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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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passengers unavoidable down crews shift taking a wildlife after seas turn intent passengers are finally able to safely leave their rooms at the royal caribbean ship sales to port canaveral. we been covering developments in the stories is eyewitness news this morning and this afternoon, we have learned more about what it was like on board at the height of the storm. kimberly eiten is live at port canaveral waiting for the ship to dock. no one can tell you when it will arrive yet. >> reporter: just in the last 5 minutes i spoke with a man who works at the board and he says the ship is not coming in today be cannot say when and if it will document port canaveral
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out. i've been emailing back and forth with one woman who calls last night's storm the scariest 12 hours of her life. 30 foot waves and hundred mile an hour wind send crucial passengers on an unexpected roller coaster overnight. one man shot this video through the windows of his room as he and thousands of others road out the 12 our storm. social media more frightening enough that the coast guard contacted royal caribbean and some of the seas to make sure everyone was okay. we showed the same videos to other cruiseship passengers the boarding at port canaveral where the anthem of the seas was due today. >> that is the nor'easter going up in new york ask the storm brought category 2 hurricane winds as the ship sailed from new york to florida. the cruise line released a statement saying the winds were higher than what was forecasted
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seas extreme enough to injure 4 people. how they were hurt, the cruise line has not said but with the ship finally done swing, passengers tell eyewitness news there is broken glass on the deck and the polls are empty. damaged but royal caribbean said safe enough to sail into port. when in may be no one can tell us. i asked royal caribbean if at has decided not to come here and a spokesperson tells me that there has not been a decision made to cancel port canaveral. we will following the path of the ship for eyewitness news at 4. live in brevard county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are continuing to follow developments on what has been a very violent weekend in central florida. investigators responded to 6 separate shootings, 6 people are dead including 2 people who were shot inside the plaque -- packet glitz ultra lounge on universal boulevard in orlando.
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has more on the search for the government in the shooting. they are on the streets this afternoon. >> reporter: this was a shooting inside of a nightclub near international drive. the glitz ultra lounge we are told about 12 victims in total, 11 people shot, 2 of whom died. we know that there were orlando police officers working at the time of the shooting and right now we're working to find out what their responsibility's included that not. look at what this looked like early yesterday morning. we were there has officer shot on universal boulevard near carrier drive following a shooting inside of the glitz ultra lounge nightclub. 11 people shot, to killed. 3 gunmen opened fire police say investigators have not released any information on what they are doing to locate the suspects. right now we are asking police how the guns made it inside the club i am working to track down the business owner to ask him about his security detail that
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i will have been speaking with the department of business and professional regulations throughout the morning to find out if there has been any administrative violations that would possibly lead to licenses being revoked from the business. i will have what we find on eyewitness news beginning first at 4:00 also the orlando police department downtown orlando, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. orlando police composite stats -- hoping the sketch can track down a gunman who killed the 19-year-old. look at your screen this is a suspect police are looking for a connection with a shooting at the serrano apartments last week investigators say jacob allman was killed and another man was also shot that survived and was able to run across a street to get help it police also released this surveillance picture what they believed is the suspect vehicle, late model dodge caravan. temperatures are hovering in the 50s and 60s across central florida but it will not get much warmer. certified meteorologist brian shields tracking the latest on -- from severe weather center 9.
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>> i speak for many. >> it is going to be cool, gorgeous if you like cooler weather. a look at the winds, clouds and wispy clouds, 61 and daytona beach it have your sweatshirt but the sun feels good. want to be windy winds west southwest at 17 miles an hour. we will see gusts over 25 as we go throughout the day. looking at temperatures coming 50s and 60s now. 59 deland, 63 cocoa beach, 60 degrees orlando. it will be pleasant this afternoon albeit windy. a lot of sunshine. fairweather clouds but buys tonight, the next bond rose lane and we will see 3 fronts as we go throughout the week dropping in the first one arriving tonight. a fast mover. not a lot of rain with a. just a slight chance of showers tonight but that will give us another dip in temperatures for
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moving up it taking you through the day, 62 degrees at 2:00, 63 at 4:00, my friends and eustis, in the 50s. a few more clouds building and and as soon as 10:00 we can see a stray shower possible in our front arrives. coming up we will track how cold it gets tonight and how our tuesday. martie? cooler than average temperatures for yourself at /weather. staying in contact with clermont police to see if they made headway in finding the gunmen behind the failed publix store shooting 21-year-old andrew jones was killed in the shooting at the store in the e. towne ctr., plaza on state road 50 friday. investigators have not said what the motive was for the shooting but they believe the gunmen may have left in the victim's car. a white, four-door, volkswagen. like the one you see here. the license plate is uppercase and 913 gui. the car maybe missing part of the front bumper. orlando police are trying
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fatal shooting in the metro as -- west area. waking eyewitness news at 11:00 last night hit this morning investigators identified one of the victims as antonio don't hear another man were both found dead in the stone ridge reserve complex after 7 pm. no other details have been released. 7 counties around the state now have confirmed cases of the zika virus including osceola county in central florida. today we as governor scott out state officials are preparing for the mosquito-borne virus that can cause birth defects. janai norman is live outside orange county mosquito control and governor scott says state leaders are working with those local offices. >> reporter: martie, the governor listed a couple different actions he says these leaders are taking including working with the department of agriculture to make sure money is going into the offices to help with mosquito control. after all, he compared repairing -- preparing for the virus to prepare for hurricane. >> governor rick scott was in orange county this morning to
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virus. >> last thursday i our surgeon general to call a public health emergency in the counties that have zika. >> reporter: the virus transmitted by mosquitoes has spread to 7 counties in florida with 16 cases and all. we told you friday afternoon the first case in central florida with confirmed in osceola county. today the governor says all those cases are travel related meaning no one has contracted the virus in the state of florida and none of those he says state leaders are working closely with the cdc to get kits that test zika and are asking the cdc to meet with healthcare workers who could come in contact with the virus. >> am hopeful that we will prepare and get ready in we won't expand but we look at central, south america the unbelievable amounts of zika they have there and look at the children that have the birth defects. you want to be prepared and we
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hope for the best. >> reporter: with that case in osceola county, and i the governor about concerns for tourists coming to visit central florida. he told me with more than -- >> present obama expected to ask congress for almost $2 million in emergency funding to fight the virus. the money will be is to expand mosquito control programs, speed up development of the vaccine and diagnostic test and approve support for local income pregnant women. municipal airport and you noticed a short power outage this morning it was because a skydiver got caught in power lines. look at these pictures the skydiver was really tangled in these power lines. skywitness 9 flu over the scene and deland, fire crews responded power turned off in the area for a short time. the parachutist was rescued without injury. a teenager is still afternoon after being shot deputy say anything-year-old was playing with a gun that he
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conway acres yesterday when it actually death -- accidentally went off striking a 13 year. victim in critical condition at arnold palmer hospital. deputies arrested baltimore owner who is the owner of the gun who was charged with possession of a gun by a convicted felon. osceola county detectives say a crime line tip led to the arrest of these 2 teenagers. last month we told you a taxi driver was sitting in his cab at the walmart parking lot on by lynn road and kissimmee when he was held up at gunpoint it 16-year-old a cost seo, and rivera facing several charges in connected with a robbery in including aggravated assault. presidential campaign a fight for new hampshire. why it may be more important who comes in 2nd on the gop side. super bowl ad leading to backlash. why this particular ad caught the government's attention. of plea from florida fish and wildlife on how you can ask -- help in a case involving 2 anacondas. >> and we are tracking the first of 3 fronts moving in for
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you see this one tonight, a couple showers with a. tracking colder weather back behind it
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schedules are jammed packed and the attacks are sharp on the campaign trail in new hampshire. less than 24 hours before the polls open in the nation's first primary, in a presidential race, candidates push hard to get voters out to the polls tomorrow. kenneth moten is a manchester with more. >> reporter: the fight for new hampshire voters, it's a nonstop da over rallies to energize supporters and that town halls to lure undecided -- lure undecided voters. trump looking for his first win. >> in the republican race, trump has a double-digit lead. the battle for 2nd is between iowa caucus winner ted cruz and marco rubio. >> t-bone keep -- the press, why do you keep saying the same thing about obama try to change of a. i will keep saying that 1 million times because i believe it is true. >> reporter: of the florida senator combating chris christie hammering away and rubio's experience. >> the fact is he has never
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in the senate. for the democrats, bernie sanders is try to keep the momentum. >> you have the right to determine the future of america, not just a handful of billionaires. >> reporter: poll show rival hillary clinton: -- is closing the gap while her husband is on the attack. for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution, this is about whether we can improve people's lives. >> reporter: measure is known for being really involved in the political process. despite a forecast of snow tomorrow, the state is expecting record turnout, more than half 1 million voters. kenneth moten, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. search and recovery teams in taiwan have rescued what people buried under rubble following a deadly earthquake. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck 2 days ago. so far they believed at least 37 people were killed. most of them in a 17 story building. investigators believe in another 100 could be buried inside. today they rescued at least 4 people including an 8-year-old
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than 61 hours. the un says north korea will face consequences after its surprise rocket launch yesterday. north korea says launching it was for scientific and peaceful purposes. test ballistic missiles. the united nations security council the condemned the large during an emergency meeting saying this kind of technology council resolutions. council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the repeated violations that constitute this direct threat to global peace and security . >> secretary of state john kerry says the launch threatens security. you probably saw the highlights of the broncos big win in super bowl l but here are a few videos that may be >> vince filled the streets of final whistle. were reported. the city plans to hold a parade tomorrow and peyton manning sat
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good morning america. >> definitely a lot of adrenaline after winning the game like that and it has been a unique season and it has been great to be a part of this journey with great teammates. >> manning also said he's not sure where this win will taken although some fans speculate he will retire after this year. he scored his 200th career win and his 2nd super bowl championship. the family was at levi's stadium as well and while they cheered the final touchdown, peyton manning's brother eli stood stonefaced he is a giants. he is known for not showing much emotion during games. he also had one more super bowl win, his brother until last night and that was the equalizer. >> very cool. right? brother. >> he did not want him to wake
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>> no doubt. it is cool, 3 fronts on the way. we was see mini fronts rolling in keeping temperatures down for the most part it beautiful outside now. downtown orlando, contrails in the skies, high, wispy clouds as well. mostly sunny skies and that will stay around for today, 60 degrees now in orlando winds on the set -- southwest at 8 miles an hour. looking at temperatures and you see numbers in the 50s and 60s. 63 the villages, 62 separate, 60 in kissimmee, 57, cooler new smyrna beach, tran was coming out of the west southwest and breezy and we have seen high gusts going to the day we will continue to see that. 20-25 gusts and a higher. a few scattered clouds, the next front back to the georgia area in atlanta dropping in by tonight with a couple showers and another cool down.
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this evening clouds increase and we will run in the 50s over today we are looking good but by 9:00, your timeframe, top right corner, showers working in a small ribbon of showers not lasting long in by midnight it is done for most and tomorrow morning i will track cold weather as you head out. we see sun tomorrow as the front polls by but it will stay very cool tomorrow. mostly sunny and winds gusting over 25 -- 25 miles an hour, 60s, 65 sanford as a cloud, 63 titusville and 65 in melbourne. tonight, rain chance 20 percent, clouds increasing but still chilly. 30 northern zones, 40s for most of us a lot of low to mid 40s around by the time we hit tomorrow morning. i do not expect much in the way of frost because it will be breezy. frost a bigger factor especially by the time hit wednesday and thursday. you see the changes moving in. here it is five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in
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for the high, that is all, 15 degrees below average and then we have 30s by the time we wake up wednesday morning. wednesday and thursday not warming up because another mini front works in. we will stay near 60 and friday tried to turn the corner up to 66 and just in time for that warm up, affront arriving saturday, saturday, 70. after that front sweeps by, we will be back down in the 50s once again on sunday. we will track more of those fronts in the one that will approach by the weekend coming up at the bottom of the hour. martie? 9 investigates found out one in 5 alleged sexual assault will result in charges being pursued at the states largest university. asking questions. and the reason you may find
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union leaders meeting with the orlando fire to following a 9 investigates report about whether firefighters were exposed to asbestos. a fire training exercise with supposed to happen today at an abandoned apartment in mercy dry. firefighter anthony said he reported the asbestos. friday the fire chief met with union officials to discuss the situation in the meeting started 1 hour ago at 11:00. we will let you know what happened later today eyewitness news. many of you have been checking on the story through and the wftv facebook page. this weekend our cameras reported the damage inside the home on belhaven falls drive. the father says he heard some loud banging after 1 am thought it might be a blur -- burglar so he grabbed his gun. >> after i came out, i stood and hollered at him and said why are you knocking on my
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and they would not answer. father says the officers started shooting in stormed inside the house. they were bullet holes and broken glass everywhere. eventually, the entire family year-old boy. wasn't until hours later they were told officers have the wrong house. the florida department of law enforcement is now investigating. find out today orlando city leaders will approve a $75 million incentive package for ucf downtown campus. if approved, the city will ucf 15 acres of land in a building at creative village with the project needs money from the state and approval from the board of governors. city commissioners set to vote at the meeting today starting at 2:00 this afternoon. if you live in seminole county, you may soon see faces going up along i-4 to keep the bears away. the county leaders are expected to conduct a site visit tomorrow to decide whether the fences are necessary. some commissioners say if the bears can get across i 4, they
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these types offenses are already up along i-4 in volusia county. tomorrow afternoon, executive at the walled disney quarter earnings. this is the first time they discuss earning since national -- officials install visible new security measures at the theme parks including metal detectors, security screens. the extra security follows the terror attacks in paris in san bernardino, california. executives are expected -- spectre to present results tomorrow. no word on what caused a truck to slam into a building. orlando -- investigate say they crashed near w. cypress st. about 2:00 yesterday morning. police say the truck collided with another car and crashed person hospitalized. we have not been able to get an update on his or her condition. there is one week left for the hunt for pythons in the catch surpassed the first hunt. >> hunters caught 90 python florida while at officials say that is 30 more snakes that
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launched the hunts because pythons are an invasive species and are devastating some of the native everglades wildlife and there are tens of thousands of these things. the hunt ends saturday. could a long-standing policy about debate stage. a want to change the policy allowing cuban refugees to -- who make it to florida to stay here. the ad rated the best for last night super bowl. this tower camera shot is driven by toyota of orlando and
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tracking cool temperatures this afternoon and it is going to be another chilly night.
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shields has the latest from severe weather center 9 . >> we are warmer than yesterday but as we start to climb, temperatures will fall again by tonight and tomorrow as the next front arrives. mostly sunny but gusty winds around coming generally out of an hour. guts higher than that. looking at temperatures, most of us in the 60s still a couple 50s, deland and new smyrna beach and volusia county were in the 50s but we have low 60s, i-4, samford, forsett, altamonte springs, longwood, civil point all in the low 60s and 61 through the citrus tower in clermont. there is a satellite radar a few fairweather clouds around and that's all we are seeing now. we will stay dry for today but it will be tonight we will see a little moisture potentially creeping in. there is the front back to the northwest and a touch of
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that will sweep and by 10, 11, midnight a couple showers swinging by and that will reinforce some chilly weather and make us even colder. talking about anthem of the seas, the cruise ship that was traveling from the new york area down to our area, look at that big spend. it was the system it ran into off the coast of the carolinas. winds triple digits, category 1, category 2, you see pummeling new england with snow. not tropical nature he did not form in the tropics in the structure overall is different but a very powerful system up the eastern seaboard. as we look at today, kissimmee, 64 degrees at 2:00, 65 by the time we hit 4:00. in the low 60s again at 6:00 and then we started cloud up some going to mostly cloudy as soon as 8:00 and that is a what the next front arrives arriving. tracking chill and showers on future track. vanessa? florida fish and wildlife need your help finding
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ownership of 2 anacondas. they were found a brevard county. officials say in a foot green anaconda was captured last week, the south american native snake was euthanized and that's one biologist out evidence someone had been feeding the snake. the anaconda did not have integrated transponder was -- required by state law. a similar one from last november also was not tagged. orange county sheriff's office is making another push to take unwanted guns off the streets. orange county deputies will hold a gun buyback event to get more -- get more guns off the street. anyone can turn when in no questions as without a 90 and get a $50 gift card. the buyback is friday at the orange blossom trail development board building from 7 am-70 and. state lawmakers the middle of a busy session. their plate. repealing the cuban adjustment act of 1966 also known as the dry for policy.
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preferential treatment and they will discuss the death penalty system at the u.s. supreme court ruled last month unconstitutional. later this afternoon state lawmakers will vote on an antidiscrimination bill that will protect the lgbt community. it will bar discrimination in jobs and housing based on a some say the vote shows republicans are changing their attitude on gay rights after years of fighting same-sex marriage. the committee will vote on the bill at one 1:30 this afternoon. cornell university fraternity president is facing charges of attempted rape this afternoon. a female student says she was attacked at a frat house. elizabeth hur has more on the >> reporter: the president of an elite fraternity at cornell was father is the owner of one of new york city's famous concert halls his 21-year-old
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youtube video talking about his goals pittsburgh at a young age of the saw to appreciate the value of hard work especially >> reporter: fighting charges now that he sexually assaulted a female student inside this fraternity house on campus. according to court documents, the woman alleges by ventured locked the door, forcing himself on to her after she verbally protested several times. ballenger pleaded not guilty to first-degree attempted rape. first-degree terminal act -- sexual act in first-degree sexual abuse. >> the speed with which they took this case from the university's purview and brought it into a criminals setting suggest the prosecution believes that the strong case. >> reporter: the university present taking immediately -- immediate action. sexual violence has no place at cornell. the junior sitting in jail surrendering 4 days after the alleged attack last sunday.'s lawyer is denying the accusations telling abc news ballenger's innocence will be established at a proper time
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>> ballenger is scheduled to face the judge tomorrow. for now the fraternity says it is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. geminis karla ray went through dozens of report of rape at the university of central florida. she found out none of the men and women accused of sex crimes there in the last 5 years have been convicted 9 investigates why coming up later in this newscast. a quicken loans is super bowl ad under fire from reviewers this afternoon. the online lender promoted a new tool that allows consumers to get a mortgage completely online. the company says the goal was to promote the convenience of the app but some yuba-sutter to say the ad was promoting a lending environment similar to the years leading up to the housing crash in the great recession. federal officials say homebuyer show always take the time and ask questions. if you think you are broke -- your broken smart phone is not worth anything. the apple focus tech blog
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will soon pay for tonight votes -- iphones. they hope the program will encourage people to upgrade phones instead of breaking -- replacing a broken stream. the government is saying we are sorry and why being a
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doctors say there's a vaccination that can be important to get more than once. a study site is found whooping
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shots 9 percent affected. they suggest you should get the vaccine to prevented and adults to get a vaccine which is dangerous in infants. the centers for disease control is apologizing following a controversial recommendation issuing 2 women. women have been warned against drinking during pregnancy for a long time. new guidelines advise health professions to tell women to stop drinking even if she is trying to get pregnant or not using birth control. many women sounded off saying the guidelines though too far. >> i really feel like they are over stepping their boundary in terms of what a woman can do with their own body ask -- >> cdc tells abc news it was are some people took offense to guidelines but the agency points out that half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are unplanned and stand by their advisory. if you're an early riser, it may be because it is just in your dna gets researchers with genetics company 23 and me say they have found evidence that suggests the more your genes
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likely you are to get out of bed earlier. the study found women in adults over age 60 are likely to be warning people. -- morning. to put it the say suggest early risers less depression and insomnia and need less to get by during the day. a restaurant chain is not open for the lunch rush today. why chipotle is close for the next few hours and 9 investigates uncovered only one in 5 alleged sexual assaults will result in criminal charges. we are asking what is stopping the victims from getting justice. it will be cold tonight, 30s and 40s with a 20 percent chance of rain with the front moving in.
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a white house report shows one 7 women will be sexual also -- assaulted uncovered at the largest university one in 5
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result in charges being pursued. >> carly will way went through dozens of reports on rate. she says -- asked why none of the men accused of -- have been convicted. >> inside this apartment university of central florida police say a female student was found half naked and in pain after allegedly being raped by a sigma nu fraternity member in october by a sigma nu fraternity member in october 2014. one year and a half earlier, at an apartment along west plaza investigators say a woman under the influence of cold medicine was nearly raped by a friend yes it does not surprise me we are still having this issue. >> reporter: the woman story played out in the different universities campus yes one night i went over to his house and he raped me. >> reporter: based on our research her outcome was the same. >> they were not able to press charges against him. >> reporter: we scout 51 sex crime incidents from the last 5 years at ucf and found only one
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>> do think it sends a message that if you are going to try to do something like this at ucf you will probably get away with it. >> reporter: -- >> i do believe that i think we do a great job of conducting investigations. >> reporter: digging deeper we discovered after ucf investigation ended, none of the cases from campus resulted in a successful prosecution of the alleged sex crimes . >> a lot of them involve alcohol and a lot of them about people they know, friends. >> reporter: many cases including a 2012 incident that allegedly happen inside the kappa sigma fraternity house in 2011 attempted rate at the towers apartment involved both alcohol and friends. and like one third of the cases we read through neither victims wanted to cooperate works you have to have the testimony of i didn't want this. >> assistant state attorney oversees the special victims unit for orange and osceola county said she says the victims cooperation is essential to prosecute campus sexual assault cases. >> without the victim coming in and being willing to go through the process, we have nothing.
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alleged sex crimes are reported to a third-party like a counselor or professor on campus. so they are nearly impossible to invested criminally but students can face this a -- discipline for violating the code of concert -- conduct. a local organization helps the parents across the country get answers about sexual assaults on campus even before the children go to college. you can see that part of the story on slash 9 investigates. you will not be able to eat lunch at chipotle at least for the next few hours. they are closed nationwide for part of today because of the recent e. coli outbreak. the ceo has called a company wide staff meeting to go over food safety programs after more than 500 people got sick from e. coli, salmonella or norovirus at various locations around the country last year. the restaurant shut down at 11:00 this morning said to be open at 3:00 this afternoon. you may have missed it because of the super bowl but the orlando magic play the hawks last night and it was close-knit everything was going
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had 11 point lead going into the 4th quarter but with seconds left, the game was tied magic at the ball and look what happened. >> turnaround following, the magic plan. >> yes they won by 2 points the 2nd buzzer beater winning shot for vukovich. >> millions turning into the super bowl and one i watched it from space. astronaut scott kelly posted his own -- hosted his own party on the international space station. they flew 250 miles over the san francisco bay area and kelly snapped a few pictures and he's now it been a space for 317 days aboard the iss. >> what a view. >> you don't want to miss a super bowl party in the space station. >> imagine the snacks. >> floating snacks.
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>> i think so. a look outside a lot of sunshine and a couple fronts that will be working in downtown orlando, off to the south you see some scattered clouds fairweather clouds, beautiful day. cool but overall looking nice. 60 degrees winds out of the west southwest at 8 miles an hour. you can see the temperatures 50s and 60s, deland jumping up a couple degrees, 61, 62 over toward sanford. 61 claymont, 62 in titusville. pleasant temperatures winds out of this with -- west southwest and breezy and we had winds gusts, winds 15-25, gusts 23 july, 22 daytona beach, 20 80, so inland we had breezy weather that keeps us cool throughout the day. fairweather clouds as i mentioned a lot of sun elsewhere watching the next want to the northwest back to georgia and that will drop in by tonight. of is a chance of a couple showers a later this evening you see tom terry at 4:00,
12:41 pm
and we go to mostly cloudy for tonight with a couple showers rolling in. future track, 3:00-9:00 follow the time for a. revenue showers, quick passing showers a lot staying dry. .10 inch of rain scooting out by one-2 am. we will track chilly weather tomorrow looking good but we will stay cold tomorrow. today mostly sunny and wind gusts 25+, temperatures in the 60s in almost all in the 60s for today. there are the winds and tonight it will be chilly, 30s, 40s around but we will be colder by tomorrow at least for daytime temperatures. much. a lot cooler tomorrow then today. by tomorrow, 57 is the high, five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view just in the 50s tomorrow and it will be windy again a few extra clouds around but that clearing trend through the day and that
12:42 pm
frosty night tomorrow night. tuesday night, wednesday night, even potentially thursday night before you go to bed, protect your plants. do not forget about your pets. 30s on the way. a frost potential wednesday, thursday holding near 60 degrees, 66 on friday. saturday, slight chance of a moving in. we get to 70 on saturday and behind the front we will drop again, look at sunny, sunday's high is going to be running in the 50s. we know by now the broncos won the night when it comes to
12:43 pm
a look at stories were working on for today for eyewitness news at 4. in the last 30 minutes we found out a royal caribbean crews that was supposed to doctor port canaveral after 12 hours storm is turning around. 4 people injured as the ship travel from new york to florida against 30 food waste and 100 mile an hour windy the crystalline have not released how they were hurt. the ship is sailing to new jersey instead. orlando police looking for a gunman who opened fire inside a nightclub hitting 11 people at the glitz ultra lounge on universal boulevard, orlando. this was one of the 6 shootings that have an across central florida over the weekend. 2 people died in the shooting, 4 asking how the guns made it in the club and if it could be shut down. people who are not football fans are tuning into the super bowl for what else, the commercials.
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hyundai one the night with the first commercial. >> comedian kevin hart played an overprotective dad in the commercial. this is also doritos last year holding its super bowl ad competition. there were 3 competitors but the dog commercial won the million dollar prize. runners-up walking away with 100,000 each. not bad. stocks are down on wall street. is a look at the numbers so far. we were closing figures free tonight on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4. now let's take a look at what's happening on wall street today.
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the temperature outside is as warm as it will get. >> certified meteorologist brian shields ask 60s, high clouds could being in an another front working in tonight bringing a chill again. five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, tomorrow morning tracking the front rolling by and only in the 50s for highs tomorrow, 60 wednesday, thursday, just as we warm up, another front working in, cool sunday. enjoy your sunshine. have a great day. see tomorrow morning between 5- 7 on eyewitness news this morning vanessa? thank you for watching
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