intercoastal and double nickels outside, 55 degrees and its the feeling that with wet went sunset 5:51 pm. temperatures despite the sun being on our backs cool, 52 new smyrna, 57 titusville, 56 orlando 50 40, uniform temperatures because we have clear skies all of us with the northerly wind. does not matter if you are all along the coast are inland or sore -- north or south a few degrees of each other winds stronger along the coastline. 15 gusting up to 25. is he on the satellite radar composite, virtually clear skies maybe then, high clouds
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dried out so very quickly and we are getting a punch of colder air. the jet stream, the fast ribbon of winds at the upper levels of the atmosphere has dipped to the southeast. it takes all of that cold air pulled up in canada a method dive down. still getting the fringe effects of this. it is enough to drop temperatures and keep us below average for the next several days. today we are going to be about 10 degrees below average with daytime high only in the upper 50s and low 60s. 61 orlando, 10 degrees on the nose below where we should be. how about 56 and palm coast, daytona 70 degrees -- 57, brevard county, low 60s it counties for you in orange county, matlen winter park daytime high 59. ocoee, winter garden, downtown tortellini park, ocoee and the conway millennia areas sticking around 64 a daytime high.
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overnight 30s widespread. 39 orlando. the first time officially oia drop into the 30s the season. outlying areas of orange county have been in the 30s at least once or twice bit dirty 6 in leesburg, 32 ocala, not concerned about frost freeze overnight because winds staying open up around 5-10 miles an hour but for sumter county already tuesday night into wednesday morning, you are under a freeze watch. we will keep an eye on that. cool weather today, how about tomorrow. the highs 58 if you're looking for a warm-up that will come late in the week thursday up to 71. the approach of the next el nio storm system come spotted a quiet between now and thursday. this is a fast mover like the yellow -- when yesterday. the big differences are the main energy of the storm system will be further to the north at the low generally tracks through georgia and into the carolinas.
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showers and of few thunderstorms but right now severe weather threat friday could be on the lower side. we will keep a close eye on this. 5 days out things can change. we was see a quick shot of showers and storms. outside of that day, five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, it is dominated by sunshine but cooler conditions. morning lows tomorrow and wednesday in the 30s. daytime highs tuesday and saturday only in the 50s. the chill, my friends, will stick around all week. martie? some students are graduating only to discover the job they need are not here in florida that why so many say they cannot find work here and why
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most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is
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many people are picking up the
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tornadoes in the sarasota area. others are morning yes manatee county couple was killed when a powerful tornado destroyed their home. steve and kate wilson spent saturday with his son and 4 grandchildren and sunny morning a tornado ripped their home off its foundation and hurled it across the road. this is what is left. >> we were praying for them. we just -- they are wonderful people and the world will not be the same without them. >> the couple's son and for children are recovering at area hospitals fit the red cross is ill helping dozens of people across the area left without a home. one local lawmakers wants accountable when it comes to state senator. geraldine thompson will
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heads of agencies will be required to report to fdle any incidents resulting in injury or death within 24 hours but they would have to provide results of an investigation to the department of law enforcement within one week. amend prosecutors say is a danger to the community remains in the orange county jail this afternoon. he was back in court over the weekend as his attorney try to get a judge to grant bond. brown arrested last week after a delivery man was shot by a stray bullet. deputies believe brown told the trigger. >> it takes a few days for them to really know about that but he is going to be probably crippled or something. >> prosecutors believe brown was involved in several shootings is new year's eve the case is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. he will find out whether he will be able to get bond and get out of jail. your supreme court has ruled florida's death penalty sentencing procedure is flawed in orlando rescued it wants judges to put a hold on death penalty cases. state attorney jeff ashton was to see cases perspective to the march 11. the supreme court procedure was flawed. they did not say that any
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anywhere in the state of florida has been on so and justly debate sidley said there is a flaw in your procedure. going to fix it. >> despite the supreme court's decision, ashton says this will not affect the twins to death row cases is court handled in orange and osceola counties. the state 2nd python challenge continues this afternoon in south florida but the challenge officially started saturday at noon. why life experts say the invasive burmese pythons -- pythons have been a threat to the everglades it 500 people have registered for the hunt during the last challenge in 2013, 68 snakes out of thousands were killed. the hunt begins february 14. international airport are reminding passengers what the game carry in luggage after a gun -- pin gun found in a carry- on bag. this 22 caliber gun resembling a 10 is about the length of a $20 bill pip tsa officials found the pin gun this week and officials say firearms should be packed and checked bags not carry-on luggage. there's no word if anyone was arrested. volusia county sheriff's office may soon get a new
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one was recalled by the feds. attending being loaned to the permit by the military removed last wednesday after presidents ever to dematerialized law enforcement agencies did they will decide whether to spend 2000 on a military surplus vehicle. a new community center and gymnasium. workers at the old community senior center offers a chart they have they -- they have outgrown of facility. it will go off of i-4 and the project will cost about $8.9 million. homeless couple from tampa got the wedding of your dreams thanks to help from strangers in the community. >> rocky and evelyn have been living in a wooded area in south tampa trying to save for the $93 marriage filing fee. they have lived there for 3 years when a local police officer help them find a home and the money they needed for a license. one other people in the area heard this story they stepped
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couple a wedding worth $20,000. >> it gives them hope. and you can come back from anything. and i think everybody deserves to have a great life. >> bonnie, and her husband own the property with a couple will have the wedding. she says the couple's story has a place in her heart because she has been exactly where they are now. the case against former nfl football star aaron herdandez is headed back to court the big question a judge is set to answer tomorrow. new details about the secret deal that freed american
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breaking news out of the scene there are investigating possible human remains found inside of a home in the lake katherine area. this started as a well-being check at a home on pennsylvania street in paisley which turned into a missing person report. we will stay on top of the situation and be more details as soon as we get them and have the rest today on eyewitness news at 4. >> a live look at downtown orlando the temperatures are only in the 50s now across much of central florida and we are in for a cold night. temperatures woodville to the 30s and places. certified meteorologist rusty mccranie tracking the latest from severe weather center 9 yes we had a few 30s this morning but more areawide as we get into tuesday morning. this is the morning low, 43 orlando but we got down to 36 in ocala, 39 in places like leesburg and palm coast and cocoa beach was able to slip into the upper 40s is when. sunshine on this monday holiday temperatures struggling to get to the upper 50s.
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winter garden, ocoee, 55 phil wood apopka at 55. not much warmer in brevard, 60 melbourne satellite beach, 58. titusville 57, north breeze. i recommend a light jacket all day. maybe windbreakers and heavy jackets along the coastline . the air is so, so dry. dew points in the 30s. that will allow temperatures to drop quickly overnight once we lose the sun hour-by-hour, 8:00, 50 degrees. midnight. 4 am, 42 degrees. tomorrow morning, oia has a chance to get down to the 30s for the first time we will do it all season long. there will be a possibility for seeing some freezing conditions in central florida. i will highlight that in the latest on the next el nio storm system tracking toward central florida vet in a few minutes. vanessa? 2 men back on dry lan asked
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storm. pulling the men from the waters near the key. the men say the sales on the boat had torn and the whole cracked and the vessel took on water during a storm yesterday at the time of the rescue, the men were battling 20 foot seas we will know more about 5 american freed in the prisoner swap with iran. the youngest is back home in boston. negotiations setting them free. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: 5 americans are free at last >> overjoyed he is out. >> boston university graduate student the first to return home arriving in massachusetts after being detained for 40 days in iran. meanwhile, 3 of the ex- prisoners are getting much needed medical treatment at a u.s. military base in germany. the first stop on of iran was geneva, switzerland where washington post reporter met the u.s. official who helped negotiate his release. rezaian help more than one year
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>> he is -- mostly neglected for long time. >> reporter: former marine amir hekmati spent more than 4 years of notorious evan prison.'s sister beaming with joy at the news he was freed. >> we are looking forward to meeting him hopefully soon. we are very excited. >> reporter: pesticide that these family is grateful. >> -- the pastor side grateful. >> the 5th american chose to stay in iran. this as we learn details about their release. abc news confirmed in exchange the obama administration agreed to release 7 iranians charge with violating un sanctions and to drop arrest warrants for 14 others this on top of paying 1.7 $1.7 million to settle disputes with the iranian government. >> americans released just after a nuclear deal with iran
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house maintains the 2 deals are separate adding diplomatic efforts over the nuclear deal. they paved the way for this release to happen. york. roush florida rescue groups are working to rescue golden retrievers from turkey. bring them back to the west but as we say the doctors to be a status symbol in turkey but only pup is considered valuable. that means a lot of dogs were left in the streets or celtic it will cost $2000 to rescue each dog. dogs that have been brought back to the u.s. have gone to rescue groups in south florida. roush coast guard searching for 12 missing marines including one from florida. 2 helicopters crashing off the coast of hawaii last thursday and rescue crews have been searching for survivors throughout the weekend. poor weather conditions making the search a difficult. but the coast guard says they are not ready to call off the search yes -- yet >> so we are searching for survivors which is important to
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make a decision for how long to search. >> aircraft searching for survivors was hit with a laser but was able to change direction without any problems. roush a new trial date for former florida gator and football store and patriots start aaron hernandez will be announced tomorrow. a massachusetts judge expected to make the announcement for hernandez's trial for the 2012 killing of 2 best the men. he is accused of gunning them down after nakata at a nightclub. fernandez is serving a life said bids for killing the men in 2013 people is normally kids are told to sit still in class but not at this school. how these bicycles are helping them to stay focused and excuses they no longer have to here. today is allegedly the most
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the study shows why women are less likely to get infected with the flu virus amended researchers at the female reproductive hormone estrogen makes it harder for the flu virus to infect cells in the body. estrogen compounds are used in drugs to treat breast cancer. researchers a estrogen can be used in drugs to fight against the flu virus in the future. another recent study showing an easy way to lose a few pounds might be staring you in the face. researchers at cornell university's food and bran lab found eating in front of or around a mirror can affect your appetite. specifically when it comes to eating junk food. researchers the eating with a
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be themselves objectively. it let them judge themselves and behaviors in the same way that others judge them. i think i would enjoy it more. >> look at me. blue monday is the most depressing day of the year and according to a scientific formula, that days today. >> doctor cliff created the formula and 2005 using factors like the weather, after christmas debt, motivation a failure determining the 3rd monday in january is a gloomiest day of every year. others say no single day of the year can be determined as the most depressing defectors like environment and the region you live in can also affect your mood. students at 8 new jersey elementary school pedal bicycles and their classrooms as they focus yes desk cycles can be used to help students to learn and move. it helps him to stay focused and relax while they do schoolwork. teachers no longer hear excuses to be out of chairs from
12:34 pm
i read quite a few articles saying that students that are having a hard time focusing if they are moving more, they have -- and makes it easy for them to focus. >> a local hospital donated 10 desk cycles to the elementary school in august. >> looks like fun. a fan bullied because of his loyalty to his team. how he ended up getting the last laugh. the next big director could be a student in florida but most forced to leave after graduating. 9 investigates how the problem will get worse. sunshine for us across central florida a coming up on
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area college students say they are forced to leave the state to find were gas from fulfill to ucf planned downtown campus's students graduate to discover job they need it in other states.
12:36 pm
the problem is poised to get worse. >> reporter: bringing the spot to life is what keeps ideas orlando and business. the small media company born out of what was called a thriving film industry in the state but things have changed. >> we are essentially giving other states jobs. >> most of staff for local graduates from ucf and fulfill but recently work has moved out of the state and jobs have followed. >> we want to help the state economy. we want to help grow job numbers but we cannot do it now because our hands as an industry are tied. >> tied because florida's film tax credit is expiring the credit launched in 2010 reimburses production that comes through the sunshine state. from florida says in the last 2 years $650 million in projects have gone to other places as incentives have dried up. with groups like the conservative americans for
12:37 pm
delivered a poor return on investment and needed to go. >> i do nothing targeting one industry is specific benefits authorities. >> reporter: afp points to this report issued by the state last january that found the state only sees $.43 back for every dollar it spends. and a push to say the program, advocates are now saying the money needs to be result based, only paid out after the fact yes i think the film tax credit has merit. >> reporter: non-partisan 40 change saying the state needs incentive to keep production and jobs here. >> i'm not saying it's essential for survival but helps to diversify abroad and the economy first chris reed, channel 9 eyewitness news just because the state is backing away from the film does not mean other incentives or debit the governor is pushing for a quarter billion dollars for other industries. apple says customers will need to start paying for the itunes radio service next week. starting january 28, the company will charge 9.99 per
12:38 pm
stations based on artists and music genre. it will include geckos, interviews and music selected by will be days it the only 3 radio station provided by apple will be each one. one diehard seattle seahawks fan got the last laugh after being bullied for showing his team pride and panther territory. >> abe lewis is a third- generation seahawks fan growing up in charleston, south carolina. when he wore his new have to school, he was booed and bullied by some classmates. his mother found out into to the internet and her post went viral. >> they are kind of saying the same thing. like blue seahawks. it made me feel sad. >> the post quickly reached more than 200,000 likes and.responses from seahawks players and the head coach who said him tickets to sunday's game's. it does not get better than that. >> it worked out for him. >> he enjoyed it.
12:39 pm
>> he got to see them. >> if they had one go. >> i'm debbie downer. i'm sorry. >> fantastic story. >> fireplace weather this weekend. >> tom terry will talk about the fireplace you have cocoa, how are you? >> i have a blanket. >> nothing wrong with that. standard issue. looking at the cocoa beach camera, live -- time lapse, then, high clouds across the area but sunshine on this holiday monday. gorgeous day to the outside. the kids are off if they want to be out in the afternoon make sure they have a light jacket on. it is cool. 56 orlando 55 sanford 2 things are working against each other sun is out there which feels great but you have northerly breeze from time to time putting a chill in the air. i told you about the dew point it upper 20s to the low 30s. the air is bone dry along the coastline. upper 30s and low 40s. is all things are equal, we
12:40 pm
morning lows a couple of limiting factors. 1, wind and a few clouds. so don't expect it to get that cold but falling into the 30s as i mentioned earlier the to go with the winds, fairly choppy along the intercoastal waterways. surf and seas up across the area. clear skies. the jet stream which is fast level winds have dipped to the south. it is allowing cold air to unlock itself from southern canada and died down to the ohio valley, tennessee valley and southeast we are not getting the brunt of it but we are getting enough of a jump to keep temperatures below average the next several days. lucas eibel with highs upper 50s and struggle to get to 61 in orlando. there could be some areas of orange county that stay in the upper 50s for daytime highs. let's look at that. flying you through. 61 winter haven, nice afternoon for celebration, four corners, attractions coming in at 60
12:41 pm
holden heights and fairview park winter park area, 66, 61 for the daytime high. oviedo, 61 present how the states, with his race, 61. ultimately 61. ill inside the volusia county of sunshine, and the upper 50s. 30s areawide only brevard county staying in the 40's mom waited not the first time officially oia gets down into the 30s for the season but it will not be a frost a free tonight even though ocala gets 232 because winds will be up. outline shows good areas could see frost. again, as we go into wednesday morning, might be a different story with lighter winds and colder temperatures. neck storm system approaching friday. the low is onshore. this one is not tracking as far south as the last couple. keeps the brunt of the energy to the north so what i am looking at now on friday is widespread showers and a couple of embedded thunderstorms and the severe weather risk of will be on the fairly low if not very low side for friday.
12:42 pm
like yesterday, in and out fairly quickly. and it will clear out quickly. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, obviously will keep a close eye on friday. outside of that, it is going to be sunshine and cool weather. several mornings in the 30s daytime highs tuesday and saturday only in the 50s. martie? are right, rested it of robot will do all of your household chores for you but there is a catch.
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storms coming up on eyewitness
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evidently you about out of lee county were deputies are investigating a possible human remains found inside of a home. this case started as a well- being check for some one at a home on pennsylvania street in paisley the it turned into a missing person case. on a police are looking for 2 men who barged into a home in the middle of the night holding them at gunpoint at a mother and her children begged for their lives after 2 men came into their home on harwood street demanding cash. investigators think the robbers meant to target a different home. robotics company has come one step closer to giving us our very own robo rosie housemaid out of something like the jetsons. >> the eye hnc robotics company is creating this humanoid at this robot. capable of doing a multiple -- multitude of how school has, sweetie, and vacuuming floors. although the robot may look -- may make house look look easy each movement is difficult to control and requires double checking to make sure they are right.
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make sure your blankets heaters, whatever you want to do it is going to big ol'. 30s next couple of mornings 58 daytime high that is it for tomorrow. a lot of cool days ahead. martie, vanessa? >> 30s. they for watching channel 9
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you
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