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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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gathering new detail asks still, right now, more than a dozen deputies and investigators have been here along santa barbara road, they have a stretch of this road blocked off. the bodies of that mom and teen daughter were found inside of a white home on the right side of the road. here's a look from sky witness 9, this is a neighborhood filled with families, deputies say the bodies were found by a man who lives at the home. we don't know his relation to the two. but deputies also told me this doesn't appear to be a murder-suicide. and here's a look at the scene on the ground. deputies are now talking to neighbors to see if they heard anything strange. they don't are any suspects right now, but we talked to a spokesperson with the orange county sheriff's office earlier today. who says this is unusual for this type of violence in this neighborhood. >> this is not a neighborhood that typically has this type of violent crime. so we're just asking neighbors to be patient, as soon as we can figure out the nature of this, we're hoping people can help us.
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like at a number of investigators surrounding that white home. where the two bodies were found ch we are working to find out how the mom and daughter were killed. deputies will only say they died of trauma. deputies told us they are working to get in touch with their relatives before releasing their names. now, tonight, for eyewitness news at 10:00, we are asking what deputies plan to do to narrow down the suspect or suspects. to keep neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods safe since they haven't named who is responsible. we are live tonight in pine hills of orange county, ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are monitoring a few light showers right now. >> we're in for stronger storms later, while many of us are going to be sleeping, our certified chief meteorologist tom terry is tracking the timing of this storms, in severe weather center 9. >> i don't think i'm going to be sleeping, we're going to have storms moving by. this is when we kick it into high gear in severe weather center 9. showers only on the east side, a couple of o downpours conway, azalea park to the coast of
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these showers moving north at 30 miles per hour. with a low level winds and -- but overnight tonight, watching a couple of storms, a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 p.m. for the western panhandle. those storms are weakening a little bit and will continue to do so. but we're going to be monitoring after midnight. the storms start to approach after 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. future track, has a wet morning commute, i'm updating the type of storms and what to expect in your neighborhood overnight, coming up. bob. see you shortly, tom. new at 6:00, 9 investigates found out a daytona beach police sergeant under investigation twice in the past year, is off the streets again tonight, stripped of his gun and badge. >> last year, he was suspendeded for making sexual comments to a fellow officer and last month, we told you when he was suspended again for letting three suspected thooes go free. -- thieves go free.
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reporter to uncover this later investigation, and you discovered the sergeant was suspended in another case where he's accused of sexually harassing a female officer. >>reporter: this report shows he made the female officer extremely uncomfortable here at the police department, this was his last interrible affairs -- internal affairs investigation that wrapped up 21 days ago, just released. very recently. now, he's under the microscope again. daytona beach police sergeant joseph sellics is under investigation again. the subject of an internal affairs investigation. they won't say why. it's not the first time sec licks has been taking out of the -- sellics has been taken out the the line of duty. he harassed a female officer in october. in that 13-page internal affairs investigation, stayth stated that he asked to look at the officer's new hair cut. the officer stated she felt as if sellic was checking her out as in looking at her body in a
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comments and demeanor caused her emotional distress, and were unwanted and unwell comed. he was suspended for 24 hours. we reported on him in november when he was suspended for 12 hours when he was charged of making a sexual comment to an officer leaving a call i. was caught on police body camera. >> [ inaudible ]. >>reporter: records show on the same call, he googled modelling pictures of a woman involved in a domestic disturbance and made comments about her appearance. then later contacted her on facebook. i tried to contact the police chief three time toosd but he did not return my call. try ied to contact sellics directly. their attorneys are going over the ed from those new allegations, of course, we'll let you know when this most recent investigation wraps up. channel 9 yns news.
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sellics was suspended for 36 hours for allowing 3 juveniles in a stolen car to go free. he released the juveniles to the mother and did not run the vehicles vin number to see if it had been stolen. there's still no sign of a mystery driver who state troopers say hit and killed a man out for a morning jog and then took off. investigators told channel 9's melanie holt it's too early to tell if immediate medical care could have saved the victim. he was found in a ditch this morning. troopers said these crashess happen far too often. >>reporter: and they and the vps left behind, simply getting fed up, they tell me that this the 39-year-old victim was just on his routine morning jog when he was left here in this ditch. troopers still hope to find enough evidence to leave them to the driver who struck and killed jason, but already, they believe that they are looking for a light chrysler, light gray chrysler with damage to the front end, possibly the
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investigators haven't given up hope, either of finding some surveillance individual of the vehicle and believe that it still may be somewhere in this area because someone may have spotted the vehicle before. >> every case is different, but you're making it worse by leaving. and now, you're facing a minimum of 4 years, whether you were scared or not. >>reporter: and we know that troopers have gotten some leads in this case, but tonight, they are still looking for that hit-and-run driver. live here in brevard county, channel 9 yns news. new data show s that hit and runs are growing problem here in florida, and the numbers are rising every year. families affected by hit and run crashes met with troopers today to find some solutions. >> you look at the stats, we're wie finding these people, there's surveillance video out there, witnesses are tired of it. >> one person dying every other day from a hit-and-run crash. a woman and her boyfriend
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interest in the murder of her father, remain in custody tonight. and now, we've learned the boyfriend, faced charges a decade ago in his own mother's murder. orange county investigators say they want to question them about julianne gresham. neighbors were upset when they heard the 81-year-old man had been found stabbed to death in his taft home on saturday night. >> just an old guy that minds his businessman, it's messed up. >> deputies say he murdered his mother back in 2007 but a court found him not guilty because the judge determined he was insane. right now, he and gresham are in custody awaiting mental evaluations. volusia county leaders will go over an agreement from daytona beach on a homeless shelter, city officials say they submitted a 20-page agreement that makes daytona beach pay for the shelter as long as the county provides the property and the money to bid it.
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specific location for the shelter, the agreement will be reviewed on thursday. hillary clinton is hoping her husband's appeal can help her sway florida democratics to have her in the white house. a e rally of 800 people in rivera beach, clinton appealed to black voters days ahead of the south carolina primary. highly popular with democrats, and the campaign hopes to get a head start in florida. >> we need somebody that knows how the world works, this community keeping big bad thing thes from happening to protect the values, the interests and the lives of americans who serve those country in uniform. >> hillary clinton was originally scheduled to attend that event, instead, she spent the day in nevada where she's k locked in a tight race with bernie sanders. >> partisan politics could get in the way, republicans found
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president barack obama is out of office. >>reporter: senator bill nelson said he wouldn't be surprised if republican senators try to stall until president barack obama is out of office but there's too much at stake for party affiliations to get in the way. the news of justice antonin scalia sent shock waves. set off a heated debate over if president barack obama should nominate a new justice with less than a year left in his term. mitch mcconnell has been very outspoken, saying the next president should appoint the man or woman who could sit on the bench for administrations to come. since the president's nominee has to be approved by the senate, there are swirling concerns republican senators could stall a confirmation for president barack obama's choice. even senator nelson is concerned that they could delay things. >> i think that's very sad.
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anything done is when the democrats and the republicans work together. >>reporter: senator nelson says the country can't afford to have a vacancy on the bench for more than a year. >> i want the process to work and to work now, because there's a lot at stake, in the u.s. supreme court. >>reporter: the democrat from florida has voted to confirm nominees from president barack obama and bush, he expects the verbal sparring between the parties to get nasty over this issue, even citing saturday night's republican debate as an example of just how ugly politics can get, even within the same party. >> you have no idea who they are. >> gentlemen, i think we're going to leave that there, i've got a question -- >> a guy who gets his foreign policies from the shown shoes, who thinks hillary clinton was a great negotiateer in iran. >> this is not the way to run a democracy. >> he expects president barack obama to nominate a justty within the next month, he says he'll make his decision based on the nominee's record. and breaking right now, up in the panhandle, the national weather service has confirmed a
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>> i just tweeted a video of it, on the alabama-florida line, way up over here, in the northern parts of the panhandle. i'm updating our own severe weather threat overnight tonight, coming up. >> plus, 9 investigates first expoed a daytona beach firefighter using an ambulance to drop off his kids to his ex-wife. >> new at 6:00, why he says he had no choice but to do that, while on the clock. >> also, new, what investigators
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for the first time, hearing where a daytona beach firefighter said he used an ambulance to drop off his kids to his ex-wife. we told you at noon, after this video surfaced, a subsequent reviews resulted in relatively light punishment. channel 9's angela jacobs got a copy of the internal investigation and angela, apparently he felt he didn't have a choice. >>reporter: well, his
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noted that he should have at least exhausted his options before violating city policy with one of their vehicles. but they also seem to show some understanding, docking him minutes of leigh time and issuing a written -- leave time andish shug him a written worning. this is the video at the center of an investigation of daytona beach firefighter, after he was accused of using an ambulance to drop off his kids to his ex-wife last month. late today, we were give tn the 7-page internal investigation, stating it was spurred by an eyewitness news report. in his interview, he contested the charge, and explained he brought his children to work january 10th, because his ex-wife was not on time for the agreed drop off and he feared department rules. we nound his 99 -- found in his 99 page file, he had received two for unscheduled leave usage. he told the investigators his ex-wife refused to get the kids
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the city vehicle to take them the three miles to make the exchange. the investigation sustained the allegations noting how a domestic situation between bowden and his ex-may have exhibited to his decision. with the final say, fire chief upheld the punishment saying he finds sincerity that the incident wouldn't occur again. and we also reached out to this firefighter through his family and told he is declining comment and wishes to move forward at this time. we're live in daytona beach, angela jacob scombls an orange county insurance agent is accused of stealing from one of his client, he worked out of a winter park office for ameri-life. he took $3,000 in cash from 66-year-old napier and didn't buy insurance with it. they also believe he used her personal information to buy other insurance coverage she did
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florida's secretary of state says he wants no part of a redistricting. a federal appeals court to dismiss him from a suit filed by coreen brown over her redrun district. legislators were forced to redraw districts when the maps were ruled unconstitutional. in orange county, a new japanese restaurant is fighting for the right to sell beer and school. denied a liqueur license because legacy middle street is across the street. but hooter's was here before and sold liqueur. it was there before the school was built it was grandfathered in. in lake koun, the city of mount dora is looking for a new city attorney. mark filed a motion in november to fire the currency attorney saying a change is needed. that motion was denied. however, the city council says they'll take applications and the deadline to apply is
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council members will begin reviewing applications next week. police in south daytona say a 78-year-old driver crashed into a building, and escaped with only minor injuries. his jaguar hit a vacant office in a mra za at 3:00 o'clock -- mra za at 3:00 o'clock. the driver did go to the hospital in an ambulance. the investigators believe the driver may have had some sort of medical episode. causing him to pass out, and hit the gas pedal. we've also learned that nearly 20 people called into to the volusia county sheriff's office to report a shooting that killed a bethune-cookman college student. lamont post tell shot 3 people at the ind go lakes apartment complex in daytona beach. 23-year-old johnson died from his injuries. he appeared with his head in bandages. we're going to have to wait until next month to find out if a man will be comp tonight stand trial for a deputy involved
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investigators say back in august, he charged a deputy when they showed up to remove him from the center and they shot him. he told the detective he was shooting a reality show and expected to be tased and not shot. the lawyers say he is not comp tonight stand trial. state lawmakers are proposing several million dollars in funding to help clean up the indian river lagoon. 21.5 million dollars to help the county clean up the lagoon. brevard county would have to put up 1.5 million dollars to examine the health benefits of the project. tom, in right now, and going to have a look at the storms that are moving in, and we have a tornado that was reported. >> yeah, there's a lot of video now on twitter, i have put a couple of retreats out there. that's what it looks like. that is a big tornado. from the looks of it. and that's in mcdavid, which is near century, right in the far western part of the panhandle. and escambia county, how would
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and see that in the distance? that's what happened within the last half hour to 45 minutes. and they confirmed a tornado in that area. and this is a storm right there, that's about the area that storm has lifted up, a new tornado warning, the same storm, could be a new one, across southern parts of alabama. a lot of this weather will be mainly to our north overnight tonight. but it's el nino, it's winter. and storms are expected in the middle of the night. overnight in the mornings, we'll be watching this whole sipt closely -- this whole set up closely. we can't rule out an isolated tornado. in the meantime, we have scattered showers for your evening plan, moving north of titusville, up in the southern parts of volusia county, and rain south and along the east coast. so scattered evening showers, primarily along the east coast. then we start timing out the thunderstorms themselves, be in
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storms between 2:00 and around 4:00 in the morning. the villages, ocala, leesburg and closer to 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 5:0030. here's future track, timing this out with showers moving in, with scattered thunderstorms back behind it. the atmosphere will be a little bit more stable in the early morning hours, but we're going to be monitoring to see if any rotating thunderstorms, want to develop along this leading edge overnight topt tonight. 4:00 o'clock, it will be wet, which means at 5:15, when you're watching brian shields, deneige broom following the traffic, it will be a mess on the roads. plan on leaving early. after that, we'll start to quiet things down. i think heavy rain and strong wind gusts over 40 miles per hour, are the main threats, we can't rule out the isolated tornado. we have had one in the panhandle in the last hour, the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. after the rain moves out, after say 9:00 a.m. at the latest,
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with temperatures in the lower 70s, just a fantastic weather week coming up. including a nice weather, for all of the races in daytona.
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orlando city has one international star who played milan. mid fielder antonio is expected preseason. he's played most of his career in italy's top tier league, even played alongside for part of it. orlando city had to make a train with dc united for the discovery right, while also, working on a deal with the mid fielder. a source tells me the deal is all but done k and waiting for mls to confirm it.
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asked about the move but couldn't say much. >> you're always trying to better, and it's been no secret, we try to bring one or two players in. but we will have to wait and see. >> okay. on the field, city is coming off a 2-1. despite the set back, feels good about the club's progress. preseason, wednesday against the new york red bulls. for the nba, according to tnt, 7 million viewers watched aaron gordon get robbed in the dunk test. this incredible moment, going over stuff and underer both legs, easily the best dunk any human has ever witnessed but air gordon, finished #27b to zack who went between the legs from near the free throw line. being called the greatest dunk contest in history, i agree. bob, martha. >> apparently for good reason.
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ice makers, out board motors, it has misplaced. >> what happened to nearly $300,000 worth of equipment. that's tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 27 and at 11:00, right here on channel 9. >> thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00.
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign.


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