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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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downpours from delwood to apopka. heavy batch of rain through the 429 area everything moving north at 30 miles per hour means that there's more rain moving in towards deltona. we go all the way up towards samsula with some lightning around the port orange and daytona beach area. as we widen out you can see the rainfall south. finally starting to get county. you will be the last to get the rain moving through tonight. storms out ahead of this bring some heavy rainfall near titusville. so adding up the rain totals, over 2 inches now to the west and more changes and a big drop in over 20 degrees in our temperatures around the corner. new at 6:00, 9 investigates discovered these men are accused of stealing from at risk youth and disabled seniors to fund lives of luxury. investigators say they used local families to
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the government stopped paying them. 9 investigates found documents that show they ran a bogus after school program to get medicaid information from families. >> some families only found out after they get letters from the claims. they were likely recruiting their victims from a local high school. >> one victim's mom asked us not to show you her face but says the government thinks her high school teen suffers from a major mental illness. >> they said they served him with these issues. >> these men stole people's medicaid numbers and filed false claims for years. the official report said they were taking advantage of the populations most vulnerable. >> mike o'hare is a licensed teacher and councillor. his dad
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has his own counseling license. keith david is a medicaid employee who let this slip under the rug for years. >> at these apartments an elderly disabled woman said she fell victim when she signed up for ridz to real doctors appointments. they made you put all your real information down. >> yeah. >> they racked up 6 $600,000 in bonus medical money that stopped when medicaid starting sending out letter. >> if he did need these services medicaid isn't going to pay for it. >> they were left with nothing but the thieves got enough to lease two apartments in this luxury orlando high-rise while taking advantage of low income families. >> that was field sutton reporting. we are working to find out how many victims there are in the case and investigators are working on charges against the same men for the same thing in two other states. we're following some
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brevard county. an 8-year-old is hospitalized after being hit by a truck. we're told it happened on north carpenter road in titusville about an hour ago. titusville police said the truck driver did stop and stayed at the scene. a former aerospace engineer is now charged with murder. paul neff admits to shooting sean davis back in november. he claimed it was self-defense but investigators found text messages with neff threatened to shoot davis. davis was several feet away from neff when he fired those shots. neff was arrested this morning for first degree murder. the city of belle isle is going to pay a police officer $45,000 to retire if he promises not to sue. kevin carter accused to police department of
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being investigated. kathy bell itch spoke --
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volusia county and the city of daytona beach are getting a little bit closer to a long term solution to the city's chronic homeless issue. today volusia county leaders said they would continue working with daytona beach on a shelter and could be open to moving the location of the facility. right now the city has no funding to run a shelter near the volusia county jail. the county chairman said that homelessness can't be fixed by one government. >> we're working on that. i think working together with daytona we can cure almost any problem there is. >> daytona beach has until march 4th to sign a contact. the zika virus has trigger add statewide health emergency. governor scott is making sure all hands are on deck. steve
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you found out many cases go undetected. >> reporter: a lot of people don't go to the hospital and only one in five show symptoms. if it's going to come to orlando you know it's probably going to happen in a place like this. a lot of tourists come through this airport and a lot of them are from countries with big problems right now. it's only matter of time for central florida. >> you have no strength, no energy. like to do anything. not to even sit down. all you want to do is lay down and sleep. >> it happened to lizzie morales during a trip to el salvador. it's been reported in five florida counties now, miami-dade, broward, lee and hill oh boar -- hillsboro. >> today governor rick scott spoke about it.
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virus is common in florida. >> symptoms only appear in they include fever, rash, joint pain and irritating eye redness. symptoms only last a few days most people don't feel bad enough to get medical attention. >> the biggest risk is for pregnant women because it can newborns. >> it can be fairly mild or catastrophic into a baby that's never going to live in a normal productive life. >> reporter: that doctor told me that mosquito transmission in florida can happen at any time. it can happen by that mosquito biting someone and then flying away to bite someone else. steve barrett, channel 9, eyewitness news.
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to hand over half of her million dollar winnings to her ex-boyfriend. a jury awarded howard browning $291,000. lynn boirier won the scratch off in 2011. browning claimed they had an agreement to share the winning. >> it was about the lottery ticket and the commitment and the promise that we were going to share the ticket. >> now she testified the two were not together at the time the ticket was purchased. the lawyer for a lake county man sentenced to death for murdering his girlfriend is now appealing that death sentence for the third time. >> i would and do ask the court to not only vacate that sentence but to do a life sentence. >> eric simms was accused of murdering debra tresser. his
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mental illness and the supreme court ruled the death penalty system unconstitutional. many of you may have noticed driving on the 408 feels more like bumper to bumper. >> yeah, it's crowded. >> it seems like this whole area is kind of increasing in terms of traffic. >> new at 6:00, why the expressway authorities said more cars are clog up your commute. >> plus, residents in one local neighborhood say gunfire from hunters is taking over their community. next why wildlife officials say their hands are tied. >> got an aerial flood advisory for daytona beach down north of
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we've been hearing from toll road drivers across central florida that traffic has seemed a lot heavier lately. this is
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traffic that makes the 408 feel like i-4. carla ray went to the expressway authority and found out there's more traffic and the reasons behind it. >> well, if your commute involves the 408 you may have noticed extra traffic. expressway authority officials tell us that increase has to do with a decrease in price at the pump. >> 30 miles per hour in gridlock traffic headed towards downtown orlando. this cell phone video from this week looks like what you might expect on i-4 during the i-4 ultimate project. this was on the 408, a so-called expressway. >> i don't go until after night because i don't want to get caught in traffic. >> in december of 2015 the 408 saw more than 850,000 additional transactions on tolls than the year prior. that's a 7.5% increase. in fact, they say traffic is up on all toll roads across the board. >> definitely. i think it's because of the construction.
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drive and there's a lot of construction in that area. i don't know if that's causing people to deter that way. >> aside from construction adding congestion like colonial drive and i-4 expressway authority officials believe dropping gas prices are making drivers more willing to pay the tolls. last summer gas was $1 more per gallon. >> i think that definitely has to do with it. >> the additional traffic may complicate your commute but it's big business for the expressway authority. the big increase in december meant $750,000 to be used for future projects. >> drivers said back ups won't prevent them from adding to the pots because other options are just as jammed. >> people are going to drive it. >> we have made it easy for you to get around the traffic issues. you can download our free wftv news app if your app store and you can
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mother @wftvtrarttraffic on twitter. low gas prices are dragging down ridership on sun rail. today we asked the counties how they plan to pay for the service when the state hands over control in 5 years. most said they're still working out the details but seminole is looking at a range of cost. orange county said it's preparing to set aside up to $7 million for the project. the cost of operating the service is expected to reach more than $50 million by 2020. tonight a former nypd officer who said he was asked to wait outside at a local hospital when he showed up to be tested for tuberculosis said he was offered an apology. he still has not gotten an explanation. we told you about patrick smith's visit to st. cloud week. he told us the hospital said they do have protocol for patients like him and that that normally means putting him in a special room. however, that didn't happen. the hospital is looking into what happened as is
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a bill that would give terminal ill patients access to marijuana is on its way to the state senate floor. the right to try bill is an expansion of right to try pack that allows terminally ill patients the right to have access to the drug. there's five in the state. covering news where you live county by county. lake mary city leaders will take up several issues including a proposal to help other local governments reduce traffic congestion around central florida. one option includes a man to use cell phones to determine the flow of traffic. in volusia county today county leaders met for the first time in their newly renovated council chambers. the county spent $650,000 to upgrade technology, lighting and decor. the video won't be streamed
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in lake county sheriff gary borders has officially decided he turned in his papers earlier this week third term. he's up against two other candidates though. back in 2012 he captured 67% of the primary voters. homeowners on lake conway woke up to gunshots last weekend and it turns out hunting is legal on the lake. >> one neighbor told us he took these photos of the hunters on the lake. another neighbor said it's dangerous and disrespectful. state wildlife agents said duck hunting on lake conway is legal and the hunters were out on the last day of the season. >> my concern is i think duck season starts again in september. so if they're aware of this new place and they got a lot of ducks they'll be back in september. >> belle isle police were called but said the hunters from lake county had the proper paperwork.
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said they are cautious of the homes around the lake and they eat the bird they hunt. tom, it's been a busy afternoon for your team tracking all this weather that's moved in. not good for the evening rush. >> yeah. we've had our licks on that . the i-4 has been very wet. here's a live view of the 408 and jeff deal out with live images coming back right now. east of downtown it is wet, slow and go out there. traffic light in that particular area. early warning doppler 9 radar really business today. heavy storm with a flood advisory out right now. that means it's an area that's getting heavy rain over an inch and a half. those heavy downpours are moving offshore. still some good rainfall totals from daytona beach. we only needed another half inch to get a record rain for today's date. down towards port orange and towards the new smyrna beach area this is the heavy rainfall you're greeting along i-4. everything is moving quickly at
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up i-4 towards sanford into altamonte springs over by ronald reagan boulevard, the florida mall down to wind mere. we have a lot of rain on the west side. we're getting some rain developing on the east side now ahead of the main batch from titusville, port saint john and along the cape canaveral air force station. dunnellon almost 2.5 inches of rain. ocala you will probably close in on 2 inches. daytona beach about a half inch away from a record rain today. we'll get more rain in orlando. you see future track moving all the rain through between 7:00 and 8:00. past 11:00 we'll start to see the rain diminish. temperatures barely in the 50s tomorrow. along the coast saturday kind of the so so day of the weekend. sunday is going to be much nicer with sunshine. it's going to be
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either way we've had much worse weekends here in february. temperatures, 40 in ocala tonight, rain moving out, 46 in orlando. temperatures tomorrow barely getting close to 60. we're going to drop about 20 degrees or more over the last couple of days. as you can see tomorrow breezy but drier and it's going to feel like winter again. here's your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. a windy 60 for tomorrow. chance for rain on saturday but clearing out in time for super bowl sunday. monday looks fantastic. another drop in temperatures on tuesday. weekend events are
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off seasons in central florida has turned into musical chairs for high school coaches. chris leak was named the new man in charge at edgewater high school. the opening occurred when rich bettison left for wociva. he's best well known for his national championship with the gators back in 2006. >> been with the tampa bay bucs and being back with lovely smith maybe not on the coaching side
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business side of the bucs. you know, i've always had that itch. orlando city is spending the way in melbourne ahead of their first preseason match on sunday. they're practicing on the new field that will be home to the harrison heath is an on mls contract but minutes in brevard county. >> last year was kind of starry eyed, just looking at everyone kind of thinking, wow, this is amazing. this year i'm thinking to be here. my approach is to work harder and harder every day. >> sunday's preseason match the closed to the public but the tuesday night. >> thank you, christian. the fbi says it is now investigating that big data breach at ucf. a breach that compromised the personal
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>> tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 why investigators now say that breach could be even more widespread. >> thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> abc world news is next. for updates in between our news cast
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