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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a threat and westport high school has parents and students worried and investigators say it started because of a confederate flag. a color is on that run this afternoon, 3 days after gunning down a seminole county teenager. tamar harris died after someone stood in this street firing at a car he was in friday afternoon. >> it happen essential and married east altamonte springs, seminole county did investigators are working they case and are asking anyone with information to come forward. way remus spoke with investigators and the pats 30 minutes. what is he update?>> reporter: vanessa, martie they say they do have new information they hope will help them solve a case but they continue to need
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more information. look at that victim of a 15- year-old tamar harris was shot, killed while in his mother's car friday. investigators tell us they know he was a passenger in a car with other people in that vehicle with him when a shots rang out according to deputies a car was traveling north on central near merritt street when tomorrow were shot by someone standing outside of another car in a middle of a street. when deputies arrived they found him shot underground and he was rushed a florida hospital where he did die. investigators are working to find out who else was in a car and who was driving it. we have learned deputies have received tips over the weekend as they continue to search for his killer. >> we received several tips coming through crime line over the weekend. they all contain consistent information and we have been names of somebody we are looking to speak with this afternoon hopefully. >> reporter: i asked deputies if a person they were planning
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was inside of the vehicle at that time of a shooting. they would not say but they did say they do need more tips from that community and more people to come forward if you have any office a call. outside of seminole county sheriff's office, run ray most, channel 9 eyewitness news. clermont day care director facing child abuse -- abuse charges and picking up a child, dropping him. kimberly read director about day care and highway 50. investigators released a video come it is shaking because another water -- worker recorded a big you can clearly see a woman repeatedly hitting their child stuffed animals. seconds later she picked up but child by his arm and leg and through him down. we have a crew working to get more information on that case and will have a later start he on eyewitness news at 4. temperatures will climb near 80 degrees today on this first day of february. shields is tracking a latest
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yes warming up for next few days. we have a front working in again later this week that will gorgeous day. comfortably warm, nothing too hot. temperatures upper 70s to near 80 degrees with a nice mix of sun and clouds and most of us have plenty of sunshine now. we will have a warm afternoon with us. looking at temperatures, 73 palm coast, 77 kissimmee, close to 80 now in orlando and close to 80 in melbourne. sitting at 79. satellite radar picture, plenty of clouds this morning and we saw sunny skies and we are seeing a mix of both and that will be that case aldwych with a evening. getting into forecast, near 80 degrees at 2:00, winter park i 77 at 4:00, low 70s brother time we hit 6:00, mild when you see tom terry later. we will drop off into this 60s later this evening city by city temperatures but highs, about 80 kissimmee, 79 and villages today. 76 and daytona beach coming up we will track even warmer weather on that way over there
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vanessa? track warm weather for yourself at /weather. a final frenzy is under way this afternoon after months of campaigning in more than $200 million spent on advertising a presidential candidates are in the homestretch get they have hours to encourage iowa voters tonight. a latest. >> reporter: after some 1500 rallies, >> and $33 million spent, it is decision time in iowa. a quinnipiac poll has donald trump widening his i will lead. >> we have to be a little nervous and i like to win and i want to wake up with a country. >> reporter: polls are not votes and one third of like a caucus voters say undecided and may not -- and still may change your mind. that is a cruz who has been signal is being criticized for
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many saying it is deceptive. marco rubio is still hot, campaign trail trying to lure voters away from that 10 other republican candidates. >> some will go to a site and is a candidate you have been with but you don't think they will make it to the finish line, caucus for me because we can win for supporting all of the wannabe presidents, armies of volunteers fanning out across state. >> i think a message is >> reporter: 15,000 sanders supporters in iowa. the clinton campaign says it's not on more than 125,000 doors, all of that contact with viable voters, clinton says has formed her candidacy. >> i think a month i've spent here listening to iowans has really made me a better candidate and i think it will make a better president. >> reporter: and we will watch especially those first time voters they may determine if not -- donald trump or bernie sanders wins and i were picked
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having a surprising victory to then senator barack obama in 2008. lana zak, abc news, des moines. a caucus process can lead to a lot of arm-twisting and arguments between friends and neighbors how this works in iowa tonight, later in the newscast it the explanation. get results from tonight's i will caucus and light analysis on our wftv facebook page fit greg warmoth and christopher heath will keep you posted online starting at 9:00 tonight. a marion county, parents and students are on edge because of a shooting threat at westport high school. talk about a shooting circulating on social media over the weekend. tim barber is live in ocala and students say it started because some other students brought confederate flags on campus. >> it happened at lunch. >> reporter: there were 3 white students waiting 3 confederate flags, african-american girl offended by that punched one of those students and everybody
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the go was given a citation for hitting better student and all of them are being disciplined by the school. anger for that incident boiled over that weekend, district officials say extra ocala police officers, 10 of them are on campus because of a shooting threat spirit again, there are moments at this point and they say everybody here at this school is safe so it was up to parents whether or not to keep kids at home or bring them to school and they say it is a. safe. we are talking to a parent now and we will talk to district officials in a bid and we will eyewitness news at 4 men. live in ocala, marion county, tim barber channel 9 eyewitness news. there are extra brutal -- patrols deland high school after police alerted to us student possibly making they are interviewing for threat to validate investigators say so far, there is no immediate danger to anyone on campus because
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after being evacuated from weatherby elementary school. a gas leak this morning skywitness 9 was over the school and students were led out fire officials say with a natural gas leak from a kitchen and orange county school officials were able to shut off a gas and evacuated students and staff as a -- precaution 80 in this morning that no one was hurt. >> investigators are trying to piece together circumstances following a murder-suicide and orange county. a relative found a bodies of the couple at the mission club apartment off i-drive saturday to investigators have now confirmed it was a murder- suicide but say they are not looking for any suspects it detective save a couple does have a history of reported domestic violence. volusia county property appraiser is back up and running and they usual office after being moved to a different location because of a homeless camp friday, we brought you live coverage of this police moving that people who can't out side to building to a shelter at a salvation army. homeless have been set up for 44 days.
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moved because of inappropriate activity. city officials said they are committed to building a permanent place for homeless and daytona beach. notice bay -- big changes 528 airport toll plaza no longer in service. it is wannabe oldest toll plazas in central florida said to be demolished as part of a project drivers will pay the beachline west main plaza or 4 new red flags. if you have a son pass, you can get a refund for not driving a full this is our 5 to 8 from a turnpike to be airport. to controversial gun bills will be focus of the florida house tomorrow. one will allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry the other will let permit places right now. florida one of 5 states that carry guns in somewhere. anthony citing over the weekend it where she was -- what she was caught doing and where she was caught doing bargain shopping.
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just today but for next few
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try as she might to avoid the public spotlight casey anthony
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a woman looking for bargains told tmz casey hosted a yard sale in the west palm beach area she struck a conversation and described her as cheery and normal. video from several years ago but the woman thought the items for sale such as pictures, purses and china sets were old- school for her picked the summer 5 years and she was acquitted in her daughter's murder. which a murder case out of virginia making national headlines. a pair of virginia tech carted students due in court accused in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a 13- year-old girl. so far it is not clear whether girl was killed megan hughes has more. >> reporter: virginia tech engineering student david eisenhower appeared in court today facing first-degree murder charges. police say he kidnapped and killed 13-year-old nicole lovell. >> to know this could have been one of my children, it really hits home.
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maryland communities of the 2 suspects picked natalie keepers arraigned charged as an accessory, accused of helping eisenhower dispose of the body. eisenhower new level and he used the relationship to his advantage. >> people are in distress and not -- can use your prayers. >> reporter: catherine lives a few doors down. eisenhower with the strikes -- track start she feels for his parents. >> it has to be the blackest day of their lives. >> reporter: after his arrest saturday morning production, authorities found lovell's body and arizona -- north carolina. she vanished between midnight 70 in wednesday and acting a pusher -- pushing a dresser and climbing out of a window family and friends worried because she had a liver transplant as a young child i needed daily medication. >> i did not think that would
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always the cutest little thing. >> reporter: her mother says her daughter was bullied on social media and school. megan hughes, abc news, washington. federal investigators are expected to release more than 2000 pages of documents about the investigation into a fatal amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. last may amtrak train 188 with 1106 miles an hour, double the speed limit. when it came upon a shark -- sharp curve hit 8 people killed, 200 injured the engineer says he does not remember the crash and the documents include blacks box data and interviews with responders and crew members as well as images from the scene. it will be easier and faster to log onto the internet in cuba. yesterday the government announced citizens will be able to order a home broadband internet service soon. cuba began opening wi-fi spots, hotspots to the public in areas service will cost but officials
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will still be a milestone for cuba. carolina panthers in san jose preparing for the super bowl 50. >> the team filed out of the plane and the airport yesterday in san jose, cam newton's $800 was audrey zebra pants getting attention taking part in media events. broncos arriving in san jose shortly after the panthers and the super bowl is that levi stadium sunday. >> how much with a? >> -- how much were they? >> $800. >> they look comfortable. >> if i could pull that off? >> caucusing today. >> fun to say. >> trying to think of you in daytona beach looking good,
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77 degrees wind southwest at a miles an hour and here's a look at the numbers in the 70s to near 80 degrees. continue to warm up, 77 kissimmee, 79 melbourne 70 sweeping the area a few of us afternoon. winds a about the coast of it starting to push and lynn out viscerally and southwesterly flow inland one of the reasons we are warmer. patches of clouds popping up and most of us staying drive you cannot rule out a stray chance of a shower tom terry later. a stray chance of a disturbance to the south staying to the south spilling over extra clouds earlier. deltona 78, 2:00, 77 at 4:00, 71 at 6:00 looking gorgeous into the evening hours. 2:00 to-6 green and a tiny chance of a shower and tomorrow
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gray shading, that is fog. when i see you eyewitness news issue. wednesday, -- this is thursday bringing a better chance of rain storms and then cooling is down when we had friday. beaches air temperatures in the 70s, water temperatures cool in the low 60s, seas 2-3 feet 79 today and clouds and we have warm afternoon and you see the touching 80, 80 kissimmee, 77 deland, 78 degrees into titusville. tonight, spring like, low 60s around and as i showed you future track patchy fog develops, once we lose that, we are going to warm up tomorrow. tuesday, groundhog day, 82 a leesburg, 83 clermont, 75 daytona beach sanford white lane, 82. 81 and 82 tomorrow in st. cloud. through the forecast. we have a lot of changes.
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weekend is always in view, warm days tomorrow, wednesday even warmer near 83 degrees on wednesday. slight chance of showers late in the day but the front drags in on thursday. thursday, 70 percent chance of rain in a few storms could linger into friday. we will keep an eye on the timing going back and forth a littlbe. 63 either way it will be cooler by the time we hit friday. in the 60s into the weekend and signs of the developing storm by sunday and we will keep an eye on that and talk about that at the bottom of the hour. martie? the first rocket launcher 2060 from cape canaveral air days. the launch of the rocket push back because of concerns over the electrical connectors on the rockets booster. the rocket will carry a gps satellite into orbit when it goes up, the windows open at 838 friday and if it lives off
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news and the earth this afternoon picked the european space agency expand. from surveillance satellites data connections. the system designed to monitor and predict natural disasters and other catastrophes. they will test the system this week and should go to service the summer. a recent audit recommending safety upgrades for a local building center that house as -- head start program spirit 9 investigates why it's not done.
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a man accused of he had gone on monte.
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yesterday sanford police say a gunbattle broke out between smith and officer friday. one innocent bystander injured. we found all smith has a criminal history arrested in 2011 and charged with assault in 2013. >> you are on bond in a case number ( indiscernible ) i'm revoking the pontiacs smith expected to appear in court again in march. >> governor rick scott has decided to review a bill that will protect its americans who break into cars to rescue people or animals. if someone sees a vulnerable person like child, senior citizen or animal locked in a car the bill could give them legal immunity is a cause damage trying to rescue the victim. rescuers will have to call 911 before they break in or immediately after. they will have to stay until authorities arrived. tomorrow state lawmakers
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keep manatee say. manatees have stayed on the endangered species list since created in 1967 last month u.s. fish and wildlife officials announced they may reclassify them as threatened this year. the bill will require a possible study to determine the effectiveness of speed zones the act if you headed to the tourist area police are saying do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. police say burglars smashed dozens of car windows over the weekend the country inn and suites on universal boulevard. it is not clear what was taken from the cars but police say you should never leave anything valuable in plain view even if you're doors unlocked. this afternoon gunmen behind several recent drive-bys in ocala are still on the run now. police 8 yesterday afternoon, they received several reports of what appear to be random shootings in the southwest and northeast sections of the city. number 2 apartment compasses on sw. 7th pl. were shot at yesterday. witnesses say they saw 3 shooters and a white van and no
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this afternoon ocala police are looking for 2 men accused of shooting a man outside a home. his home picked it happened saturday on northwest 16 street police believe the victim and shooters in which other and they are looking for witnesses in the house when the shooting happened and no word on the victims of bishop it was investigators are try to piece together the moments before the university of florida student fell to his death at an apartment complex near campus. gainesville police a 20-year- old chance wolf fell sick stories early sunday morning. investigators say surveillance cameras at the complex show wolf leaving 8 six-story elevator and falling over a waist high partition. police say they do not suspect foul play in the case. first responders a brevard county say a pilot lost control of his aircraft just as it was taking off from the airport. look at these pictures and you can see the plane wheels up in a ditch. this happened as the merritt island airport yesterday -- at the airport hit the pilot walked away and refused treatment and the only person on board.
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a woman is facing charges for failing to care for a girl in longwood who became the victim of a sexual assault. longwood police arrested walter ambrose earlier this month and investigators say he raped a 13- year-old girl at knife point and police say this woman, she failed to protect the girl while she was in her care. police have not said what her relationship was with the girl. ambrose charged with sexual battery before in orange, seminole and brevard counties. a judge set bond -- or her hillsborough county deputies are searching for 2 teenagers escaping from a tap at the tented center. anthony baze and anthony cook falcon boat academy. deputy say the teenage escaped by cutting a hole and offense yard. stay proposed bill moving through legislator forcing agencies to investigate all
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by critics say the bill could actually slow down investigations and inside the iowa caucuses and the one candidate already declared a social media winner.
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caucus day in iowa is here yet the first big test for the presidential candidates and an interesting process. it is not just a matter of casting votes. this mock caucus explains how it works. republican and if you don't mind taking a seat. >> reporter: caucus night at drake university, des moines [ applause ] >> we will call this to order.
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a mock caucus to teach first- >> [laughter] to make it more confusing. >> republicans and democrats caucus on the same night but they do it differently. on the republican side, voters here a pitch from candidates representatives, jeb bush junior surprising everyone at this mock caucus. >> my name is jeb bush junior and it's an honor to be here. go bulldogs. i hope you caucus on monday night next republican simply fill out a piece of paper with a candidate they want. >> once you have voted fold the paper and return it to the secretary. >> the votes are counted and a winner is named for the caucus site >> we have a winner. it looks like jeb bush. >> now it is the democrat's earn -- turn. >> this engagement and enthusiasm. >> the democrats divide
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one supporting a different candidate. if you like martin omalley, for instance, you caucus with his supporters. drake student says she is voting democratic but was undecided. >> everyone is watching and it goes away. i think there's pressure. >> she is not a candidate. >> she caucused with hillary clinton supporters. >> i think hillary is deep in the establishment and i do not know if she really wants to change things or just wants to be president. >> she caucused with bernie sanders group. >> if it ends up with donald trump and bernie sanders, do you think bernie sanders could get any moderate republican votes? >> she feels pressure from both sides and time is running out. >> how much time do we have? >> for democrats there is a lot
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get others to vote their way. >> one of my roommates is here trying to convince me and one roommate here and it away after go home to one of them and they will be mad. >> in the end, laura decides to caucus for hillary clinton. >> here i am. >> snow is predicted for iowa but most voters do not seem all that concerned about that it the iowa republican party expects to beat the previous record of one 25,000 and republican attending the caucuses in 2012 and democrats expect a strong turnout hit the snow expected to fall after the voting ask interesting. facebook age in the conversation about candidates online in the week before that i will caucus, gop front runner donald trump has dominated newsfeeds on the site. more than 180 on the site. more than 180,000 iowans have mentioned donald trump in the past week. more than 727,000 likes, commas and shares have been made about trump. ted cruz takes 2nd place for the most talked about campaign on facebook with about 48,000 posts the most recent poll of the gop caucus suggest the race between trump and cruz is tighter than the one on facebook.
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florida, temperatures climbing to the 80s this afternoon. >> this is 1 february. certified meteorologist brian shields has to answer for this tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> if you like warm weather you will like the next few days. cooler weather by the time we get to the end of the week so that el nio pattern will continue. today, near 80 mix of sun and clouds tonight and patchy fog it could be fake when i see you on tv tomorrow morning 6, 7:00 we will have that on channel 9 may be visibility issues. 63 degrees for tonight slope inland, county by county with temperatures groveland, clermont, temperatures around 81 for- 80, bushnell st. catherine, the villages 79. marion county, ocala, upper 70s. near 80 bellbrook -- melbourne and cocoa, 74. cocoa beach, sharps, beer it merritt island titusville, well into the 70s, 74 new smyrna beach and volusia county, flagler county, flagler beach making sense, brian, 73
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average high this month, 74 and we climb next month 78 and by april, average highs throughout the month are in the 80s. average range for this month only 2-3 inches and it is the dry season. i expect more than that like last month, with an el nio pattern, more chances of seeing storm system so a better chance of rain. expect to see higher than that amount as we had this month and we will track that next chance of rain ahead. martie? this legislative session requiring the florida department of law enforcement to investigate all officer involved shootings. get local law enforcement while investigating. others believe it could slow down the investigations because they do not have the manpower picked agency will have to hire at least 13 more investigators to handle the caseloads. senators will be in tallahassee tomorrow to discuss
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>> adoption agencies can ask the court to put children in homes their birth parents prefer. this new proposal will allow judges to put the best interest of the child over that of the birth parents. the bill will take the senate floor tuesday. toyota says it will stop vehicle production in japan for 6 days this month because of a shortage of parts. the coveney says an explosion at a steel manufacturing plant caused the shortage. production in japan will be suspended from a -- february 8 happened ---30. production and the rest will not be affected by the suspension. a popular food change -- a chain says a diet guaranteed to help you lose weight. articulate diet works. >> one thing the teenagers can
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teenagers who pickup healthy eating habits now, lower their risk of breast cancer later elected women who stuck to diets with 28 g of fiber per day during their adolescent years significantly reduce their breast cancer risk before reaching menopause. doctors recommend eating between 25-30 g of fiber each day fiber rich foods include apples, broccoli, whole-grain breads. doctors say women who do not get enough sleep can higher risk of developing diabetes. in a national study, researchers found women who slept less than the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night were more likely to develop type ii diabetes and woman who reported having multiple sleep problems were up to 4 times as likely to develop the disease. getting into a bedtime routine
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help you combat sleep deprivation. was exercising is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy but a new survey shows many americans do not appreciate the value of a good workout. doctors with the cleveland clinic conducted the survey and found 2/5 of americans exercise less than they should. they also found only 20 percent know how much exercise is recommended >> 2.5 hours per week is enough to make a big difference. it is also true that more is better. 2.5 hours per week at how much is that really? well, that is about 30 minutes, 5 days per week. >> if you're trying to get into a workout routine, doctors recommend easing into it. they say walking, light jogging or cycling are affected. if you are having a hard time sticking to your new year's diet, chick-fil-a says they have a solution. eat their grilled chicken nuggets every 3 hours.
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the company tweeted healthy tips telling followers to eat smaller meals, like an 8 count pack of grilled nuggets every 3 to 4 hours it could cost close to $700 per month if you did that get the nuggets have about 140 cal and 3 g of fat per serving. the government is warning you about fraud related to tax refunds picked the one thing you can do to protect yourself and automate -- audit recommended for safety committee sanders housing head start program spirit 9 investigates why it's not done. disabilities issues warm
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on -- audit raising concerns asked 9 investigates learned centers housing head start for young children. auditors recommended cameras in 2009 so investigative reporter
12:37 pm
taking so long ask orange county family services has a $41 million budget funded with your tax money . >> this is from the county general fund revenue and also from federal grants. >> reporter: of the community action division oversees 11 community centers some of which house head start program's for low income families. hundreds of children are in an out of the centers every day. an audit 9 investigates obtained showed the centers have lamented many recommendations at from a 2009 audit. they have become more efficient and better managed auditors say security still needs improvement something the new director is focused on. number 8 of the 11 community centers do not have security cameras. 5 of those centers without cameras have head start program's. >> of all the things we saw during the course of the follow- up this was the one that stuck out that someone should take action on for a look at where some committee centers are situated from the flow, pine hills, winter garden. some of the centers are a
12:38 pm
violent crimes although nothing violent reported at the centers, this audit points out several had reported incident requiring calling 911. 9 investigates learned the department previously requested funding for cameras, but for some reason, a county security committee denied the request. officials tell us there is now a proposal in the works to add a time. one estimate shows cameras at just one community center could cost about $100,000. auditors say it should be -- be a priority. orange county, daralene jones, channel 9 eyewitness news. during a follow auditors also noted one center that operates head start program has cameras and it keeps internal doors with access to children locked during the day except for one hour in the morning and in the afternoon during drop- off and pickup. officials from the federal trade commission say the number of identity theft cases a jump by 47 percent in 2015.
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tax refund fraud. more than 220,000 people filed more than 200 and 20000 people filed pl. involving tax a wage that >> in those cases, victims reported someone stealing personal information and using that to claim a tax refund experts say the best way to protect yourself against tax board is to file taxes as early as possible. the 2nd deadliest snake in the world almost snuck on a man on his porch. >> i will read the rest of the story because i know how you are. this man had a dog luckily that was there to save the day. you can see the man is sitting on his porch and australia unaware of the brown snake slithering under the chair. the dog runs up and scares it off at the same time alerting the owner who you saw jump up. abide from the brown snake, close up again. >> oh, dear. >> one byte from the brown
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cardiac express -- cardiac arrest. >> my dog is not that smart. >> it's a martie salt blog. [laughter] >> my dog never got a lizard. >> here is a look at downtown orlando. to the north it has been a great day. gorgeous nice days on the way to get if you like a cool, we will have that toward the end of the forecast. 70 degrees now, tran was out of the southwest, a miles an hour and you can see temperatures near 80 degrees, 78 in orlando, 76 clermont, low to mid 70s along the coast . picture- perfect, 73 palm coast and you can see if you scattered clouds around and the winds pulling out of the south more out of the east off of the water but other than that, good flow southwesterly wind inland that will keep us warmer and a few
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a few more clouds and you may get a stray shower most action to the south or to the north. we are in between for couple days. celebration could have low 80s by the time we hit 2:00 as we warm up further, 79 4:00, 75 when you get out of work at 6:00. 3:00, moving through the timeframe you can see green but tom may have a shower to track later and tonight and tomorrow morning, i will track fog most of it is light by 6:00, 7 mac could be dense inland. morning. we will track that from 5 to 7 for you. thursday, that is when the next rainmaker arrives and you will see a chance of rain storms with it and then we will get cooler weather. gorgeous day water temperatures in the 60s seas 2-33.
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3 feet low 80s around 70s tonight 50s and 60s a springlike feel in the air giving way to patchy fog and tomorrow a warmer day and the 80s for almost all of us inland, 82 leesburg, 82 st. cloud, 82 downtown orlando. groundhog day, dry and the straight chance of a shower tomorrow. a slightly better chance late wednesday as the next front pushes in. five-day forecast, the weekend always in view, wednesday the front approaches and we will have the warmest day, 83. better chance of rain and storms on thursday. that will drop temperatures high on friday, in the 60s and we will stay in the 60s into the upcoming weekend forecast. vanessa? a florida woman says she saw police officer driving too
12:43 pm
stories for today for eyewitness news at 4 yakima county deputy say they plan to speak with someone who could help them find the person who gunned down a 15-year-old investigators say tamar harris died after the gunmen fired at a car he was in friday. at 4:00 we are asking if investigators are closer to making an arrest in the case. clermont day care director is facing child abuse charges for allegedly hitting a 4-year- old boy with that stuff animal. picking them up, purposely dropping him. can we redirect of the children's palace takeover of highway 50 arrested. web a crew working to get more information on the case and we will have that for you at 4.
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biddable role reversal. last friday she pulled a police car over for speeding. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i am asking you to come over and have a conversation is because i saw you since my drive when you were jumping onto the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> how many do this? claudia says she was running errands when she says the miami- dade police officer sped by her so fast it shook her car. the officer said he was on the way to work and did not realize how fast he was going. miami-dade police officer -- a department issuing a statement say they will take the appropriate action later. the muppets miss piggy kicked off trading this morning on wall street by ringing the opening bell and she is fashionable while doing this but looking at the numbers this afternoon picked -- stocks are down. closing figures tonight on
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>> now let's take a look at what's happening on walstreet today.
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near 80 degrees nice day, nice the next couple of days with a warm-up for the next front rows and 82 tomorrow, better chance of rain and storms on thursday. i hope you have a great afternoon. if you tomorrow morning for -- martie , vanessa.
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