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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> the ability to come back the next day depends a lot on where you live and what your resources are, whether you're the boss or whether you have a boss. >> reporter: lawmakers passed the 24-hour waiting period last year but the aclu asked for a temporary injunction immediately to block it. the appeals court lifted the injunction but didn't rule on the law itself. >> you can bet that opponents are going back into court and redrafting an attack as to the constitution alternate of the statute. >> reporter: numbers from the state show 24,000 abortions were performed in 2014. >> the reality is that in most medical procedures a patient gets to hear details about the procedure and any risks involved before actually going through the procedure. >> reporter: today the attorney general says she is pleased the
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opponents asked for another delay and are reviewing their options. >> and we are getting another blast of cold weather right now. tonight our windchills will drop into the 30s for some folks. let's go over to tom terry in severe weather center 9. >> we still have smoke in the air from a 1600-acre control burn. this is the source of the smoke on the horizon. all of the haze is generally smoke coming from the fire. temperatures cooler now. we're already in the 50s along the space coast. north of titusville and palm coast down to 57 with a generally light and variable at 10 miles per hour. we're getting a fresh surge of cool dry air that will keep the breeze up overnight tonight. heritage park, temperatures dropping down to the lower 40s. but when you factor in the breeze which will be at around 5 to 8 miles per hour overnight tonight, it will feel like 37
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and the upper 20s to near 32 in the villages. i'm not expecting a freeze however. a windchill does not freeze water, just something that we feel as warm-blooded animals. >> i really feel it. i don't like the cold. covering brevard county, a young victim is recovering from his injuries at home tonight. witnesses say he was struck by a van as he rode his bicycle on alpine lane. melanie holt is there right now. the boy managed to escape serious injuries but his mom is upset by this. >> reporter: she told me she is at a loss to explain how somebody could hit a child and leave the scene. her son was riding the bike he got for christmas. the first bike he owned since he lost all of his possessions in a house fire. >> i saw it coming. brakes. >> reporter: he said he saw the
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landed him in the hospital overnight but he couldn't brake into time. >> i went flying off my bike and the bike landed on my leg. and i went into the grass crying. >> reporter: he was injured but alive. >> i think de shawn has an dane gel on his shoulder. >> reporter: we first met him in 2014 after he escaped a cocoa house fire. at the time, hill was home alone at the residence that he shared with his sister, father and his father's girlfriend. they stay with his grandmother now and last night they sprang into action. >> i was freaking out. when they said he was going to be air lifted, i lost it. >> reporter: while he comforted her son in the street, the grandmother followed the van pointed out by witnesses. she called police to give them updates along the way until the driver stopped at a nearby parking lot. police have named no suspects in the case and made no arrests.
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investigation is ongoing and charges are pending. >> this could have just been avoided if he would have stopped and to make sure that everybody is okay and not take off. now it's a loss worse for him. >> reporter: this accident could have been much more serious. he was not wearing a helmet when he crashed near this intersection. he told me that he has one, but he didn't put it on because there were spiders in it. live here in titusville, melanie holts, channel 9 eyewitness news. construction crews will start back to work this weekend after a worker was killed earlier this week. we told you wednesday 34-year- old marvin franklin died after a dump truck backed over him during work near the exit. crews are going over safety procedures and hope to be fully back to work by the end of next week. the governor of kansas is praising the fast response following a deadly shooting at a factory. cedric ford is accused of
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people and hurting 14 others. he was an employee at excel industries where the shooting happened. ford was served with a restraining order from his ex- girlfriend 90 minutes before the shots were fired. ford was killed inside. >> investigators aren't sure about ford's motive for the shootings but suspect domestic troubles and not terrorism. president obama also talked about the kansas shootings today while visiting jacksonville, reminding everyone that shoot beings in kansas cannot become routine. >> we cannot become numb to this. anybody who says they want to keep the american people safe has to care about this because it's happening in far too many towns and affecting too many americans. >> the president went on to say that there are things we can do about the recent mass shootings but says we need a congress
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be sure to watch word news tonight following eyewitness news at 6:00 for a closer look at what happened during the shootings. one of four people accused of taking part in a shooting spree in osceola county was just sentenced. he is accused of taking part in the home invasion murder. daytona beach are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads them to a man wanted for a drive-by shooting. we told you that police were looking for watson after four people, including a 14-year-old girl, were shot near the university. police say watson is also the prime suspect in a murder last year. businesses along a beach side corridor of volusia county could see new rules and extra cost to improve safety. commissioners proposed a few ideas to reduce nighttime crime around the area. blaine tolison is there. blaine, bars and restaurants
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thousands of dollars to protect their patrons. >> reporter: city leaders said they are going to start charges these businesses. there are a lot in this area. many know razzles right here. there are several more to the north and east to us right here. leaders say they have been unwilling to help up to this point. i spoke to at least one business owner who disagrees with the city leaders. for the last year, she has been fighting for change in the neighborhood where noise and crime have gotten out of control. now she is happy to hear the city of daytona beach could be taking serious action. >> there's some movement and it's all in a positive direction. >> reporter: there are three adult entertainment businesses within a block on sea breeze and one of the largest nightclubs in daytona.
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but if they had taken care of things all along in the past, i don't know how many years, maybe it wouldn't have come to this. >> reporter: the plan could include stricter enforcement of the 51% law, proving that most of their revenue does not come from alcohol sales. i spoke to brett hartly, the owner of grand view live over the phone and he sees it differently. >> do you feel an obligation to be a good neighbor to the residents around sea breeze. >> absolutely. absolutely. we have said since day one we wanted to be a good neighbor to them and we've had an open hand saying come communicate with us and tell us what we can do. work hand in hand with us. >> reporter: and i heard the exact opposite story from neighbors. pam woods hopes to have some of the plans in place in the next month and a half. we're live here in daytona beach, blaine tolison, channel
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>> a serial thief who stole from race car drivers will be in prison a little longer. steven sanders who is currently serving five years in prison received an additional 10 years today. he stole cash, memorabilia from race trailers around the country. the heroin task force will meet monday and we will find how many heroin-related overdoses the state saw in 2015. the deaths had spiked 200% with orlando having the most. in city alone, more than one person was dying every week from a heroin overdose. the task force was created last august to try to fight the deadly problem. orlando police say they have busted a man with nearly 24 pounds of marijuana. police served a search warrant at a home along west jackson street and found the drugs and three handguns, one was stolen, and more than $1,700 in cash. police arrested serano on drug and gun charges.
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florida has found an interim director but is not ready to announce who it is. long time ceo was ousted last week but there's no explanation why she was asked to leave. a surprise announcement on the campaign trail as two former rivals join forces. i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. how florida senator marco rubio took more shots at trump today as he locked down a chris christie endorsement. this room will soon honor local veterans. coming up, when the thousands of vets who pass through orlando international airport will be able to use it. a man with ties to ucf is calling the university reckless tonight. what they did to allow his bank account to be drained of thousands.
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>> you're watch being channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. >> well, there's new fallout because of the massive data breach at the university of central florida. a man claims the school left his bank account to hackers is now suing the school. steve, that former basketball team manager says the university of central florida is not doing enough to help victims. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. and this lawsuit right here in my hands was just filed this morning in the clerk's office on behalf of this man who is a former student and he's a former employee. he says that -- his attorneys are saying the university was negligent and didn't do enough to protect his information. an attorney for jeremiah hugley
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against the university of central florida following a data breach in january that was not revealed until earlier this month. we told you on february 4th about the breach involving 63,000 students, staff and faculty. the breach affected staffers in the athletic department where hugley is believed to have worked. there was a revamp ordered after hackers were able to retrieve the information that included names, social security numbers, and employee id numbers. the university has offered those affected a year of credit monitoring. but some have claimed that's not enough. and i did reach out to the university. a spokesperson says they are not going to comment on these pending legal matters. i also tried to get ahold of the man who filed this lawsuit right here and his attorney but neither were available in afternoon. steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> many of you still have questions about the university's data breach.
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information and frequently asked questions on just click on the web links button on the right side of the screen. newly released documents shows drugs may have played a role in a claremont shooting. the judge just unsealed dozens of pages of warrants and affidavits connected to the case. the records show a friend of the victim said they met up with the suspect to buy xanax. friends say the shooting may have been an accident. the suspect will go to trial in april. police in west melbourne are looking for two men who cut the power an the alarm system at a jewelry store and cut a hole in the roof. this is surveillance video from diamond brokers from earlier this month. police say one of the men walked into the business but didn't steal anything. a seminole county family who has been forced to get rid of its chickens from the backyard will be able to keep them for a little longer. >> code enforcement gave the
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the family says the process is complex and finding them a new home has not been easy. the board gave them permission to keep them until april 28th. nearly 500,000 homeowners could get protection from the insurance. the senate will vote on a bill that would put a limit on the times that homeowners would be asked to switch. a companion bill is also moving in the florida house. aces our temperatures are expected to dip as we head into the weekend, officials are offering shelters to those in need. the cold weather shelter plan is in full effect tonight. the rescue outreach mission in sanford is prepared to receive those that need a roof and warm temperatures. the man with the answers on how cold it will feel, that's the key thing, is here with us. >> it's great. >> it's beautiful. just for a little bit. just for a little bit.
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>> obviously, yes. >> they have the warm place at night. otherwise temperatures have been good. citrus bowl tomorrow, not tonight, tomorrow, they're getting ready for a preseason game. orlando city soccer, tv-27 the new home for orlando city soccer. 7:30 kickoff. around 62 degrees. coming of a sunshiny day. halftime upper 50s. it will be cooler but not quite as chilly as it will be tonight. along the beaches right now, folks still out there. 59 degrees. we put together some pretty good beach weather this weekend. if it were just a little warm he, right? we will be in the low to mid 60s tomorrow. a little warmer, closer to 70, 72 on sunday. water temperatures are actually warming up. it will be warmer in the surf than it will be on the sand. for the first time in a long time, a low risk of rip currents. we usually have a slight risk but it's lower than it has been
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look how dry the air is right now. low humidity. so a good hair day, martha. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. on shore 14 along the beaches. so it's going to give us a little bit of a windchill factor. not extreme. we don't have any windchill advisories out tonight. it will be a little cool. winter garden will need a light jacket through the evening. 41 at 6:00 a.m. from winter haven to disney at 41 for tonight. in orange county, apopka hitting 37. cold enough to get some frost but i don't think we will see a lot of frost because there's just very little moisture in the air to convert directly over into frost. we may get patchy areas over marion county. this is probably the only spot to get patchy frost tonight. 41 in sanford for a low tonight. we've had a secondary surge. the water vapor loop shows this sweeping south.
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cocoa and cape canaveral hitting 66 degrees. 67 downtown orlando. same for leesburg and, a lot of great events. this weekend the food and wine fest going until 9 the at night. 68 on saturday. not bad. a greek festival down in melbourne in the 60s. it will be nice for whatever you have planned for this upcoming weekend. generally nice and on the drier side as well. future track showing this dry air coming in from the north and west keeping this moisture off shore. high pressure is the guardian, if you will, of the dry air. it's going to be in our backyard park there through early next week. our next storm system coming up wednesday. i'm coming up with a map to show you that in the next half hour. we need rain once a week to keep the fire danger low. temperatures look warm though. the weekend always in view.
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9 investigates discovered central florida schools can spend millions of your tax dollars however they want. why lawmakers haven't put limits on it yet. they waited all week to get paid but workers at a local temp agency don't have checks to cash. we're asking the owners how long they will have to wait for their money. today was a big day for servicemen and women in our area. coming up, i'll tell when toes, noses,
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>> they fight for our freedom. now tonight work is underway to build a welcome senator for military members and veterans at the international airport. we found out when the project is expected to be finished even though it's not fully funded >> reporter: this is the vision of what that welcome center will be looking like. these are the rendering they have been showing through the process. this is where the vision will become a reality in about six months. she left out of orlando international airport when she was deployed. there wasn't a welcome center. it can be even more important coming back. >> you just would not imagine how that feels to have a place to rest and relax, especially
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someplace as far as afghanistan or kuwait because you're looking at over 30 hours of flight. >> reporter: today's very figure ra tiff ground breaking has kicked off a project long overdue. the 700,000 active duty veterans and family members projected to pass through oia this year should have access to the oasis. the first level will have lounge space, tvs, games, food and other amenities to entertain and relax troops. >> to say to them we are never going to forget, we're never going to support honoring you. >> reporter: colonel nelson shared his story about how a uso volunteer helped him navigate his first airport at 18 years old. it's mentally and emotionally helpful for troops at any point in their service. >> we've been doing a lot of traveling.
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be able to come and enjoy the facility and get away from the hustle and bustle. >> reporter: leaders still need to raise $300,000 more dollars to fully fund the center but they are confident they will have what they need to open this summer. >> we have more behind the scenes photos of the ground breaking at very nice. at 4:00 we sold you a serial robber dressed like batman is still on the run tonight. how that mask could help investigators catch the suspect even though he's not wearing it now. most of us don't think twice when we hand over our credit card when we pay for dinner. how this waiter faces prison time for stealing credit card numbers. marco rubio is taking
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seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. >> from rivals to teammates. today christie post endorsed donald trump for president.
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hit the trail together today. we can't have a president who knows nothing about foreign policy. >> marco rubio rolled out this new ad that took aim the donald trump. >> marco rubio is hoping to de momentum from his showing last night. >> the attacks that started continued today with marco rubio launching his first direct attack ad on trump. you saw a clip right there. christopher heath has been following this all day. today christie's endorsement is stealing a lot of thunder from the rest of the candidates. >> that was probably planned. it wasn't long ago that chris christie was taking on marco rubio in new hampshire. now he is going after him this time with donald trump at his side. now the rubio pack has a new ad saying that donald trump doesn't know anything about foreign affairs. then there's ted cruz.


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