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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 25, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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an elephant gives a thund thunderous warning to some dogs. see the baby in the middle of the epic battle. why firefighters have no other choice but to go in and get her. >> students give a beloved cafeteria worker a chance to see the northern lights. >> $2,500. everyone donated.
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>> now meet the lucky lady headed to her dream trip. >> is some of your babies going to get extra mashed potatoes or bacon on the side. want. >> a jeweler offers an engagement ring for free. >> but you have to propose in the next 48 hours. >> the race to pull off a moment of the lifetime. >> then she asks, how much does the ring cost? who is paying for all of this. >> as you can see these older elephants proved tempting for these wild dogs. the elephants get a little you upset when the dogs get a little too close. >> i love the sound of an angry they're like the beast of the world. i love it. >> and those wild dogs, they still try to pursue. keep going.
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side. the dogs have numbers and that's in their favor big time. >> you see one right there. they're behind the bushes and the wild dogs aren't very aware of it yet but you see right about here, one reveals itself in the bushes. >> back up. >> it's not like you can't see them yet but the dogs are like we're hungry. there's a baby. it's like blood in the water. they're still going to make an attempt because they think they have the elephants outnumbered but even if they do, they're big elephants that just come to assistance. >> you see them helping that baby up that bank. that little one couldn't have gotten up there by itself. >> and these big boys here. >> i couldn't imagine being trapped in this situation. being stuck on that caged balcony on the fourth floor as
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>> all these balconies are like death cages. there's no fire escapes, no ladders, no way out at all. >> this woman is squatting down in the corner of the small balcony and you see firefighters here. >> that's not supposed to be designed for the weight. you see where the air condition will be. in itself that's a risk. >> do you know what that looks like? a jail. >> and these people are held prisoner when something bad happens. luckily they were able to go get her quickly and bring her down. you'll see several firefighters coming out of the building and they have her right on their back. >> the building was filled with smoke. that's to help protect her and they have them themselves as well. they carrie her out and she's okay. thankfully. >> great by that team.
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breathing apparatus off and she just looks so relieved that she is okay. >> that's the definition of between a rock and a hard place. she had nowhere to go. there was nothing she could do to save herself if it wasn't for these guys. >> something needs to be done that there's no fire escape. there needs to be a means of escape for you besides the front door to get out. >> this lovely lady here is a dining hall worker. she made an impact on the students that frequent the dining hall. they love her. they fall in love with her. once she had a conversation with one of them where she told him she would really like to see the northern lights but assumed she would probably never be able to afford to go. so check out what the students did. >> all of these people right here -- >> and i'm going to whip each
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>> we set up a go fund me and over 150 of your students shared and donated and that's where you're going. >> oh, yes. >> she's like a motherly figure to you. you see her every day. >> see that's why i love my babies. >> she in tears runs over to every single one of the students and starts hugging them but not before being called over for another part of her gift. >> so you have a camera you can take pictures of. so there's your brand new camera. >> these are broke college kids too. >> right. >> and they're all giving what they don't have to give this lady the dream trip. >> where is she going? >> wait until we ask her directly. joining us via skype from the dining hall at asu, we have quinton, vicki and hannah that recorded the video. welcome to the show guys. >> so where exactly are you going to see the northern lights. >> that's a good question. >> we're thinking either alaska
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it's up in the air at the moment. but one of the two. >> as long as i get to see the lights i'm happy. i want to dance with the lights. >> tell me about your relationship with the students and why they're so willing to give back to you? >> i told them when i first moved out here, i left all my babies in chicago so they're my babies now. i told them i'm their momma why they're here. this is their home for nine months and i'm the momma. >> so that means they must be asking for money and potatoes. i thought about the fraternities they have been getting a lot of black eyes in the press lately but you said they came forward. >> a lot of their members are embarrassed already so they got word of it and pulled their money together and donated through the name of the fraternity. >> have you picked the date? >> spring break.
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to see the northern lights. are some babies getting mashed potatoes and bacon on the side? >> my babies will get whatever they want. >> people ask me all the time nick what's your favorite video after all time? it's a difficult question to answer. do you guys remember this one? eric tied a whole bunch of balloons on to a lounge chair and went up into the air and began to shoot out with a gun. one of the originators of the nitro circus crew. sadly he passed away this past september with a skydiving incident. they still want to prefer the live like roner lifestyle. he had a huge appetite for life. here they are tranquilizing annals. >> i'm really curious as to what
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>> they're going to take down roner with a tranq gun. >> don't get any ideas, sir. >> oh. >> look how he falls down. >> this is amazing. >> of course they're not just going to tranquilize him and knock him out. they're going to mess with him. >> she's cracking up the whole time. >> tell me you wouldn't love to shoot me or him. >> oh. >> he's a little dopey after this incident. i love that the nitro circus group put this out. there's a website for eric to continue to promote his larger than life personality. we're sad to have not eric with us anymore but this is a great tribute to him.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to >> p closed captioning provided by. me. sorry. get a free quote at >> you protect your grill at all costs, right? >> sure. >> imagine being out on the slope with her and this happening. >> oh no, oh no. >> this couple is in mount whitney, california and she went tumbling 750 feet down this mountain. >> he's not going to make an attempt to go get her? >> i feel like he doesn't want to cling himself into danger too. >> the mountain got icy and he was leading the way when she came past him bumped him and
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but she is okay. >> it happened last year but they posted it in january. i know they're both happy that they made it out of there in one piece. >> these hikers were out and about when they saw this giant sea saw and decided that they should all get on and balancing out a little bit. >> come on, you're old enough to know better. this is a bit of a risky one. >> i don't think that they knew this was going to happen. dave swifted the weight and now they're going to shift it again and. >> arrow. oh, no, no, no. >> one by one these fellows go sliding down. a few of them just jumped ship. they're like, do you know what, i'm out. y'all are laughing but i couldn't find this funny and then our boss called my mom to
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and she said it was funny. >> cody, how about a bad day. >> you're dead. >> oh, that's the worst of days. >> and now you're here for process processing. >> this is a unique opportunity. >> what does that mean? >> well, we invite you here to ask any questions you like about your life, the universe. >> any question and you'll give the answer. >> okay. any question. straight answer. there's got to be a catch. >> you have one minute. >> when does the time start? >> it already has. >> okay. one minute, ask any question get any answer you want. >> okay. 50 seconds. so there's an after life? >> yes. >> are aliens real. >> yes. >> did they crash in roswell. >> no. >> did my dad love me? >> yeah. >> how many pounds of hair did i grow in my life. 85 pounds. >> how many pools of pie did i fill? >> who cares. >> he starts with really great questions we're all curious about. >> i'm curious about how much
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>> .8% of one olympic size pool. >> that's it? >> that's a huge amount. >> if a tree falls. >> yes. >> was the moon landing a hoax. >> no. >> should i have gone to law school. >> yes. >> think back to the life i just lived. >> did my girlfriend cheat on me? did she know i cheated on her? >> yeah. >> am i going to he recollects ll for that? >> yeah. >> who are you? >> i'm santa claus. >> really? >> no not really. >> there's one pretty important question you should ask. >> am i actually dead? >> okay. no. >> then where am i? >> you cheated on me?
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you're on an episode where we catch real life cheaters with fake after life confessionals. we built a box around you and interviewed you all to find out the truth. >> oh my. >> it is a brilliantly put together rapid fire sketch from the guys chris and jack. their youtube channel. >> tune in next time for more perg purgatory. >> he has a simple request. >> drop my phone for me so i can get a new one. >> still to come, it's paint ball warfare in the sky. >> you better have a good shot. >> see why this mash up is a real hit. plus they offer to give him a ring but there's a catch. >> you have to propose in the next 48 hours.
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promotional consideration provided by. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. tweet us at right this minute and follow the show all day long. kyle is at helsburg diamonds and they have something special for him. they said we want to give you this ring. you don't have to buy it but there is one ca verks veat. >> there always is. >> you have to propose in the next 48 hours. >> let's do it. >> they set him up with a party planner.
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stages with a ton of candles. >> now he has to call her and tell a fib. >> small lies. the back burner of every marriage. >> they're looking for real life couples so they want to use us. >> okay. founds fun. >> i'll call them back and let you know. >> so now the rush is on to get this done. >> they get a masseuse and tie. >> they gave him everything he needed. i thought he had to come up with everything in the next 48 hours to have a nice proposal. all he had to do is say sure. let's do it. >> he had help. he does have to pick flowers. >> what do i know about flowers? not a lot. >> we have gone through madison's pinterest page. >> i want to spend the rest of our lives together. he dropped to one knee and she
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>> thank goodness. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> how did you do all of this? >> it's a long story. >> but a one. hopefully they'll live happily ever after. >> he's just in there looking at rings and before you know it he's engaged officially. >> i'm a big fan of mash ups. music mash ups. sports mash ups even more fun in my opinion. let's take skydiving and put it together with weapon ri. okay. non-lethal weaponry and the guys at sky dive temple teaming up with shoot and shoot. paint balling. you better have a good shot doing that. primary foe primary focus number one, you
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>> they get into the stacked formation because they're shooting in team. >> i live 30 minutes. >> that will be a good way to do this. part of the problem with this is you have to steer with two hands and you have to shoot so they're honestly, this is no joke, working on a bike trigger system to fly with both hands. >> i can't wait to see the first gold medallist in that sport. >> you see a couple of misfires here but they do tell us they're worth a couple of strikes. three hits on guys so it does work and they're not done evolving this sports mash up of paint ball skydiving. >> he's already to go. he has that nerve machine gun but wouldn't do well up in the air like that. >> wouldn't work like that. >> a new series is exploring the
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taking a look at.
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>> traveling can be exhausting when you have to do it for business. some ideas on how you can set up your hotel room and make it more comfortable and accessible. >> here's a couple of ways to set up your hotel room.
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hotel room door in case you forget your number. >> show them this picture. >> he's being surprised. if you travel a lot and you're in different hotels every single time you're like where was i? >> if the room smells bad you can hang a dryer sheet over the air conditioning unit to freshen up the place. >> place it over the vent to make your room nice and fragrant and also one of those into the laundry bag in case you have stinky. >> traveling with a portable power trip is areat way to ensure you can charge all of your devices. >> make your hotel nice and the road. >> there's absolutely no denying that technology has taken over our lives. this particular video is talking about the show time series dark net which doves into how technology has impacted almost every single aspect of our lives. in this case they're in japan talking to single people there
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what. >> she is a digital character that you have on your smartphone. you can have a relationship with, tell her you love her. ask her questions. she'll answer ba. sounds like based on the information they provide some people in japan don't care to have a relationship with someone else. >> this is an interesting concept because we are so connected that we're disconnected. >> it's interesting you say that as well. in japan they were talking about all of these people that just stay inside. they live inside a room and only communicate over computer because they're more comfortable doing it that way. >> people lose all social skills because they don't talk to each other anymore. >> there's a level of intimacy that's lacking. >> dating is not the only thing
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it does use people using technology to improve their disable. they're people just trying to use technology to change who they are. >> all technologies i've used help me regain control over my environment. >> this is the most fulfilling and satisfying relationship i have had. >> it's fascinating to think about. >> technology is incredible and innovative and does do amazing things but opens up the other side. the dark side of it as well. >> there's no way to turn it off. there's no stopping technology. we just have to learn to live with it in a healthy way. >> that's probably not going to happen. >> that's it. that's all we've got for you today.
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