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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am on live look of downtown orlando. a cool start. nice weather coming our way. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. much invite. >> let's begin with brian shields behind this nice weather. >> i'm the man behind -- i am
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>> you guys keep going. >> tapping out about any foremost, mostly sunny and warm day in a state that it is a tricky start because it is chilly. 40 one ocala, have a jacket. the day we have a jacket and shortsighted we look awesome. 57 orlando kissimmee, 56 in melbourne. satellite radar picture looking great. through the day, winter garden, plant street, 76 at noon and this afternoon temperatures right around 50 degrees with a comfortable and a lot of sunshine in the forecast. look at the highs today comfortably warm 82 st. cloud, 81 leesburg, mount dora, eustis, umatilla running in the low 80s. 1 march we take a look at the temperature outlook for the next three months. 5:31 am. a look at i 4 with deneige. >> i 4, seminole county, longwood, 434. traffic to the right heading
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there are reports of debris on the boat on your eastbound -- westbound, rather. i have not noticed any problems. we have a problem in melbourne, i-95 southbound exit 188 pineda causeway where traffic is being redirected. take wickham road southbound if you would like to get on the i- 95 get on at eue gallie blvd. until the clear out the crash. jamie, nancy? polls open in 11 states on super tuesday the candidates are setting up for florida's primary in two weeks. florida will be the biggest winner takes all state in the race for the white house dominations. >> front runner donald trump and clinton are making a big push to win over voters here both already have massively. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten is breaking down how that would split tickets. after a big show in the debate stage republican marco rubio was expected to win his home state of florida's march 15 primary. a new poll shows trump has closed the gap., partners a
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only come out on top but could clobber rubio. that will be deciding win for trump and seal the chance at taking the nomination. with a polls open and 11 states super tuesday the campaign is looking past the primary. eyewitness news is morning will be there as the new york alien air attempts to sway voters in palm beach the public and his democratic rival did the same near miami here clinton has set up camp throughout the state where she's expected to pull hispanic voters. on the democratic side, race and ethnicity could be key components of the campaign. the republican side, trump is working damage control for his own controversial remarks on the floor kkk leader did -- david duke. >> what you say unequivocally you condemn them and do not want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i do not know what group you
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not want me to condemn the group i know nothing about it have to look it if you would send me a list of the groups i will do research on them. >> reporter: trump could nearly sweep super tuesday taking 10 out of 11 states picked up would be a blow to his rivals on the republican side and a 6:30 am looking ahead to the high-stakes for this primary and if trump could take it all. nancy? greg warmoth and christopher heath will have live in houses on facebook as a result of growth in tonight. watch and join our wftv facebook page starting at 9:00 . a family, they in public for help finding their son's killer. with the follow the story said last month when 21-year-old andrew jones was shot and killed outside a public's -- publix grocery store. no surveillance video covering the parking lot when this happened. the police do not have suspects or a motor. yesterday his family spoke out saying they just want closure. >> if there is anybody out
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i know someone knows something and has seen something out there and has seen the car, any information, put yourself in our shoes. >> police say the killer may have used jones is going to get the way he was later found in oakland abandoned and torched. we spoke to orlando police about the search for a baby who was abandoned after being born but they do not have information. baby willow was born at the willow bend apartments two weeks ago in her mother susan richardson is not saying what she did with the baby after giving birth. investigators have searched sewers, drained ponds and went through dumpsters. police tell us they are interviewing witnesses and following police say have. ocoee fire chief is asking leaders to not retire an old fast-track because the department needed to help growing the northwestern side of the city. the truck could help provide extra support to the temporary fire station's in a publix parking lot near westworld and ocoee-apopka road.
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the city manager tells us that he does not want to use taxpayer money for something residents do not need. >> i would like to see statistics from the city to prove that we do not need it at this point. >> the ocoee city manager says he reevaluates the potential need for fire stations once per year. the fire chief says keeping the old truck would save $500,000 station. a volusia county girl scout is out money after deputies say a man sweated after she sold cookies outside of a walmart in deltona. >> janai norman is live near the store where surveillance cameras recorded the man. he was not at the store alone. >> reporter: deputies say the man was with two other people when he went into the store and left and then came back and took a moneybox from a 12-year- old girl. we will bring up a picture of the man we showed you at the top of the hour. you can see he is dressed in black shirt, shorts, black shoes and sunglasses.
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these two a woman wearing a pink jacket working with a small child. they were all at the store around 3:45 sunday afternoon on the left and got into a newer model gray hyundai sante fe and that's when they see the man went back, stole the growth -- girl scout cookie money and got into a car with the north carolina tech. they believe it is unclear whether the three people were passing through the area they live here but deputies want to try to find out who the man is. live in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a major gambling bill has been moving farther along the republican-controlled florida house than it has in years. yesterday the house panel voted in favor of the bill that will house slot machines across much of the state. the proposed with the seminole trial -- tried to add will let . orange county spent $238,000 to relocate residents
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because of the deaths occurring there. we showed you the complex as it was in the process of being shut down because of last month more than 170 households were eligible to believe -- disease systems to get up and 140 did that. appel scored a big win in the fight against the fbi. yesterday a federal judge in new york ruled investigators cannot force apple to unlock an iphone for them. that decision came from a case where the government asked them to break the security guard of accused drug deal. f.b.i.'s asking apple to create software to help them to get into the phone of the san bernardino shooters that apple refuses. they say it puts customers at risk of data breaches. we will monitor the zika update to find out if there are confirmed cases in florida. yesterday, five more cases were reported bringing the total to 42. one was abroad, three in miami- dade, one was a pregnant woman.
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the infected pregnant women are. we want to remind you all patients became infected out of state and officials say so far zika has not affected the local mosquito population. find everything you need to know about zika on our website. good information had to and click on the news tab and click on zika virus. ucf is one step closer to the downtown orlando campus. the university announced the cousin of the $2.5 million in donations from several companies including the orlando city soccer club and coca-cola. ucf is raised $13 million and the total cost of the camp is -- campus is 60 million the school will put and 20 million and asking for the state for another 20 million. leaders expected to present plan to board of governors tomorrow. students at ucf will have new green housing campus 1000 ft.2 class facility that original one was dismantled more than one decade ago
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the greenhouse will be used to grow plants. students will cultivate threatened and endangered plants. ribbon-cutting ceremony march 25. whether researchers from across the country are coming together to figure out how to more effectively keep those of us in the south safe during a tornado. 40 express will participate in a study called vortex southeast. they will interview several residents about what action they can take or not take when there is a threat of a tornado. they will look into whether the southern landscape intensifies tornadoes. interesting. 5:40 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> i am here. how are you? good to see you. 78 degrees is the average high this month by april, 83. me, 88. and it may advertise will be near 90 degrees. we are not far from the warm season.
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humidity and warm up. 82 mount dora, quail valley, mineola, temperatures in the low 80s. 82 it, 83 downtown orlando. coming up, it gets warmer and we will track the next chance of sprinkles. 5:40 am. >> and issue a brevard county on i-95 southbound in melbourne where we have all lanes of i-95 southbound shut down. exit 188 bonita causeway. until they reopened that take with a mode southbound and if you want to get on i-95 southbound, you can get on at eue gallie blvd. we have a crash in osceola parkway at orange blossom trail. one lane is blocked. make sure you move over for troopers that are unseen. 9 investigates a dangerous parasite that eats your eyeball from the inside out. >> i never thought i would end up at a point where i will have to lose and i. >> coming up how it is getting
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can do to prevent it to how last year's controversial bear hunt is helping lawmakers to prevent
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. let's start by spreading olive oil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but what really makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. 5:44 am. top presidential contenders could have sweeping nationwide
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this could cut runner-up candidates off of the ticket and set up donald trump and hillary clinton to take the party's nominations. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten has been looking at the latest polls. this will be a deciding day. >> reporter: it could force some presidential candidates to take themselves out of the running but more important, it could decide who will be the last two standing in the race for the nation's top office. nearly sweeping what goes on super tuesday. our partners at politico that they will take 10 out of 11 states. clinton likely conceding to bernie sanders and his home state of vermont both are looking past today's race to the florida primary in two weeks. eyewitness news will be there as trump campaigns in palm beach but first 46:30 looking ahead to see if trump could truly take it all. jamie? sumner county woman accused
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to be in court today gets investigators say shamika billings stole more than $13,000 from taxpayers by falsifying public assistant sports for 2011 and 2040 prosecutors tell us they might have looked into more fraud charges that the statute of limitations -- limiting her from -- she has never done anything wrong she says. >> it's something that somebody is making a mistake, then they are try to cover themselves and put it on me. >> billings arraignment is at 1:30 this afternoon. we will let you know what happens at 4:00. hear more of the interview with her online go to and click on the video tab. tomorrow but to bury city council for to request more than $200,000 in the county to expand the city library. part of the library is 9200 ft.2 and expansion will add an extra 20,000 feet out of the library. the facility will include added
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and public meeting space. an inside look into how the orange county school district is working to keep up with a new wave of students. the district received 1400 new students from puerto rico this school year and another thousand -- thousand from venezuela and cuba. most of the students do not speak english. they need bilingual teachers to live. the number of these students has grown significantly, funding for the programs has not. >> every day my supervisor gets new income students that had to help and take it to class because they don't understand what they are supposed to do. >> the district tells us that has stepped up equipment efforts as the teachers who are bilingual have been offered jobs on the spot at job fairs. senator. soto looking into the issue. a navy seal received the nation's highest military honor yesterday. >> is stems from a emission that occur three years ago. edward byers receive the medal of honor for president obama in
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he flung himself on top of a doctor who was a hostage shielding him from rounds being fired in a room in afghanistan. the same time he can guard against the wall with his hand. around the enemy's throat until another series of to shoot the guard. >> the rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows. >> senior chief edward byers is now the sixth seal to win the honor. the first living seal to receive the honor since the vietnam war and he is a member of seal team six. the team that took out bin laden. spur hard to describe them without using salty language. >> you were doing a reactivate of what he did. >> amazing graphics they released walking step-by-step how he did it and is amazing. super weather on super tuesday. >> clever transition.
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>> downtown orlando, the north at 57 a calm morning, looking at numbers, close to upper 30s. on the cold aside. we have 40s in the northern tier. a lot the 50s elsewhere. one of those mornings where you need your jacket, 56 in melbourne, milder as we make our way through brevard county. the chill is on in spots. winds alike but i have not seen big visibility troubled. scattered clouds but sunshine on the way today. a great day. mcquarrie amateur, 77 at noon, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 we will have low 80s around. future track, follow the timeframe at 11 am, taking you through the day. any outdoor plans, working outdoors, recess, great shape for the evening for sports practices. tomorrow i'll weak front arriving at 8 am wednesday. not a lot, a small chance of a
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less than a 10 percent chance. use the extra clouds rolling and tomorrow after that as the front passes by clearing out quickly. the flight school down on the way. back into the 70s when we hit thursday. 70 water temperatures in the 60s, seas 1 to 2 feet and today a low risk of rip currents a nice day to be on the beach. most heading into work. sunny and warm today 81, across the board, 82 ocala, anthony, bushnell and webster. 83 today in clermont, 70 grant- valkaria two melbourne. tonight upper 50s and low 60s a nice night part the cloudy skies and tomorrow the trend weak front arriving and still makes the 70s and 80s and as it speckled tomorrow. that will be -- a speckled tomorrow. five-day forecast we check minutes. -- where the weekend is always
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friday another mini front near 80 that front passes by and we drop off into the 70s on the weekend. 77 saturday, first match, orlando city sunday, coverage starts at 1:30. tv 27 on our sister station. sunday looks great, partly cloudy with a high around 79. 5:50 am. check of traffic tracker with deneige. >> a few issues but the biggest one in melbourne, i-95 southbound is still closed at exit 188. in the meantime take wickham road as the southbound alternate and if you would like to get back on to i-95 southbound, eue gallie blvd. we have a crash in orange county, goldenrod road we have a crash in orange county, goldenrod rd., university boulevard, one lane blocked. peak in -- keep in mind they are on scene tried to clear the crash. osceola parkway, orange blossom trail, a crash, a lane blocked for the crash. no alternate is needed. one woman accused of hitting a 23-year-old man is staying in jail.
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>> we find out what the victim was in the middle of doing when he was hit and killed. a warning, if you wear contacts, 9 investigates a spike and ages -- dangerous
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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9 investigates looks into the rising problem with contact lenses. the issue is not about the lessons themselves instead it is how they cleaned -- are cleaned and handled. >> most are likely putting yourself at risk with the proper care of contact lenses is leading to an increase in a parasite that lives on the lenses. the parasite is very hard -- land or water in proper care of contact lenses to me to the parasite getting into your eye. if it does, it is extreme deviation -- excruciatingly painful. >> the parasite gets a foothold and starts living and growing in your cornea and you will know it because it is infiltrated along the nerds and you will have pain like 10 out of 10. >> the cdc is focusing on things that lives were scheduled. changer landscapes every three months and do not top off your solution, dump it and replace it every night at do not sleep in your contacts. close i asked as an incubator.
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waters to keep your contacts away. more than one quarter million people have seen the story on social media. tell your friends about this go to facebook .com/ wftv. governor. rick scott may get more money than he asked for to reduce potentially fatal interactions between humans and bears. the governor asked for $230,000 back in november to help pay for outreach programs to help keep bears out of neighborhoods and for bear-proof trash cans but now the house and senate are both proposing more than $1000 more than what scott asfoor. lawmakers said the funding is important to keep bears and he was safe. one of officials say there needs to be a focus on education. >> a source of problems if this is food and if you remove the food, --
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hunting permits of the more than 3700 punters and last october's bear hunt. the governor said the money should be used to partner with residents, local governments and businesses. perry county leaders are asking residents to approve a temporary sales tax that could help solve some public safety issues. the county is seeking funding for new road projects and will cover from law enforcement. fire-rescue any methods well. the temporary 1 percent tax will be on the presidential primary ballot on march 15. residents of questions can attend a special session on march at dashcam. nasa investing in a revival part that part super sonic conjure -- commercial jet travel. >> plenty of contractor lockheed martin to develop a new supersonic jet. nasa says the new design will have just leaving only a soft thump instead of the sonic boom you normally hear from supersonic flight. supersonic commercial dread travel ended and 20,000 after 109 people aboard a concorde
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heroin epidemic is growing and orange county is fighting back. >> we have the critical meditation that is will be equipped with to help those using the truck. stealing from a girl scout, 6:00 y deputies say and a man targeted a 12-year-old her.
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right now in just a few seconds, the polls will open and superseded -- in super tuesday states. >> he's trying to carry out the scan to take control of the office of the presidency of the united states. >> there is nothing more i would love to do that to run against donald trump. >> the florida primary could be the last stand for underdog candidates. >> clues investigators used to find a crook who stole from a goal scout. >> -- from a girl scout. good morning. 6 am tuesday, march 1, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads, certified meteorologist brian shields is here on the super tuesday. living up to it in the weather department. >> great. warmer today, we was he a return of 80s in the forecast but it is called in spots this


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