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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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new at noon two women accused of running a small brothel in osceola county will face a judge dissented on. they were busted yesterday at poinciana and deputy say they found children in the home. field sutton is that the jail and they do not think the kids were involved in the prostitution. >> reporter: no, this is just an awful case of child endangerment. we are waiting for deputies to take the women, a mom and her daughter from the jail to the courthouse. tracy, leslie are accused of soliciting out of the house and poinciana . we are told undercover agents might there yesterday got offered sex went inside and that's when they found the children according to
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had been advertising services on claiming they were friends instead of relatives. leslie was allegedly caught with cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. agents say she admitted she had been smoking crack for the last five years of the big surprise came when they opened a locked bedroom. when deputies arrived the room children were locked in a bedroom. there were 210-year-old and five-year-old and they belonged to the women. >> reporter: this morning we confirmed that dcs is involved in the case . workers have put all three children with relatives for the time being. we will find out what happened when the women go before the judge this afternoon. osceola county, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news clermont daycare director accused of child abuse made a court appearance from inside the orange county jail today. kimberly read arraigned on felony charges for violating probation. she made news earlier after
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shows read throwing a four-year- old boy down. she was on probation for stealing money from an orlando daycare and remains locked up without bond . ocean former weather moved in as a cold start to the day, warmer weather on the day. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9 . spray started to turn the corner after what was a very cold start . lots of frost and more of the pictures pictures coming. look at this morning down to 35 orlando, almost the coldest start this winter . down to 34 a few weeks ago. 37 kissimmee, 28 ocala, those where the lows but we are rebounding. 61, 59 and 11, 61 in melbourne. it is refreshing this afternoon. we will be milder than yesterday. satellite and radar picture looking great we will have a where the weekend is always in view mainly cloud three cloud-free and sunny skies
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allowing temperatures to jump up . 61 by the time we hit format, 58 at 6:00, a cool feel into the evening. not as quick of a drop in titusville 10:00, running in the mid-50s because today look like this across-the-board, 60s for all of us, low 60s along the extreme coastline, palm coast, cocoa beach in the low 60s, 66 today in orlando, 65 claremont. winds out of the north 5-10 . we will track the next chance of rain coming up your you can track temperatures for yourself and wftv .com. a car came crashing into a moment before. channel 9's kimberly eiten has been working to learn more about the man who drove his car into the home. arrest. >> reporter: we know the man who crashed into the home will
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of the car still parked behind the boards inside a bedroom. investigators tell us both the driver and family who was inside the home at the time of the crash walked away unhurt. 27-year-old claire is no stranger to law enforcement. arrested nearly 1 dozen times before and as of a few hours ago his representative she got longer. this is why . spin out i knew it has to be fast to come through. >> joe and his kids and grandkids narrowly missed being hit when the man drove his car into families home yesterday yet no one was hurt. that's the main thing. >> reporter: investigators believe that was not his first crash of the day. they say mclendon is responsible for a hit-and-run just a few miles away at i4 colonial . police spotted his car after a notice went out from officers to be on the lookout . before they could stop him, he crashed into the
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mclendon will face charges of fleeing and eluding . we went back to his history and found he had been arrested for the same crime before. back in 2012, court documents show he was accused of running from police and leaving the scene of an accident with property damage . spinet while he sits in jail the family of seven who has lived there for more than one decade can come home and you can cannot come home . the doubt house deemed unsafe . i'm going back to the arrest report to see how mclendon lost control of his car after police.chasing him . live in orange county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news . sheriff's office is case involving children and deputies are worried there could be more victims . charles elder was arrested for sexual battery on a victim less than 18 years of age . a 17-year-old victim told investigators he
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month . he said it was consensual . he paid for the act with marijuana. as concerns of the spread of the diversities to grow governor scott is expected to hold a conference with hospital workers around of lord of this afternoon to make sure they are prepared to handle it . the mosquito borne illness can cause fever, rash, and joint pain and believed to be linked to severe birth defects . 16 of the 66 cases in the us are in florida including osceola county . this afternoon residents in the town of eatonville are boiling water because of the water main break yesterday . the people watching us yesterday you saw the water gushing into the street . this is the second time the pipe has broken . the last time was in july . leaders blame the cold pipe has been fixed buckaroos boulevard. the state house is expected to approve tax cuts worth close to $1 billion including much of what governor rick scott wanted
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and coasting tax holidays on school supplies and hunting and fishing gear . computer technology, certain purchases on the saturday after escaping after thanksgiving. a man shot and killed two deputies in maryland, evans had a warrant for his arrest for assaulting, fleeing and eluding a sense of lord of the essay a tip led them to of restaurant after lunch yesterday witnesses a that's when a deputy tried to talk to him and the suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire . spinrite i believe the first officer, first deputy who went to respond i think the suspect took the action because he's wearing a police uniform. >> evans took off and shot and killed another deputy before he was killed in a shootout . the deputies killed were both veterans, one served 16 of the other 30 . arroyo caribbean cruise ship tossed around in a storm
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important nosair's injuries reported by passengers say it was the scare of their lives . martha gonzales has the story and what the cruise line is saying. >> reporter: pure relief and anger today never again. >> 4500 passengers on that cruise ship is back on solid ground in new jersey after this, the ship cruising into a storm something pounded by 30 foot waves, gus topping 100 miles an hour. >> the ship started going crazy out of nowhere the ship was on its side, water was coming in. >> some questioning the captain's judgment knowing
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the forecast . royal caribbean refunding passengers giving them half off of future cruise and an apology . spin that we could not be sorry about what happened . we know we will make changes to provide more guidance and oversight. >> jim walker says despite the nightmare spinrite >>markie another face-off tonight among presidential candidates . the reason donald trump's visit to florida is causing controversy. >> the smaller seats on airplanes putting your safety at risk a push to make changes and white airlines are not on board changes in temperatures
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soon before (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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the federal spin of the federal government tried to sue ferguson. >> the department accused of racial discrimination . by the
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>> reporter: a new battle in ferguson missouri, the justice department is now suing the city for violating its residents civil rights. >> the ferguson police department violations were expensive and deliberate . stopping people without reasonable suspicion arrested them without cause and using unreasonable force . they were egregious and routine . they were driven at least in part by racial bias. >> and loss lawsuit comes after a surprise move voting to push back against the settlement the city reached after months of negotiations. >> reporter: i think we ask for reasonable things. >> city leaders want to amend the agreement which they say the city cannot afford to implement . attorney general argument. >> department of justice and negotiators came to an agreement that was fair and cost-effective. >> city leaders leeper no other
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protect the rights of residents who shares he says are treated unfairly by police and a private driven courses some. >> they wait for justice they should not have to be forced to wait longer for it goes to trial unless the city and justice department are able to settle first attorney general lynch did not indicate hope for that . abc news, washington. the last four people occupying a national wildlife to turn themselves in the second of it last night the fbi surrounded the federal building in a tense standoff . the holdouts are the last remnants of an armed groups -- group seizing the land to oppose the federal policy . mm bundy were arrested following a shootout on remote road . the house passed a bill in response to the crisis in flint, michigan hit the bill directs the epa to notify state officials within 24 hours of water contamination when it's
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state does not look work -- after that the epa has to do it. >> a volusia county private school facing the seventh lawsuit connection to a teacher convicted of abusing children . he is serving a 210 year prison sentence after admitting to sexually abusing 29 children and making child porn dating back to 2002 . he worked a warner christian academy from 2005 until his arrest in 2014 . parents of victims have filed suit accusing the school of not checking his background. this afternoon unreleased video shows a rocket launch from north korea . the broadcaster showed footage today claimant to show a long- range rocket launch last sunday . the footage shows north korean leader visiting the site and commencement of it the dates of the visits were not specified. fhp is investigating after an suv crashed into a medical
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there were no injuries when the driver of a car ran into the office on us 1 near point saint john . and expected with called in to determine structural damage . no word on what caused the crash. imagine being on a roller coaster a record number of times. >> that's what one universal studios annual passholder has done earning him the nickname rocket man . he is in the middle of a picture from universal and since the coaster opened, he has written 10,000 times . he says he has wanted to hold the record for the number of rides and loves the coaster because he can . the music . he prefers led zeppelin . >> a lot of time.
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>> really cold . >> today and tomorrow, gorgeous . daytona beach low clouds. cloud-free. 60 degrees . warmer than yesterday -- call for the villages 63 claremont daytona beach 59 and palm coast, 61 and melbourne . winds light northerly flow and not as strong . windy, winds gusts up to 40 miles an hour . not today. temperatures will modify and we with the numbers climbing . looking good lots of trance on through the day 63 at 2:00, mid- 60s at 4:00 and chile when you see tom he will try temperatures dropping 50 at 6:00 and close to 40s when you
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future track timeframe through the day clear skies clintonite allowing temperatures to drop 40s on the way for tonight . a northerly flow today and turning into a south westerly flow tomorrow and that will bump up temperatures . son and the outlook for today awesome afternoon below average by seven degrees and here are temperatures 63 titusville, 65 leesburg, 64 deland, 62 melbourne . if you have a light jacket, it will feel good . windy making the difference the last few days . tonight is clear, chili, temperatures in the 40, 44 deland, 45 thin clouds, it is going to be chilly . not as cold as last night . we had temperatures in the 20s a chance if you are a typical cold spot protect your vegetation and pets . it is
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five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, warming up further . turn son of the forecast tomorrow . lookup picture-perfect on friday, sunny skies 75 degrees saturday sunny and looking nice . affront working in cold air staying to the north so we drop off slightly sunday looking good sunday a mix of transonic clouds and temperatures rise in the 60s waking to 40s and monday showers and another front approaching monday into tuesday, tuesday looking to see showers working in we will be warmer early next week monday, highs around 75 . the cold temperatures this month are having a major impact on sea turtles in florida. >> the aquarium says the staff has been working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate 70 . so
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than 140 turtles . it makes them vulnerable and unable to function. from cell phones to homes, fine print in contracts . action 9 investigates . irs hit by hackers . a party that got a teacher
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a teacher accused of giving kids drugs and alcohol . a complaint filed with citrus high school near crystal river says she gave students marijuana, drugs and sex tips at a party . a video taken showing her slurring words and wearing a student's jacket at the party . >> she wanted to have an ugly
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because it is a high school party . it's hard to say there will not be alcohol. >> her lawyer says she's innocent and has no plans to resign. waiting to see if police released a sketch of a man they believe roque into a woman's home wielding a knife and hammer yesterday afternoon and a neighborhood on mike noh lear . the suspect attack the victim but was not taken to the hospital but no word on her condition . the second oh melbourne police are asking for your help finding somebody who may be able to help them solve a suspicious death . wilbanks was found unresponsive in a parking lot and downtown melbourne monday morning and later died at the hospital . police need help finding the man you see in this surveillance photo he could be a possible witness. investigators say no one is going to be held responsible for brutal dog attacked inside a sanford apartment .
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virginia farley, richard farley, and their apartment . they were killed by police . claremont officer injured in an accident leaving him with burns . super bowl sunday 21-year-old officer chris kruse at a bonfire with friends when a gas can exploded . so badly injured his father explained why he was holding his son split instead of hand at his bedside. >> when he got doused his shoe protected his foot and it was okay . i said last night and held his foot like someone would hold a hand. >> he is also an officer . he says doctors give his on a 50- 50 chance. a dea agents working to find a 12 person they say and connected to a heroin ring run by an elderly woman in a
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was lopez, she and nine others trafficking heroin they say . we got a look at the guns, cash and a kilo press used to package the drugs seized during the investigation. a brevard county corrections deputy accused of sexual misconduct with a female inmate is free on bond . the allegation came to light tuesday and corrections deputy was arrested and fired yesterday . investigators determined he had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with an inmate on two occasions in the past several weeks . none of this case is asking questions as to why orlando firefighters had to train and to work in old apartment the city believed contained asbestos . the city had a survey done finding asbestos and the apartments on mercy drive . more than 400 firefighters trained in them and a dozen removed tile containing asbestos. some are concerned they contaminated personal cars . >> our family gets in our vehicles . i had to take my
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in the vehicle . doesn't have asbestos? i do not know. >> we asked if anyone in the department was responsible for making sure the buildings were safe in training exercises . the fire department has not given us a clear answer . jupiter man accused of tossing on live alligator through a window is apologizing for what he thought would be a funny prank. >> joshua james said he and his friends spotted the alligator while they were fishing and thought it would be funny to use the reptile to prank their buddy who works at wendy's. >> being stupid and not thinking and obviously i found the consequences. >> in addition to the bond the judge order he stay out of all wendy's restaurant, undergo mental health evaluation and avoid having contact with any animals or weapons. airplane seats at the center of a fight on capitol hill . what lawmakers want done that some airlines are fighting now . donald trump is coming to the sun dome in tampa . why
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is a lot look at downtown orlando . things are warming up this afternoon after a chilly start to the day . certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> while you were sleeping and there was frost this morning . you can see the pictures sent in . maria, ocala getting creative . you see this in florida using a spatula to get
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allison and you see frost a sure way to get yourself on television put a channel 9 in the frost a loyal viewer from sorrento volusia county getting into your forecast this is what we have going through the day or mine by the sea, 63, not that . -- that's not bad . pearson, 64 . it will be a beautiful afternoon and temperatures climbing 65 harmony holopaw, poinciana, champions gate, four corners intercession city and osceola county . approaching 70 most of us missed out moat -- low to mid 60s light northwest wind . sharpes, india river city, titusville merritt island and the kate running in the 60s . tonight not as cold but 40s around and frost could form an typical cold spots for tonight
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tracking 70s in the forecast and timing out more fronts on the way but these will be different . we found a homeless mother and new baby living out of a van to avoid the recent cold snap after falling -- following up on an increase of homeless families in orange county . leaders are considering ways to get families off of the streets . lashawn and her baby had been staying in motels and her van after being told to leave the coalition for the homeless for breaking policy by fighting with her boyfriend . we spoke with the commissioner about her case and women in her situation cannot go to dcf because there's no to abuse or neglect but he's looking into the need for an emergency shelter for people like her. >> a place to get intensive counseling on what to expect and what the system looks like and why they were sent away. >> the commissioner tells us he may have a plan to announce soon . she is working to get
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the democrats in the race for the white house will face- off tonight is the first debate since vermont senator bernie sanders had a sweeping won in new hampshire earlier this week and now there are lots of questions on how the campaign will change as they move to different parts of the country . cecilia vega has the latest >> reporter: as both sides come face-to-face at the debate, for the first time since bernie sanders -- hillary clinton top advisers are calling supporters from big donors to backers in congress tried to ease concerns. cement we have learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters is whether you get back up . the strategy now, shift the focus to south carolina and nevada . the hope is that clinton supports among african-americans and latino voters can propel her to the nomination . the 22 point loss
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more embarrassing than her camp expected . so big even sanders was shocked. >> you sound like you're surprised by the outcome. >> we thought we would win but not by that large for -- split if the election were tomorrow do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no . the election is not tomorrow fortunate for us. attacks from clinton. >> has he gone below the belt? >> i think so . i know he's going to be supporting his wife, my wife will defend me . >> reporter: the battle for minority voters, sanders first stop after his win is harlem where he ate so food and met without sharpton. >> cecilia vega abc news new york on the heels of his wife, donald trump will stop at usf
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than 10,000 have signed up for a rally to market students will find out about his policies and others will protest outside the rally because of comments he made in the past. >> what i have a problem with sexism, islamophobia, racism. >> trump is the first and only presidential contender to book a venue in the election cycle. the state department may this week and next officials offered to release the emails after a federal judge criticized them tuesday for delaying the release . emails from the private server clinton used was with secretary of state . state department was supposed to release all emails last month but as for an extension under the new plan it would release 550 emails on saturday out of the approximately 3700 that remain . the state department has released 85 percent of clinton's email . the final batch will contain the most
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craft, and an uncomfortable experience but plan in washington aiming to change that . a congressman is pushing to prevent airlines for making seeds small and decreasing legroom . jacqueline fell has more on the plan getting pushback from the airline sports a congressman says this is more about being uncomfortable, cramped on a plane . he says it is so crowded these days passengers safety might be at risk . the faa requires planes to evacuate and a certain amount of time in case of emergencies . >> there will be times when they cannot get off the plane because they have not tested the smaller states. >> reporter: congressman introducing a state act establishing minimum standards limiting how small and how close together states can be . airlines are literally squeezing people onto planes in tiny seed: says in order to boost profit to . the airline industry says the government
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sizes . the transportation department has an advisory committee looking at the public decided not to make recommendations on seat sizes and the consumer testing options . a blog called the idea absurd saying it would cause ticket prices to soar . airlines say more seats means more people and lower fares . in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9 eyewitness news. a candlelight vigil will be held later for orange county deputy martin two years since he was killed in an ambush by a wanted man . a bill supported by the wife of deputy scott la pine passed this date senate in a vote . bridget pine is caring for three young children increasing death benefits for those killed in the line of duty . today's vigil will be held at 545. of pro-wrestler warning
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before concussions destroy their health . daniel bryan retiring at 34 because of a head injury . doctor say the star has had 10 concussions and some have gotten so bad they caused seizures. >> within the first five months of my career i had had three concussions and it gets to the point when you have been wrestling for 16 years that adds up to a lot of concussions . he says athletes have a responsibility to friends and family to protect themselves. a healthy newborn baby had surgery he did not need to call the mistake happened and the problems it will cause the baby later in life .
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you are trying to lose weight researchers warn you to think twice before visiting a weight loss clinic at the center just they may not follow medical standards to help people safely lose weight . researchers at johns hopkins look at 200 weight loss clinics and found websites did not have guidelines for managing obesity . when researchers call clinics only one out of five indicated they complied with the guidelines . a healthy newborn baby from tennessee was mistakenly operated on when the hospital grabbed the wrong baby for the procedure . jennifer melton says she thought her newborn son was going for a physical when a nurse came to .
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unnecessary surgery backlit the tissue underneath his tongue and normally performed for children born with a condition restricting because tongue's motion . they are worried the surgery could lead to future problems. >> we do not know whether the child will have speech problems or eating problems the concern is it was a healthy baby that was supposed to leave the hospital healthy and instead was harmed by the hospital . in a report from the hospital, the doctor admitted that he made the mistake and it was his fault and he apologized. we know how important it is to exercise. >> doctor say this one part of your body you is deftly want to take care of, your brain . you may not be able to grow it like a muscle but you can help keep it sharp as you get older . doctor say like any other body part was the brain is developed it stops working as well as one years go by the women -- they say there are things you can do to keep it healthy . >> social interactions you have and more broad types of
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related to maintaining that level of function at optimal levels. >> doctor say brain games can help you to be sharp vote -- arthur s forgetful and remember to get out and move around . new information on an automated attack on the irs computer system . information hackers try to get their hands on . from credit cards and new homes and cars, what is hidden and contract stripping legal rights . a contract trap you need to know about next. temperatures rebounding similar -- refreshing of us, in
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9 investigates traps and consumer contracts from cell phones to new homes leaving you feeling cheated and denied your day in court. >> causes turn of everywhere and todd already found out --
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company's version of dust -- justice and there's no way out. >> reporter: mark james have protection from ac unit but joyce home warranty kept rejecting his claim . the suit them in court and discovered the finest print in his contract unknowingly agreed to forced arbitration only to settle disputes. >> i think it is disgraceful . people should have the right to go to court. >> mandatory arbitration clauses are just about everywhere. >> credit cards, cell phones, any time you shop online . buried in these agreements no day in court, justin arbitration panel by the company not you. >> big-ticket items as well . he lost $40,000 trying to buy a new home . that is the deposit he claims lennar refused to refund after his financing
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contract arbitration cause -- clause makes it tough. >> is a one-sided affair . you cannot go against them. >> reporter: buy a new car and it's a sure bet the clause is in your contract . >> you signed away your right. >> reporter: attorney retaining -- routinely turns away buyers who feel cheated by dealers because caused -- contracts forced arbitration . they can eliminate important juries can cost more and there are no appeals. >> lawyers will not handle cases that are in arbitration because they think that could simply stack . you can cross out an arbitration clause but chances are the company will show you the door . >> it's not fair . it's like a one-way clause .. >> reporter: todd ulrich, channel 9 eyewitness news. in the arbitration clause also preventing you from joining class-action lawsuits to fight fraud.
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protection bureau is considering there is reforms. hackers would find a cyber attack on the irs used the stolen data to try to get up 10 to file returns . they tried to get more than 100,000 social security numbers to create fake logins to try to electronically file tax returns be the irs is no personal taxpayer data was compromised and are taking immediate steps to better protect your account. a true driverless car hits close to reality. >> of federal regulators giving google the go-ahead to build a car without someone behind the wheel to take control at a moments notice . no steering wheel accelerator or breaks . they can pass laws requiring vehicles to have those things and the cars are years away from actually going on the market . >> that would be weird going in a car. >> yes, it's weird to have a law saying all cars must have a driver.
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sun and low humidity, clear shot over lake eola, temperatures are climbing . 61, winds out of the northwest six miles an hour, sunrise at 7:07 am . sunset 6:12 pm . getting later and later as we marched the winter . temperatures around the 50s and 60s with us . 50s across i 4, sanford, debary, deltona, kissimmee, low 60s around but this morning look where we were, 28 ocala, down to 33 sanford, 36 think lamott . -- clermont . winds are light coming down out of the north but not nearly as wendy . last few days have been windy . calm winds and sunshine and combining to warm numbers . sun through the afternoon come a kissimmee, heritage park, 65
12:48 pm
and low 60s when you see tom terry at 6:00 on channel 9 . 3:00 today, sunny looking clear into the evening . no clouds or rain for today . we will be nice. 66, sun with an awesome afternoon . you see the numbers in the 60s . low 60s at the coast and most aren't running in the mid-60s . tonight, clear, chili, a chance for frost . not as cold and temperatures in the 40s for the most part but northwestern zones we could see frost. if you are in a cold spot outside of pink shading protect your vegetation for one night to be on the safe side . look at friday . sunny, mid-70s that is awesome . 74 palm coast, 35 orlando, 75 and think about a great way to feature weekend, plenty of events this weekend
12:49 pm
olympics . download the all new ic florida app . a lot of things going on. five-day forecast, the weekend always in view . mid-seventies tomorrow we took care of that . saturday, 70, we will have chilly nights, 40s, 50s and the afternoon is mild with 70 saturday. sunday, 60 degrees and it will be cooler . many front working in an warmer again on monday ahead of the next front mid-70s monday with a 20 percent chance of a shower . this year's oscars gift bag is setting a record, the bags given to nominees can contain
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a look at stories coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00 . two women accused of running a brothel and osceola county will face a judge. deputies say they busted the women for prostitution inside a home in poinciana . 3 children were found in a locked room inside . a crew is at the courthouse and we will let you know what happened therefore . orlando police have arrested a man cresta car into a home filled with people . this is a mcclendon drove into the home and rio grande yesterday after a hit and run a few miles away . we look into his past and found out he is no stranger to law enforcement . we will tell you what else without. is not oscar nominees do not go home without a trophy to get a gift worth $200,000 for being nominated. >> the gift bag includes a 10
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and unlimited car rentals . they will receive a voucher for a procedure breast live -- lift to revive cleavage . a long list of high-priced items, fancy toilet paper, the most soothing and absorbent available . catch the 80th academy a lord -- academy awards on wftv gemini. -- channel 9. >> here's a look at numbers so far people will have closing figures tonight on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4:00 . now let's take a look at what's happening on wall street today. brought to you by your local
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now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year.
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even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. a warming trend is going on. >>let's get the latest on the forecast here is certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 . a cold start to the date. >> with frost and 36 morning but a gorgeous strata -- stretching it . mid-60s to near 70 by the weekend . see you tomorrow morning between 5-7 on eyewitness news this morning . have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy the sun. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at noon. >> that you his next.
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now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best
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with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> announcer: get ready, because we're about to take your day from tired to "chew-spired." it's an instagram inspiration. michael is cooking up an incredible dish inspired by a "chew" viewer. then, he knows a thing or two about getting away with murder, but does he know his way around the kitchen? alfred enoch is here, and he's stirring up a stew with mario that's to die for. plus, see the amazing way one mom is opening up her heart and her restaurant to those in need. >> the great thing about this place is we have a pay-it forward system where anybody is


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