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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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truck slammed into a house in orange county, we're asking investigators what they know about the driver who ran away from the scene. we are going to be full capacity. >> and dozens of homeless people are gathered outside a government building in daytona beach trying to find escape from these cold temperatures. why volusia county officials say that building will not open to the public this morning. good morning your time right now is 6:00 a.m. on this chilly monday, january 25. >> all right, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes and we are watching that morning commute let's get started. centimeters brian shields. it's chilly. >> what a weekend it was down right told during the daytime and we have a lot of frost outside this morning if your car is outside allow yourself a little bit of extra time to get out there and warm that up. frost advisories for most of us this morning not quite all of us and we have a freeze warning that is in effect still ongoing for marion and sumter counties, some spots below the freezing point and you take a look at the temperatures at 39 in
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bumping down a degree in clermont, 28 now in ocala, 34 in deland, 36 daytona beach and again about 40 through vierra, we're running there and we have frost widespread across central florida and clear sky one of the reasons we have that frosty start but we will see a lot of sunshine and today, we're going to turn the corner. you'll see here in winter park 62 by noon that's going to feel pleasant and then by 2:00, temperatures around 67 degrees staying dry of plenty of sunshine so milder this afternoon coming up thank you for all of the frost pictures we'll pass some of those along and take a look at when our next storm system will be moving in. it's 6:01 let's see if that drive is shaping up on a monday morning. >> it's looking a lot better right now i4 at ivanhoe. we had an earlier crash that had all westbound lanes shutdown but that's all cleared out of the way so looking good in both directions along i4 at this point but the orange county sheriff's office is reporting that something is in the road at dean road and
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causing a slight slowdown and no reason to add much time to your drive just keep that in mind and move over whenever you do end up seeing that. jamie? following breaking news, deputies now have the driver who smashed his pick up truck into a mans home. we were the first crew on donny brook drive this morning near state road 50 and the 417 where this happened about 3:30 this morning. eye witness news has been talk wing that homeowner and he says he woke up to the sound of an explosion. >> and jamie that sound was actually the pick up truck that came barreling through his neighbor's yard leaving this mess as it knocked over a fence, took out a tire and then smashed into herb bates spare bedroom. you can see clear inside at this point where he's been starting to clean up over the last hour. since we watched that pick up truck get towed away orange county deputy were called here two and a half hours ago around 3:30. herb says when he woke up he came out of his room, saw the damage in the pick up truck and says from his bedroom, he could still see the driver.
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or police offered any explanation about what happened or how the truck ended up crashing into his home. at first the driver walked up the street, came back, that's when deputies got him and he described the driver as impaired saying he didn't say anything but appeared to be in bad shape because of what he hit leading up to herb's home. >> i'm in shock. i don't know if he is but he should have been, both airbags blew open and he took out a power pole down the road, another car and this car down here and plus hit my truck and then hit my house and trailer. >> herb says it took a lot for deputies to get the man in custody so we're continuing to check with the jail this morning to find out whether the driver was arrested, what charges he's facing, and what his name is so we'll update you with that on air as we can confirm what happened with that driver this morning but in the meantime all new at 6:30 we'll share more of what herb says
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man under control. reporting live in orange county, eye witness news this morning. this morning deputies are still searching ton an escaped prison inmate and accuse get away driver and her three year old son. deputies say the 24 year old natasha quigley helped boyfriend cutoff his gps monitor and escape his work release program at a hotel in daytona beach shores. he heard from his father yesterday who says his daughter would never do something like this and he just wants his grandson back. >> she cares a lot about people, she loves kids, she's just a loving person. i just hope this ends with no one getting hurt. >> investigators say the missing couple drove off in a white 2010 chevy cobalt with florida tag eujl31. now you can take a closer look at that suspect with his photo on our wftvfacebook page and share that story with your friends. right now the doors are
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a county leader says one of the dozens of homeless people camped outside that building accosted a worker. >> we first told you about this last week but there's still no plan to move that camp off the property. eye witness news this morning is live outside the office and kimberly, county employees are calling this an unsafe environment. >> reporter: and nancy what's going on here behind us is why they say that it's not safe. you can see dozens of people are camped outside the building and one of them is acused of a costing a worker and now because authorities say shutting down an office inside this building is moved to protect not just employees but also the public. desks will be empty inside the volusia county property appraiser's office this morning and when it will be back to business as usual is still a mystery. county leaders say that it's what happens outside of the administration building on beach street that will decide when they will unlock the doors again.
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people have been camped in the cold for weeks. just days ago we were there as county leaders met to try to come up with a plan to move the camp but there's still no permanent fix. the day after that meeting the property appraiser alerted eye witness news that a homeless camper had accosted a worker. >> i'm apologetic if someone felt unsafe and was in fear. >> so for now, employees will report to other locations and the homeless will stay put. yesterday, our cameras were rolling as people dropped off coats and blankets to their camp. a local congregation offered their church as a temporary solution. >> something needs to be done now. there are people who are sleeping out here now. they need help now. >> help that leaders say is coming but can't say when. >> and this morning i'm asking the county what comes next if they are any closer to a solution since this incident and i'm also asking what it will take for workers to feel
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reporting live in volusia county, eye witness news this morning. cold weather shelters are also available now in brevard county. here is a list of shelters open, the central brevard sharing center in cocoa, our saviour also known as cold night ministries and his place in melbourne. developing now polk county investigators are working to figure out what caused a deadly fire at an independent living facility. we told you about this fire as it was breaking on eye witness news this morning yesterday. it happened at bell a vista manor in lakeland. firefighters say a person died on the fourth floor. we spoke to neighbors who said they heard popping sounds coming from the building. >> we saw the flames, the flames were just coming right out and it was i mean it just lit up the whole street. >> now three other people went to the hospital for smoke inhalation and investigators say the fire was made worse because the building does not have fire sprinklers and nearly 40 residents are now staying in a building next door. today some teachers in
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walk in before the start of the workday. the volusia teachers organization says schools are suffering from a lack of clear focus and direction. they say they were also promised cleaner classrooms less testing and more resources from the school board but that hasn't happened. the school board is set to discuss uniforms and testing at its meeting tomorrow night. organizers say they plan to have walk ins every day this week. we could find out today if maitland city leaders aprove plans to build a controversial retention pond. developers plan to take out the cities last orange grove to make way for a new retail shopping plaza. if approved developers say they need a retention pond and a road. that would take up more than three acres ovular charity's wetlandings. city leaders vote at a meeting held at city hall 569:30. , the iowa caucus is one week away and a new poll shows gop front runner donald trump still in the lead. >> trump held a rally the a church in iowa yesterday. his gop rival are hoping for a victory of their own. ted cruz is trailing trump with
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rand paul behind them. trump's double digit lead is due to first time caucus goers who support the new york billionaire. >> he's not the politician you'll see every year running, whatever. he wants change. >> something different about him. >> last night the boston globe editorial board decided to endorse hillary clinton for president. there are also rumors about the possibility of former new york city mayor michael bloomberg running for the white house and he's told his aids to draw up plans for an independent campaign. congress has postponed several votes because of the snowstorm that's blasting through the nations capitol. the house delayed votes scheduled for this week. one involves overriding president obama's healthcare veto. the senate plans to start their work week on wednesday. well, the denver broncos and the carolina panthers are now heading to the super bowl. >> [applause] >> those were two of the broncos fans there celebrating their win. there are a lot more against the new england patted ares"
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yesterday the final score 20-18 carolina panthers won the nfc championship beating the arizona cardinals 49-15 and super bowl 50 will be held in santa clara, california february 7 so that will be the eighth super bowl for the broncos and the second for the panthers. 6:10 we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes, centimeters brian shields in severe weather center 9 still cold but changes. >> warmer this afternoon but lots of frost around. here is a look in orlando this one sent in byron it and you'll see that frost this is right across the 430 orlando into winter park. another shot here sent in by jennifer you'll see this in deland and this is the issue many will deal with if our car is outside this morning lots of frost on the windshield send in your pictures find me on twitter and facebook i'm also on instagram and we'll pass along the pictures on tv and thank you for being my eyes and ears. later today, we bounce back 69
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celebration, hunters creek back through orlando into apopka, 70 in winter park about 70 altamonte springs and forest city longwood, sanford, lake mary upper 60s and 68 in deltona, checking in at 67 and staying dry. coming up though we'll take a look at another round of strong storms in our forecast. 6:10. >> troopers are still on scene of a couple of crashes this first one at silver star road at pine hills road in orlando. they have been able to get this crash off to the side so it won't block your commute. make sure you move over if you pass through that area and osceola county, right at florida parkway same story in kissimmee. it's not causing any lanes to be blocked but troopers are still on scene. jamie? well gas prices continue to fall across central florida. why those low prices make a sudden you turn though in the next few weeks. the decision ucf leaders make this week that could save students some money. and our neighbors to the north still digging out from
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i'm jamie holmes time is 6:14 there is a look for you there at some frost on a windshield there from allison, that's her windshield and that's the frost there. that's the kind of cold morning we have to kick things off but brian has a little more detail on what's happening the rest of the afternoon and we'll see a little more sunshine. full check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. marion county deputies are investigating a shooting death of an ocala man after he got into a fight with his girlfriend. michael ratliff and his girlfriend alyse lazaro got into a fight at a home on 10 eighth street yesterday morning and she went to a neighbors house for help and detectives say ratliff and the neighbor got into a fight.
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the chest and he later died at the hospital. deputies have not said if any charges will be filed orange county investigators hope new dna technology will provide new include in the disappearance of an orlando woman. yesterday marked a decade since she vanished she's not been seen since she left her condo for work in 2006. there have been many tips and searches but investigators still don't know what happened. detectives will have state investigators reanalyze evidence from her car. well this week state lawmakers will discuss a proposal that would preserve historical resources from the doser school for boys. 51 sets of remains were found at that school in 2013 and since then investigators identified seven bodies. if approved this proposal would also give money to help affected families to properly bury their loved ones and the bill was drafted after allegations that children were abused and died at the school. polk county deputies say one of the suspect facing fraud charges used the identities of davenports police chief to get
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up $555 in fraudulent ebt purchases this surveillance video shows some of the 11 suspect checking out their purchases and deputies say seven of them were already receiving food stamps under their own names. well, people along the east coast will have a pretty challenging commute to work and school this morning. >> drivers commutes will be slowed down by slick roads and mounds of snow that damaged transit lines. authorities in states from georgia to massachusetts are cautioning against any unnecessary driving. nearly two feet of snow fell in some parts of d.c. over the weekend new york central park set a new 24 hour record and they had 26.8 inches of snow. this morning people along the east coast will spend their morning shoveling snow just to get out of the driveway. >> a record amount of snow must be removed and when i say removed that doesn't mean we can just push it out of the street. it has to be lifted and taken away. >> now at least 28 deaths were
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and d.c. as a result of this snowstorm. the blizzard of course also affecting travel plans for passengers out of orlando international airport. over the weekend it was a mess dozens of trips to places including d.c., new york and baltimore were can eled or delayed so check the status of your flight at tracker. you know, orlando florida is the farthest north i've ever lived in my life, seriously, fun fact so i've never experienced anything like that but it's always pretty at first. >> oh, yeah the first 20 minutes. >> and now they have to deal with serious issues. >> you sound like you know what you're talking about there. >> i mean that's what i saw on facebook this weekend. >> here is a look outside we are frosty this morning downtown orlando, we're checking in at 39 degrees and it is calm, clear skies calm conditions and cold weather the recipe for some of that frost out there and we have a ton of it. 28 now in ocala again dealing with that freeze. freeze warning is up through marion and sumter counties the villages we just dropped a
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few minutes now down to 32, 237 in sanford even cocoa beach we're at 48 and it's cold everywhere this morning bundle up the kids even though we'll be warmer later, again we have that cold start. generally calm conditions winds later today will switch more out of the east and southeast and that's one of the reasons we'll start to see those numbers returning to the upper 60s for some of us and we'll have a lot of sun once it does come up we'll have plenty of sunshine in our forecast so here is sanford 62 by noon, 67 by 2:00, so well into the 60s later today will feel very refreshing now 10 this morning there is your time frame rolling through the afternoon if you work outdoors we're in good shape a few scattered clouds otherwise we'll have sun and conditions but i want to show you what's next with the el nino pattern wednesday looks to be the day of our next storm system good tomorrow but by wednesday morning when i join you, look at some of the rain and storms again starting to feed in from the gulf of outlook wednesday into thursday
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behind the system we'll get into that with the extended forecast in a second. milder today though 68 in orlando and lees bug through mount dora 69 in st. cloud, 69 melbourne and then for tonight as we get over toward talks lake and mascot about 50 so cool but definitely not as cold and tomorrow, we'll get 70s back in the outlook. now here is the outlook as we take you through the rest of the week. five day forecast with the weekend always in view, by wednesday an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms, some of those again could be on the strong side and we'll still see a 70% chance of rain thursday behind the system a brief cool down nothing frigid but 64 on friday and look at that weekend and whose not looking at that weekend at 6:20 on a monday morning 69 on saturday, 74 on sunday. it is 6:20 let's get a look at a crash. >> this crash is con way road right at lake margaret drive partially blocking your intersection here trying to
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crash to be able to get us the better shot of this area keep this in mind troopers will redirect and you won't need an alternate and giving you a quick check along the 408 we haven't had any issues eastbound or westbound along the 408 here this is your traffic coming into downtown orlando. i'll update you about that crash in the next 10 minutes. jamie? home sales in central florida are booming the report just released more good news for anyone looking to sell their house. a truck slammed into an orange county home overnight coming up what the homeowner heard and saw when that driver veered off the road. and next police issued a
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6:24. florida highway patrol is trying to find out why a driver sped away from a traffic stop and later died after running a red light and crashing into another vehicle. the trouble started yesterday morning when that car would not pull over for cocoa police. the ultimately raced through a red light at clearlake road and hit an suv and flipped. miller was killed in the crash. >> we heard this like really really loud boom. i thought maybe they ran into a building or something and then this major siren goes off.
6:21 am
not saying why that driver would not pull over for the traffic stop. bartow police are warning pep auto use caution when they meet people while using a dating app. in the past month four people have been robbed or carjacked after using a dating website or an app. now the victims were met by men with weapons and robbed. police say you should always meet someone you don't know in a public place. ucf board of trustees are set to discuss the contract for a new hotel and conference center on campus this week. the developer would lease about 6.5-acres near the intersection of university boulevard. now the company would pay for the 135 room project and ucf would get a portion of the revenue to support student scholarships. construction on that project can't begin though without the boards approval. ucf board of trustees are also set to vote on whether to reduce course fees for new students who take classes online . the current credit hour rate would be reduced by $33 for online only students. if approved the new fees would begin next summer the board is set to vote on thursday.
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maitland should be open again for rush hour traffic this morning. a project to resurface 1792 from lake avenue to lee road had to be delayed because of the heavy rain we saw last week. the north bound lanes will be closed from 8:00 each night until 7:00 in the morning the project should be finished up on friday. state lawmakers could be ready to make big changes to your child's school schedule. >> coming up the bill that could give students more time outside the classroom. and we're following breaking news a pick up truck went smashing into this man's home. all new at 6:30 the lengths he told us deputies had to go to get the driver into custody. frost all across central florida this morning just dropping off near the freezing point st. cloud and harmony we'll have the out the door temps frosty scenes but also when we'll get a warm up before
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live look for you volusia county the property appraiser's office out there where a number of homeless people continue to camp outside of that building we'll tell you why some people will not be able to report to work this morning because of this issue. we do check weather and traffic every 10 minutes of course a lot of the people bundled up. >> let's begin with brian, we're also getting pictures in from viewers about the frost. >> a lot of them widespread from brevard to marion county a frosty start to our day, very cold but we turn the corner by this afternoon. a frost advisory out for most of us especially up and down i4 and then that freeze warning marion and sumter counties we've been below the freezing point in some spots for several hours, ocala at about 28 and not a hard freeze but again, we've been freezing as you'll get that hard freeze below 28 for several hours, we've been hovering around 28-29, 30 in marion county temperatures around 39 as we get through orlando, sky lake over toward
6:25 am
and groveland, 37 degrees in sanford and 36 now daytona beach and deland, it's cold in volusia county brevard we're cold too at 40 in melbourne. there is the satellite and radar picture we look good clear skies and one of the ingredients for some frost, but as we go throughout the day the sun will warm us up some today. here is a lock at orange county, mccoy elementary lunch time we're at 62 degrees and then you'll see from 2:00-4:00 pleasant temperatures feeling awesome. temperatures around 67, coming up we'll take a look at the frosty scenes and we are tracking our next storm system that will move in this week. we're at 6:31 let's see if we have any problem spots out there. >> not on i4 fortunately so pulling up our camera here i4 at colonial traffic heading into downtown orlando looking good in both directions across i4 at this point but there is a crash con way road right at lake margaret drive. lane blocked right there sky witness 9 is on its way to the scene and as soon as we're able
6:26 am
have about the next seven minutes. jamie? we're following breaking news out of orange county a homeowner is cleaning up after a pick up came crashing into a spare bedroom. >> deputies took the driver into custody shortly after the crash on donny brook drive near state road 50. eye witness news this morning watched the truck it towed away and the homeowner described the driver as possibly being impaired. >> nancy at the top of the hour we shared the homeowner herb baits saying that that car went crashing into a power pole up the road, hit at least two other cars before barreling through his neighbors front yard and smashing into his bedroom and that's where we've seen herb cleaning up and we heard the sound of glass getting swept up as they just start the process this morning. deputies were still here when we first showed up a little more than two hours ago. herb says it was around 3:30 when he woke up to what sounded like an explosion and could see the pick up truck inside his home and the driver still inside the truck. he says that driver never said
6:27 am
walked up the street away from the scene but then came back and he says he thinks that driver was in bad shape after both airbags went off but he says because he says the guy wasn't responding as deputies tried to take him into custody. >> he was impaired some way or another because when you get a gun put in your face you usually listen to commands. >> but that wasn't happening? >> oh, no they had to throw him to the ground. >> as we are still working to find out more from deputies about the driver we've been checking in the jail to find out whether that driver has been booked in and what charges he's facing so we'll keep you updated here on air and on our wftv mobile app as we learn more about the person responsible for driving that truck into herb's spare bedroom. reporting live in orange county, eye witness news this morning. firefighters in daytona beach worked for hours putting out a fire at the old ymcaxe building recently purchased by
6:28 am
on sunday afternoon firefighters say multiple fires were set inside that building. now investigators believe the fire was just a coincidence and not a targeted attack against muslims but firefighters say this is not the first time the fire has been started inside this building. >> we've been out here multiple times for small fires, vague rants gaining access into the building and starting small fires. >> three fire departments joined together to help put out that fire. firefighters believe teenagers are responsible for this one. in osceola county investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked a fatal fire at a mobile home park. on saturday firefighters found a man dead inside his home in kissimmee. a woman was also found inside the home with injuries. she later died at a local hospital and now after finding enough evidence inside the home detectives said the fire was suspicious. neighbors told us they heard gunfire just before the home caught fire. deputies have not confirmed
6:29 am
seminole county deputies arrested a man they say shot into a sanford bar and killed a woman. james pritchard has been charge with the second degree murder and shooting into a public building. a fight broke out during a private party saturday night at the cool breeze bar. that fight eventually lead to the shooting. investigators say he shot a 36 year old and was booked into jail late sunday night. a community meeting regarding the standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge has now been cancelled. a judge ordered that cancellation after protestersplan to block the entrance to the county senior center where that meeting would have been held. since january 2 an armed group has been protesting federal land use policies outside the national wildlife refuge. state lawmakers have been working to get federal authorities to step in and end those protests. we could see another candidate jump into the race for president and it's another new york billionaire. abc news confirmed former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is consider a run as a third party candidate.
6:30 am
said he would like to see bloomberg run in the race but trump is under fire for another controversial remark regarding the loyalty of his supporters. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters okay? it's like incredible. >> this weekend in iowa both hillary clinton and marco rubio were endorsed by the register and trump is still ahead in the polls, the iowa caucus begins next week. a new video showing the nine paris attackers planning out the november 13th attacks has been released by isis. now the footage is too graphic to show because it also shows the attackers committing things like executions and be headings. the vid though shows the lengths they went to carry out the attack and the plans were made in syria and isis threatens to attack england and prime minister david cameron in the video. in orange county the former apopka elementary teacher facing sexual battery charges remains behind bars. now we accessed some 200 pages of documents detailing donald sharp's history with orange
6:31 am
he is acused of molesting a student years ago in an unrelated incident his file shows the principal was aware sharp also allowed student to sit on his lap while he read from the dictionary. he was not charged with a crime in either cases. orlando city council members will meet to vote on the fate of a popular park this week. city leaders are offering the owners of constitution green park $3.4 million and a piece of city owned property. the owners decided to sell this land last year while the city leased the park for $1 a year. city leaders came up with the land swap deal in an effort to preserve the park and a tree there that's more than 100 years old. meanwhile supporters of early education programs in florida say they need more state funding. a report by the early learning consortium shows florida school readiness program has the sixth lowest payment rates for infants and toddlers in the nation. the program also has the seventh lowest for preschoolers. right now more than 60,000 children are on a waiting list for school readiness programs.
6:32 am
play at school could change when state lawmakers consider a new bill. if approved the bill would require school districts to provide at least 100 minutes of recess each week in elementary schools. lawmakers are expected to meet tomorrow morning. the new florida hospital for women in orlando is officially started caring for patients. yesterday was the first official day the hospital took in patients. the new facility offers many services force women including advanced gynecology and clinics for postpartum depression. the hospital also home to the areas first milk depot where mothers can donate breast milk. hospital administrators want to serve women for every need across their life span. your time right now 6:38. we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> brian shields over in severe weather center 9 it's a frosty morning in someplaces. >> all across central florida this one sent in by sandy in palm coast. if you write brian on your windshield that picture always gets on tv just to let you know. this one in deland sent in by
6:33 am
your car is outside, like allisons you've got to allow yourself extra time. maybe just maybe you have an ice scraper and this one just sent in in kissimmee by michelle and you could find me this morning send in pictures updates on the temperatures find me on twitter, instagram and on facebook and we'll pass some of those along but let me show you what's next as we go throughout the day. by 9:46 not bad. 9:00-noon we'll see a quick warm up about 60 by the time we hit noon and then in the afternoon, well into the 60s, 64 by 3:00, most of us top out around 67-68 with lots of sun in the forecast. coming up though we'll time out when another el nino system rolls in with the chance of strong storms. 6:39. >> we just got to the scene of a crash con way road at lake margaret drive and they have been able to get most of that off to the shoulder so keep that in mind that shouldn't cause you any issues and land street road right at orange loss am trail troopers showed
6:34 am
here, but if you end up needing an alternate i'll let you know. several men tried to car jack a mother with her children in the back seat. coming up what she did to protect her children. ahead florida citrus growers watching their crops very closely during this cold weather why the low temps could actually bring some good news for growers. the doors are locked on this county office building coming up why the homeless camp that's been outside for weeks
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time now 6:43 a volusia county office is shutdown this morning over safety concerns that county appraiser says is just too dangerous for employees to report to work with a growing homeless camp right outside.
6:38 am
acused of a costing a woker last week. eye witness news this morning is live at the building and kimberly there's no time frame here for when this may open again. >> reporter: well county leaders tell us this office will open again when it's safe now they haven't given a time frame for when exactly that might be but they say it hinges on a permanent solution to the homeless camp outside this building and you can see this morning dozens of people are sleeping out here on the sidewalks. the doors are locked this morning and they will stay that way. the volusia county property appraiser says that the office inside the administration building on beach street won't reopen until it's safe for workers and the public. when that might be depends on if and when a homeless camp outside the building is moved. the property appraiser says an employee was accosted by one of the dozens of people who have been sleeping on the property for weeks. last night a local church opened its doors to bring them out of the cold.
6:39 am
as we can handle at the church. we're going to be full capacity. >> but it's only a temporary solution to what's become a lasting problem. we were there as county leaders met last week to come up with a more permanent fix. where the camp will move and when is still undecided. something needs to be done now. there are people who are sleeping out here now. they need help now. >> and despite that temporary offer of help last night you can see this homeless camp has not moved. now while the office stays closed we are working to learn more about the incident that forced the shutdown to begin with and we're also asking if there was a police report filed. reporting live in volusia county, eye witness news this morning. also in volusia county we asked how many calls came in while a firefighter allegedly used a city ambulance for personal use while on duty. take a look at this surveillance video. firefighter gregory powder and
6:40 am
ally caused of picking up and dropping off his children. only one call came into daytona beach for an animal complaint so firefighters were not dispatched during this time but city leaders say they still have launched an internal investigation. this week you could learn more about an effort to help families in need through the tiny homes project. tomorrow orange county leaders will held on informational session to discuss the counties partnership with habitat for humanity. the organizers say this project was initiated to help homeless and low income individuals find affordable housing. that's what it looks like. each home only costs about $30,000. well this cold weather has citrus farmers in our area doing everything they can to protect their crops. citrus growers say they are using an irrigation system to protect their plants from freezing. they say the water creates an ice shield around the fruit and protects it from the cold now the plants can survive in cold weather but they can't live in temperatures below freezing. growers tell us a little bit of
6:41 am
take a look at this. snow flurries we're seeing in parts of north florida. butler saturday. snowflakes were also reported in several counties including clay, columbia, union and duvall. exciting stuff. i also heard gainsville saw snow flurries as well. rumors swirling over the weekend about who saw snowflakes. it's exciting. >> yeah, right? >> people in the north east are just laughing at us. >> i know. >> that's okay. we'll take it and we have a frosty start, our version of snow. i don't know. cocoa beach beautiful look at the sun as it is coming up we'll see a lot of it and today we'll start to warm up some, 48 degrees now though in cocoa beach, sunrise 7:13 sunset at 5:57 and with that freeze going on, marion sumter counties been watching over toward lake pan wildwood, right up through ocala, anthony rainbow springs, lots of 20s around not quite a
6:42 am
freeze we'll watch out for that 32 at the freezing point in the villages and fruitland park and 39 in orlando, so again, that chill with us seminole, volusia counties in the 30s, mid 30s in flagler county and again 30s and 40s osceola and brevard. now the winds are calm so the cold temps, clear skies, calm conditions, a good recipe for all that frost to form and we've been seeing it for brevard to marion county but with the clear skies comes a lot of sun for today. so outdoor 61 at noon and it will be nicer bundle up but by the afternoon you could take off that jacket 66 by the time we hit 4:00 so future track just kind of going through the time frame good shape for anything you have planned today recess time for the kids, through 6:00 a scattered cloud or two, and that is it but i also want to show you what's next. this is tomorrow. tomorrow looking good i can't rule out a stray shower tomorrow, not a big issue but let me get into wednesday look what happens wednesday again gulf of mexico active again,
6:43 am
florida into central florida another el nino-like storm system wednesday into thursday so stay tuned to the forecast chance of stronger storms on wednesday. now today a milder afternoon, 68 and you'll see the temps, 64 palm coast, port orange, ponds inlet, daytona beach around 66 for today. tonight cool but not as cold again most of us, most of us running in the 50s for tonight and then by tomorrow some 70s return but then we get those changes, here is a look. five day forecast with the weekend always in view. rain chance 80% wednesday, rain and storms move in and they linger into thursday. the storm system comes in a couple different waves and after thursday not a ton of cold air back behind it and it will look great friday a little cooler 64 but then we warm up pretty quickly 69 saturday and 74 on sunday. well timed brian. we're going on 6:50 let's get a look at a few issues on that drive. >> this is i4 westbound right
6:44 am
lanes are blocked because of furniture that has fallen on to the lanes there so keep that in mind if you're about to leave the house heading from volusia into seminole county they are working to clear that out of the way. i'll let you know if it ends up causing too many issues i am watching the cameras and i'll update you in five minutes . across the country gas prices dropped about $0.14 in just the last two weeks including central florida right now in orland "average price for a gallon of gas is about $1.77 almost $0.20 cheaper than the same time last year. these are the cheapest gas prices that we've seen in the last seven years. they may not last much longer. the price of crude oil is rising again and experts say the drop in prices may end soon. nba super star shaquille o'neal is playing basketball again years after his retirement. why shack is teaming up with a group of local police officers for game street ball. and we're continuing to follow breaking news where a driver crashed into a man's home. coming up hear him describe
6:45 am
finding a truck in his spare bedroom. and 9 investigates found out nearly a third of the inmates at the orange county jail have a diagnosed mental illness. coming up at 7:00 a.m. on eye witness news this morning on central florida's tv 26 we're asking why nothing has
6:46 am
time now 6:53 we are staying on top of breaking news where a driver crashed a peck up into a man's house. eye witness news this morning was the first reporter there on the scene on donny brook drive where this happened near state road 50 and the 417, one of the coldest mornings and this man finds a gaping hole in his house. >> reporter: jamie behind me you can see where they are boarding up that hole where you bedroom. in the last hour i spoke with the homeowner herb baits who said he had been sleeping when he was startled awake around 3:30. >> i was asleep and i heard a big explosion, i had no idea what it was and then come out my bedroom door, of course this is right across and i looked out and seen a car sitting there. >> we were the first crew on the scene and found that white pick up truck still lodged into herb's home. since we came on the air at 5:00 you've heard him describe how he says the driver seemed impaired as deputies took him into custody.
6:47 am
a power pole and hit a couple cars before barreling through his neighbor's yard, running over a fence and then crashing into his home. we're working to find out who that driver is and what charges he's facing this morning so we'll keep you updated with any new information over on tv 27 starting at 7:00 and on our wftv news app throughout the day. reporting live in orange county, eye witness news this morning. government officials say a driver killed in south carolina is the ninth person to die in the u.s. and the tenth worldwide because of defective airbag. after this latest crash, safety takata airbags. at least 5 million vehicles are part of the recall and experts say the airbags can explode releasing metal and you may remember an orlando woman was also killed by a faulty airbag in 2014. a father in volusia county says he has no idea why his daughter would help a prison
6:48 am
deputies say 24 year old natasha quigley helped boyfriend cutoff his gps monitor and escape his work release program. detectives say his three year old son was also in the get away car and we heard from her father yesterday and he says his daughter would never do something like this and he just wants his grandson back. investigators say the missing couple drove off in a white 2010 chevy cobalt. time is 6:56 an osceola county man was arrested for impersonating an orlando police officer. he went before a judge saturday and investigators say he first showed a driver in point sienna an altered badge and handcuffs and then threatened to arrest the driver to get him to give up his car. his bond was set at more than $40,000. a deal to restructure $8.2 billion in debt epuerto rico electric power authority is now falling apart. puerto rican lawmakers had until midnight friday to aprove conditions for the bond swap including putting a debt payment charge directly on the
6:49 am
behind the big migration to central florida. local agencies say thousands of people rhiannon ally i'veing from the island every month. in the u.s. home sales rebounded in december and total sales in 2015 with the most they've been in nine years . steady job growth and low mortgage rates drew more buyers into the market and the national association of realtors said sail of existing homes climbed 14.7% last month. this week florida lawmakers are expected to tuesday new bills relitted to ride sharing is services like uber and lyft. ledge escalators could make a decision on what insurance the drivers must carry and also consider a measure that would prevent local governments from regulating the ride sharing services. right now the mexican peso has fallen to a report low against the u.s. dollar. one mexican peso is now worth a little more than five american cents. experts say this dramatic crash independent oil prices caused the drop in mexico's currency. rising interest rates from the u.s. federal reserve in december have also contributed to the fall making it harder
6:50 am
well new images from outer space this morning take a look at the photos captured by nasa's telescope, nasa says this diamond like cluster of young stars is only about 500,000 years old including the brightest stars in the milky way. today orlando commissioners are expected to aprove a land deal with the orlando city soccer club. owners of the team agreed to buy the land under the stadium from the city when they decided to privately fund the entire project. the team will pay the city $18 million, spread out over 15 years and the privately owned stadium will cost about $155 million and the stadium is expected to open for the start of the 2017 season and we'll let you know what happens starting on eye witness news at 4:00. well this is a great story a group of kids in gainsville got a surprise visit from a basketball star after a viral video spread across the internet. >> earlier this week a neighbor called police complaining that the kids were playing ball too loudly in the street.
6:51 am
them officer bobby white decided to go out and shoot hoops with the boys. white then returned to the neighborhood with former orlando magic player shaquille o'neal on saturday and they go head-to-head in a game. he then stuck around and posed for pictures and signed basketballs. >> great story. >> so good to see. 6:58 we check weather and traffic. >> brian chilly again this morning. >> yes lots of frost around again you may want to allow yourself some extra time if your car is outdoors we're at 40 bumping up a degree in orlando still 20s in marion county 41 in new smyrna beach. we will be warmer today five day forecast with the weekend in view 68 by the afternoon 70s tomorrow, but a better chance of rain and storms on wednesday some could be strong but we will set the stage for pretty nice weekend. 6:59. >> you have a couple of lanes of i4 westbound blocked after saxon boulevard because of furniture that's fallen on to the interstate so keep that in mind if you would be passing through that area any time soon
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