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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> breaking right now, orlando police open fire after they say apartment complex. happens here. for their safety. orlando police say officers were forced to fire at an armed man after he refused to drop his gun. >> it happened at an apartment complex. ty russell just got an update from police. police say this guy didn't fire at them but he would not drop his gun. >> reporter: martha, we talked to orlando police chief tonight and he told us that both
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but they are okay. and just about an hour ago, police kept us a block away from the entrance here to courtney landing condominiums. there were a dozen cruisers blocking the road. now the road is open. security here is at the gate and we saw at least three cruisers left that are now inside the complex. >> what happened started right above my unit. >> reporter: eyewitness news talked to one neighbor who said her husband heard guns go off in the courtney landing condominiums tonight. >> i was worried about my husband, because shots can go through walls. >> reporter: this concerned wife stood among a dozen others not allowed to return home for two hours. >> most of us are concerned because there's family members inside but we're stuck outside. >> reporter: we talked to the police chief. he told us two officers showed up to a suspicious incident call. both officers ran into somebody with a gun and that's when both officers fired. shortly after we learned a concerned veteran ran outside
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>> our officers after just being involved in the shooting turned to confront this other armed person and showed great composure. >> reporter: that veteran is now being questioned. now, back out live at security enters this complex. as for the suspect, he was taken to ormc and we don't know his condition just yet. as for the two officers involved, the chief told me they are on administrative paid leave. both have worked for the department for more than five years and we also learned tonight that fdle is investigating. we are live in orlando tonight, ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we'll keep an eye on the scene and get more information on this officer-involved shooting throughout the night. we'll have the latest for you on eyewitness news this morning at 5:00 a.m. temperatures are falling fast. get ready for a chilly night.
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blast. be cold. >> the wind is going to factor in this as well tonight. we dip down to 39 degrees and bob back up to 41 over in ocala courtesy of the cloud deck that is moving overhead. it has differenttranparenthesis. we're colder than we were this time last night and that will mean a colder start in the morning. again, the winds are still up, especially interior i-4 corridor and along the coast. that will make for a chilier start. there's that cold deck. how thick it is, we'll have a big difference on your temperatures. a near freeze for marion county in the morning and hovering above freezing. near 40 in orlando and that will make it the coldest night so far this year. we'll be colder tomorrow night and that wind chill factor will also be an issue.
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tonight colder wind chills and what to expect in the morning. developing tonight lake county deputies are waiting to see if a suspicious death investigation leads them to a missing man. >> at 4:00 we told you investigators found remains in a backyard in paisley and the homeowner hasn't been seen in a month. angela jacobs has been talking with investigators. a woman was last seen driving the man's car but detectives are being pretty tight-lipped about this. >> reporter: they don't have a choice until they know for sure whether or not the remains found on this property where a deputy still sits watch tonight until they know if they are those of this missing man. until then, detectives won't be releasing or confirming anything new. waiting on word from the medical examiner, investigators can't yet say if remains found on this property along pennsylvania street are that of 61-year-old dennis jones. >> he is still a missing person. >> while sky witness 9 caught
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the deputies worked for hours removing evidence found buried behind jones' home, all spurred by a neighbor who requested a well-being check when jones went unseen for more than a month. >> i'm just wondering what's going on. >> reporter: today's discovery by a cadaver dog caught many by surprise when they learned what was dug up in the backyard. >> i didn't know nothing about it until i saw this. >> reporter: jones' truck was discovered a half mile away left by a woman he told us often stayed with jones. >> she's been driving it for about two years. >> reporter: he also isn't situation. >> i'm kind of leery about everybody around this place. >> reporter: detectives sort the facts they found from the back roads. >> they do have information they are working on and hopefully we'll have a clear soon. >> reporter: and detectives hint they could be close to answering some of these big questions.
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they said they hope they will be releasing new details tomorrow. we're live in lake county, angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. right now mate land police are still looking for this man who lives with asperger's which is on the autism spectrum. 23-year-old john noss could be in danger. he was last seen leaving his home near the ponce trails area. his family believes he had enough money for a bus ticket and may be headed to philadelphia where they used to live. if you know where he could be call police. we'll be checking tomorrow with orlando police to see if they have any leads on a home invasion where officers believe the would-be robbers picked the wrong house. two men armed with assault rifles bargained into this home on harwood street overnight. the homeowner told us the men pointed guns at her two children. no one was hurt fortunately. >> you need to be in jail. you need to be caged up.
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masks so there is no sketch to help find them. police believe the men got away in an older model gray chevyimpala. tomorrow state fire investigators will be at an old citrus packing plant that determine how the fire started. lake county citrus sales were housed on the property. firefighters had to work fast to prevent the intense flames center street business. city leaders told us today thing was in very bad shape and was about to be forced into demolition. the orlando police department is defending a practice, operation lockup, officers go door-to-door seeing if vehicles are locked. drivers in baldwin park received this letter letting them know their car door was locked and what officers could see of value in the car. the problem is that the note was left inside a woman's car, not outside.
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me a note than a burglar come in and have something gone, but it is still it's on that line. >> orlando police say it's community policing at its best and in a statement said in part in almost all cases we leave theflier on the windshield or near the passenger doorjamb. at no time are we physically searching these vehicles. investigators are trying to get to the bottom of a random drive-by shooting in the middle of orlando's tourist area. a bullet came inches from a head of a man leaving mango's saturday morning. his car was shot at while waiting at a red light. >> we heard rah loud noise, a gunshot and then the rear passenger window blew out in my car. glass went flying, shattered me in the face, hit my passenger in the face. >> no one was seriously hurt. deputies say they didn't work any other shootings that night. police in palm bay want to
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children to be vigilant after they arrested a 72-year-old man girl. william leech was arrested today for unlawful sexual activity with a minor. he befriended the victim when he lived nearby. he moved away but last month traveled from ocala to a hotel where he had sex with the teen. an ef-2 tornado cost $2 million in damage o. friday an ef-1 tornado in fort myers ripped a roof off and uprooted several trees. yesterday two ef-2 tornadoes hit north of there killing two and injuring five including four children.
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>> we all prayed over her. we just -- the world is not her. >> all five people hurt are recovering in the hospital. they are expected to fully recover. we did checking to find out what local leaders are doing to make sure you and your home stay safe in emergency warning. ocala leaders are making sure buildings meet new standards. interest free loans to upgrade garage doors and new window coverages. the person who inconvenienced 1700 residents is could you seeing the county $2500. we told you someone drained 75,000 gallons of water from the plantation bay water system. now those folks have to boil their water until further notice. the sheriff's office is searching for the culprit. the 2-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself earlier this month is doing much better tonight. deputies say little ethan walker got ahold of his grandfather's gun in the door
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today his family told us he is recognizing cartoon characters and is eating on his own for the first time since the shooting. the sheriff's office is still investigating but says it seems to be an accidental shooting. tomorrow city leaders are expected to make a final decision on whether to repeal regulations for medical marijuana business names. back in december we told you the city passed a new ordinance that included a ban on words like pot, weed, grass or gonja in advertisement. there are 27 forbidden words along with images. city leaders say there are no proposed dispensaries but want to be ready in case. neighbors in osceola county worry a development will steer away residents. >> they'll leave and go somewhere else. >> the developers plans to not disturb these eagles. our temperatures are dropping and so is our wind chill factor through the early morning hours tomorrow. updating the coldest air of the season moving in.
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new tonight, some residents in st. cloud say they're going to fight a new development in order to save these eagles you can see on the top of this pole that have lived in their neighborhood for decades. >> jeff levkulich found out the eagles aren't the only hurdle through. >> reporter: in st. cloud sits
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closely everything going on around it. across the way we found another eagle calling out to its partner. new neighbors are calling on the city to stop a proposed 94- lot residential community from being built here, called what else? eagle landing. >> i think they're part of our heritage. i would like to leave them alone. >> reporter: eyewitness news learned a nest disturbance permit application for the area was received by the fwc allowing a developer who wants to build here can't just kick the eagles out and according to plans presented to the city it won't have to. it plans to keep the eagle tree where it is and build around it keeping a 660 foot buffer. >> i think they're going to disturb the eagles no matter how they do it. >> reporter: it's not just the eagles nest that's the problem. there's also gopher tortoises that may have to be relocated that live in this piece of land. it land has several burrows but a study would have to be determined if gopher tortoises
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>> we want to find out more details in the meeting and kind of make a decision. >> reporter: i reached out this afternoon and left a message but no one returned my call. in st. cloud, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> they'll bring their plan before the council meeting tomorrow night and we'll let you know what happens. in a few months in volusia county a judge will weigh in on trees in one of central communities. the pilots say the trees are in the way when they approach and land and make things dangerous. one resident filed a lawsuit claiming the trees are a violation of faa standards. the pilots have been pleading with the homeowners association to trim back the frees but have had no luck on trimming back the trees. >> i'm looking at the trees and saying how old is this engine? older than i am. i hope it doesn't hiccup.
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>> the president of the hoa said the trees are not a safety issue. a hearing is scheduled for march. volunteers are hitting our streets to make sure you don't leave big money on the table. crews from the heart of florida united way handed fliers to remind residents of the earned income tax credit, an option on your tax return that means thousands of dollars extra for many families. united way says its goal is to have all residents aware of their options. >> we put the door hangers out and have them in english and spanish and creole so all our residents will be able to take advantage of this information. >> united way also offers free tax preparation services for some families. you can get more information on their services by dialing 211 on your telephone. new tonight, a city leader says the ordinance requiring bear proof tax cans is costing money for the city. the bear proof cans are too large for the trash trucks to
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and will talk about that tomorrow. commissioners will vote on amending the budget tomorrow to allow for about $30,000 in changes to those five garbage trucks. cool out there tonight. >> cool january. >> finally winter weather. >> no freeze advisory though tonight. it's awful chilly out there right now. >> i think it feels good. >> temperatures still dropping out there right now. temperatures basically in the 40s for most of us with a northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. the cloud deck is going to be saving our bacon here so to speak overnight. a very thin blanket of clouds. anything you have that's blocking that heat that's con standly radiating out -- constantly radiating out it lets the heat build down. temperatures will feel like the 30s overnight tonight and as you start your day tomorrow, 34 the wind chill factor expected
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based on the cloud deck that seems to be hanging in there right now we're going to go 40 for orlando in the morning. 39 kissimmee, st. cloud. a right freeze possible in marion county if the clouds are thin enough. overall it's going to be on the chilly side in the morning because the wind chill factor is going to add to that. over by ucf temperatures mid- 40s and only mid-50s for daytime highs tomorrow. i saw quite a few hardy folks walking on the beach in daytona earlier today. we'll have more beach goers tomorrow. we'll also see a chilly day for you. 57 orlando. we've had. in the day. 55 to lake county and over into even colder. we'll lose the cloud cover. that will be the key and the gusty. more than an ideal evening for getting colder. north.
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of frost through here including the northwest side of orlando. there's that freeze watch for tuesday night and again tomorrow we talk more about the frost potential as well. future track shows our cloud deck moving south and out of the way. that will lead to the chilly start on wednesday. nice day wednesday, even into thursday we're looking good with more clouds late in the day. show you this map to give you an idea of our next storm system by friday morning. right now the late night forecast models show the strongest winds at about 5,000 feet which is one of our severe wind parameters going well to the north. so i'm hopeful, optimistic this next storm system will not back quite the punch ra cross the state the last couple have. this is el nino and a lot of things are still possible. friday our next best chance of rain. five-day forecast, weekend always in view from the chilly 30s and 40s in the morning, we'll be only in the mid-60s wednesday. a very nice day thursday. rain on friday and martha, i'm going to give it out here for the weekend but it's going to get chilly again.
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tonight there are concerns surrounding some of nasa's biggest problems. coming up the issues new reports say is increasing safety risks. we're getting ready for tuesday morning. i'm rusty mccranie. tomorrow morning track the coldest morning so far and the chill stays around.
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new tonight a flight leaving orlando international had to return to the gate
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so three passengers could be removed and here's what happened. delta told us the flight crew and captain decided to turn back around and go back to the gate because the passengers wouldn't turn off their cell phones. the flight then took off for new york where it landed about an hour late without those three passengers who stayed behind with their phone. tonight a report is showing safety concerns surrounding nasa's biggest concerns. an independent report found scheduling deadlines are increasing safety risks on the orion program. people are looking to see who our next president will be to see how that might affect >> we've been too stagnant for too long and we don't want to be where we are today eight years from now. >> the report shows the testing in these programs has gradually eroded since 2010. commercial spaceflight programs will provide some buffer if programs. covering sumter county
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public for help with a homicide case. 31-year-old robert banks was found dead in the state forest friday. investigators don't know how hedied. a couple discovered his body friday while riding the trails. with the resent influx of puerto ricans in florida lawmakers are pushing for more english classes in the state. they're work to secure the money for the education assistance program to pay for lessons for immigrants enrolled in college. once they learn english they will embark on small businesses and being working professionals. we're expecting to get a new look at school officers, each one sporting the colors of the designated school. this one is orange and white. a blue back and white vehicle for the middle school. the mount dora police chief says this is a policing philosophy.
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out wednesday. the magic return to action today. >> they came all the way from across the pond and felt a little jet lag. >> played in london on thursday and looked completely out of synch today. they were taking on the hawks. a ceremony to honor martin luther king, jr. born three today. early on gordon providing a spark for the magic. in the second payton up up and away again. he led the magic with 18 off the bench. on the other end, teague, 14 points for him. scott styles not happy. in the fourth, al horford knocking down three. that puts the hawks up 16. with the game out of hand magic put celt in the ballgame. signed him earlier in the game. he gets the first nba points of his career.
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what we was doing. we've been saying it for a louder than words. >> now, the good news is magic wednesday. the nfl, jameis winston felt like he won the power ball when it was announced cutter martin's career was revitalized. martin named to the all nfl team. the first time a buc's honor. he was formerly known as the muscle hamster rushed for 1400 yards, second most in the nfl and third most ever by a bucs running back. accolades also going out in college football today. ucf wide receiver smith named the american athletic conference rookie of the year. he provided one of the few bright spots for the night miserable season. he had this ridiculous catch
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night in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. in high school ranks, wide receiver and under armour all american eddie mcdoom changed his college plans. he was committed to oregon but announced he was decommitting and put michigan at the top of his list. interesting since michigan held their precitrus bowl practices at west orange. he had 10 touchdown catches this year for the warriors. gordon signed a five year
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>> temperatures slowly falling during the early morning hours. we'll be in the lower side of the 40s in downtown orlando. feeling like the 30s with our wind chill factor. here is the five-day forecast. upper 50s tomorrow. 70s. then our next storm system with a good chance for rain on friday. martha? >> bundle up. be sure to watch eyewitness news this morning starting at 5:00 and get your weather and traffic information every ten minutes. >> thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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