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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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deepak chopra doctor with a stethoscoper stethoscopera >> that was quite a mix-up. >> that was quite a mix-up indeed. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great tuesday. clinton trump and rubio: florida for super tuesday in the latest for the front runner. >> at some point you can just say whatever pops into your head. >> what he's tried to carry out is a scam. >> how they carry out the florida as voters take to the
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what this guy is accused of stealing from a 12-year-old girl scout. good morning. 5 am tuesday, march 1. >> super tuesday. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . it is super out there yes absolutely. nice day. 80s on the way in temperatures continue to make the client. cool this morning with 40s in the northern sections, 49 palm ocala. have swisher. 57 orlando kissimmee and 56 in melbourne. satellite radar picture looking good. no big troubles. scattered clouds around but we will have a lot of sun in the the outlook today volusia county, discovery elementary, 76 by the time we hit our
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afternoon upper 70s and low 80s so warmer than yesterday. a very pleasant evening by 6:00 temperatures are in the mid- 70s. a look at the highs, st. cloud, 82. 70 melbourne. upper 70s to near 80 along the coast and warmer inland. clermont at the citrus tower, temperatures around 83 degrees. first day of march. we would look of monthly outlook. 5:01 am. breaking information on the drive with deneige. >> no issues on i 4. traffic into downtown orlando is flowing smoothly. the issue rhine was talking about was on i-95 a brevard county. southbound is closed now at exit 188 188 state rd. 404. head over to wickham road to get on the southbound. one crash blocking all lanes.
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super tuesday sweep. presidential contenders donald trump and hillary clinton could take 10 out of 11 states going to the polls today. kimberly eiten is looking at republican party. >> -- >> reporter: stumble will not stop donald trump. that's what our partners are saying as the polls open on super tuesday. the patient is a target on his back as the other contenders scramble to take trump down. it will be too little too late. trump expecting to take 10 out primary. marco rubio gained ground with an impressive performance but is trailing trump by 33 points. eyewitness news will be liable to trump campaign today. the only state where trump may not come out ahead is texas. ted cruz projected that predicted to take a win there. the democratic side, clinton will clean house expected to win every state except vermont.
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a predictable and to what has been a methodical campaign but for republicans a shakeup that could mean the end of the line for trumps competitors. >> at the end of tomorrow donald trump is in all likelihood going to have a big chunk and we will have a big chunk in delegates and everyone >> reporter: by numerical today, today could be ben carson's final day to the whim -- white house. trump and clinton are setting the stage for a showdown in florida. 6 am, habakkuk -- top contenders looking ahead to a critical race and a deciding states. jamie. greg warmoth, christopher heath will have live announces as results roll in. watch our jorge estevez facebook page starting at 9:00 tonight. the 23-year-old who was sitting killed by a driver was
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saint cyr faced an orange county judge following her arrest on charges that she ran a red light while running from deputies and crashed into cody garrick. cody garrick was working to support his two-year-old daughter. >> 23 years old, too young to die. she took my sons life that she already ran from the cops before. she should not have been out of jail or on the road. >> we found out saint cyr was facing a trial in april on charges of fleeing from law enforcement and driving with a road license from incident in november. the so-called batman robert is waking up in jail -- robert is waking up in jail. deputies arrested more i was -- expect it to end him to five robberies. investigators say he was stealing to support his $1000 a day heroin habit. deputies were able to track him
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are looking for hotspots after a brush fires threatened homes. it happened near oak hill. they quickly grew from 5-10 acres no word on what caused the fire. a woman accused of kidnapping of a re-from south florida to bring the baby to orlando will remain in jail. we're been following the story since an amber alert was issued for taraji kemp saturday. the two-month-old was finally reunited with her mother. stephanie augustin the mother's cousin was caught at the osceola okeechobee county line on the turnpike. deputies searched her unit apartment found the baby alone. she is facing felony charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault. deputies looking for the man who stole money from a girl scout selling cookies. >> outside the walmart and deltona sunday afternoon, eyewitness news is morning janai norman is live. this girl is only 12-year-old.
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girl scout cookies outside of the store. deputies say the man saw that and left and went back to steal the girls money . we will bring up a picture. this is the guy captured on surveillance video outside the walmart in a black t-shirt, shorts, black shoes and sunglasses as he walked out the store at 3:45 sunday. he was and started -- deputies say he was in the store and he went out to the santa fe and went back to the store to steal money from a girl scout. witnesses believe the suv he got into may have had a north carolina tag and deputies hope someone recognizes the man and gives them a call. for the next half hour we will show you who tells the man was with that could be the quote to help me deputies identify him. volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. tuning to orange county, i
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commissioners plan to turn a jail work release facility into a homeless shelter and tonight he's expected to talk about the plan. >> commissioner pete clarks says the facility can hold more than 300 people but there's only 60 inmates there now. he plans to take out the inmates and move in the homeless during emergencies. no word on when the current -- where the current inmates go commissioners discussing plans for the community townhall owners say are not safe to live in. we exposed dangerous dangers of brookshire place. mold and effect of construction are safety issue there. city commission will talk about the townhomes tonight at the meeting. orange county deputies are equipped with an antidote to help people using heroin. the sheriff's office says it is trying to do his part to fight the growing epidemic. commissioners say it is important because a number of overdoses is up and they anticipate it will get worse. >> i realized in a deadly of
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stopped believing what other people said that i could not do it started believing in what i knew i could do. >> deputies say they respond to heroin overdoses about three times per day. it will cost the county the $26,000 to pay for the new drug. spacex will try once again to launch the falcon 9 rocket from the cape canaveral air force station tonight. >> sundays launch scrubbed after low thrust alarm attribute it to rising liquid oxygen temperatures after the falcon 9 rocket was delayed because of both drifted into the safety zone. the window for launch opens at six: -- 6:35. the iconic doubt -- countdown clock getting new home. they took it out in 2014. it's been a part of the space under since the moon landing 45 years ago.
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well known and the clock will stand at the entrance of the visitor complex. 5:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . did you like the segway? >> brilliant. march, average rain 3 to 4 inches in a dry sees in april, 2-3 and 3-4 in may but mesa month we start to get the changes. would get into the wet season later made reagan showers and storms back to return to the validity. we will go over temperature outlook coming up in the next half hour. volusia county today, daytona beach, 80 degrees the land by stetson. warmer winds out of the south five winds out of the south 5 to 50. orange county, bithlo near 83 toward waterford lakes alethea area and downtown orlando, 83, 82 eight and low 80s in apopka. osceola county, celebration
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in and around 83. nice temperatures with upper 50s tonight we will track warmer weather on the way. 5:10 am deneige. >> i-95, southbound melbourne. the crash has all southbound lanes closed 188 exit. in the meantime until they reopened wickham road, take that to get to eue gallie blvd. and onto i-95 southbound. they have that shut down at this point. osceola county, we have a crash blocking one lane osceola parkway at orange blossom trail. we have one plane -- lane blocked. we told about influx of students from puerto rico and venezuela.
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jamie holmes, 5:14 am. a gorgeous shot. a quarter moon. beautiful start tomorrow morning.
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shield keeping and all -- i am the weather. beautiful to see. orange county woman tells 9 investigates a local tax preparer took nearly $1000 from her return. >> robinson says she agreed to play simply taxes $400 and was posted get back nearly 3500 but when she checked with the irs, she says she was owed about $1000 more than what she was promised. the business appears to be closed and the owner is not returning calls. >> you learned a lesson, barely. >> oh, yes a good one. he will not get me no more. >> investigators could not determine if a crime occurred citing lack of information that they did recommend robinson seek out an attorney and file a civil suit to get her money back. for more on how to protect your
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/web links. investigators in brevard county want to know if there are potential victims of a former malabar consummate and youth basketball coach. david white, 51 accused of molesting a child. the bases investigating him falling asleep owner at his home. it would host sleepovers for members. he was gone and on his way to mexico to avoid arrest. >> we know there are family members who had interaction and athletes bad interest with them and we would like for potential witnesses are victims to come forward. >> white is being held on $750,000 bond in texas while awaiting extradition to brevard county. mount dora's interim city manager will start her new job in two weeks after spending weeks of searching for a candidate. the city offered the job to kim leinbach yesterday. former city manager vincent best to resign amid pressure to
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ballas want to house their aircraft at umatilla municipal airport. members will vote on a $450,000 expansion if approved, 90 percent of the money will come from the faa. 8 percent from the florida department of transportation. a combo cruise ship rescued more than one dozen migrants in the gulf of mexico big us coast guard says the legends of pittsburgh themed crews picked up 16 migrants on saturday. pittsburgh steelers james harris to see pictures on instagram and was one of several athletes on the ship at this time. earlier this month it is a cruise ship rescued one doesn't stranded migrants. winter garden homeowners could keep chickens in their breasts -- backyards. a group asked commissioners to hear proposals. they plan to address a topping of the meeting next month. you will have more places to shop it. >> visit destiny springs. >> 30 designers including lacoste, kate spade has signed on to the tenants. that is the parts largest
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they are doubling restaurants. the expansion starts may 15. drivers rising prices on a 12 year low when they fill up gas tanks picture places prices are 60-77 flex -- less than last year. daytona beach usual 1.7 for hire as always. triple aces 1 gallon of regular is not been this low since 2004. amazing. >> i want to stock up on gas. >> beautiful weather. is going to be great, 80s on the way but nothing too hot. comfortable warmth. downtown orlando is milder than yesterday morning, 57 downtown,
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friends. a few 40s around, even close to the 30s. have a jacket in marion county down to 41. 52 claremont, 57 kissimmee, checking whether to start but really shorts and short sleeve type of day. a split day as you dress your kids and yourself. please do so. we don't want crazy stuff. calm conditions, satellite and radar looking to. a lot of sun in the forecast. private elementary, volusia county, 76 at noon and we was he temperatures near 80 this afternoon with low 80s the farther inland you go. future track, 10:00 this morning into the afternoon you see how we look great. flipping over into tomorrow, once we hit tomorrow there is going to be a weak front not a lot with it but a few extra clouds around 8 am. a slight chance of a sprinkle popping up and that is going to be it. for tomorrow. we will be slightly cooler as
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clearing out right tomorrow evening. beach forecast, the 70s water temperatures 60s and the seas are nice especially for this time of year running at about 1 to 2 feet low risk of rip currents. warm afternoon. going to temperatures with you. 70 today palm coast, 82 kissimmee, st. cloud harmony and holopaw. tonight, partly cloudy, temperatures 50s and 60s. we could see patchy fog forming and tomorrow, sprinkles possible as a front of rights temperatures still 70s and 80s for tomorrow. not a big-time front moving in. i don't expect the cold down. five-day forecast we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. again, back into the 70s on thursday mostly sunny behind the front temperatures around 78 nice , warm days, comfortable nights. by friday, 80 degrees, partly cloudy and another weak front passes by setting the stage for a great weekend saturday and sunday in the 70s.
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1:30 on tv 27 first game on sunday, first match around 79 on sunday. 5:20 am. looking at i-95 with deneige. >> melbourne, a portion of i- 95 southbound shut down because of the crash. diverting traffic to exit 188. pineda causeway. take wickham road if you want to get onto i-95 southbound do it from eue gallie blvd. or wickham road could be a southbound alternate. along i 4, downtown orlando, looking at the 408, looking good in both directions. no issues along 4084 i 4. a mother accused of ripping off taxpayers by stealing from the food stamp system. what investigators did not do to keep her from facing charges. officially super tuesday voters in hitting the polls. looking into how clinton and trump stack up in florida. is there an issue with boeing and orange county schools.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. 5:24 am. a parent says pulling is a problem. several orange county middle
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frustrated she cannot get help to protect a child. >> stop sending me around on this merry-go-round. you need to do something. i feel like i have been led down my all of them. >> parents from robbins went to make the middle schools disabling is so bad that children have talked about suicide. we contacted jessica officials about allegations but they refuse to comment. the mother filed a complaint with the sheriff's office. >> pearson osceola county may have to pay more money if they want their children to play sports. the county for most new fees running up to $65 per hour to use the field. some legs say many parents will have to pull their children off there seems if the rates were that high. >> is a new fees were passed, however league could not survive affecting a lot of girls and families in the county. >> so the county went back to the drawing board. they are proposing rates between seven and $14 an hour.
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money is needed to help maintain the fields. orlando city soccer club phase -- place the first game sunday and have a lot of tickets to sell if they want to fill the citrus bowl again. >> they announced they have now sold more than 50,000 tickets meaning they have to sell another 12,000 to break last year's record. >> this is our regular season. i think it is the biggest statement at 62,000 in the stadium this sunday than it was last year. >> the team also held a ceremony at the construction site of the new stadium where the new structure is coming out of the ground. the stadium is scheduled to open around this time next year. central florida's tv 27 is a new home for orlando city. we hope you will join us friday at 6:30 on tv 27 for our preseason special and then check out the first game this sunday at 1:30. guess who got to help with the special interviewing of players?
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>> me -- >> you may lose me to sports. 5:27 am. the temporary fire station and ocoee does not have firefighting equipment. >> key items the chief wants to keep out of retirement so it can be used at the station instead. it could be the end of the line for white house contenders on this super tuesday's as voters head to polls 11 states. who will take it all and who could bow out. tracking the chilly start and warm weather on the way.
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5:30 am on live look of downtown orlando. a cool start. nice weather coming our way. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. much invite. >> let's begin with brian shields behind this nice weather. >> i'm the man behind -- i am


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