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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  January 31, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: starting right now on a special edition of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. it's on. with just one day to iowa, the gop contenders are in a fight to the finish. front-runner donald trump making his fiercest attacks yet. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> and as they chase trump, ted cruz and marco rubio trade fire. >> a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. >> he's decided to run a very deceitful campaign. >> with the clock ticking down, we're one on one with donald
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plus, 11th hour surprise. hillary clinton hit with the top-secret e-mail revelation. with hillary and bernie neck and neck in iowa, could the new e-mail fire storm put sanders on top. clinton and sanders join us live on "this week." trump, clinton, sanders, votes. as we count down to iowa. from abc news. a special edition of "this week." here now, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> tomorrow night we will know. after a season of surprises with unconventional candidates riding a wave of anger, will those first sfloerts iowa, just a few hundred thousand, will they tell america's establishment we're through? in these final hours, the candidates all across iowa. donald trump rolled into dubuque on his own air force one. >> get out and caucus and don't stay back. i don't care. you're feeling horrible.
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the doctor says, you cannot leave. you leave ped. you'll not be able to make it. get out of bed and caucus. >> all three clintons together in cedar rapids. >> thank you, bill. thank you, chelsea. thank you guys. >> i -- am so proud to be my parents' daughter. changemaker. known. >> ted cruz called in phil robertson from "duck dynasty." >> now trump says he's not showing up for the debate with our man, cruz. so let's call old donald duck and try to get him to do the debate. [ duck calls ] >> and listen to bernie sanders with the indie rockers vampire in this land is your land this
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from california to the new york island >> and now the pollster who knows iowa the best has weighed in with her final numbers. ann selzer's numbers for the pole showing donald trump with a slight lead. cruz in second, rubio at 15% and ben carson at 10%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton neck and neck with bernie sanders, holding a slim three-point lead. let's dig in with jon karl. clinton so close. they're drawing on completely different universes. george. look at the generation gap here. bernie sanders has a lead of nearly 40 points among iowa democrats under 35. but it cuts both ways. if you look at hillary clinton, she has an equally huge lead among iowa democrats over 65.
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older voters are more reliable caucusgoers. that could be an advantage. >> the poll shows the strategy of bringing out bill clinton. >> reporter: he's doing more events than hillary clinton in the final stretch. look at this. iowa democrats love bill clinton. his favorability rating at 86 pgt. the only democrat more popular among democrats here is barack obama. >> meanwhile, on the republican side, donald trump with the momentum. there are some warning signs inside the poll. >> yeah, trump has take an beating over the last couple of weeks. negative advertising attacks from his opponents. his favorability rating, unfavorability rating is at 47% among iowa republicans. that is sky high. meanwhile, cruz and rubio are both much more higher favorability ratings. cruz has take an beating himself. his rating has gone down 11
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ere is some solidity? >> reporter: 71% of trump voters will vote for him. 45% of iowa republicans say they could change their mind before tomorrow night. that could help marco rubio. he's the top second choice among these kptds. more iowa republicans say rubio is their second choice. >> let's bring in the front-runner. donald trump joins us by phone. thank you for joining us. "the des moines register" has you in the lead. are you confident you can turn the supporters into voters? >> i am. the more people that get out, the better i do. i think we'll have a big crowd. the blizzard supposedly is going to be on tuesday, not monday. or monday night. and hopefully, that will hold. they think record attendance will happen tonight. if that happens, i'm supposedly, according to the pollsters, in very good shape.
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see by the big surge we have had in the poll. >> there is vulnerability there as well. half the sfloerts the polls say they're less comfortable with you with the idea you're going to be representing america to the world. how do you convince them you're ready to be xhef commander in chief? >> for one thing, did well against hillary one on one. i've beaten her in pols. i'm the one that will beat hillary, assuming she makes it to the gate, which is questionable. to be honest with you. we'll see what happens. i think the big factor, if you look at iowa, and this one, how well i'm doing with e van jell kals. i'm leading with e van jell kals. leading with tea party. i'm doing great in every as peck throughout the nation. and you know, we look forward to an sbesing season. we begin -- we begin if one day, hard to believe. >> the votes are finally here. you mentioned hillary clinton.
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your relationship with hillary clinton. a brand-new ad released overnight. here it is. >> i live in new york. she lives in new york. i've known her and her husband for years. i really like them both a lot. >> you were at his wedding. >> i was at his wedding. thatting a right. >> sit like where you all pretend tody like each other and you're all pals behind the scenes. >> he says america needs a fighter not a dealmaker. >> you can't have somebody on the senate floor and nobody endorses you. here's a guy with all these senators, not one endorsement for cruz. he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. it will be worse gridlock than you have right now. right now, you have gridlock. as far as hillary clinton is concerned, when i was in business, i was a world-class businessman. i built one of the great companies. that's what i intend to do with the country. bring it back to health. it's dieing with $19 trillion in debt and lots of other problems.
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along with everybody. democrats, liberals. i got along with conservatives and republicans. i happen to have a conservative way of thought. i happen to be a republican. but when you're a businessman you have to get along with everybody. you can't just say, i'm going to get along with a small group because you won't be able to function that way. worldwide. i get a long with everybody. >> ted cruz is saying a vote for trump is a vote for obamacare. saying in the last few months, you're for single payer government-run health insurance. on that obamacare issue, right there, he's saying, because you want the government to pay for everyone to have health care, sthat just like obamacare? >> look, ted cruz is a total liar. i'm so against obamacare. i've been saying it for two years. i'm going the repeal and replace obamacare.
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he didn't put down on his financial disclosure forms that he borrowed money from banks at low-interest loans. lower than you or anybody can get. he's got favorable deals from the banks on wall street. he never put it down. ted is a liar. this is why nobody likes him. this is why he doesn't have one endorsement from one senator. not one. he works with them. he doesn't have one endorsement. >> any senators endorsed you yet? >> they will be very soon. >> do you have anyone to announce? >> we have tremendous endorsements. jerry fallwell jr. just endorsed me. every can't didate goes through liberty university. that's problem one of the reasons i went so high with evangelicals. sheriff joe from arizona. the toughest guy on the border. the toughest there is on the
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i have great endorsements. many more are coming. >> you say ted cruz is a liar. you have said you want everyone to be kofered on health care and the government will pay for it. how is that not obamacare? >> that's true. i want people taken care of. i have a heart. i want people taken care of. if people have no money, we have to help them. that doesn't mean single payer. it means we have to help people. if somebody has no money and they're flying they're lying in the middle of the street and dying -- >> how do you do it? >> we'll work with the hospitals, doctors, we've got to do something. you can't have a small percentage of our economy have no protection so they end up dying from what you could have a simple procedure or a pill. you can't do that. we'll work something out. that doesn't mean single payer. maybe he's got no heart.
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because frankly, we have to take care of the people in our country. we can't let them die on the side walks of new york or iowa or anywhere else. so -- but that's not single payer. as far as obamacare is concerned. one of the staples of my speech, you can ask my supporters, it's repeal and replace obamacare. the premiums are going up, 25%, 30%, 40%. it's an outrage. it will probably fail on its own unless the republicans renew it by '17. a whole staple of my campaign is getting rid of obama care and replacing it. >> you and ted cruz going at it. any concern that marco rubio will sneak up the middle here? >> you never know. it's an election. the number that you gave that my people are most committed to me.
10:12 am
double, triple, quadruple committed to me. they're not going anywhere. i built a great company. some of the greatest assets in the world. low debt, tremendous cash flow. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm not borrowing from the oil men and err other special interests. he's 100% in their pocket. he's going to do whatever they want him to do. i've turned down hundreds of millions of dollars from people that wanted to support my campaign because i don't want their money. they influence me. i don't want to be influenced. the only one that will have influence on me is the american people. >> i was there at your announcement in june. after. tell the truth right now. did you ever imagine then that on the eve of the iowa caucuses
10:13 am
i didn't. i thought, i'm somebody that knows how to win. i close the deal, you know that about me for a long time. i do close the deal. i do win. 4 places. in florida, i'm 48. bush is in the basement. this is in the state of florida. leads. lead. iowa is the closest, i guess the poll just came out. i have a five or six-point lead. i think the people of iowa will surprise. nay know that these phony ads these people put out there such lies, like obamacare, nobody is more negative on obamacare than donald trump. nobody knows health care more than donald trump. >> anything you could do differently? >> you always look back. the answer is no.
10:14 am
polls by in some cases2 points. and even more. i think it's hard to say that i would have made changes. certainly, i could have changed a word or two. i would really say, no. i'm very happy. i have unbelievable people that will be voting for me. the thing i'm most proud about is, take a look. you just announced it this morning. by far the most loyal people are the people that are going to go out and vote or caucus for trump. >> we'll see what happens thunderstorm night tomorrow night.
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this thing with her e-mails is a big deal. >> she lied about the fact that there is nothing classified on
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speaking is hard for me. but, january -- january -- i want to say these two words. madame president. [ cheers and applause ] >> gabby giffords there with a hug for hillary clinton there in ames, iowa. thank you for joining us, madame secretary. >> thank you, george.
10:20 am
moines register" poll. eight years ago, your hopes were shattered by the surge ff barack obama. are you confident that won't happen again? >> i'm confident we have run a terrific campaign. so proud and grateful to the thousands of iowans that have joined this campaign. we're going keep working until the caucuses conclude tomorrow night. of course, it's close. it's competitive. that's why i hope everybody who has decided to caucus for me will be sure to come out on monday night. friday. the state department saying they will not release2 e-mails of yours deemed top-secret. you want them released. why are you so confident that national security? what do you ne that we don't? >> well, here's what i know. i know that this is -- i think -- a continuation of the story that has been playing out
10:21 am
there is no classified marked information on those e-mails. sent or received by me. dianne feinstein, the ranking member of the intelligence committee who has had a chns to review them said this chain did not originate with me and there were no classification markings. i do want them released. and of course, i can't be clear about exactly what the reasons might be for some in the government as part of this interagency dispute to make this request. not the make them public. but, i would like to see them disclosed. think they can. and should be disclosed. from everything i'm told about them. >> your supporters, including tom vilsack and others, have suggested it's political. is that what you think? >> i'm going leave that to others experienced in the ways of washington to comment on. i just have to point out that the timing, and some of the
10:22 am
are concerning. i just want this matter resolved. the best way to resolve is to do what i asked months ago. release these. let the public see them. let's move on. >> you have said many times, the e-mails were not marked classified. no evidence that that's not true. the nondisclosure agreement you signed as secretary of state said it's not that relevant. classified information is marked or unmarked classified. all of you are trained to treat it all sensitively and know the difference. >> of course. that's what i did. i take classified information very seriously. you know, you can't get information off the classified system. in the state department. to put on to an unclassified system, no matter what that system is. we were very -- specific about that. and, you -- when you receive information, of course, there has to be some marking. some indication that someone down the chain had thought that this was classified.
10:23 am
the final thing i would say, because clearly, the best answer on this is release and disclose these terms. what i'm told is that this chain of e-mail very well included a published newspaper report. that seems a little hard to understand. that we would be retro actively overclass overclassfying a public newspaper article. let's get it out. see what it is. let the american people draw their own conclusions. this is very much like benghazi. the republicans will continue to use it. beat up on me. i understand that. that's the way they are. after 11 hours of testimony, answering every question in public, which i requested for months, it's clear their grasping at straws. this will turn of ut the same way. is you told david muir it was a mistake to et up the private server. this monday, you said there was no error in judgment.
10:24 am
>> it was permitted. my predecessored engaged in a similar practice. it was not the best choice or i would be talking about what the about. the concerns on their minds. the really, able to answer their questions as i have been now for so many months. >> you and senator sanders going at it right now. here was -- he was on the stump yesterday. saying this about your attacks. >> don't tell me that i'm defending or protecting the gun lobby. don't tell me i'm attacking planned parent hood. those are inaccuracies. and we can do better than that. >> he's calling you out. he said he's got a d-minus rating from the nra and a 100% record from planned parenthood. >> let me tell you what the people who work on these issues every day have said.
10:25 am
the leader who has taken off tough issues. issues like planned parenthood, the gun lobby for years. they concluded to endorse me by the planned parenthood action fund. i was honored to have that. that's not saying others haven't voted for them. they were looking for a leader and they found it with me. i've been endorse bdty brady campaign. yesterday, at an emotion event endorse i had by gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly. they believe i'm the leader they want to stand up to the gun lobby. the same with the human rights campaign. they concluded i was the leader to protect anded a strans cause and the rights of the lgbt community. people who know us, who know what they want in the next president have sided with me. >> they're going the hit bernie sanders with the fact that he's a democratic socialist if he
10:26 am
some of your supporters concerned about that. senator claire mccaskill said they can't wait to run an ad with a hammer and a sickle. steny hoyer. he calls himself a socialist. i don't think that is a good title to have to run for the president of the united states. >> well, that certainly is what a lot of democratic leaders are saying. and i take them at their word. they know their states. they know the country. they know we have to take back the senate. they want to make advances in the house as well as at fwochblger and legislature levels across the country. here's what i think. i think i have been subjected, as you know so well, to years of scrutiny and -- i still standing. talking to you. in the lead here in iowa. for the caucuses. and going on after that. and, it's a very -- tough gauntlet to run. and if there are issues that
10:27 am
the right believe they can use to bring down a democrat, they're going to use it. i feel vetted. i feel ready. i feel strong. and i think i'm the best person to be the nominee and defeat whoever they nominate in november. >> finally, your response to this quote for your old friend robert reich. he said, you're the most qualified candidate for the political system we now have. but bernie sanders is the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have. how do you respond? >> well, look. i'm a progressive who thinks it's important to make progress. that's what i've done my entire life. i have big goals pip want to get to universal coverage. i want to get the economy working for everybody. get incomes rising. get women equal pay. raise the minimum wage. a renaissance in manufacturing. i have big goals. i tell you how i'm going to get there and how i'm going the pay
10:28 am
i think that is what americans want. i'm got going to sit here and overpromise and underdeliver. i'm going to tell you what i know we can achieve president than will take the political system we have right now. i intend to bring many more people, as i always have. when i ran for senate the first time, people didn't give me much of a chance. i ron won. when i was re-elected, i won with a bigger percentage. secretary of state, the republicans even said i was doing a good job. i understand politics. i understand a campaign. i'm focused on my mission to make sure this country works for everybody, particularly hard-working, middle class families who rightly feel they've been left out and left behind. i think i know how to do that. the voters know i know how to do that. >> secretary clinton, thank you for joining us. >> great to talk to you. thank you. >> we'll be right back with bernie sanders. seriously? where do you think you're going? to work, with you. it's taco tuesday.
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10:34 am
[ crowd booing ] so how would you like to make election night? [ cheers and applause ] yesterday. the senator joins us now. smiling at your own line. is that what's going to happen? are the pundits going to look dumb? >> i surely hope so, george. we have been running all over the state. countless rallies that have brought out almost 70,000 people in the state of iowa. i think if working people and lower income people and young people come out the vote in significant numbers tomorrow night, we're going to win this thing and pull off one of the history. when we fwan the campaign, we were trailing hillary clinton by 50 or 60 points. some of the polls have us a
10:35 am
some of us have us a little bit ahead. >> you led me to it. your announcement in may was one of the most low-key announcements i have seen. when you were making that announcement on may 6th, did you really believe you would be in the position you're in today? >> this is what i thought, to be honest with you. i thought the message that we had, which is that the economy is rigged in the sense that working people are working longer hours for lower wages and almost all new income is going to the top 1%. i thought that would resonate. and the idea that the campaign finance system is corrupt. george, you cannot appreciate how disgusted people are, conservatives or progressives, with the idea that billionaires now are able to buy elections. so, i think that issue, those issues of the decline of middle
10:36 am
able to buy elections while kids can't afford to go to college, while people are just sinking further and further into poverty, i thought that that message would resonate. i didn't believe it would resonate quite as fast as it has. >> you have struck a chord. we heard secretary clinton make ter case. the line about your candidacy. she's not going to overpromise and underdeliver. that was an argument picked up by "the new york times" saying she has the breadth of experience and your proposals are not realistic. how do you respond? >> i say that every proposal i'm bringing forth is supported by the vast that majority of the american people. congress is so dominated by big-money interests, they're much more concerned about campaign contributions than the needs of working families.
10:37 am
the rest of the industrialized world, guarantee health care for all people. make public colleges and ufrs free. create jobs by rebuilding the infrastructure. demands. conglomerates. these are not radical ideas. this is what the american people want. the real question is, can we effectively take on the drug companies? and the insurance companies? and wall street? and corporate america? that's a fair question. i believe the american people are ready for that fight. i give you one example, george. we have received 3 million individual campaign contributions averaging $27 a piece. that is more than any candidate in the history of america up to this point. secretary clinton relies on
10:38 am
contribute to her campaign. that's the difference. the american people want us to move in a very difficult direction. they want government to represent all of us not just the wealthy. well. that's why i think we can win the general election. >> that's the other key question. election? there are concerns by other democrats that you, a democratic socialist lrks get slapped with the label and can't win in a general election. >> in terms of what people are beginning to get slapped with, look at the front panls. with what secretary clinton is getting slapped with pip. >> what is it? >> it has to do with e-mails. our campaign is generating an enormous amount of excitement and enthusiasm all over the country. we're bringing large numbers of people into the political process. democrats win elections when
10:39 am
that's what obama did in 2008. that's what we can do right now. republicans win elections when people are demoralized and voter turnout is low. i think there is no wre but that we have the excitement. second of all, george, look at the polls out there. look at the polls from battleground states. in terms of wisconsin, new hampshire, iowa. sanders versus trump. we do a lot better than hillary clinton does against trump. national polls, we're doing better against trump. will they throw the kitchen sink at me? they will. we have a lot to throw at them. the american people don't want to vote for republican who is want to cut social kurt and medicaid and give money to billionaires. republicans who are bought and sold by billionaires and corporate america. ? you just -- >> if we run against trump, we'll beat him. i'm absolutely confident that we
10:40 am
>> you just mentioned the e-mails. you said in the first debate, you're sick and tired of hearing about them. the republicans are clearly not. are you now saying that is an issue in november? this will harm her electability? >> i think you know, well, what you just said is true. republicans are talking about. what i have said is there is a legal process under way right now. i'm not going to politicize that issue. i'm not attacking hillary clinton on that issue. i stand by what i said in the first debate. republicans, needless to say, have a different point of view on that. i'm going to, and i think the reason our came paign is doing well, we're treating the american people with intelligence. we're talking about a rigged economy, a broken jus sis system. the need for people who have given up on american item okay
10:41 am
we're running an issue-oriented campaign. that's why i think we can win in november. >> to the obama, the most popular democrat in the state of iowa right now. you met with the president this week. you have had something of an unever relationship with him. a new become out by bill press. called buyer's remorse. how obama let progressives down right at the top there's a message from you. is that what you believe? president obama let progressives down? >> i believe. i wrote a blurb. it said that the next president has got to be very active in bringing people into the political process. democracy is not about 63 pgt of the people not vote, which was the case in the last election. that's what the next president
10:42 am
i happen to believe obama has done an incredible job taking on the obstructions of the republicans. we're in a lot, lot better place than we were when push left office. president obama, vice president biden have done a great job. they're my friends. i work with them. soy think that what we have got to do is build on that record and go forward and address the needs of the american middle class. >> thank you, senator sanders, for joining us this morning. >> thank you. you've heard from the accounteds.
10:43 am
tonight marks the first election night of the new millennium. tonight also marx the beginning of the end of the clinton era. [ cheers and applause ] tonight's record-shattering victory is the victory of a message. that is conservative. and is compassionate. >> they said this country was too divided.
10:44 am
purpose. pu on this january night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn't do. [ cheers and applause ] >> the last two presidents who rode wins to iowa in to whus. let's talk about it with "the roundtable." donna brazile, matthew dowd, alex castellanos and have n n -- vandenheuvel. >> i remember when ronald reagan took on an incumbent president. i think right now, donald trump is the odds on favorite to win iowa. it totally depends, we have
10:45 am
new caucusgoers. he'll have enough new caucusgoers that are very enthused that i think he pulls out a victory. when he does, there will be a sonic boom around the country. a lot of people think, oh, the republicans will deal with that. when he wins, it will be a big night. >> and ted cruz said he'll be unstoppable. alex, several month tos ago, you tried to get republicans to organize and take him on. it's not happened. >> yeah, how are we doing with that? not so well. i think matthew is right. i think trump is probably going to win iowa. cruz is running as the candidate of moral purity. the guy on the white horse. you can't get mud on your white horse. he's had a problem with that with integrity. he's heading the wrong way and he's got someone behind him growing. marco rubio.
10:46 am
this ma be a trump and rubio race down the road. that's actually the -- >> a tougher race. what lessons should democrats take from the rise of donald trump? >> there's no question in a very anti-establishment year, when anger came to the forefront, i think bernie sanders has captured that. the insecurities of the american economy, their place in the world. on the republican side, look, i'm an old, traditional, grass roots type of person. i don't run ads. cruz has a great ground operation. he may get the society votes out. it may not go enough. bernie sanders. hillary clinton has the traditional people. the people that will come out rain, sleet, or snow. but bernie has the momentum in
10:47 am
here's one thing i heard. i'm not on the ground yet. i hear that bernie, unlike obama, in january 3, 2008. president obama had to depend on the college towns. the college kids were at home. not at school. this year, they're at school. bernie is trying to get them to go back home. >> the nation endorsed bernie sanders. >> yes, they did. he has upended all rules. he's shown that a different kind of politics is possible. there's a reason 68% of caucusgoers believe a rigged system is the preemnnt issue of our time. he's elect try fied the young people. he's houn that the media has done some mall practice. last summer, excessive coverage of donald trump.
10:48 am
young people in to rallies. he brought in millions of contributions. small dollars. raising -- i'm just checking. >> one of the things person nooe said is his ideas are not radical. i think a lot of the media has tried to marginalize him. in this country, so many of these issues, if people with look beyond the label. he's a new dealer. >>let test it. >> bernie is woodstock. he's running a '60s fantasy camp for liberals. >> medicare for all. social security. affordable college. dignity. decent pensions. >> a company bankrupted by those ideas. that's hillary's problem. she's trying to murder the '60 side. she's running the richard nixon
10:49 am
>> she has learned the lessons of the last came pain. clearly in iowa, this time around, much more organized than in 2008. >> she saw the loss. it caught up with her in a surprise at the end. i still think hillary clinton is a status quo politician in the course of this. that's why i think bernie sanders may be a stronger general election candidate than hillary clinton. i think hillary clinton, her campaign, just like jeb bush's campaign, not doing well at all, but she still hasn't let go of the status quo, i'm going to do everything i can, not say snig that will offend anybody. at a time when people want passion. they want aspiration. donald trump right now is the only one of the republican side that basically say, i'm take on anybody. bernie sanders is the only one
10:50 am
>> i'm fascinated. >> sme served in washington for 20 years. >> well, bernie has served in washington for 25 years. that's not the point. i think she has brought in the kind of campaign the democrats are comfortable with. they're comfortable with a candidate that can put out bold policy ideas that has an opportunity to pass congress. she knows how to do it. look, again, this is a nontraditional year. nobody, i'm not betting my lunch money on the -- >> watching hillary clinton run like an anteestablishment candidate is like watching charles barkley swing a golf club. it does not come naturally to her. hillary. we did endorse bernie sanders. heem support hillary clinton. she's responded to the populace temper of the time. bernie sanders has forced issues on to the agenda of the debate that might not have otherwise been there.
10:51 am
responded. i do think we need to step back. bernie sanders, all the policing, i've seen by liberal commentate nrs the last week or two about how he's not electable, i think matthew dowd just put that to rest. i think we need to step back. this is a country of a rising american -- >> i believe it. i would rather be bernie sanders running again donald trump than hillary clinton running. not my party. i'm an independent. >> the republican party is engaged in a suicide pact with its own party. if it doesn't reach out to the young people, latinos, young women, it's going the -- >> i want to get back to donald trump. we talked a lot about bernie sanders and hillary clinton. this is an unbelievable story. on the eve of the iowa caucuses, he's in front. let's look ahead. matthew dowd, is ted cruz right.
10:52 am
stopped? >> it's an outside shot. donald trump, let's say he wins eye bap he'll then win in inspect. he goes into south carolina, probably wins that overwhelmingly. then you get to the a national primary. 0 states are held the first eight days of mampbl. it's almost unstoppable. the only way i think the republicans can figure out way is if somehow, rubio surprises. and then he becomes the quick alternative. then it's a rubio-trump race starting in new hampshire. >> so he's got to beat expectations? >> george bush, 43, said nobody ever bought a product that made them feel worse. that apt ted cruz. republican party. a different republican party. a great contrast with hillary clinton and a democratic party
10:53 am
and trap it in amber. if this is a trump-rubio race, tissue. >> that's the future. it masks regressive old ideas. >> he wants to open the economy. democrats want to keep it close. >> the only thing we don't know, donald trump has not -- he's left marco rubio alone. he left ted cruz alone zplp he decided to leave him alone again. >> he left ted cruz alone until last three weeks inspect the last three weeks, donald trump has system atically taken down ted cruz in iowa. >> he peaked too soon. at 31 pgt in december, he's going down. there are three tickets. an old cliche. three tickets out of a iowa on the reason side. donald trump has his own plane. ted cruz will likely come out. marco rubio will likely become the establishment ment
10:54 am
and then 50% are chosen in march. >> will the others drop out? >> tlths not much reason to unless they want a cabinet post in say a trump administration. which some might. as you do, republicans are looking for now who will be the alternative to trump, should he win in iowa, which he probably will. is that cruz? then a choice between a dark republican party or a native republican party. or somebody who want tots open up the party. you woumd ld have a generational -- i thought that rally looked old. it felt old. it felt lifeless. bernie sanders, i agree with matthew. >> we're talking about trump's chances. i think a lot of -- look back, we're going look back at this one and again see media mall practice that led our media to
10:55 am
click, ratings, and -- look at tissue he's a right wing -- >> there's though question he is leading. here's the question i have. i have interviewed him 0 times since june. he's been asked every single tough question. he's had every single attack come at him. he's done things that would drive other candidates out of the race, in a heart beat, but it hasn't happened to him. why? >> if you want to -- we talk and bernie sanders out of sync with the majority. donald trump is in sync with right wing populism. the other day, he said medicare should negotiate with drug companies. but his attacks on muslims and immigrants. he's tough on immigrants. >> but it's not about issues with trump. >> it's about dominance politics. >> should trump have skipped the fox debate?
10:56 am
candidates, moments of strength. we put you in a pit for a reason. are you tough enough to do this job? other candidates debated within the debate. trump debated with the debate. fox news is the most powerful organ in the r
10:57 am
get out on monday, caucus. i think the storm is on tuesday. i hope. supposing it's on monday, so you go through some snow, okay? you're from iowa. are you afraid of snow? are you afraid of snow? >> let's go back to iowa with jon karl. it's a cliche. it happens to the true. it all comes down to turnout. somewhat the latest forecast they have out there? >> okay, well i'm going the channel my own ginger zee. the forecast for tomorrow night. for tomorrow night, we expect passing snow showers. temperatures at about 32 degrees. the heavy snow is not expected to come until after midnight. but, boy, is it going to come. take a look at this. we have a blizzard bearing down on iowa. we're expecting about a foot of snow. it is not expected to come until tuesday. george. which means it may not affect turnout at auto. it could well affect the ability
10:58 am
get to new hampshire. >> let's talk about turnout. eight years ago, barack obama had 240,000 people show up. the closer it is to that, the better hillary clinton does. on the republican side, above 120,000, all trump? >> that's right. the republicans will have a record turnout. for the democrats, bernie sanders beliefs they ves they need to get close to the 200,000 mark. >> thank you all for sharing part of your sunday with us. stay with us for all the first votes tomorrow night. david muir will be live from eye bap i'll stand by with the whole team to bring you the results. next saturday night, the final gop debate right here on abc, i'll see you tomorrow on "gma"
10:59 am
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