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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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write fortune cookies. we are watching the roads this morning. >> let's get started with brian because we'll see a little bit of a warm up, like a minute. >> upper 60s today, some 70s tomorrow nancy, 70s and then we'll get cooler. frost advisories out for most of us, freeze warning up now for marion and sumter county so again it's on the cold side. let's get a look at the temperatures and they've been moving around now just dropping off to 38 in clermont and orlando, so as you get through hunt turpitudes creek, medical city all of the temps in the 30s we're at 40 degrees now melbourne, palm bay, we swing up through volusia, new smyrna beach, daytona beach, deland temps in the 30s, 3 # in palm coast 28 in ocala where we're experiencing that freeze. satellite and radar is looking great though and as we go throughout the day the sun finally warming us up. mccoy elementary school comfortable by noon and at 62 and 2:00-4:00 we'll see temperatures right around 67
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the highs today in the 60s coming up we'll track the warm up on the way and again some of coming in. we're at 5:31 let's see how the drive is doing. >> it's starting to look a little better but we have had an issue on i4 westbound coming into downtown orlando looking at the camera at princeton there was a crash blocking at westbound lanes at ivanhoe boulevard but they just reopened those so over next 10 minutes the traffic will be trying to rebound but you should still be looking pretty good if you're about to leave the house. we do have a crash i4 eastbound after state road 535 this does have a couple of lanes blocked off. keep that in mind if you're about to head that direction. jamie? breaking news right now in orange county. deputies arrested a driver who crashed into a man's home. >> the wreck happened in last two hours on donny brook drive near state road 50 and 417. that's where eye witness news was the first reporter on the scene there and the homeowner just told you that it sounded like an explosion? >> reporter: and nancy we've
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clean up the mess left behind from this early morning wreck. you can't see right now because they've just moved a trailer where they start to clean up the damage but right on the other side of that white trailer is herb's spare bedroom and he's thankful that bedroom caught the brunt of the pick up truck because his room is right on the other side of the wall. we'll bring up video we got in the last few hours before that white truck was towed away. right now we know this happened around 3:30 this morning and herb says that it was the sound of what he thought was an explosion that woke him up right out of his sleep to find home. he says the driver was still here but was visibly shaken up and herb described the man as looking impaired. he explained the driver wasn't responding to deputy commands even as they pulled a gun on him but deputies did take that driver away and then we watched right before 5:00 that white truck was towed away, but herb damage.
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electric poland then another car and then smashed into another car in his driveway before crashing into his home, so after this live shot we're going to move up the street to be able to show you more of that damage and we'll go back through the interview we just got with herb bates so you can hear what he says about what he heard and saw this morning and now all of the cleaning up he's left to do. reporting live in orange county, eye witness news this morning. a volusia county office is shutdown this morning for safety concerns. the county appraiser says it's just too dangerous for employees to work with a growing homeless camp right outside. >> one of those camp turpitudes is acused of a costing a woker last week. eye witness news this morning is live at the building this morning and kimberly there's no time frame for when it might open again? >> reporter: county leaders only say this building will open again once it is safe but when that might be they say hinges on a permanent solution to a homeless camp outside the
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morning dozens of people are sloping out here on the sidewalk, now the volusia county property appraiser says the office inside the administration building on beach street won't reopen until it's safe for workers and the public. dozens of homeless people have been camped outside the building for weeks and just days ago we were there as county leaders met to come up with a plan to move the camp but there's still no permanent fix. the day after that meeting the property appraiser alerted eye witness news that a homeless camper had accosted a worker, so for now employees will report to other locations and the homeless will stay put. yesterday our cameras were rolling as people dropped off coats and blankets to their camp, a local congregation even offered their church as a temporary solution but you can see despite that offer of help this homeless camp has not moved. while the office here stays closed this morning we're working to learn more about the incident forcing the shutdown and if there was a police report filed.
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volusia county, eye witness news this morning. firefighters in daytona beach worked for hours putting out a fire at the old ymca building recently purchased by the islamic center. multiple fires were set inside that building and investigators believe that fire was just a coincidence and not a targeted attack against muslims. the firefighter tell us this is not the first time a fire was started inside that building. >> we've been out here multiple times for small fires, people gaining access into the building and starting small fires. >> three fire departments joined together to help put out that fire. firefighters believe teenagers are likely responsible. in osceola county investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fatal fire at a mobile home park. on saturday firefighters found a man dead inside his home. it's in kissimmee. a woman was also found inside with injuries. she later died at a local hospital after finding enough evidence inside the home
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suspicious and neighbors told us they actually heard gunfire just before the home caught fire. deputies have not confirmed that but told us there is no threat to the community. seminole county deputies arrested a man they say shot into a sanford bar and killed a woman. james pritchard ha been charged with second degree murder and shooting into a public building. a fight broke out during a private party saturday night at the cool breeze bar and that fight eventually lead to the shoot. investigators say he shot 36 year old ampton. he was booked into jail late sunday night. we could see another candidate jump into the race for president and it's another new york billionaire. abc news confirmed former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering a run as a third party candidate. gop front runner donald trump said he would like to see bloomberg run in the race, but trump is now also under fire for another controversial remark regarding the loyalty of his supporters. >> i could stand in the middle
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somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters okay? it's like incredible. >> now this weekend in iowa both hillary clinton and marco rubio were endorsed by the des moines register. trump is still ahead and the iowa caucus begins next week. a new video showing the nine paris attackers plan the november 13 attacks was recently released by isis. the footage is too graph in to air because it shows them committing executions and be headings. it shows the lengths they went to to carry out the attacks. in orange county, the former elementary teacher facing sexual battery charges is still behind bars. we accessed nearly 200 pages of documents detailing donald sharp's history with orange county public schools accused of molesting a student years ago in an unrelated incident his file shows the principal was aware sharp allowed students to sit on his lap while he read from the dictionary and he was not
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a group of burglars are on the run in polk county. these young men broke know a home on pebble brook drive in lakeland three different times. investigators say the men took electronics, food and the families dog. crimestoppers is offering a helpful information. polk county robbery detectives are investigating a crime where a kissimmee woman was robbed at gunpoint for her iphone . this happened off point sienna parkway saturday afternoon. that woman was jogging when she says a man approached her and demanded her phone went she refused he pulled out a begun and she handed it over. orlando city council members will vote on the fate of a pop you you lar park. city leaders are offering the owners of constitution green $3.4 million and a piece of city owned property. the owners decided to sell the land last year while the city leased the park for $1 per year. city leaders came up with the land swap deal in an effort to preserve the park and a tree
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this week the way students play at school could change when state lawmakers consider a new bill. if approved the bill would require school districts to provide at least 100 minutes of recess each week in elementary schools. lawmakers are expected to meet tomorrow morning. the new florida hospital for women in orlando is officially started caring for patients. yesterday was the first official day the hospital took in patients. the new facility offers many services for women including advanced gynecology and clinic for postpartum depression. the hospital is also home to the areas first milk depot where mothers can donate breast milk. hospital administrators want to serve women for every need across their life span. your time now 5:39. we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> brian shields is in severe weather center 9 coming off a chilly weekend but we will warm up. >> we are going to bounce up into the 60s for today a really nice afternoon. i just got this picture sent in from ronnie in orlando.
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at twitter and facebook we'll pass along the frosty start pictures for you, again plenty of those coming in lots of frost around and find me on instagram 2. i am out there more ways than one maybe not a good thing for you. 9:00, 46 degrees, so we'll lose the frost and then we'll bounce up and you can see that warm up from 9:00-12 pretty quick by lunch time already 60s and then this afternoon school bus pick up time around 3:00, well into the 60s for most of us so we'll be in the mid if not a few upper 60s dropping off this evening not quite as chilly though for this evening and again staying on the dry and sunny side. coming up we're also going to track rain and storms, we'll time out our next storm system and even how it impacts us into the upcoming weekend. 5:40. >> in the last few minutes things started to clear out on i4 we did have a crash i4 eastbound after 535 troopers were able to just get that cleared out of the way and
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we had that crash on i4 westbound the ivanhoe boulevard that got cleared out so we're glow flowing in the green. we've got the final report for the death of a u.s. navy seal at sky dive deland. coming up the new changes that maybe made to keep it from happening again. if you use this dog food you may want to get rid of it. the dates on the bag that fall under a new recall. plus we found out how many calls came in for help while investigators say a local firefighter was using an
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5:43. we have an update on breaking news out of orange county where a truck crashed into a home overnight. in the last 15 minutes eye witness news spoke with that homeowner who described the driver as impaired. saying he crashed into more than just his home. >> reporter: as far as we know the driver was not here when police got out here. they took off a few minutes ago but if look behind me you can see straight into someone's home where it looks like they're trying to cover up the big hole left by the white pick up truck that just went smashing into the home around 3:30 this morning. we just watched as a tow truck pulled that pick up truck out of this home and you can see that it is all smashed up on the passenger side and even the front of the truck the grill is gone, so quite a mess this family is left to clean up right now.
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touch with police to find out whether they have any idea who that driver is or if they can tell from a pick up truck who the owner of that truck is, so as soon as we're able to talk with police and ask some of those questions to find out if they are still looking for the driver we'll update you again in 30 minutes. reporting live in orange county, eye witness news this morning. in volusia county now, we asked how many calls for help came in while a firefighter allegedly used a city ambulance for personal use while on duty. take a lock at this video. firefighter gregory bowden is acused of picking up hundred dropping off his children. only one call came know daytona beach for an animal complaint but city leaders say they have launched an internal investigation. an orange county man is acused of staging a car crash and the state division of
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of a larger scheme to collect profits. investigators arrested him after he admitted he piled his girlfriend and kids into a car and drove right into a pre- arranged crash. his passengers thought they were just going shopping. he's been charged with staging a car crash and participating in a fraud scheme. students at one south florida university can get help with tuition if they land a job soon after graduation. listen to this. florida gulf coast university in fort myers says it will refund freshman year tuition as long as students land a job within the first six months of graduating. the plan is all part of governor rick scott's ready, set, work initiative asking state colleges to push graduates into the workforce within a year of graduating. well supporters of early education programs in florida say they need more state funding. a report by the early learning consortium shows florida school readiness program has the sixth lowest payment rates for infants and toddlers in the nation. the program also has the seventh lowest for preschoolers. right now more than 60,000 children are on a wait list for school readiness programs.
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more about an effort to help families in need through the tiny homes project. tomorrow orange county leaders will hold an informational session to discuss the county's partnership with habitat for humanity and the potential community impact. organizers say this project was initiated to help homeless and low income individuals find affordable housing. each homes will only cost about $30,000. this cold weather has citrus farmers in our area doing everything they can to protect their crops. citrus growers say they're using an irrigation system to protect their plants from freezing. they say the water creates an ice shield around the fruit and protects it from the cold. the plants can survive in cold weather but they can't live in temperatures below freezing. and take a look at this. did you hear about this? snow flurries we're seeing in parts of north florida. this video was shot in lake butler saturday. snowflakes were reported in several counties including clay, columbia, union and duvall. >> wow. >> gainville saw some too. >> wow.
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>> you want to build a snowman? and we're done. >> [laughter] >> it's over. all right, well it's still cold. >> yeah. >> how about a winter we're actually having one of those. here is a look in daytona beach at 37 and we will warm up for today but lots of frost around central florida this morning. 34 degrees in deland we're close to freezing, some spots in flagler county have dropped off below freezing officially 33 in palm coast 28 in ocala we've been below freezing for several hours now. 34 in the villages we warmed a couple degrees over the last 45 minutes, 38 in clermont and 38 now in orlando and again calm conditions, clear skies, cold temps, the recipe for widespread frost and we're actually seeing that more frost yesterday morning we still had wind around so we didn't have quite as much but there are the clear skies and today though that will translate into warmer temps so a lot of sun on the way mount dora 61 by noon
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be in the mid if not a few upper 60s today by 4:00 temperatures around 66 so this is future track today. we're looking great. work outdoors aside from the cold start you'll get in plenty of work today just a few scattered clouds popping up along the coast and that's it but let me flip over into tuesday. tuesday we're still good and here is the state as a whole i've widened out to show you what's next. by the time we hit wednesday look at the rain and storms pulling back through the gulf of mexico moving in wednesday and thursday, we are going to turn wetter mid week and then a brief cool down by friday but not as cold as we head into that upcoming weekend so today though, milder, 68 degrees and you'll see the numbers, some mid 60s most mid to upper 60s around central florida and for tonight not quite as cold a few 40s, lots of low 50s though for tonight and tomorrow itself even warmer some 70s return sanford tomorrow and temperatures around 73 as we get toward dukes lake, mascot
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now your five day forecast with the weekend always in view, there's wednesday and we're looking at an 80% chance of rain and storms arriving through the day so right near 70 and still some rain on thursday we'll see the storm system kind of come in in a couple different pieces and not too much in the way of cold air back behind it. friday is going to be gorgeous and cooler 64 but warmer by the weekend upper 60s and low to sunday. 5:50 a lock at a crash. >> our major problems have cleared up but we still have a couple crashes both are hit and run crashes silver star road right at pine hills road troopers are on scene trying to get that out of the way but you'll not need an alternate in that area and osceola county, ventura boulevard at florida parkway also a crash this is not blocking any portion of your commute make sure you do move over for those troopers. jamie? across the country gas prices have dropped now about $0.14 in just the last two weeks that includes central florida. right now in orlando the average price for a gallon of
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than this time last year. these are the cheapest gas prices that we've seen in the past seven years. they won't last much longer, the price of crude oil is rising again and experts say the drop in prices may end soon. well a decision could be made today about a retention pond in orange county. coming up where developers plan to dig it up causing controversy. next what one man demanded from a local driver while allegedly pretending to be hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch your budget when it comes to your grocery shopping. not bad. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. orlando, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $20.81 in this week's basket - that's 17% including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today.
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your time is 5:53 an osceola county man was arrested for impersonating an orlando police officer and he went before a judge saturday and investigators say he first showed a driver in point sienna an altered badge and handcuffs and then they say he threatened to arrest the driver to get him to give up his car. his bond was set at more than $40,000. orange county commissioners may take some time to talk about that recent trash collection trouble. commissioner scott boyd requested time during tomorrows meeting to talk about the issue residents complained to eye witness news for weeks now about the automated collection system, some went weeks without having their trash picked up. 1. deputies are warn residents to take extra caution since 18 hotels. five vehicles at the holiday inn express just off i95 and 13 were burglarized.
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investigators say suit cases from the vehicles were found dumped behind a nearby gas station an deputies believe the burglaries are part of a bigger trend where suspects target vehicles by smashing windows. safety changes are being made following the accidental death of a u.s. navy seal at sky dive deland. one year ago, william marshton died at the deland facility during a navy free fall training exercise. a 45 page report released to eye witness news explains that he likely passed out and there for could not open his chute. the navy is now reviewing its procedure to try and make training safer. blue bell lovers we have good news this morning ku start seeing ice cream back in stores around central florida as early as today. last week the company announced it would start to restock stores in orlando. right now only nine flavors will be available including home made vanilla, butter p ecan and cookies and cream. last year blue bell ice cream was pull interested all stores following the listeria outbreak. is it pecan?
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dog owners, we have a new recall for you, dog food sold in half a dozen states including florida is being recalled this morning. vital essentials frozen chicken entrees for dogs is being recalled because of a risk for salmonella. the food in question has a best buy date of november 8, 2016. the fda says if you bought this dog food, return it to the store and request a refund. a community meeting regarding that standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge has now been cancelled. a judge ordered the cancellation after protester plan to block the entrance to the county senior center where the meeting would be held. since january 2, an armed group has been protesting federal land use policies outside the national wildlife refuge. state lawmakers have been working to get federal authorities know step in and end those protests. right now the mexican peso has fallen to a record low against the u.s. dollar. one mexican peso is worth a little more than five american cents. experts say the dramatic crash in oil prices have caused the
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rising interest rates from the u.s. federal reserve in december have also contributed to the fall making it harder for emerging market companies to repay their debts. well a group of kids in gainsville got quite a surprise visit from a basketball star after a viral video spread across the internet. >> earlier this week a neighbor called police complaining kids were playing too loudly in the street. they were just playing ball. now officer bobby white decided to go out there and shoot hoops with the boys and white returned to the neighborhood with former orlando magic player shaquille o'neal. this happened saturday an they went head-to-head in a game on the street and o'neill stuck around and posed for pictures and signed basketballs. >> story of the weekend. that's so awesome. >> harder to tell whose the bigger man there. >> that's great. volusia county teachers are fighting for changes in the district. >> the top of the hour the planned protest for this morning to push for cleaner classrooms, less testing and more resources.
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people camped outside an office in this county building is shutdown, coming up why some people are claiming it's not safe to report to work. something you may need if you have it, an ice scraper this morning take a lock at this shot in deland. lots of frost around we're
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breaking right now on eye
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