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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday at 6pm  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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developing tonight, we are bracing for another cold night. for the second night in a row, our area is under a freeze warning. a new advisory shows we have a better chance for widespread frost. let's get the latest from tom terry. in on a sunday night, tracking this blast. how low will the temperatures drop? >> we are only five degrees of our high, dropping fast, 51
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note the win very light. much different, because of that, we'll get cold again. not quite as cold as this morning. you see the freeze warnings, a widespread frost advisory, make sure the plants are still covered up. if you made it through last night with your plants alive, you may want to cover them up. it's going to get cold again tonight, more frost, we'll be talking much more about this and checking out our next el nino storm system. yes, foreone on the way. this week. don't forget, you can always get alerts on your smart phone. make sure you download the free wf tv weather app. >> >> we first told you last week about the homeless camping at the property apraiser's office in daytona beach. today, community groups and churches have been heading over to the area with blankets and
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the story has developed because of the result of an altercation between a woman that works in the building and one of the people outside the building. the county building will not open tomorrow. >> reporter: just five minutes ago, more residents stopped by with food and blankets to help keep the homeless warm. as long as this camp stays here, workers won't be here >> a church group helping this homeless camp outside of a volusia county building. >> it is a mess. we saw members giving homeless blankets. >> i can't imagine anyone out here having to live in these weather conditions. >> county workers did not come
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>> the community holds up pretty good. they help out how they can. i'm grateful about that. >> reporter: friday, we talked to an aprizer after a work he said she felt her safety was in danger. the property apraiser said the work are -- the office will be closed tomorrow, but the property apraiser told us on friday to expect employees to stay away from this building at least a week. >> one county lead believes that trespassing the homeless is not a viable option. as for the employees who normally work at this building, we are told they will be sent to other locations in the ty russell, channel 9, "eyewitness news" z >> we'll be following that >> >> citrus farmers in our area working hard to make sure the
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crops. they are using an irrigation system to protect their plants. they say the water creates an icy shield around it. >> >> millions of people along the east coast scrambling. look at all of that snow and ice, deadly winter storm. record setting blizzard is over, but officials are warning investigators are searching for the missing boy, his mom
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help said to have helped the inmate escaped. >> he said he was blind sighted by the entire situation. he want the deputies to bring them all home safely. >> i was numb. i wasn't processing it right. >> it has been two days since frank carr's 24-year-old daughter and three-year-old grandson disappeared. >> i want her back. i want her to get help. >> reporter: on friday, deputies say in shark sha helped her boyfriend cut off his gps monitor and escape a work release program. investigators believe that quigley stole money and a gun from her dad before she disappeared. >> this is the so out of character. >> are bullock has been convicted of burglary, grand theft and armed robbery. he began an eight year prison
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carr said his daughter grew up with him and she wrote him letters while he was behind bars. but carr has no idea why either of them would throw all of it away by taking off with his grandson. >> my belief is that this is going to come out all right. hopefully, they will understand they have to do the right thing. if not for themselves, at least for zander. >> reporting live in downtown orlando. outside of fdle headquarters. tim barber, "eyewitness news." >> >> we have the suspect's photos on our wf tv facebook story. if you want to share the couple. you are asked to call the police if you know anything
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>> marion county deputies called to this home on 108th street after michael rad live was shot in the chest at something 30 this morning. detectives say his girlfriend went to a anybody's house for help during the altercation, saying rat live and the neighbor got into a physical altercation. it ended with the neighbor shooting him. >> >> florida highway patrol is investigating what caused is deadly crash in coco. you can see one of the cars flipped over at the intersection of clear rake road. look at all of that activity. state troopers say the overturned vehicle's driver would not drive for a traffic stop, then they ran a red light and collided with an s.u.v. >> >> polk county investigators trying to figure out what started the deadly fire at an independent living facility in lakeland. it happened around 4:30 this morning. julie found out neighbors that live across the street from the building saw the fire and called 9-1-1. >>
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didn't wake them up, instead, it was the sound of a burning building. >> you could hear the flames, popping sounds like something was exploding or whatever. that was pretty much all we could hear. we were surprised we didn't hear more smoke alarms or fire alarms. >> reporter: a fire started at bella vista manor, independent living facility. lakeland fire department said one person died on the 4th floor. three others went for smoke inhalation. nearly 40 residents were evacuated. getting out. >> firefighters were handing victims from the hallway to the stairwell and the police department was carrying people down. >> reporter: another challenge, the winding doesn't have fire sprinklers. >> this is a very, very old building, to my understanding unless there is major rehab or construction, that won't come into code.
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about it until he came to pick up his friend bill for church. >> he's fine. >> >> reporter: by looking at the five story building, you get an idea where the fire started now, lakeland police and fire will work to figure out what caused it. officials say they won't release the name of the victim until her family has been identified. >> >> seminole county deputies looking for the person responsible for a deadly overnight shooting at the colibris bar. a small memorial for the 36- year-old. detectives say a fight broke out during a private party that lead to the shooting. the gunman has disappeared. deputies are asking anyone with helpful information about the
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last full week before the iowa caucuses. donald trump is making sure he stays in the headlines. other candidate met responding to questions about his latest controversial statement at an iowa rally yesterday, trump claimed he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and not lose any of his supporters. >> i have no intention of shooting anyone on this campaign. >> if he shot somebody, he
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today, states along the east coast are cleaning up. there were at least 1,000 accidents across 22 states that lead to eight deaths. >> the storm is over, but millions of americans are still stuck at home. >> if you do not need to be on the roads, you shouldn't be on the roads.
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york city where plows are working overtime. not to mention all of the cars buried in the store. >> you do not need to mover your car, leave it like it is for the whole week. >> >> reporter: after a an almost total transportation shut down. people walking to work. >> i work at a vet hospital, 24/7. >> new york measured more than 26 inches just shy of the all- time record. in washington, d.c , plow crews there are working around the clock from the highways to the run ways, desparately trying to get the airports open. the city counted 17 inches. surrounding areas covered by more than 2 1/2 feet. this practice facility for washington redskins football team was no match for the snow. collapsed under the weight of the snow. 11,000 flights have been canceled. airports don't expect to be
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tomorrow at the earliest, leaving some travelers stranded. >> >> right lear at home, this weekend, dozens of trips have been called off or pushed back. most of today's cancel everyone canceled flights were to washington, baltimore -- to check your status, -- covering orange county, today mark as decade since jennifer cassie disappeared. new dna technology could help provide new clues. she has not been seen since she left her condo for work back in 2006. there have been many tips and searches over the years, but investigators still don't know what lapped. >> >> the new 12 story florida hospital for women in orlando officially started to care for patients today. the new facility offers many services, including advanced
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for milk depot where mothers can donate breast milk. hospital administrators say one of their main goals is to serve patients for their every need. >> >> in the past four weeks, there have been four armed robberies and car-jackings, all of them began after contacting someone using a dating website. in all of the cases, victims were met by men and robbed. tomorrow, orlando city leaders expected to vote on a land deal with the owners of the orlando city soccer club. the club has agreed to buy the land. that means the city will get $18 million spread out over 15 years. work for infrastructure already completed. if approved, the privately owned stadium would cost $155 million.
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for the start of the 2017 season. >> >> contract for ucf campus set to go before the school's board of trust tees. according to the plan, the developer would leave 6 1/2 acres to build the hotel. the company would pay for roof project and ucf would receive a portion of the revenue. construction can't begin without the board's approval. >> one thing that is not changing, we seem to be facing some freezing tonight. >> that's little italy in n are yc, i believe some cars are piled under as the city tries to get from underneath a couple of feet of snow. this was record breaking for a lot of big cities, including washington, d.c , also had over
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we got the cold air, widespread freeze, freeze advisories just about everywhere. we did not officially hit freezing in a few spots, but i know a lot of areas outside did get down briefly to 32. temperatures, now, down from a high in the mid-50s. 40s along the coast. it will be a frosty night tonight. not as low on the temperature, about 38 will be the official low around 6:30 or so in orlando, but, we will have hardly any wind. that will not give us wind chill, but it lets frost develop more easily. . any time you get into the mid-to upper 30s, you can get frost to form. frost is forming on surfaces that cool down easily.
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surfaces like the car hood, grass and plants. temperatures in the 30s for all of us, light freeze for ocala and deland that's where we have the freeze warning north and west and a frost advisory for just about everybody else. temperatures warming back up. in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. a very nice day, tomorrow, but it won't take long, here comes another el nino storm system. i have been doing this for 25 years. never had this many lows develop along the southern jet stream in the gulf of mexico in january. this is extreme. you can see a sprinkle or so on tuesday, but watch the storm system approach wednesday into early thursday. it looks like it will be late wednesday through thursday, rain and possible thunderstorm event. although it looks like south florida may be the focal point for the severe prospect specks with the next storm. we'll be watching. five-day forecast, weekend always in view, plan on rain late wednesday afternoon and evening.
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and giving way for a glorious tt2w`t3n
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college basketball, a big opportunity for ucf >> on the road, trying to get into 5-1 in conference play. trying to remain in second place. it only takes 60 seconds -- freshman grabbing the board, later in the first. fall, 7-foot 6, leading the conference in blocks. swats this one away, four points, 10 rebounds, two blocks. but he found room to shoot. gives the golden hurricane a 26- 19 lead. second half, tulsa up seven, justin mcbride down low.
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knights down five. a few minutes later, davis from the wing, knocks down the triple, taking it a two point game, but the comeback stalls there. turns into an easy layup, tulsa runs away from there. winning 75-60, ucf falls to 4-2 in the conference, smu, the only ranked team in the aac suffered their first loss of the year, mustangs are not eligible for postseason play. ucf coach donnie jones believes the aac will put at least three in march madness. >> if they were not able to go, they would be locked. we are hoping. three maybe makes a run in the tournament and gives us the four. >> reporter: in soccer because of injuries, brett shea missed 15 games last season. orlando city star hoping to make a bigger impact year two while balancing fatherhood.
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will be back at practice tomorrow. the 25-year-old from texas became a father at the end of last season. he spent time playing mid- field, didn't score any goals, but started 17 of the 19 games he played. he said is he ready to get back to work >> women's soccer, orlando city star morgan made her 100th appearance helping team usa pummel ireland. she had a goal and two assists. the 34th female player to earn 100 with the u.s peyton manning in the patriots, less than two minutes to play. denver broncos lead 20-12. manning has two touchdown passes. tom brady, two interceptions and four sacks. >>
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