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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness news at noon, coverage you can count on. get ready for one of the coldest nights of the year so far. freeze warnings are posted for parts of central florida. >> temperatures will dip down into the 30s in some parts and with the wind chills colder than that. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 11, bryan. >> we had that front work by this morning. i was tracking that on eyewitness news this morning and behind it, it is windy, chilly, and it's going to be that way through the day and then pretty darn cold as we get towards tonight. here's a look at what we're seeing right now. there's that front down to the south. we are still have some cloud cover that is around and you see a couple of these scattered clouds around.
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clouds but dry through the afternoon. 55 now, kissimmee and orlando, 54, the villages, 55 in daytona beach, and 52 in palm coast. how about the winds? >> winds gusting to about 36 in palm coast. i got a report of a tree limb down on a power lineup there so we'll watch out for things like that especially some of our older trees, winds gusting upwards of 40 miles-per-hour. that could knock down a few branches and we have lake-wind advisories through 6 p.m. watch out for that breeze this afternoon. then as we get into tonight, freeze warnings up, we'll be near the freezing point in marion and flagler counties. it's going to feel cold for all of us, especially with that wind chill. this is how it breaks down for today. 58 at 2:00 in celebration, and 58 again at 4:00, then in the 56 at six, and as soon as we hit
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already, but we have to factor in that wind chill for tonight, we'll do that ahead and take a look at even colder weather over the next 24 hours, vanessa. >> and you can track the cooler >> with the temperatures two cold night shelters. the rescue outreach mission on west 13th street in sanford is open from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. when temperatures drop to drive degrees or below overnight and dinner is served daily at 5:30 p.m. and the salvation army opens when temperatures are 35 degrees. the state is expected to finally release the grades of standardized tests but some school officials say it doesn't matter. orange county schools said,
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leased by education florida hold little value for school districts and are meant value teacher performance and student performance. we received simulated greats but today we should get the time results. orlando police haven't made any arrests in the two days inside the orlando nightclub near international drive. the police chief said the shooting was not random and investigators have an idea who was involved. janai norman in outside the glitz nightclub and we're still working on learning more about the victims. >> reporter: those two people who were injured, martie, when shots rang out, two people died, ten others were hurt and we're still working to find out from police who they are and how many of those victims they believe may have been targeted. there are still lots of questions about the deadly shooting that sent nearly 300 club goers running for coverage early sunday morning. police haven't released the name
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commented on how the three suspected gunmen got their weapons past security. >> we have a good idea of who all and why this happened and wasn't just a random act of violence. >> we've been telling you three orlando police officers were working extra duty at the club when the shooting happened. the chief said they're usually at or near the front door and assist with security but said it's club security that does pat downs for weapons. >> reporter: i requested police records showing officers were called out to glitz ultraloud 5,400 times in 365 times. the calls include multiple fights and disturbances and sunday's call for the deadly shooting. glitz nightclub sits in samum ing's district and -- samuel ing's district and hasn't reached out to the club's owner and wouldn't say whether he thinks more needs to be done to keep club goers safe there. >> that's a good question but i don't have all of the information concerning the incident. >> reporter: we've tried
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we're told he's out of town for most of the week so until he returns and we're able to talk with him, we are staying in touch with police so of course we'll keep you updated on the free wftv news app on the search for those three suspected gunmen, and as we get any updates on the 12 victims. reporting live in orange county, janai norman channel 9 eyewitness. developing right now, in osceola county, kissimmee police are checking every gas pump in the city to look for skimming devices. this crack down comes a week after investigators found several skimming devices at area gas stations. channel 9's mike manzini finished up a ride along with police, so investigators found some problems their, huh? >> reporter: yeah, vanessa, within the past couple hours they found evidence someone tampered with cables on two of the pumps at this senoco gas station. that means someone would be planning make a skimming device and come back and install it in one of the pumps. kissimmee police and the florida
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consumer services went around searching for devices that steal your personal information. just last week investigators found three skimming devices in osceola county another one in kissimmee. police say thieves are getting more sophisticated and are using several types of devices to rip people off including wifi and bluetooth ones. and investigators want to remind everyone, that this kind of theft has a very serious impact. >> you have to understand that if you've never been a victim and your debit card is used, your debit card is shut off and without money. >> reporter: that's just one of the problems the victims face. investigators tell me it will take them another hour to continue going through all the pumps. they are checking every one in the city of kissimmee. we'll stay in touch with them of course throughout the afternoon and let you know what they find
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starting at 5:00. in osceola county. channel 9 eyewitness. today, the u.s. house of representatives is expected to pass a bill that'll allow the state to take control of a va nursing center in orlando. congressman john micah was at street. it's been used -- raymond street this morning. it's been used for training. the center can now be better used to serve the community rather than shut down. >> the va has done due diligence and has found this area has aging vet population. we need these 120 vets. this facility is vacant or close to vacant. we want to open. >> the state of florida already operates seven va nursing homes and this would be an additional facility. it's decision day in new hampshire and voting is underway this afternoon in the 1st
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abc's kenth moten shows us -- kenneth moten how candidates are making last minute pitches. >> reporter: it's been a sprint from one polling place to another. the candidate candidates including hillary clinton were out and about trying to influence those undecided voters. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast. clinton even ran into the husband of g.o.p. candidate carly fiorina and put partisan differences aside for a picture. clinton is trailing bernie sanders, neighbors vermont senator and is breaking on the finish in the granite state. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: donald trump is also preparing for a victory party tonight. he posted a video on facebook to mentioning new england patriots quarterback tom brady. >> tom brady is a great friend of mine and he said so many nice things about me and my ability to win. >> reporter: john kaisch has already kicked dixville-notch,
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>> i said i wouldn't get in the race, i couldn't get to new hampshire, i wouldn't make the debate stage. i hope they keep under estimating me. >> reporter: today's primary has the do-or-die potential for the candidates at the bottom but vow to continue including south carolina and north carolina. kenneth moten manchester new hampshire. >> and greg warmoth and christopher heath will be analyzing the primary live on the facebook wftv page at 9:00 tonight. if you can't be online you can get a full recap on television from eyewitness at 11:00. a volusia county k9 wounded in the line of duty is a purple heart recipient. indo could barely sit still. he was shot in the neck while answering a domestic disturbance call.
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suspect and protect his fellow deputies. >> he's my buddy. when i'm at home, he's there and when i'm at work he's there. it's a bond only a k9 handler would really understand. >> the sheriff also presented the outstanding citizenship award to the deland animal hospital for treating inde's wound and helping him make a full recovery. a florida senator is demanding answers after a scare on a cruise ship. what u.s. senator bill nelson is asking the captain of this ship that was caught in the middle of a violent storm. and we know more about when casy anthony plans to start her own -- casey anthony plans to start her own business. >> and we're tracking a bigger chill on the way for tonight. we'll track how cold it gets obviously, but two more fronts
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. . announcer: you're watching channel 9 eyewitness at noon with vanessa echols, martie salt, and certified meteorologist brian shields. there are now at least 50 confirmed cases of zika virus in the united states. today president obama will ask congress for nearly $2 billion to combat its spread and because all the concerns about zika, consumer reports reissued the list of the most effective repellants.
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their zika response to the highest level of activation a assigning staff 24/7 on the response. and while the world continues to spray pesticides to try to kill off the mosquitoes, what can you do to deep from being bitten? >> reporter: det is safe and effective. >> consumer reports rereleased ratings highlighting results regarding the 80s egypti mosquitoes. these three products, sawer fisher's formula pe carat en natural ped, and deet deep woods. >> 25% deet or 20% pe carat in hours. >> reporter: those infected with
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rash, joint pain or red eyes. and when pregnant women become infected, birth defects link to microcephaly. they recommended using an epa registered insect repellant and say pay close attention to the product's label, abc news, new york. >> so far there are 16 cases in florida including one in osceola county. ahead on collision between two trains in germany -- a head on collision in germany killed at least nine people and injured 150 people. there you see the wreckage. an automatic safety system apparently failed with a river on one side and a crash on the other, it took rescue crews hours to reach those injured. this morning president obama
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budget, and includes $ten a projects and opoid abuse the house and senate expressed out range on the oil tax and are expected to fight the bill -- outrage and are expected to fight the bill. and the nondiscrimination policy will include the lgbt students to ensure no student is discriminated against for their sexual orientation, we'll let you know what happened today at 5:30. and florida lawmakers, the house and senate can't agree on a plan. earlier this year the nation's ruling. yesterday a september committee proposed a fix that would -- sen. committee proposed a fix that would require jurors to be state. and the head of the florida
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throw out that controversial bill that would allow chl permit holders to openly carry in public. he says he'll make his decision on whether to bring up the later this week. he says he's grown uncomfortable with the bill especially since the house passed a version last week that included an amendment to work. later today we'll find out just how well walt disney has done in its 1st quarter. this will be the new report since security measures were added after the terrorist california. some park guests were annoyed necessity. we'll update on the earnings report tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. today orlando city soccer will let you get a look at the new season. >> and you'll also get a look at the jerseys. we got a look at the what the jerseys will look like but you'll have to wait a few more
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there's less than a month to go before the season ends and coach work. >> it's been a combination of a great week. we've had a really good week. trainings's been superb, and the facilities and hospitality. performance. >> the home opener isn't until march 6th but tonight the fans bowl. you can see more with joe kepner when you tune in for eyewitness >> awesome. >> right. >> can't wait to see the whole thing. >> and if you're headed out, i jacket. >> at least it will be dry for that open practice. and there's the mix of sun and clouds in downtown orlando right windy. 55 winds out of the west at 17 miles-per-hour. we get a look at the numbers around, some low 50s, flagler county, 56 in sanford and 55 degrees in orlando.
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afternoon, and you see the winds pulling in out of the west and northwest at about 15 to 25 miles-per-hour, higher gusts to 36 in palm coast, 35 in new smyrna beach, inland and at the coast, we could have gusts up to 40 miles-per-hour, lake-wind advisories in effect, wind advisories in effect through this evening. and the stage is set for a tomorrow. we're chilly outside, in deland we'll have mid-50s and some low 50s by 6:00. futuretrack, 3:00 through this evening, again batches of clouds, tom terry will be tracking that today at 4:00 and tonight mainly clear skies, another reason those temps are going to drop. as we get into the evening hours by the time we hit 10:00, a lot of us in the fords, then tomorrow, 30s and 40s but wind chills will feel like 20s and 30s so the chill around for sure tomorrow morning. sun and clouds, gusty winds this afternoon, we go over the temps.
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we get into the certain zones and some strong winds. be mindful of that, then for tonight, 36 in deland, 35 in ocala, and freeze warnings are in effect marion and flagler counties. with the winds comes a lesser chance of frost, but especially in the northwest upper zones i wouldn't be surprised to see some light frost. protect the plants the next two nights and don't forget about the pets, as well. we've got a little stretch all the way through thursday. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, tomorrow, through the day, we're going to be a little bit chillier. yes, lots of sun, but only 57 for a high, thursday morning even colder, a little more moisture around, lighter winds, wednesday night, thursday morning, thursday about 63. looking good friday and saturday we'll be close to 70 but just as we warm up then, another front works in, and you see by sunday, sunday's highs are going to be back down in the 50s.
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go back down but we're going to track the temperatures tonight, county by county and a look at those freeze warnings coming up at the bottom of the hour, vanessa. the fbi told 9 investigates agents have been involved in multiple cases nation wide including some in our state where attempts were made to radicalize a young person. nancy alvarez found out when she
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a daytona beach teenager is in critical condition after trying to stop a fight. >> one of the teen suspects said it was over gang turf. 15-year-old wheeler was fighting with another student when 16-year-old major tried to jump in.
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tried to stop him. we spoke to a mother whose son was there during the attack. >> i'm so concerned about my son right now and about the young man at the hospital. this little boy could have lost his life over foolishness. >> witnesses told police major stabbed the victim but when questioned, police say major blamed the other teen who admitted to it. both teens were arrested on felony charges. 9 investigates the suspension of an apopka high school teacher. a drama teacher lost a day of pay for running a campaign ad in the credits of a play for apopka city candidate alice normal an. chris eyewitness moore is a paid the ad. moore said the teacher's suspension was office in politically motivated. >> the issue is the teacher violated school board policy. it's not about me. it's about her violating school board policy. >> we're told the teacher
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after 9 investigates started asking questions the city of orlando is now making changes to the training for fes following a scare -- firefighters following scare involving asbestos. the cancer-causing material was found in an abandoned apartment complex that was being prepped for live fire training and up to 15 firefighters came in contact with it but the fire chief believes the exposure was not risky. yesterday, mayor buddy dyer says ofd will no longer use buildings built before 1980 until they're inspected. and orange county officials will meet for two new schools yesterday at founders square afternoon where protesters held signs and passed out flyers. protesters told us one concern is the traffic headache the new school would bring. a bill is making its way through the florida house this afternoon that would end permanent alimony for couples who get divorced. a lot of people feel like nobody should win the lottery by virtue of getting married.
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reacting to this story on facebook since it aired during eyewitness at 4:00 yesterday. those who support the bill have been making payments to former spouses for years following short marriages, but opponents say the bill hurts spouses who gave up careers to stay home. >> so now i'm 71 years old and i'm working three part-time jobs to supplement my social security and my alimony, and it's just unconscionable that this should happen. >> if passed, alimony would last from 25 to 75% of the length of the marriage, so a ten-year marriage would only see 2 to 7 and a half years of alimony. we know this afternoon about casey anthony, when new papers say her new business could open
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. here's a live look at daytona beach as we track some chili temperatures. freeze warnings -- chilly temperatures. freeze warnings are posted from tonight. >> the flags are flying around and some very gusty winds that is ushering in that colder weather. we're going to see a mini front arriving tomorrow to kind of reinforce some of the cold weather. 55 now in daytona beach. winds out of the west at 21. you see a few folks along the coastline. that front did move by. we were tracking that this morning and a few pockets of clouds around. we may see a few high clouds through the afternoon, but either way we're going to stay
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take a look at those temps though, 40s and 50s around, even 58 in melbourne, 55 in kissimmee, groveland, mineola howie-in-the-hills, okahumpka, and temperatures in the mid-50s, and winds a huge factor, got some tree limb reports down towards palm coast. we're going to see some gusty winds. 26 in orlando, 29 in clermont, and close to 30 in titusville, coming right across deland, diving down out of the northwest, keeping that chill in place today. temperatures. 15 degrees below agent, then the and flagler. close to the freezing point, but with the winds tonight, it's going to feel more like the 20s 2:00, 56, 55 at 4:00.
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that will be popping up. then, as we get towards 6:00, already close to some of the 40s around and we'll be in the 40s after that. clear skies tonight, allowing those temperatures to drop a little bit further, as well. coming up we'll go city-by-city with the temperatures for tonight, colder weather slides in for tomorrow, and when we will finally get back to 70 degrees. vanessa. u.s. senator bill nelson of florida is calling for the national transportation safety board to investigate the circumstances surrounding this cruise ship's decision to sail into a storm. the royal caribbean cruise is heading back after getting caught in hurricane force winds. you see this during the wild ride. here's more with the latest. >> reporter: take a look at this video, rough seas causing the
12:28 pm
the ship is on its way after hurricane gusts 130 miles an hour, and 40-foot waves from making its final dest nation. >> the ship -- destination. >> the ship was rocking from side to side, and cabinets slamming shut. >> flying furniture and shattered glass, as massive waves powded the anthem of the seas -- pounded the anthem of the seas not long after leaving new jersey. the captain ordering 4,500 passengers to stay in their rooms for hours. >> the amount of things were shifting around our room, was a little frightening. >> four passengers suffered minor injuries, now some on board blame the captain. >> i'm really concerned about the captain's judgment in this situation. i really resent the fact that he put 6,000 people's lives at risk taking us into a storm that was predicted. >> caribbean apologized in to passengers in a statement adding while the weather was
12:29 pm
sea worthy at all times. we thank the cap tape and crew for guiding the ship safety back to better weather. the cruise line is promising a refund and a discount. and an ntsb investigation is being called on why there was a predicted storm for the previous several days. >> senator nelson wants to know why a cruise ship with thousands of passengers would sail right into a storm that had been in the forecast for days. we know more this afternoon about casey anthony's photographer business. she launched a business called case photographer last month from west palm beach, show her taking pictures around town. the start day is january 1st of next year. she hasn't said what type of photographer it will be. we followed casey for years as defectives investigated her daughter's murder and would be
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city leaders in ferguson, missouri are voting today on a deal with the department of justice worth almost $10 million over the next three years. >> the city reached a tentative settliment with the doj to -- settlement to revamp the doj's department, within ferguson's police department and municipal court system. as part of the deal the city must hire staff to record use of force incidents and recruit a more police force. honda is continuing to recall thousands more vehicles, certain honda and acuras, and one woman has died in orlando. the new parts to replace them will be available this summer. 2015 was record breaking for shark encounters. tlrp 98 unprovoked -- there were
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the previous record was set in 2,000. the us led the world with 59 last year. experts say encounters are expected to rise as shark populations. in volusia county, shark bite capitol of the world, there were only seven unprovoked run-ins, one fewer than brevard county, the first volusia county did not rank first. and in that case, that's okay. >> that's a good one. the university of central florida now has a big show of support for downtown orlando campus. >> yesterday commissioners approved a $75 million inceptive package for the project in the creative village. school leaders have to raise 11 will million dollars of private money and officials hope another $20 million will be received from the state. and seminole county leaders will be conducting a site visit to see if special fences should go up along i-4. those fences are up along parts of volusia county on the interstate.
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removed from the shelves of libraries in seminole county has been found in other two districts. >> we told you about the book called "this one summer." the county pulled the book from shelves after a third grader brought it home. it's still available for check outs, and there are no plans to pull it from those selected schools. st. paul is closed because too many students and staff have the flu -- symptoms at least. school leaders are spending the day disinfecting the classroom. and we know what led police to open fire at the wrong house this past weekend. it started with a dispatcher sending officers to the wrong address. the dispatcher couldn't find the address where the 911 call came from so she used cell towers which sent police to the wrong house.
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door in the middle of the night, didn't identify themselves as officers and shot nine times. inspect was hurt. it turns out there's reason chocolate is so addictive besides the taste. the scientific reason you keep coming back for more, and the
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. doctors say children beginning as young as nine years
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doubled over the past 30 years and experts can say that cause type two diabetes, and high cholesterol, which could lead to heart decease. >> cholesterol levels tend to drop in pre and early puberty. measurements may give you a better assessment of what those levels may be like as an adult. >> and some doctors also say you should get your child screened as early as two years old if one or both parents has high cholesterol. new research suggests children are eating better. researchers in virginia found teens are showing lower rates of metabolic sind rollyndrome, ind kat indindicating teens may -- indicating teens may be eating less junk food.
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more than your sweet tooth that keeps you coming back for the chocolate. it releases the same chemicals to combat pain and sadness and has been shown to release dopamine in the brain, responsible for pleasure and the feeling of being in love. only in florida could an alligator be considered a deadly weapon. this bizarre story that led to criminal charges against a florida teen and how his mother is defending him. and channel 9 anchor nancy alvarez goes inside a local islamic school to find out if isis propaganda is targeting central florida kids. >> and we'll track how cold here
12:37 pm
. this afternoon, 9 investigates the fight to keep local teens from extremist propaganda online. >> the fbi told nancy alvarez
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cases nationwide, including some in our state attempts were made to radicalize young people and went on to a local islamic school to see what's being done to keep kids in our community safe. >> reporter: as a mother of two teenagers, a mother shares her same worries as all parents but for her, there is an ad add layer of concern. >> unfortunately -- an added layer of are concern. >> unfortunately, muslim kids are being targeted. >> for protection we're not showing her faces. >> they are like my kids so obviously i want to protect them. >> reporter: safe from this, propaganda videos created by isis with the aim of recruiting young people. in the last year, just over 70 people in the u.s. were charged with crimes related to supporting terrorism. but muslim leaders say this is where the real fight begins. at beraji's school, the use of social media is not allowed on
12:39 pm
been set on devices and she's working on installing software that'll monitor the activity of students on line. home. >> no parent can police their children 24/7. >> and a president of the florida. >> they might be physically in the room, but on their computer, they might be somewhere else in the world. >> he's especially concerned with the high quality of some of the videos. >> they effect young impressional minds of teenagers more than they do adults who can discern right from wrong. >> reporter: that is why he's relentless, making sure kids are free to talk, urging them to report anything unusual, denouncing the message sold by isis and reminding his youngest followers that this is not islam. >> it is really distorting the image of our faith and our community.
12:40 pm
the islamic center and an agent told me they're especially concerned with terrorists trolling violent games, and gave us an exclusive look at a new program created to deal with this problem. i'm working on that story now and i'll show that you tonight at 11. back to you. >> and nancy talked expensive he about the imam about the terrorist recruitment threat targeting teens. find out what every parent should know by clicking on the video tab on if your phone is constantly dying you may want to spend let's time on facebook. a technology reporter says uninstalling the app and using it through the safari app can save as much as 15% on your battery. similar studies on androids found deleting the app can save up to 20% on the battery. facebook came under fire for similar issues. the company admitted problems existed that caused the app to
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a florida man is now facing felony charges for throwing a live gator -- live gator -- through a drive-thru window. >> where do you hear about this story in anywhere else but florida. 23-year-old josh james is facing assault accused of throwing the gator through the window of a wendy's. the mother says this is all harmless and thought it would be funny. >> he's a bad kid, he did a stupid prank. >> we can't agree with that. >> officials tracked james down with a credit card receipt from the night of the incident and is charged with unlawful possession of the alligator. >> who does that. >> as i mentioned he does that. >> coming up with a different kind of prank next time. >> something that doesn't potentially hurt people. any way.
12:42 pm
>> we're going to have a couple fronts on the way. freeze warnings for a few counties. marion and flagler, we'll get down near the freezing point. we've seen a few more clouds building in southern orange and osceola county. a nice winter day across central florida. those 90s will be here so enjoy it. if you like some of the cooler weather, there are the 50s to near 60 outside. 52 palm coast, 48 we're stuck at that and new smyrna beach and the winds scooting in out of the west and northwest. wind gusts close to 40 miles-per-hour in flagler county, so heads up. watch for those weaker tree wind advisories for all of us through this evening for some of the gusts up to 40 miles-per-hour. be mindful of that for today. that wind advisory in effect until 6:00. the front moved by this morning, a little bit of rain yesterday but we're dry. mainly on the dry side over the next couple days, and just the
12:43 pm
the mid-50 this is afternoon, low 50s by 6, then quickly into the 40s after that. so futuretrack, batches of cloud cover around, you see that around through 7:00, 8:00, and mainly clear skies tonight, allowing those temperatures to drop and still winds coming down out of the northwest tonight, that'll make us very cold. so 6:00 we'll see the temps getting close to the 40s and almost all of us by the time you see tom at 11 and 30s and 40s around, wind chills 20s and 30s for tonight. sun and clouds, winds gusting over 25 today. 56 and ocala, 55 in the villages, and 56 in clermont. take a look at your screen. this is tonight, winds west 10 to 20 and that's why we're still going to have a wind chill. see these temperatures take off almost 10 degrees? and that's going to be the wind chill tonight. lots of 30, the real feel by tomorrow morning in orlando. feeling more like some mid-20s in marion and flagler counties by the time tomorrow morning. i don't expect widespread
12:44 pm
away from the wind may get a little bit of frost developing either way. a good idea to protect the plants and the pets for tonight, and tomorrow, it's going to be downright chilly. sunny and chilly tomorrow, only 57. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, that's going to be even colder by the time we hit wednesday night and thursday morning. and a better chance of frost when you wake up thursday morning so the next three nights, watch out for the plants and pets, as we hit about thursday, 63, friday, up to 70, so some 70s return on friday, gorgeous day, and then about 70 on saturday but another front kind of clips us by and we drop again on sunday. highs running in the 50s. martie. all right, bryan.
12:45 pm
. here's a look at the stories coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. orlando police are searching for the gunman who opened fire and hit 12 people. it happened at the glitz ultra lounge on universal. at four, we're asking the not identify and who was in -- motive and who was involved. right now, kissimmee officials are searching for skimming devices. they've found tampered cables on two pumps, that can mean someone is plans to put a device there. at 4 we'll tell you what else they find and how you can protect yourself. cockroaches aren't a pest you'd like to have in your home of course. >> no but scientists are using them to possibly help save lives. researchers created a mini robot
12:46 pm
mimic their speed, and that's pretty fast, and agility. they've fitted the cockroach robots with cameras and sensors to get into small spaces during earthquakes or other disasters to search for victims. >> that is interesting. stocks are down on wall street. here's a look at the numbers so far. we'll have closing numbers tonight on channel 9 eyewitness at 4:00. let's take a look at what's happening on wall street today
12:47 pm
for later tonight. >> that's right. get your jackets ready. i have my logs ready. >> let's go to brian shields in severe weather center nine. evening. whoa. >> this is a family show. >> five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, 58 for today, chilly, and breezy then tonight, 30s and 40s, but it's going to feel more like the 20s and 30s, and by tomorrow only 57. near 70 by friday but we get a chill again in here on sunday. keep your shirts on. all right. vanessa, martie. >> good advice. thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness at noon. >> "the chew" is next. >> see you. . announcer: see breaking news happening? the eyewitness news team wants to know. tweet us at @wftv, drop us a line on facebook, or e-mail
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