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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 500am  ABC  January 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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developing right now, officers are piecing together what happened during an officer-
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suspect was not the one shot. but first we go to severe weather center 9 with marina jurica. >> reporter: the satellite radar has a lot of high level clouds, but we will see a lot of sunshine moveing into the day today. with sunshine and southerly flow, we are definitely looking at a warmer rest of the day. it's comfortable and quite cool. it's 41 in ocala, and 42 in cocoa beach. over the last few hours, we have seen an 11-degree temperature drop. it's cooler than yesterday morning, but it's short lived. upper 60s to 70 along the coastline today. if you're headed to the beach, we are headed to the beach with the forecast. >> reporter: officers are
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happened during the shooting a busy street in salburg. julie salomones live. we are waiting to hear how the victim was involved. >> reporter: we don't know if the victim was a bystander or how the victim was involved. >> this stretch of road was blocked off for several hours, and now it's back home. sanford police got a call about a suspicious man holding a gun at 1792 airport boulevard on friday night. shots were fired, and police returned fire. one person was shot, but the victim is not the person in custody. we are still working to find out how the person was involved in the situation, and there's a lot of unanswered questions, and we asked police if the victim was a bystander or related to the suspect. we are told all of those are
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investigators are working to answer, and we are told fdle is investigating which is standard procedure any time there's an officer-involved shooting. deputies need your help finding this missing girl. this is destiny gray. she was last seen at the woodridge apartment complex are she lives. deputies say she was sent to the complex office for an errand, but she didn't come back. if you see her, you're asked to call the sheriff's office. st. cloud police are looking for answers on what happened to a man and woman. they were both in their 90s. we will bring you more information once it is released. a group of suspected carjackers sparked an officer-
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a chase yesterday morning on conway road, ending on south street. the owner of a pet grooming business says she jindaled cameras 4 years ago, and two of -- she installed cameras 4 years, and two of them captured this when they refused to surrender to police. >> state agents are handling the investigation, and they have not released any names. the homeless are no longer camped outside of a volusia county administration building. last night the daytona beach police showed up, and they said they could move to a setup at the salvation army or be arrested under the camping ordinance.
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for refusing to leave. >> they could do a lot better. they are doing what they can. that's all i can say. >> the police chief said they had to do something because of the inappropriate behavior at night. he plans to release video next week that shows criminal activity going on at the camp. we are just 2 days away from the voting of the 2016 presidential race. the iowa caucuses will give us the first official reed on how the candidates are doing on the campaign trail. the races are night in both parties. >> reporter: in the final push for votes in the iowa caucuses, donald trump throws another blow at ted cruz. >> he's an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz is not firing back. >> he is welcome to say whatever he likes. i like and respect him. >> reporter: cruz is now
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headline, "rough night for cruz." >> the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: hillary clinton pounds the pavement for votes. >> i need you to come caucus on monday night. >> reporter: the state department delivered a bomb shell, declaring 22 e-mails sent from her private server top secret. her republican opponents are are pouncing. >> this is a disqualifier! >> reporter: she is in a tight race with bernie sanders who is urging volunteers to do turnout. >> beg, borrow, kidnap, whatever you have to do. is that illegal in iowa.
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clinton is bringing out all the stops with bill here to promote her, and chelsea will be joining her mother this weekend. tomorrow is the last day you can enroll for health insurance to avoid paying a penalty. you have to pay $695 per person or 2. 2.5% of your household income, whatever is greater. coverage. deputies are searching for the man who is accused of fatally shooting a 15-year-old while he was drive the. tayvon harris died at a local hospital, and authorities are working to determine a motive. commissioner regina hill showed us this death
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florida, and it says the cause of death is unknown, but a contributing factor was bleach. >> hill says she went to the hospital the day before her death and said someone threw bleach on her. >> whoever threw the bleach on her, i need answers. >> reporter: tallahassee police will not say if they are working it as a murder. the family of zander quigley held this candle light vigil last night.
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girlfriend escape from his work zander with them. there's a 10% jump in handguns this year. there was an increase of the guns taken off the streets this year, most handguns and shotguns. orange county residents have been dealing with the new automated garbage service. people live on powers ridge court in orlando say this yard waste has been on the curb since january 1st and they made several calls to solid waste before reaching out to us. when we called yesterday, the death was cleared up.
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are teaching residents how to increase their chances of survival if they are in an active shooter situation. it runs 10:00 a.m. to noon. if you have been anywhere near the daytona international speedway, you heard the roar of the engines, and yesterday, racers took part in the continental sport challenge. the draft leader said they are seeing strong ticket sales, and if you go to the track, you can get an up close look at the renovation. time now, 5:10, and marina jurics in severe weather center 9. >> it will be warming up, and a lot of sunshine.
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quieter than yesterday. we are just warming up. 68 to 70 today with the moderate chop. we will be looking at moderate to high rips. if you're swimming in the chilly waters, just make sure it's near a life guard station for sure. ocala looking beautiful today. after cool start, topping out at 69 degrees at 4:00. college park in the i-4 corridor, 58 at 10:00, and 70 for the high this afternoon, and then titusville, starts out with fog this morning, and clearing up with plenty of sunshine and the high of 66. enjoy it! it's going to be a top 10 weekend out there. a man who admitted to slashing a woman's throat has not been sentenced. the new twist in the case that made the victims wait for justice even longer.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist marina jurica. hope you're having a great saturday so far it's a weekend you want to make sure you get out and enjoin. we are starting on a cool note, but we will rapidly warm up with sunshine and the southerly flow. this is the radar at 5:15. we are seeing high level clouds, but don't worry. we will get a lot of sunshine as we move in towards the rest of the day. eventually this will pop over with a strong southerly flow for the next few days that will help us, believe it or not, get
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if you like the cool temperatures, get out there this morning. 41 in downtown orlando. 47 in daytona beach, and 52 is the hot spot at cocoa beaches. we are in the 30s and 40s, the lowest dew points we have seen in quite some time. it's a very comfortable morning, and it will be a very nice rest of the day and weekend, calm winds after a bluster i will day yesterday. and we change that into the other than south easterly wind. cool and clear to start. 40s ruling for a lot of sunshine warming into the 70s, and comfortable as we are in the 50s. not too much to track, except the fair weather clouds this afternoon. tomorrow morning, we will see more cloud coverage than we did today. sunday will be parking lotly cloudy as today will be mostly
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temperatures will be 85 by tuesday, and then once the next cold front rolls in thursday into friday. the average high for this time of the year is 71, and we will be above that for the next 5 days. calm winds will be chilly to the northwest. the weekend always in view with the 5-day forecast, the sunshine rolling in on monday, and then the clouds increase, 80s returning, and a better chance of rain wednesday, darlene? >> covering orange county a69- year-old woman attacked in her justice. douglas reid is accused of attacking her. >> i had my victim statement
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could tell him what i thought, how i felt, and how he has affected my life. >> we reached out to attorneys on both sides, but neither would talk about the case. reid could face life in prison, and the next court date is set for next month. a man has been threatened to life after he was convicted of stabbing a woman 70 times. he was a juvenile at the crime, and his resentencing hearing has now been scheduled for may. lake county mother is facing child neglect charges. in november, amanda kirkland and her 6-month-old daughter were in the car with travis bricks when he threw a brick at
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back, and hit the baby. both were arrested, but now kirkland has been arrested. a man sued for tax fraud can no longer prepare taxes in 2013, our action team was there when the organization was raided for tax fraud. the owner of the business was sued for allegedly preparing fraudulent tax runs. he is not allowed to operate a tax return business. two men accused of defrauding medicaid out of half a million dollars are now in jail. keith daly and kenneth derbon were were arrested. they billed medicaid for services people never received. they used a doctor's fraudulent
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daly's bond has already been set at $200,000. a huge mistake left a family with no home to live. it's a company that action 9 has investigated before. todd ulrich found out the state just took action against the contractor. >> reporter: 2 years after the new home was supposed to be done, jenny rulan and francisco vegga cannot move in. >> reporter: you have paid the builder for a finished house? >> yes. >> reporter: that's not what you got? >> we cannot move in. >> reporter: they signed a $145,000 contract with kvc custom homes. the final home cannot pass final inspection because there's no septic system. the company's attempt to build it failed and then they stopped trying. >> i can't just deal with it. >> reporter: the couple has been forced to live in a motel for 2 years.
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builder 10 months ago, and another family paid for this house that kcv stopped building even though they had all the customer's cash. the state found probable cause that the contractor violated regulations by abandoning the job but keeping customer funds, and buyer, shayla lopez. >> i don't want them to feel pity, just keep to what the contract states. >> reporter: another buyer bo won this lawsuit against kvc. >> reporter: there's homeowners who have been hurt here. >> sir, do what we tell you and don't be so disrespectful. >> reporter: later he told me that a costly retaining wall was order for the septic system is, and he says they are not
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and he claims the owners breeched their contract. >> what a nightmare. kvc says sheila's project has stalled because she stopped paying. the company has an f. rating with the bbb. the clue that investigators hope will help them track down attackers.
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right now the gunman who held an osceola county company hostage for nearly 10 hours is still on the run. the deputies say the department suspects broke into the home on thursday. they tied up the mother and daughter and took the boyfriend away in a car. he was found hours later tied
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the neighbors say they are terrified. >> it's scary to think it was that close to your house where you have a kid and just wondering what the motives were and just, you know, i hope they catch these guys. >> investigators said they believe the family was targeted, and they are now going over surveillance video to try to identify the suspects. assisted osceola county man facing 17 counts of abuse on a sexually young girl is facing additional charges for assaulting another girl. the 57-year-old is in jail awaiting trial. brown was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl for more than a year. it's believed that brown may have abused an 18-year-old girl. his bond is set at more than $300,000. investigators are working to find out if a woman intentionally walked into traffic on thursday night.
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state troopers he didn't see her. traffic was backed up on international driver for hours after the crash. shapute was visiting canada. an investigation is underway over what happened during a police shootout. the victim is was not the suspect in the case. we are working to find out the identity of the victim and the suspect. we are warming up over the next few days. i have details after the break. for a complete list on how
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developing right now, investigators are piecing together what happened during an officer-involved shooting on a busy street. good morning, it's saturday, january 30th. it's 5:30. let's get you outside to look at downtown orlando on this beautiful saturday morning. marina jurica is live. i hear you good news? >> it's beautiful. after back-to-back days of rain, i'm sure a lot of people are enjoying that mother nature
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it's been a busy january so far, and we have seen so much rain, and our average is usually just a touch over 2 inches, and in orlando, we have seen over 5.5 inches, and over 7-inches in daytona beach, and melbourne and daytona beach have the second and third wettest januaries on record. we are looking at new rain fall totals headed into the end of the week. the villages west to east looking beautiful today. topping out at 68 with the sunshine. in sanford, topping out at 70 degrees by the time we head into 5:00, and this is after a little bit of fog this morning. more clouds rolling in this the afternoon, with 68 for the high. >> developing right now, we are working to get more information
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shooting in the middle of a busy street. eyewitness news this morning's julie salomone is live. suspect right now? >> reporter: at this point they have the person in custody this is the stretch of 1792 where it happened last night. the road was blocked off for several hours, and now it's back open this morning. >> eyewitness news is working to learn more about the string of events leading up to sanford police opening fire around 1792 and airport boulevard at 6:45 on friday night. police were called to the area regarding a suspicious man who was armed, and when they police returned fire. >> it was weird and confusing and scary. we don't know what happened to who or anything. >> reporter: we are told the person hit is not the suspect
5:30 am
it's unclear who fired the bullets who hit the victim. we are working to find out how situation. >> right now, it's the initial stages, and the investigation is now underway. >> reporter: sky witness 9 was over the scene, including a corridor that was usually busy on a friday night. we asked if the victim was a bystander or relater to the suspect -- related to the suspect. those are questions they are working to answer. fdle is investigating, standard procedure for any time there's an officer-involved shooting. julie salomone, eyewitness news this morning. marion county detectives are asking for your
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bedenbaw was found dead in her home, and if you have any information, you should call police. investigators said a worker found a young man's body yesterday while performing weed ridge road. they are looking into a connection for the pearson. pearson was reported missing on tuesday by his family. for 44 days, the volusia county homeless county had been at the county building, but last night officers helped them pack up their stuff and find a place to stay for the night. the daytona beach police announced after 44 days here, those who needed a place to live would be moved somewhere else. >> reporter: if you have
5:32 am
pack it up and free to leave. if you refuse to leave, you're going to be arrested under the camping ordinance. >> reporter: some did leave. one person was arrested, and others got on the buss to get the help they desperately needed. 86 beds were available less than a mile from here. one man says he will go, but there's a lot of work that needs to be done. >> they are doing what they can, but it's for them to get us off the street. they don't want the tourists seeing homeless people on the street. >> reporter: the chief said they had to do something because of the increase in crime. >> it started as a thing to bring attention to the homeless issue, and now it's outset debotchry when the sunsets down. >> reporter: city officials and those who help the homeless came up with this temporary solution. josh wagner says they are competitive in building a place for the homeless in daytona.
5:33 am
making this push without going to the next step. that wouldn't make sense. >> police told us the chief had detectives embedded in the camp for hours and took video of the crime happening there, and he plans to release the video next week. next week florida lawmakers will make a decision on controversial bills. one would allow people to carry a gun on a college campus. florida is one of five states that don't let people openly carry in some form. deputies have shut down a criminal fencing operation. it's believed edward shrapa and others were using school accounts to order automotive items for his own personal use he is on administrationive leave and has been with the
5:34 am
orange county deputies say hotel security guard was caught ripping off the guest he was hired to protect. edward sespades used to work at the lake windom resort near disney world but it was guests. a family is planning to sue disney over a snakebite. >> a snake in animal kingdom fell on to an 8-year-old boy and then wrapped around him. >> how family members say that led to the death of the boy's great grandmother. i'm cracking when we are going to see rain next. don't worry.
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alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. yeah don' t give me that look... for an early delivery, and an ikea closet s always ready. time now is 5:40. it's still dark out there on this saturday morning. this is a live look over downtown orlando. marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. we are seeing a cool shift this weekend. >> reporter: it's a cool start, but it will rebound quite nicely today. we will see southerly winds rule over the next few days. because of that, and of course, the fact that we will see a lot of sunshine, we will warm up nicely to the low 70s inband
5:38 am
70 along the coastline. west to east, ocala is looking like a beautiful day. in apopka and the i-4 corridor, we will have a lot of sunshine, and in bell mourn as we take a look at the coast, we are going to see a little more cloud coverage later this evening. through the day, plenty of sunshine with the high of 68. the full beach forecast in the 6:00 hour. a local attorney is planning to file a lawsuit after he says a trip to disney world caused a great grandmother's death. the family took a trip to animal kingdom in 2014. an 8-year-old boy says a snake fell from the tree and bit him. 2 days later his great grandmother who witnessed the attack. matt morgan, the family attorney, believes disney is responsible for her death. >> until we know what disney knew, question not pass judgment as to whether or not
5:39 am
>> disney is calling any claims of negligence a misrepresentation of the facts. the orlando soccer footprint is continuing to grow. plans for the $20 million
5:40 am
a stanford couple is facing charges after using their two young children to try to steal from wal-mart. the couple you can see here used their sons as lookouts as they took off the device on an atv. both are charged with theft. officials say on wednesday
5:41 am
dumpster. conway says two teenagers doctor jumped in his car when he was not looking. the two teenagers crashed into an unmarked volusia county officer's vehicle. a third party must step in after the teacher's union declared an impasse after it didn't accept the 2.25% district. both sides have to agree to a recommendation by a third party. >> 4% would have been reasonable, and we were stepping down each time as they should have been stepping up, and once they got to their point, they were done, and we weren't. >> the seminole county teachers got a 3% race last year, and that was their first raise in 5 years and the health insurance deductibles have gone up by $750.
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has been keeping half a dozen chicken in their backyard has just over 2 weeks to get rid of them. the family has been issued three code violations, and they have until february 15th to get rid of them, or they will be fined $50 a day. the cooler temperatures for the python challenge may be helping hunters bring in bigger names. at least 66 burmese pythons have been turned in. it's estimated there's thousands of invasive pythons in the everglades. 9 family connection is partnering with the heart of familyway to help you get the biggest refund check possible during this tax season. we want to make sure qualified families file for free and get the biggest refund.
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and the assistance is available with free advice. the area. the refund is sent directly to the individual. >> reporter: last year they saved over $17 million in feels for the people of florida. everyone likes a to save a little bit every now and then. >> it's beautiful. >> top 10, i hope you get a chance to get out there and enjoy. if you don't, monday and beautiful. the next frontal system will bring rain and issues once again to our workweek, wednesday, thursday, and friday for next week. for now, nice and quiet. there's high-level clouds, but don't worry, plenty of sunshine as we head into the day today. high pressure is dominating, and with the southern wind, we are starting off cool, but we will not stay that way.
5:44 am
we have seen an 11-degree temperature drop, but that's it. we are going into an upswing for the rest of the weekend. futuretrack 9 is not tracking much. a few clouds will start to stroll in later this afternoon. sunday will be cloudier than today. partly cloudy skies moveing into the day tomorrow. the next storm system coming in on wednesday through friday of next week, and basically more rain and storms are expected. as this cold front will approach on wednesday, it's going to stall out, basically setting up shop and give us rain through the end of the week, but not today. in downtown orlando, hour-by- hour, looking at a gorgeous start. 67 already by noon, after starting out in the 40s, and we head into the afternoon, topping out at 70, 72 degrees, and then we will be looking at 68 by 5:00. tonight as well. mostly sunny, warming up with a lot of sunshine today, 52 tonight, mostly clear,
5:45 am
great about this time of the year. the dew points are especially low. and we are getting absolutely fantastic weather. for the stretch, believe it or not, 81 on tuesday before we then see the next frontal system bring us showers and cooler temperatures for the rest of the week. darlene? >> it's 5:38. the orlando magic stretched their losing streak to 7 games last night. not good news. christian bruey has more. >> reporter: since the start of the year, it's been one big, long red slide back to the cellar. the magic was looking to snap their 7-game losing streak, but celtics. boston, just lighting it up.
5:46 am
isaiah thomas, the all star, going coast-to-coast to beat the buzzer. they led 58-50 at the break, and in the 3rd, the magic make a run. nick cut the lead to 14-8 last night, and the celtics took over from there another last- second shot? evan turner gets it to go. boston wins easily. the magic's losing streak grows to 8. our message stays consistent. at some point the guys have to get together and decide if they want to have a good season or continue on the stretch we have, and it's -- they can't talk about it. they have to be able to go out and do it. >> tonight we got the spurs and cavaliers for you here on channel 9. lebron has lost 7 of his last 10 meeting with san antonio. on to soccer.
5:47 am
starter to their second week of the mls season. despite just one major season accusation, they look to be greatly improved. we were granted exclusive access to yesterday's training session. we got our first richie lara sighting. >> the fact is, that's the way he plays, and i wasn't the only one who thought that there was a little bit of molina when he first joined us this morning. that's good recommendation. next year the lions will have a brand new training facility. these renders of the 23-acre, $25 million facility was released. it includes locker rooms, film rooms, and rehab center it will
5:48 am
youth academy next year. the women's team will take over the current training facility in seminole county that will do it for sports. have a great day. >> thank you, christian. a live look from a camera overlooking downtown orlando. coming up, marina jurica will check the weather. you can interact with both of us this morning on twitter and facebook, and as we go to break, here's what is happening in the weeks ahead. you can always go to for a complete
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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there is a new development development plan. the ads will start running in the next few weeks. >> they will be in florida and other states. money for cancer research is being given to several organizations across the state. the florida department of health says more than $16 million in research funding was awarded to 17 different projects, and the money will be used to improve prevention, diagnose, and treatment for cancer-related diagnosises. a road closure could impact
5:51 am
the eastbound lane of heracio closed. the intersection with independence boulevard will also be closed. coming up this morning. >> reporter: police say an officer was forced to open fire. coming up, thousand started with a man holding a gun on this busy stretch of 1792. and we are looking at few beach hazards as we move into
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