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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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channel nine eyewitness news continues right now at 530. developing this hour, the man caught on camera tugging on the door of a car he just slammed into, after two minutes, he simply walks away. this story is all new at five, the driver who ran is facing a felony. a kissimmee city traffic camera caught everything right there that happened early sunday morning and -- at vineland road, it appears the driver got out to help but channel nine jitney reasserts employees maybe not, investigators are having trouble identifying the guy. they are, it's all caught by these cameras right here at the intersection, what happened is the driver ran a red light right here on vine street plowing into a truck, the police are having a challenging time finding him, they want you to see this video to see if you
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or any of the witnesses. this video tells the story, a ford explorer ran a red light just before one sunday morning inside. back into traffic. both the driver and passenger they had to be treated at the hospital so even though cameras caught it and run driver trying to open the door on the truck he hit, no one really knows his motive. >> he tried both doors the driver side and passenger side the quit in open them. >> eventually he ran away which is a crime. the left the scene of the accident with injuries so that's a felony, inside their -- the explorer they uncovered more violation, there's an open container in the vehicle , we don't know the reason why he -- flight. >> they have no plates but they did find the owner. it's a registered owner is female and not cooperating. >> they are looking for other
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tried helping to open the door may be able to help them fill in the blanks. we did post the entire video recorded by the cameras on the website, on, call police if you have any information to offer. live in kissimmee, jeanine reyes channel nine eyewitness news. following breaking news out of seminole county where we are told to women into kids were attacked by five dogs. inside the apartment, over the storm broke apartments, and sanford where this happen, one woman is in critical, they had to shoot and kill four of the dogs, a fifth of -- 50 out was injured and is with animal control. reaching out to find out who the dogs belong to, we will have an eight as soon as we get more information.
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sky witness nine was busy today near evans high school in the citgo gas station, three others schools were -- other schools were put on lot they were lifted to get eyewitness told us he saw the victim leaving in a truck right before the ambulance arrived, we have a crew on the scene and will have will have a right -- live report for you. there's a rate vic and that's too scared to report be to report the attack. advocates say it could take eight years to draw courage, the into get a victim to report much sooner, it could take something as simple's -- as a video camera. >> right now children in the state of florida are able to testify on videotape. prosecutors can ask them anything but it's all done on tape. the victim will never have to face their alleged attacker in person. a new bill is looking to expand that to adults. 68% the number of people nationwide would and sexually abuse but did not report the
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advocates -- advocate say one of the reasons why is they don't want to face their attackers in court. that could be very intimidating and it's a deterrent for a lot of victims, if the victim does not report of crime within the month, it will be eight years before they step forward because they are tougher to -- tetris a relative or they have to battle the shame. children are able to testify via video and advocate say this allows them to remain calm so they can recount events. adults to serve the same legal -- legal courtesy, if this is an option it will allow people to have comfort ability, control and empowerment. the bill also allows the accused to be able to watch the videotaped testimony either -- videotape testimony either through electronic means or a two-way mirror so they can object.
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sexual assault cases are on the rise, osceola county saw a 44% increase over 2013, orange county 18% increase. eyewitness news got the calls when many weather radios fell silent this weekend. the national weather service said it was a technical which with the phone circuit. it was a problem they haven't seen before. the problem is fixed at the agency said this is an example of why we should have more than one source of emergency weather information. to stay alert to what's happening specially as we go through the el nio season us to what's happening with the that's using multiple sources. the el nio season is expected to last through april and under storms that go with it may form overnight. for information. a state senate committee is expected to discuss a bill that
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requirement on transportation services like wilbur and left. it will force drivers to maintain like it insurance from specific company with specific coverage amounts, the bill would -- amount, the bill would also require drivers to keep a copy of that insurance at all time in the car into% it in turn case of accident. -americans were released from iran and one american was left to the family of the retired fbi agent who disappeared after visiting iran said the white house did not tell them about the exchange. george colley had been following the story from dc sub where is bob levinson? the choosing the thing with supporters -- reporters, the white house said they are working with run government -- who was not trade with five other americans us part of a prisoner swap this we can. the feelings that they on display i think feelings that are no one can relate to unless
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like that. levinson's family said it's happy for the family of the five americans release but they are -- their nine year search for answers continues. what are they doing to get my dad home now what are the next steps? we are just lost. we are desperate. >> the levinson's are not only upset that rob was not part of the deal, they are upset for how they found out the deal took place. >> it's a very difficult for her family and specially that we were not told before this happened to get -- you with had learned it on our own watching tv. the white house says it rain immediately the news the swap earlier than they anticipated. >> we are to treating it quite sensitively and so we -- until we knew we could secure the safe return of the citizens who are still in iran at that time. >> white house has only -- a liaison that are working with the levinson's family.
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if levinson is in the wrong order if it he's still alive. the us supreme court spent the day reviewing president obama's executive oriented that allow us millions of undocumented immigrants to work legally in the us. the president's plan will shield 5 million immigrants from deportation, 26 states including florida signed a lawsuit against action accusing the president of ignoring federal law. the white house said the president's actions are illegal in -- and the supreme court june. police are looking out for the group that robbed a jewelry shop to get officers tell us the three men rush into the ladies you will are on east silver springs boulevard, smashed the glass displays and took watches well -- spraying the owner and employees with pepper spray. we are doing everything they can to track down the
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19th -- happened at 19th and westmoreland targeted. phil saxon told you about this at noon and phil, the area had a share problems. >> deputies say they already stepped up the trolls out here, neighbors tell us they are still scared of the everyday crime that goes on in the neighborhood. they opened up the street at the house and the driveway all of this happen at 10:15 a.m. this morning. she had to come and try to help. deputies home through their yards and homes alone 19 street, more than 100 people lined the sidewalks on westmoreland trying to figure out what happened. fight for justice. mary jones told us she came as soon as the man she -- mention us nae nae had been shot and killed. deputies are waiting to release his full name and
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>> he was my -- i want to call to see -- she doesn't have to go through this. i don't want her to go through what i went through. >> she told bush it hit close to home because she lost two sons to gun violence. she's not sure anyone will stop and do anything about it. >> neighbors and investigators told -- told eyewitness news they are not sure people will share what they know. they worry the case will go unsolved, people are worried that talking will get them killed, too. crime line is anonymous and they could call the office and request anonymity, they don't have to have a deputy come to their door. there's a lot of avenues to anonymously get a hold of what authorities and get a tip that you all we are asking for is a tip. i hope they catch them. >> the lasting -- last thing anyone salt was a man running -- saw was a man running out of the house, to a driveway and getting to and -- a new looking
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looking for (dot) buick tonight. we are top on top of the breaking news, police say a man was hurt during a gunfight outside the high school. white what they told us about the shooting that put four schools on light on lockdown. schools are changing their minds about banning certain words from being used to a dispensary. the port orange families house sold at auction over a $1900 past two h oac. i don't know what we will do. next, we get answers. big winter chill in the
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nightmare, hard to believe, a family was kicked out of their home after he -- it was sold at auction over a $1900 that they called todd albrecht about the case, it's a rare case but a risk and he or -- the risk any homeowner could face. it's not fair because this is our home. this is our home. but in -- caitlin annis and her husband and children will be kicked out of their house. the water's edge homeowner's association -- homeowners association sold their home at auction to collect $1900 in overdue fees plus a few thousand and legal costs. the statement claims, they were never told about the auction. i feel so let down by hour h away and our neighbors and the board. the couple knew the association filed a lien to collect two-year-old association dues but after both lost jobs, caitlin sedge they had to delete paying. >> literally was in my power bill or hla and my power from my children came -- for my children came first.
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no mortgage, it's -- it sold cheap. that's because the assessed value of their property is far greater. i suggested selling price could be as highest $300,000. at auction, investors pay just 175,000. after the hoa class it's a lien, the couple will recover 100 -- cover 170,000, far less than its value so they lost a home and nearly $100,000 to cover a $5000 lien. this is not okay. you can't just do this to people. in florida, and 30 other states, hoas can for close to collect but legal experts say many homeowners don't realize it. it is surprising to a number of people that the average person in the streets they can't take your home, but they can. the attorney has plan to vacate the sale but that is a long shot. i don't know what we will do.
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the hon the attorney and the buyer had no comment, home owners may not know -- homeowners may not know it but by asking a plan you can freeze a case and avoid foreclosure. that's a tough one. fans of the restaurant are leaving the mark after the and signatures cover the break for the townhouse restaurant which has been on for 34 and broadway for decades, the building will be coming down ellipsis-dot dot dot widens six buildings being torn down by the project. i caught hundreds of connor feet hoverboards making their way from china to the us, they seized 300 hoverboards at the port of miami, they contain batteries with a fake lg trademark logo that had a total estimated retail price of $94,000. governor rick scott was in seminole county fighting for legislation that will that are partake visions from price gouging in hospitals.
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across the state to pay large amounts of money for simple procedures. his pushing for a bill that will force hospitals to display prices for a routine procedure so patients know what they're getting into. there needs to be penalties if a hospital price gouges patients. you hear story after story's and we -- stories and we have to get it under control. he says the proposals in the house in -- house and the senate to end the price gouging at hospitals, but neither will punish institutions in these cases. we are bundling up tonight. it will be something. we got out -- one out and got an electric blanket. >> they came back and we had one on last night and it's my dog's favorite place, right now make sure the pets are warm indoors because it will be awfully cold, the freeze
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interior the lucia and flagler as well. it will be the interior west of i-95, that's a hard freeze in gainesville, remove 27 for a couple hours from 11:00 tonight, temperatures will go from upper 20s to near freezing tenant -- tender plants brought inside and covered up, and adequate protection for pets and check on the elderly. peters may go on -- me go on in many homes across area, temperatures low 50s right now across the board and 50 deland, 52 in orlando, north wind making it -- northwind making it feel colder, altamont range, 45 at eight, 42 windchill, 39 windchill by 10:00 a.m. in the morning. winds making their presence tonight, it will not help us -- get quite as cold, it stirs up
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will not be quite as cold. it stirs up the air. it will feel cold. like freeze possible near the villages, hard freeze north of ocala, upper 30s except along the islands highlands around the ballot barrier island around cocoa beach. about five to 8 degrees warmer, 66 for daytime high tomorrow. around 56 earlier today. next storm system looks good tomorrow, nice on thursday, friday looks okay, it will bypass to the north and winter storm for north atlanta and the northeast by -- atlantic and the northeast by friday night, saturday it will bring rain and thunderstorms but -- that mean the affect things in the -- in the afternoon. showers slight chance it could get heavier thunderstorm, colder this weekend, the storm system that designed as the last one.
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in view, 30s in the morning 60s and after, average day on thursday, good chance for more rain friday. moving out for much cooler weekend ahead. or end -- orlando police they were forced to shoot a man killing him. why the chief said the officers did absolutely everything right. did you or someone you know get fired from a job? so the boss can bring cheap foreign workers . >> this targets disney's foreign workers, behind the group that is causing controversy. a breakdown in safeguards meant to protect students out
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new tonight, the city of altamont things are expected to reap to know the commissions make it to taking it tougher for dispensaries to set up shops. we told you about it last month, banning pot, wheat, grass or -- weed, grass or ganja from business names. roy ramos found out why the city to's to backtrack. it was in early december when we first told you about city leaders that were trying to ban the use of certain words for the advertisement of future medical marijuana businesses. the city would a first in the state to try and add the extra regulation for businesses. words like lead, pot, grass and to pull not be able to be used, 27 terms will be banned including the term medical marijuana itself. we tried to consider how it can be impacted by signs and
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cause people full to mislead. the medical pot plan was short-lived and city manager frank march plans to meet with leaders to repeal of portion of the ordinance that allows what words marijuana businesses can use to advertise. we may have gone too far and stepped over some first amendment issues, the only thing that will be removed is the prohibition against his words [ applause ] all know businesses will use the words anytime soon in the city because there are currently no per was dispensaries anywhere near altamonte springs, there are already growers in the state had been granted permit. eventually at some point the state will license them and they will operate where they operate. this coming year lawmakers in tallahassee may -- your lawmakers in tallahassee may have live less money to spend as they plan. economists are willing to draw up some expectation how much the state will draw in texas, it will be used for legislators to drop a budget, if it stays the same lawmakers cannot or
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spend. tomorrow drivers will get to embark on the first section of the long-awaited parkway. f (dot) plans to open the stretch from mouth to limit road to state road 46 construction started nearly four years ago and cost $25 million when the parkway is complete you will be the first in florida to feet sure all electronic toll lane lanes. . the coldest day of the season was -- wasn't enough, we're tracking the coldest night. the get me any ice or snow i am good area temperatures dropping, will feel the freeze. >> breaking news, sanford, one person in critical condition after -- dogs attacked people including children inside an apartment.
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channel nine eyewitness news continues right now at six. right now at six, the coldest the major story. today is the coldest day of the season and now we are bracing for the coldest night. tom terry tracking more counties under the freeze warning. northern and western half pretty much under freeze advisory and the clouds gone bye-bye and the temperatures will fall fast, 49 degrees with a northwind and daytona, new smyrna, titusville, 48, once we get to the 40s we start having windchill will which feels like will be three in new smyrna beach and titusville.
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