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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we are following breaking news moments in the search for a baby girl missing since her mother gave birth and abandoned her. we learned the search for baby willow has moved underground. city crews are searching the sewer system and parts of orlando. >> we been watching the search for the baby since the story broke. crews are looking underground for the baby near the apartment complex where they believe she was born. police are trying to figure out whether she is still alive. jeff deal is live near the willow bend apartment complex where crews are looking and what can you tell us? >> reporter: they just got done
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manhole here in the willow bend apartments. they took off down this way. we're not sure if they were to a third location within the complex but they may be since they turned around the corner. one of the sewer lines was not far from the area in the parking lot with the placenta was found on monday afternoon. workers confirmed its connected to the search for baby willow. they are looking for signs of the baby. the robotic camera is connected to a line stretching 200 feet from the back of the truck, almost like a snake and they can see the images inside the truck. an apartment, source -- across the street. they sent it three different directions orlando police had an emergency response team scouring the area yesterday for the baby. they hauled to dumpsters away. all this is part of a secondary search not based on any specific evidence.
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richardson remains locked up on a $50,000 bond for child neglect. police say she told them she abandoned the baby on the front steps of an apartment shortly after giving birth on monday. she has not been cooperative. her boyfriend told us yesterday he believes she must have given the baby to someone else. no word on if they found anything here but we will keep tabs on the situation and let you know what developed in the case throughout the day on our website and mobile apps and eyewitness news at 4:00. jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. following breaking news in orange county, channel 9 learned there is a leadership shakeup at harbor house of central florida. sources tell eyewitness news longtime ceo carol which no longer holds the position. she has been the face of harbor house for years and known as a tireless advocate for the victims of domestic abuse. she explained emergency shelter and worked with law enforcement to shake that shape the way officers investigated calls. we are reaching out and waiting for a response. a breezy day, slightly
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headed here for the weekend. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> it will warm up again this weekend. a bit cooler for today. not as warm as yesterday. a gorgeous day. the fountain is going, folks are on the water over lake eola, 70 degrees now. winds out of the northeast at 14 miles an hour. sunset 6:18 pm. 70s in orlando, cocoa beach melbourne at 78 degrees. 66 deland and in the low 60s in flagler county. there are the wind -- winds picking up north northeast winds at 23 and titusville, still a brief illness. 14 seminole county. we will see gus, 20, 25 as we go throughout the desk -- rest of the day. that will blow into clouds. clouds are a short and when you see tom terry at 4:00, he will
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we are going to be on the dry side today. breezy, cooler, and pleasant, 72. tonight it will be chilly. we was the numbers dipping into the 40s and 50s. coming up we tracked how much weekend. you can always track the warmer weather for yourself at /weather. new at noon, 2015 was a record breaking your for tourism in florida. governor. scott was a disney world to announce 100 of his team million people visiting the state -- 115 million people visited. grow. >> the 50 in a row for record- breaking numbers and the governor made the announcement from epcot. >> reporter: disney world has a huge impact on numbers. that comes as the governor said six of florida beaches like among the top 10 in the country. he says whether it is beaches,
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are reasons why they flock to florida. we told you more visitors means more jobs. the governor reiterated every 85 visitors to the state equals another job. >> what's important is almost 1.2 million jobs tied to tourism which is an increase from five years ago. the year before i got elected, during some numbers rated to maine. from 82 men at 210 5 million tourists means a lot more jobs. >> i asked about factors into bidding to the visitors coming to florida. we are looking into that in areas he says there is room to grow and reach the goal of 115 room to grow and reach the goal of 11 5 million tourists one year for eyewitness news tonight at 4:00. and epcot, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news. reaching out to winter park police to see if they have uncovered a motive behind the double shooting. >> men not identified were shot at 10:00 last night at comstock, capen avenue's. we were there as police
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that investigators say they are now looking for suspects. they have not told us if or how the victims are connected. a judge denied bond for the man accused of murdering his girlfriend's father in orange county. he faced a judge saying he could not afford an attorney so given a public defender. investigators say his dad julian gresham to death over the weekend. the victim's daughter was also a person of interest but not facing charges at this time. judge denied bond for managers the shooting a manager during a robbery at a restaurant full of people. great kerry junior trifecta judge for body saying he did not have a violent history. the judge says since he's charged with attempted murder he will have to stay behind bars. investigators say he opened fire at the gators dockside, john young parkway the when was closing yesterday that the victim will be okay. charges pending and aggression i 4 that killed a young woman and sent a man to the hospital.
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it happened near walt disney world, kissimmee yesterday. maxine markovich was killed in this crash. you can see what happened to the truck ended up on top of the red carpet, what is left of it hit it is under investigation. lawmakers in tallahassee are working toward a deal to rewrite florida death penalty laws. last month the us supreme court found that using processes unconstitutional because judges were making the final decision instead of the jury. under the proposal, 10 out of 12 jurors would need to be in favor of handing down a death sentence. the plan is to be passed by both houses and governor. scott. that cases will not be affected. firefighters in pensacola say 4 children have died in an early morning fire. flames reported before 5:30 at the family's home. the victims ranged in age from 11 months old to 11 years old. their mother and 14-year-old sister were able to escape without injuries. the red cross is helping
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marshall is investigating the cause. a new poll republican presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz are neck and neck. the new numbers, as there's a three-way feud between drum, cruz and rubio. lana zak has the latest. >> reporter: pope francis returning to move rome had this to say on some of trump's comments. a person who thinks about building walls weather and they may be an odd about building bridges is not christian. the pope would not advise america's how to vote and said he wanted to give trump the benefit of the doubt. >> i'm protestant, presbyterian to be exact. >> reporter: appealing to evangelical voters, he's been adamant about his christian beliefs on the trail. going to war with ted cruz to announce the endorsement of 300 south carolina pastors today. while crews and trump are battling over first and 2nd pl., challenger is now emerging in marco rubio.
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united states, marco rubio. >> reporter: as a popular governor of south carolina, nikki haley gives him her endorsement. >> we are happy and grateful to be part of the sports nikki haley is a big deal. looks like a nascar race and she's drafting from marco rubio who is in a close third and could easily pass ted cruz. >> reporter: bush was conciliatory in his remarks. her endorsement is a stunning blow. >> i think jeb of folks are making the plan for that long exit out of the race. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, washington. by the obama confirmed on twitter he will become the first sitting us president to visit you about in more than 80 years. details the white house released about his trip. >> i do not appreciate your tone. how this accused fake doctor, 18, defending his actions and the question that made him stormed out of an interview. we watched crews demolishing a home and outside
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leaders say this is part of making the city beautiful. i will show you how the windy weather will bring in
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deltona is demolishing buildings to make the city more beautiful than the first is being torn down on north atherton street. teenage girl is live at deltona. the house was abandoned -- deneige broom is in deltona. the house was abandoned for longtime. >> reporter: the fire started in 2012 and went into foreclosure. then kept getting worse. crews are here hard at work. they will be here for a few more days to get this cleaned up and leaders say it has been much more than an eyesore. shown you video from before they started the demolition this morning. this is all that was left after the fire 4 years ago. they started tearing it down at 10:00 and steady at work since then. this is one of the many houses that they will demolish in the city because the commissioner tells me this is not just about beautification. he says the homes and started becoming safety hazards.
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fires, and drug users have been hiding inside. impacting the people on the streets who have homes up for sale. he says is one of the pieces to the beautification project that they plan to work on streets, street skating, hiring a code enforcement officer to be another set of eyes and ears. the vice mayor tells me they are able to gain control of property or ownership of the properties, they would like to hand them off to different organizations like habitat for humanity. tonight at 4:00, i will break down how leaders say they are able to do this without costing taxpayers. live in volusia county, deneige broom, channel 9 eyewitness news. we're continuing to follow the latest on the battle between the fbi and apple. customers are rallying for -- in support of the company. apple refuses to unlock a terrorist eichel -- iphone setting up a legal fight with implications for consumers and digital privacy.
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>> reporter: the white house wants apple to do with it california judge ordered, hack into the iphone used by the terror suspect in the san bernardino massacre and help investigators get answers. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or create a new back door to one of their products. they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on this device. >> ultimately being a good citizen -- >> some republican hopefuls are siding with the obama administration. these customers disagree. >> what apple is doing is standing up for security. >> can you imagine -- any number of people trying to gain access. >> reporter: apple is standing firm, bowing to appear. ceo is saying the implication of the government's demands are chilling adding that the software is, quote, something
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dangerous to create. he argues that there is a way to find in -- break into the palm bay will be able to break it any phone. >> apple is going to fight guarantee whoever loses the battle is going to appeal. it may end up in the supreme court. >> reporter: experts say this really is a landmark case. microsoft and google are also weighing in saying they are with apple on this one i believe there should be no government backdoors into your devices. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. nascar fighting to prove they can belong to the daytona 500 qualifying races to the daytona 500 at the international speedway will kick off at 7:00 tonight against today during a practice a small oil leak caused a minor multiple card -- car pileup. it will kick off the sunday. downtown orlando pulling out stops for the new burger
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>> wall burgers located on south orange owned by mark wahlberg and his family and starting at 5:00, they will throw party for the grand opening. mark wahlberg expected to join in on the fun. >> not to be confused with a different burger place. >> they were giving away free food. sometimes restaurant -- restaurants open with a soft opening. >> not this one. >> a look at what to expect. 72 today. cooler and gorgeous and tomorrow, 74. warming up further through the weekend on saturday. 76 warming up more sunday. we will get to that. downtown orlando, 70 now. winds out of the northeast at 12. windy day. we will watch for prescribed
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smoke around in spots. there are 60s and 70s now. a lot of 60s in just a few 70s in the southern tier. 70 degrees cocoa beach, lotus, 66 daytona beach. winds coming from the northeast staying breezy until -- 23 titusville, gusting up to 25 through the afternoon. satellite radar, looking off of it is going to be gorgeous throughout the day. mainly cloud-free. we could see a few more clouds along the coast. berry hill, doctor phillips, 68 at 4:00. low 60s by 6:00. after that when the sun ghost town we will fall into the 50s. 3:00 today, a couple more clouds along the coast. dry just the onshore flow with us and then we flip two tomorrow where we start off with a lot of sun and an easterly travel and you see throughout friday, a few more clouds and partly cloudy skies especially along the coast on friday. cannot rule out a stray sprinkle most on the dry side. winds this evening breezy. they will stay with us.
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at 9:00, 10:00 winds around 20 with higher gusts. is going to be choppy in the intracoastal, watch out for rip currents today. seas up 4 to 6 feet with water temperatures like air temperatures at the beach in the 60s. 72, breezy, cooler sunny and 69 of the villages, 70 degrees in sanford, 60 titusville, sharpes, beer, indian river city, grant-valkaria, north northeast winds 10 to 20. for tonight, 40s and 50s and again the pattern where we have chilly nights but nothing too bad. we are not dealing with frost. a few 40s northern tier, most of us in the 50s but with the onshore flow, one exception, milder, cocoa beach, satellite beach, patrick air force base, melbourne, we will be near 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. tomorrow is up, temperatures 60s, 70s again a little warmer than today. we talked about 74 for the hard on friday and looking exiting, partly cloudy skies tomorrow.
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app or checkout the forecast for all events are going on, a lot going on including the speedway, today through the weekend check it out or grab the app. it is free. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view 74 tomorrow, 76 saturday, 70 degrees sunday. onshore flow means a few more clouds along the coast and more sun in lane and warmer inland it will be cooler along the coast and overnight lows this weekend in the 50s and monday we will be near 80, the next decent chance for rain will be tuesday as the next storm system arrives and more on that coming up in the next half hour. nasa astronaut scott kelly is almost done with his year- long stay aboard the iss. >> before he is done orbiting earth, he should pictures of what it is like looking at the world from the outside. the posted pictures on his twitter page of his view from the iss. he holds the record for longest time and space for any us astronaut. he is expected to come home next month.
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discovered serious problems in the state's prison system. low pay, rundown facilities are being cited. what happened when we went to the head of the department for answers? the advice from one powerball winner to another. what the tennessee winners are telling florida winners to never do.
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florida hospital is being fined after a woman died after forcibly removed from the emergency room by a police officer., liberty hospital in the panhandle has been fined by florida healthcare agency $45,000. some is related to the death of barbara dawson who died 90 minutes after being taken out of the hospital in handcuffs. the rest of the money is owed for other deficiencies.
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uncovered at the hospital. a father is in jail this afternoon facing child abuse charges for a late night street race with two children in the backseat. >> deputies arrested carmona- crespo and flores-carrasquillo during a crackdown on saturday night. carmona-crespo accused of driving the car and endangering the lives of an infant and toddler in the backseat. the mother of the children tells us they are fine and she is working to get crespo out of jail. >> what happened saturday was a mistake he did. everybody makes mistakes. i'm nobody to judge him. >> the sheriff's office will continue street racing crackdowns on random weekends. 9 investigates has uncovered new details and alleged extortion plot aimed to intimidate a woman out of filing for divorce. deputy john wheeler says he never actually used this fake dea credential but in a recorded conversation with real dea agent, he admitted to posing as an agent in phone calls to the friends and
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estranged wife. >> whose idea was it to identify himself -- years of? >> ( indiscernible ). >> 9 investigates obtained hours of interviews and phone conversations, agents say maine directed wheeler to indicate his estranged wife and new boyfriend were under investigation for drugs. both men expected back in court in march. altamonte springs police are asking for your help to identify two men who they say are responsible for smashing and grabbing robbery at a were inside. look at pictures. police tells customers were inside the store on 436 after 7:00 last night when the men started breaking display cases. detectives believe the thieves got away with thousands of dollars with the phones. troopers a brevard county are working to find out if a damaged suv they found his the car involved in a deadly hidden crush -- hit-and-run in cocoa. j sirota was killed when the driver hit him early monday
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the vehicle was identified as a jeep cherokee. troopers said a tip led them to a vehicle that had damage consistent with the crash. at last check they were checking for evidence. we will find out in volusia county leaders agreed to a plan for a homeless shelter in daytona beach. last month we showed you a rapidly growing homeless camp in the heart of downtown. we briefly's -- it shut down a brief -- an office building. asking leaders to provide lined up a $4 million to build a permanent shelter. last night daytona beach city leaders and submitted a plan to pay to operate a shelter is built. they say they can budget for hundred thousand dollars toward the safe harbor grant agreement for the next five years. the county will review the proposal today. we are hearing from the 18- year-old south florida teenager who was arrested for pretending to be a doctor. if you have nothing the story, it is incredible. what made him walk out of the interview with abc news and
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patient who gave him $3000. the child investigation involving middle school solution that students pictures that appellees evolved.
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the present will be the first sitting us president to visit cuba more than 80 years for jaclyn felt with what the president is saying on twitter about his historic visit. >> reporter: obama confirms his truck saying he is traveling there to restore us cuban ties and informed the lives of the cuban people. it will have a late march as part of a broader trip to latin america. he will be the only second
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to travel to the island after calvin coolidge in 1928. the us and cuba began restoring diplomatic ties last july. republican presidential candidates are criticizing the visit saying it should not take place while the families of our. >> they should push for free cuba. >> reporter: white house says is a demonstration of a commitment to chart a new course with cuba. he will meet with cuba president raul castro in washington, jack lavelle, channel 9 eyewitness news. it is a breezy and sunny afternoon across central florida. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> gorgeous. by found these guys always alarming when you see them circling. downtown orlando, looks like they are having a break. 70, fighting off winds. winds north east at 12 miles an hour. looking at numbers, 60s, 70s.
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a slight break and that crazy el nio pattern where we get fronts every third or fourth day. we will not see one until we get into next week. winds coming out of the north and northeast. i want to show you some latest wind gust, 30 miles an hour and new smyrna beach, 25 daytona beach, eventually, with the winds that will draw in more clouds. we was the along the coast try to reach is later today but more so for tomorrow. a little bit cooler along the coast of the next two days with a few more clouds inland. we will be warmer. mount dora, nor the lake county down beautiful, 69 at 2:00. 68 by 4:00. a cool evening have a jacket on hand for any plans when the sun goes down. we will check into the 50s. coming up we tracked when 80s will return to our forecast. vanessa? highland county deputies are working to find out if
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have been victims of child pornography. >> investigation started when the students at lake placid middle school near sebring showed a teacher naked photos they had gotten on their phones from there they found inappropriate videos and photos and almost a dozen other students posted deputies say sexting between students or posting pictures on social media make them vulnerable to child predators. >> the truth of the matter is parents do really need to be checking their children's phones on a regular basis. >> deputies say they hope by the end of the investigation, students will really understand the dangers of sexting. tour yoda has decided to recall nearly 3,000,000 suvs worldwide because of a possible problem with the seatbelts. the toyota rav 4 is one of the vehicles affected along with the toyota rav 4 ev and the tour yoda vanguard. most bill between 2005 and 2014. the company said of law could cause rear seatbelts to fail. dealers will fix it for free.
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transgender woman has filed a lawsuit because the federal government determine she was unjustly fired from her job. >> rachel wiggins told that she lost her job as a security officer at the same time she was coming a woman in 2013. she claimed she was threatened to either present herself as a man while working as a security officer or be terminated. >> to be let go it was just -- it was a blow. i could not happened. i hope my case will help other transgender people. >> us equal employment -- opportunity commission will she was discriminated against on the basis of her sex and stated her employer, advanced tactical denied the allegations. we are hearing from a florida teenager arrested for impersonating a doctor and seeing patients. >> it is incredible. the 18-year-old calls himself doctor love is on bail now and went one-on-one with abc's matt gutman.
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abc news overnight, released from jail early wednesday morning on a $21,000 bail after being busted in a sting operation in west palm beach, but given a medical exam allegedly to an undercover officer. >> are you a doctor of anything at all? >> i hold a phd and what i do not feel comfortable disclosing because that is not the issue. >> accusations. >> reporter: the 18-year-old facing serious accusation from police, seven, including grand theft and allegedly practicing medicine without a license and last month he proudly showed off his medical center to our abc affiliate the view pdf. >> this is a new medical center. >> peel back the tape and the sign on the door has his name and crucial letters and the. >> the sign was due to be changed. there are many types of degrees
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whether they are a physicist or engineer. just because someone has the title doctor in front of their name does not imply md. >> the teenager who goes by doctor love advertises array of treatments including phototherapy, food, and natural pathway. >> i have been studying this field for a while. may have not been 84 years or nine or 10 years but it's been long enough to i would say justified what i do. >> reporter: including apparently treating the elderly. in a criminal complaint and 86- year-old woman said he recently treated her for severe stomach pain, paying him nearly $3500. >> what services did you provide in exchange for the money? >> i can tell you this, accusations are merely accusations. services you would have to define that, whether she paid for me to just show up, that is up to her. >> reporter: you are not denying the fact that she paid
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>> correct? >> no, i am denying that. >> are your fraud? seems like everything you are denying is pervasive or an outright lie. >> i do not appreciate your tone. i do not appreciate the way you are butchering this interview to actually be. >> reporter: a moment we did not expect. >> are you in big trouble? it seems like you have spoken to a lawyer who has prepared you for not only to the media but the police as well. >> i don't know where you are receiving the information but it's inaccurate. i'm going to have to cut this interview short. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, dallas. >> introduces a lot of questions about how that happened. there is a new way to get healthcare that may keep you from making several doctors visits and soon be sponsored by your employer. concierge doctors oversee all medical care for the patients with visits of up to 90 minutes. lawmakers in tallahassee are
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innovative service to their employees. one doctor says the new idea could save time and money. >> if you catch them when they are sick and treat them quickly, they are not spending all day in a walk-in clinic. >> reporter: the cost for concierge doctor varies from 1500-several thousand dollars per year. some taking a new approach to treating migraines. how some are treating headaches without drugs and how much
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the world health organization says he needs donations to help stop the zika virus from spreading to the organization says it needs $56 million to deal with what they have declared global health emergency. they say they need the money to monitor the virus and diseases that could be linked to it, awful medical care to people affected and develop vaccines but some say $56 million is not enough and too late anyway. obama administration asked for $1.8 billion to fight zika. if you've ever had a migraine, and you know they can really take their toll but they are ways to treat them without medication that there's no way to cure a migraine the medication can help relieve symptoms. one doctor of boston says there are other ways by getting exercise. -- like exercise particular recycling. >> when we exercise a lot of the time we feel better afterwards and we get neurotransmitters going in our brains that can decrease pain levels. >> doctors say indoor cycling
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it is low impact and there's no pounding. a study may have found a connection between sleep deprivation and social media. >> researchers at university of california found that some undergrads who spend more time rising -- browsing social media were not getting sleep. students who lost sleep also struggled with productivity and staying focused. another big powerball winner has advised for the florida couple who came over to claim their portion of the jackpot. what they said the couple should never do. low pay, crumbling facilities in the state's prison cost taxpayers 40 million last year. 9 investigates uncovers what the state is unable to keep guards on the job.
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staffing problems. >> costing taxpayers christopher heath went to the state capital to as the head of department what is being done and if it is too late. >> reporter: south of avalon park, you will find a central florida reception center. 1400 inmates for 225 guards, six months from now, many of the 225 guards was work somewhere else and you will pay to replace them. >> nursing experience officers leaving for head of the officers union says in the last dated the prison population has grown by almost 10,000 get the number of correctional officers has fallen by more than 2000. to fill the gap, the state pays overtime, lots of it to $40 million in the last year alone. >> taking time from families and additional stress. >> reporter: with the cost to taxpayers mounting, we went to tallahassee to speak directly with the head of the dlc. >> the department of corporate -- corrections at the systemic problem.
12:45 pm
with 9 investigates, the head admits the problems are widespread and solutions will be costly. >> in my opinion we run out of options. >> reporter: jones is pushing the legislature for money to hire more staff but admits keeping staff will be a problem since county jails pay more. lawrence county paid $6000 per year more than the state a corrections officer telling an auditor in this report from our competition for hiring is walmart. not other law enforcement agencies. selection will go to the legislature for more funding, i support what she's done. >> reporter: governor. scott booze bandit does not call for pay increases to give officers or offset overtime sidestepped the question preferring instead to a plan to hire more officers but no mention of how the state plans to keep them. chris reed, channel 9, eyewitness news. since we first went to tallahassee the department of corrections has announced a new study into staffing problems. the department tells us it is in the middle of a comprehensive audit of the department and the city to be
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hospital los angeles gave $17,000 to hackers to regain control of its own computers. a group of hackers reportedly infiltrated and disabled the computer network for hollywood presbyterian medical center and then threatened the hospital. hospital officials said they paid the ransom because it was in their best interest and in the best interest of the patient. the fbi is investigating this afternoon. whole foods is getting into the tattoo business. the store is proposing in-store tattoo parlors. whole foods plans to open its first 365 stores later this year. the brand will include other shops to break up the experience. the website suggests those stores known as friends of 365 could include anything from record shops to tattoo parlors. the company says each different 365 store could have a different mix of partners. local big winners of the
12:47 pm
jackpot are now getting advice from fellow winners. >> i'm afraid it is going to make me less friendly because i will be worried. >> that will push to get security up in the home. >> those are the big winners for melbourne beach, john and lisa robbins and a tendency also won warned them to be cautious. they are telling the couple to not feel pressured and have someone else sort through their mail. the rodas is a strangers often begged them for money and they have been sued by a prisoner who claimed he gave their daughter money to buy powerball tickets. >> that is sad. >> problems we do not have. >> right. this weekend we won't have bad weather. great weather will be on. the speedway, daytona 500, a lot of the events. lookout windy it is, daytona beach north northeast 21 with
12:48 pm
60s and 70s and cooler than yesterday, a few 70s and southern tier orlando to the south about 70. many of us clipping 70 to 71, 72 for high today. that will be. wind speed pulling out of the beauty. 23 titusville, we have the guts to 29 and new smyrna beach. coastal clouds. we may see a couple of those popping up later today. a better chance of a few more clouds in the forecast for tomorrow. nothing but sunshine today ocala, marion county, 69 by 4:00, staying in the 60s but again upper 60s and quickly, down into the 50s by the evening. 4:00, we get dubuque -- a few clouds along the coast when you see tom terry, staying dry even though we see green on the map. by tomorrow, again, good- looking start but as we go to the day, the stronger onshore flow with us that will draw in more clouds and i cannot rule out a straight chance for sprinkle. the next chance of rain does not really rather to tuesday and this is by to say when the next front arrived and that is
12:49 pm
returning to the poor desperate breeze, cooler, sunny today, 72 orlando, 72 st cloud, 70 degrees in leesburg and tonight on lake nona, upper 40s the low 50s chilly tonight nothing too cold, winds out of the north at 5 to 15 miles an hour. along the coast and will be warmer onshore flow, we will have 60s when i see you tomorrow morning. a degree or two warmer tomorrow than today. as i mentioned, easterly flow along the coast we will see more clouds with more sunshine inland. looking good by the speedway. today for the races, going all the way, action into sunday, sunday itself 74 temperatures and again a couple clouds around. otherwise we are in great shape for any weekend event. check out it will have the latest information. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view low to mid 70s tomorrow and saturday gorgeous, sunny, 76.
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70 degrees as we hit sunday forecast. a few more clouds along the coast. monday, clouds will increase and that is ahead of the next storm system i showed you but ahead of it we will have 80s around on monday and then as i mentioned by tuesday, we will see the next decent chance of rain returning to central florida. vanessa? a florida driver did not notice the obvious, a tornado. it was headed right for him.
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look at stories were working on for you for eyewitness news at 4:00. the search for the newborn girl
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churchgoers started using a camera to look into the sewer system near the willow bend apartments where they believe baby willow was a born and abandoned. it will have a live update first at 4:00. today the city built on the two the first step in making the city more beautiful but they are demolishing the first homes. city leaders say they been plan to take over ownership of some of the properties and donate them to organizations like habitat for humanity. at 4:00, we will tell you where they are getting money to carry out the goal. the south florida man with merely slept away after a fit of road rage distracted him from a tornado. it was headed right at him. look at this -- cam video of this man weaving around cars that have pulled over in the storm wall while the tornado you see on the right side of the screen slowly, quickly spins toward him. the driver claimed he could not see the tornado because the sky was dark. the later commented on the video posted online, drivers
12:54 pm
care to sit in a tornado and want to destroy stuff. stocks down on wall street. a look at the numbers of arthur closing figures tonight on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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according to our expert, resident expert in severe weather center 9, john -- brian shields. i thought you were talking about tom. i could be an expert. sunshine for today and breezy, 72 degrees windy and pleasant and chilly tonight. tomorrow we warm up, 74, clouds and gradually warming through the weekend. sunday, temperatures 78 and a few 80s are possible monday. enjoy it and i will see you tomorrow morning. vanessa, martie? >> thank you for watching channel line eyewitness news at noon. >> the -- "the chew" is next.
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hold onto your sombreros, because we're about to have a "chew" fan favorite fiesta up in here. michael's whipping up a satisfying sandwich that'll make you say chorizo-m-g. then, mario's in the kitchen with the hilarious craig ferguson and they've got a mexican classic that will really give you something to taco bout. plus, i'm cooking up a glitzy burrito with a guy who has got all the right moves on the dance floor and in the kitchen -- the amazing derek huff. it's about to get deliciously


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